Keith's Birthday

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Andrew had been a very young father, all of seventeen when the one and only female he had ever fucked came back a few weeks later and told him he was going to be a father.  Instead of marrying her Andrew came out.... not only as gay, but as a big ole bottom. By nineteen he had a lover, and at twenty they had married.

He and Jerry raised Andrew's son, Keith, after Keith's ma went MIA with some trucker. Keith loved having two Daddies growing up, he felt it made him unique growing up and he knew his biological father was "the wife" in the sexual department of that relationship as he could hear off and on Jerry say through the thin walls, "come on you slut... and open that pussy" as the headboard banged the wall many a night and he could Jerry whimper as he got rode and rode hard by Jerry's eight and a half inch dick.

Keith as a lil kid hated wearing his clothes and at three and four would throw tantrums if he had to wear anything at all, so Jerry and Andrew became home nudists so the poor kid felt comfortable. At nine Keith told his Daddies over Thanksgiving he was gay, and at fourteen Andrew found Keith one night, during the middle of the night had stolen one of his dildos and was fucking himself silly with it.

It was about three a.m. and Andrew had been walking to the john down the hall when he walked by Keith's room and saw Keith's ass facing his open door, impaled on his favorite ten inch dildo. Keith had his head buried in his pillows moaning as he thrashed his hole. Andrew watched for four or five minutes in silence before continuing on to piss in the bathroom, watched four or five minutes on his way back to bed; then went back to his shared bedroom with Jerry, sliding his greased up ass on Jerry's sleeping erection and fell asleep himself.

Three days before Keith's nineteenth birthday Andrew left to do grocery shopping and half way to the store realized he left the grocery list on the kitchen counter, turned around and drove back to the house. He parked the car in the drive, walked in the front door and could hear two men having sex. 

"Oh fuck yea, such a hungry lil pussy." 

Andrew was crushed. Who was the home wrecker having sex with his husband? He stormed through the kitchen straight to bedroom to confront Jerry and this slut. He was horrified to see Jerry balls deep in Keith's upturned ass.

Jerry chuckled, "caught him with your favorite pussy toy buried deep in his twat. Like father like son. So I had to cunt the fucker, you know." Andrew involuntarily and without even thinking unzipped his pants and began jerking off watching his husband cunt his son.

Andrew jerked his cock as he watched. "Look at what I've turned your son's asshole into, you big ole dick hungry girl.  If you were any kind of MAN, you'd be fucking his tight lil cunt too with that little dick of yours, but NO.... I do..... and I fuck your pussy too don't I, you bitch. Why not not get over here and go pussy up for Daddy as well," Jerry bellowed at Andrew snapping him out of it. "Luckiest goddamn man alive two big ole pussygurls living under my roof."

Andrew moaned and stopped jerking off, took off his clothes and got on the bed just like his son... ass up. Jerry went back and forth between his husband's and step-son's greased up cunts. Andrew wanted to wait to cum until the moment his husband bred his son's pussy for the first time.  Sucking that load out of his son's oozing cunt after his husband pulled out of his son's twat would get him off again.