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It had been months since Joe had sex. Between his heavy work schedule, with sometimes 50 hours a week and his near full time college schedule there just no time for pleasure. At least with another person. Joe had grown not only tired of his twice a day dildo use habit but he had grown very weary as well as bored with it.

Joe was an extremely good looking muscle queen, in his twenties with a killer bod that exceeded the good looks as well possessing a huge bubble butt that was his pride and joy as being a full fledged pussygurl; as Joe considered himself non-binary leaning strongly on the feminine side. He was also very submissive in his personal life as well as being somewhat so also in his public work life. He knew sexually he was a pussygurl cum dump.

Late one night after a frustrating two and half hour dildo session Joe lost it. Sure the pussygasms were amazing, and his hole was happily sore as well as gaping but the loneliness over took him that night. He raided the fridge still being naked and grabbed the box of twelve wine coolers and drunk them all in one full swoop and passed out on the couch waking up hungover the following morning. Not quite the result he wanted with his hang over the following morning but he woke knowing exactly what he needed to do.

He picked up the phone, called off work, pulled on a jockstrap, grabbed the lube, some poppers, a blindfold threw it all in a backpack, slid on his shoes and a t-shirt and drove to the baths. At the window he asked for a large room.

"That be $20 sexy." 

He walked to room 30 unlocked the door and stepped in. The queen bed in the center of the space. He left the door open and began to undress down to just his jockstrap & socks. He turned his baseball cap backwards, threw his poppers & lube under his pillow after slicking up his hairless cunt. He knew MEN weren't really interested in his limp lil clitty or jiggling ovaries as he got fucked they just need good, loose and easy twat to fuck. He certainly was all that. He climbed up on the bed, ass up high in the air, legs spread wide open, head and chest on the bed, tied the blindfold tight over his eyes and put his hands in front of him after four big hits of poppers and waited till some anonymous someone, he NEVER see any part of came along and used him. It wasn't long.

"Fuck! What a pretty looking musclegurl with a lube slick good looking pussy who needs cunted!"