Archie’s Mom and the Neighbour (Archie's Mom Pt 2)

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When I first suggested to Greta, my wife, that we build a taller fence around our garden she immediately dismissed the idea. I thought the idea justified. We have lived here for almost forty years undisturbed, but many of the newer surrounding properties were two storeys, and their upper floors could see into our property. She did not mind, as our garden is beautiful and she wanted to be envied. My motivation was privacy. Now that we are retired, I had hoped to be more adventurous outside. Greta was shocked and I dropped the idea.

Three months later our neighbours, the Lenskas, finally sold their house and retired to Florida. I was glad they were gone. Mr Lenska did nothing but watch television and drink beer, leaving his garden to go wild. When I was younger I offered to help, but he just wanted to talk and drink with me. As the garden got worse I went without his 'help' and tidied it on my own. Mrs Lenska was grateful and showed it by bringing me lemonade and, at the end of one long Saturday, she gave me a kiss on the cheek. My wife saw that and I was forbidden from helping them again.

Of course, it was not like that. Mrs Lenska was just being a little European. She was attractive, and far better endowed than my Greta, but she was also over a decade older than me. At the time I had my eye on younger women, women my wife did not know about. I will always regret never going further than looking.

Since the Lenskas departed there has been activity in that garden. The deck has been replaced, the weeds have gone, a new tool shed has been erected, and the pool completely refurbished. My wife watched it all and met Mr Taggart, the new owner, as the work was near completion. She was quite taken with him and learned all about his son, who was starting freshman year at the highschool in the fall, and his wife who was leaving a stressful job to study for a while before starting a new career. Mr Taggart, she told me, was only five years younger than I, but very energetic and handsome. I know she told me that on purpose. She also told me how very disappointed she was that he worked away from home for most of the year. This was not a shock. After thirty-three years of marriage I know my wife did not marry me for my looks.

After years of complaining about being spied upon, my wife watched the Taggarts' garden at every opportunity. She watched Mr Taggart tidy the yard and cut the lawn. She watched his son reluctantly do yard work. She even caught sight of Mrs Taggart, but only briefly.

She told me all about Mr Taggart's movements. She mentioned his son, Archie, but only to compare him unfavourably to our own industrious grown sons. However, she only said she saw Mrs Taggart. No description, nothing. When I caught sight of Mrs Taggart I could see why.

Mrs Taggart dressed like a tomboy, but she was clearly very attractive and much younger than Mr Taggart. In fact, I would place her age within a decade of Archie's. Mr Taggart had a trophy wife to go with his well paid job.

The tomboy look only lasted for as long as there was practical work to do. I missed the exact moment the change took place, but Greta did not. She walked up to the door of my tool shed (she never comes inside) red faced and muttering. I waited patiently for her to tell me what was wrong, but all she said aloud was, "You can put up that fence now!"

I admit, I was confused, but I set to it. The plans were all in place. The hardware store already knew what I wanted. I had the time and I had the cash. I emailed Mr Taggart and spun him a line about this 'being a plan we had for a long time, nothing personal' and he agreed politely. Within a few days the new fence was going up with a little help from my son-in-law. The way we had chosen to do it annoyed my wife for some reason, but she let us get on with it, filling her week with lunches and other appointments. On the last day, as we put up the fence between us and the Taggarts we found out what Greta had seen and why the fence was going up now… and perhaps why she would have preferred us to start there.

Lee, my son-in-law, saw her first. He stopped working and looked into the Taggarts' garden. He licked his lips and winked at me. I looked over the old fence to see Mrs Taggart sunbathing in the nude. I did not mean to stare, but I took a good look. She lay on her front, her head turned away from us, hair tied up in a neat bun. Her skin showed a little tan, except her round ass which looked like it was seeing the sun for the first time in a while.

I shook my head but Lee smiled. We worked in silence, freezing for a moment when she turned over. I took a long look at her impressive tits, but Lee went a step further, took out his phone and took a photo. Once again I shook my head and pulled him away so we could work on getting the fence panels ready. I was not going to tell him I had a plan of my own which I would put in place when he was gone.

By the evening the fence was complete, with a couple of minor adjustments, and Mrs Taggart had gone indoors. Lee went home to my daughter, but not before showing me his phone. Somehow he had taken two more photos of her; one sitting on her lounger, breasts hanging down as she reached for her lotion, and the other of her bare back as she stood and stretched. I shook my head one more time.

So, the fence was complete. It shielded us from our neighbours and vice versa, with two exceptions. Nearest the house, where we first spotted Mrs Taggart in the nude, I removed a knot. I could sit and do chores with a good view of our neighbour. At the other end of the garden I had left the old fence in place. It was low, but there was no way to see our garden down there. Of course, if I went down there I could see behind their shed all the way to their pool.

I took up two new hobbies once the fence was built. Next to my spy hole I made frames for climbing plants to decorate our new fence. I watched her working and resting in the nude and my eyes took in every part of her body. Her tits might be fake, they might not be, but they were large and pert with pink nipples I could see clearly from twenty feet away even though my eyesight is not as good as it was. She had a beautiful figure with a round ass that she grabbed while she was thinking.

At the other end of the fence I dealt with rubbish and garden waste out of sight of my wife to keep the garden beautiful and tidy. There I watched Mrs Taggart swim. There was little to see in the pool, but spent a lot of the time sitting on the side with her feet in the water. I think that is when she first saw me. I finished my work and went back to the house. Perhaps my time and effort becoming a Peeping Tom had only paid off for one week. At least it was a very good week, filled with looking at a beautiful naked woman.

The next morning Greta asked when the next frame would be ready for her new plants. I just smiled and promised her it would be done after lunch. I went to my workspace and tried not to think of looking through the knot hole. I saw a small piece of paper tied to a stick next to the fence. I hid it quickly when my wife came to tell me she was going to see her friend whose daughter had just given birth. I smiled and told her to have a good time. When I heard her pull out of the drive I opened the note. It said:

"I don't mind."

The only person who could have written this was Mrs Taggart… at least that is what I hoped. I sat down to my work and glanced through the hole in the fence. I noticed the sun lounger was closer to me, but there was no one in the garden. I set to work, glancing through the hole more often than usual, until I heard voices. A man in a blue polo shirt appeared and looked around the deck at the back of the Taggart house. Mrs Taggart came out a moment later and walked towards the pool beckoning him to follow. I recognized the logo on his shirt, a local hot tub company. It looked like Mrs Taggart wanted one next to the pool. A good choice, I thought, as they could have it covered by extending the awning that covered the barbecue area.

The man left via the gate and Mrs Taggart waved to him, then to me. I froze but for no reason. I knew she knew I was there, and she was walking straight towards me.

"Hello Mr Bianca!" she said, "I'm glad I caught you."

I didn't know if she meant 'caught me watching her' or 'caught me available for a chat'. I tried to cover my discomfort.

"Hello," I said, "And please call me Milo, Mrs Taggart."

"Okay Milo," she said, "You can call me Lauren."

I shifted a little, unable to see her properly now she was so close. She was very pretty with a long neck, shown off by wearing her hair in a high bun, just like when she sunbathed. Her skin was perfectly tanned, enhanced by her soft white blouse. A blouse which was slightly see-through. I could see her nipples clearly, and no doubt the hot tub salesman had enjoyed his visit.

"I know I've not really introduced myself," she said, "But I thought I would have a chance before Owen went away."

"Well," I said, guessing that Owen was Mr Taggart's name, "Greta had spoken with Owen, so we are half introduced."

She laughed and leaned into the knot hole.

"I'm afraid I have a small favour to ask," she said, "Could we talk at the other end of the fence?"

"Oh, well, of course," I stammered. Most people would come around for coffee, but perhaps she was not going to be the usual kind of neighbour.

"I'm sorry about the fence," I said through it as we walked, "It was a plan I had to finish. Nothing personal."

She laughed again.

"Well," she said, "You've put some personal touches in."

When we got to the bottom of the garden I was blushing and Lauren was grinning from ear to ear. She was tall, nearly as tall as I am even in her bare feet.

"I am glad you like what you see, Milo," she said, tracing her finger down her cleavage, "Because the two things I need to ask are a little more than a cup of sugar."

I nodded, not sure what to say. Thankfully she continued and covered my mute embarrassment.

"My step-son will need a ride to school from time to time. He wants to ask you himself, but I thought I would, erm, warm you up first." 

She undid a button on her blouse and I felt my mouth fall open. I caught myself by speaking.

"Th-that will not be a problem," I stammered, "So long as I know the night before."

She nodded and undid two more buttons.

"Wonderful," she said, "The second request is a little more unusual. Do you use a smartphone?"

I shook my head, "No, I don't need one. I have an iPad for all of that."

Her eyes went from disappointed to excited.

"Great!" she said, "If you bring it here I'll show you what I need."

For a moment I was stuck. Was she asking me to buy something? I had no idea. I looked at her sweet smile and the tanned flesh of her breasts that were slowly being revealed. I decided that whatever it was, I would find out and refuse if necessary. Just not at this moment.

I went and got the iPad from the house and gave it to her unlocked. She did something on it and on her phone. After a short while she handed it back to me. After a moment the screen flickered and showed CCTV images of their house.

"Since I'm on my own," she said, "At least most of the time, I like to have someone who can watch the house… and me."

"I don't think Greta will like this," I said, "But she hardly knows how to use this thing, so I suppose it will be alright."

"Alright then," she said, smiling and playing with her blouse.

"So," I said, locking the iPad and looking directly at her chest, "This all seems a little too much for the occasional lift and looking after your house."

"You're right," she said, licking her lips, "I do have a big favour to ask. The sort of favour that needs a big incentive. These fence panels look loose."

She took one of the panels off with ease and beckoned me over. Reaching through she unfastened my pants and felt inside without a moment's pause. All I could think was that my fence panels were not loose. She had prepared for this moment.

"You see," she said, making a little 'ooh' sound when she found my stuff dick, "Being new in a community like this we need some introductions to, you know, 'grease the wheels'."

"I, erm, I see," I said, my voice breaking a little.

"And you know all the committees," she said, "And I know everyone knows you and Greta."

"Well," I said, feeling the breeze as she eased me out of my underpants, "Greta is not happy about you, oh, erm, displaying yourself."

"Well," she retorted, "The fence has solved that. She can always say she is speaking for my husband or my step-son in spite of me."

"And what would we do?" I asked, looking up at the sky as she cupped my balls.

"Just some introductions for now," she replied, "Why don't you think about it while I'm busy."

With that she vanished from sight. I could feel her holding my dick in one hand and my balls in the other so I could not back away. This close to the fence the only way I could tell what was going on was the sensations from my groin. She wasted no time at all, playing with my balls as she took my tip into her mouth.

I held the fence and enjoyed the blowjob. She was very good, and I thanked my age for the ability to hold back. After a few minutes of bliss she stopped and I felt her tits surround my shaft.

"Well?" she asked, "What do you think?"

"I think your blowjobs are excellent," I replied.

"I mean about helping me," she purred, gently fucking me with her tits.

"I would be happy to," I said, "Would, ah, this be-err, a regular event?"

"Oh, I'm sure," she said, sucking my dick again. I did not say anything else. I assumed she knew what to do with a man's dick when he came.

I was right. I groaned and held on to the shaky fence as my balls churn. She stopped sucking and wanked my shaft until I came. When the strongest spurts finished she sucked and licked the tip making me groan again. I was glad I could hold onto the fence.

"Well," she said, "I think you enjoyed that, and I like a man who can make a mess of me."

She stood and I could see her chest streaked with my cum. Some had collected in her cleavage and as I watched it ran down onto her stomach. She looked down and saw it stop on her waistband.

"I should go clean up," she said, "And you should put that away."

I opened my mouth stupidly, then moved away from the fence so I could put my dick away.

She posed for me for a moment then picked up her blouse and turned to leave.

"Camera seven," she said over her shoulder, and walked away.

I watched her go then I picked up the iPad. Camera seven was her bedroom.

"Shit," I said to myself, "What the hell is she going to ask me to do…"