Text, You're It (Ongoing Series)

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Authors Note: This story will be a "Choose Your Adventure" type story. You (The Reader) will be able to leave comments below and suggest how the story should progress. You must be signed in to leave comments.

New story additions (Parts) will be added every 24 hours until the story ends.


Part One:

I was excited but very nervous as my Jeep approached my new friends house. I had been acquainted with John for several months now and we had instantly bonded the first time we met.

Here it was past 1 am in the morning, and I was almost to his place. Our friendship was… well, it was… sexually frustrating for both of us.

We both had long time partners and were very happy in our relationships. However, when John and I would talk or text, our sexual chemistry was prevalent. John had a sexy-nerdy persona about him. His salt and pepper hair, nice chest and bubble ass, made him irresistible.

I on the other hand, was your typical jock gay guy. I loved playing sports, hiking and chasing after young tail. I was in my mid-thirties and I never had any issues flirting or picking up guys, until I met John.

He loved teasing me and leading me on. His playful and coy passes always made my cock hard. He’d casually run his hands across my shoulders or sit on my lap in a flirty kind of way.

Earlier that day, our texts had begun innocently, like always… As the day progressed, they became more intense with naked pictures of guys, videos and links to stuff we craved. My cock was pressed against my work pants, then my gym shorts and finally my underwear all day long, straining to be released.

It was his texts I received late that evening, that had me both excited and nervous.

John: Hey, are you still up?

Alex: I am always up! 😉

John: Perfect answer. I am home alone and have a surprise for you.

Alex: I am OMW! 

Alex: Do I need to bring beer or anything?

John: The front door is unlocked, come upstairs when you arrive. 😈

=== What Happens Next? ===

{A} Alex goes upstairs and finds John in a sling, waiting…

{B} Alex and several other guys arrive at the same time… (80% Voted Selection)

{C} Other - Your suggestion…


Part Two:

I pulled into John’s driveway and noticed a truck I had never seen before. I didn’t give it too much attention as I turned off my Jeep. I figured my friend had purchased a new ride or something. 

Just as my Jeep chirped locked, another vehicle pulled into the driveway and a good looking guy exited. I had never seen him before, as I exchanged an awkward glance. I broke the silence first.

“Hi, I am Alex.” I flashed my irresistible smile and watched as he approached me.

“Hey bud, I am Blake. Are you here for John as well?”

Blake was a very good looking guy. I pegged him in his late forties, muscular, well kept and confident. He wasn’t shy either, as he gave me a cunning smile in return.

“Umm, yea, I guess we’re both here to see our friend then.” I didn’t know what John was up to, but I was intrigued to find out.

“We shouldn’t keep him waiting then.” Blake placed his large hand on the center of my back, as he guided me towards the front door.

I was not used to having another guy show dominance toward me, but it felt nice. I eagerly started towards the front door and opened it. The house was dimly lit, but I could hear muffled voices coming from upstairs. I glanced over at Blake and he smiled, then nodded that I should go towards my friends bedroom.

Nothing more was said between Blake and I as we made our ways toward the bedroom. The air was electric and my mind was racing. The voices… Actually the moaning, was getting louder, as we approached the bedroom door.

“Are you ready?” Blake’s voice startled me, as he reached for the door knob.

I just nodded my head yes, and watched as the dimly lit bedroom came into focus. My jaw dropped to the floor at the sight I was beholding.

My good friend John was on the bed, ass in the air, and servicing several guys at once. One beefy stud had his face buried into John’s bubble butt, while two other guys were stuffing their thick cocks into John’s mouth.

Even though John had a mouth full, he still managed to let out a few muffled moans as he serviced the two handsome guys up front. The guy behind, was feverishly lapping at his smooth hole and I was envious. My cock was immediately hard, but I couldn’t make my legs move, so I just watched silently.

“It’s ok Alex. This must be your first time, enjoying a gang-bang.” Blake said all this, as he stripped out of his clothing. His body was beautiful. His well defined chest was covered in trimmed chest hair and his cock was thick and slightly curved. His balls hung low and now I knew where his confidence came from. This man was the DILF we all wanted and lusted over.

I watched as Blake strutted over to the bed and placed his hand on the beefy guys back. Blake’s smooth words filled the room, “Is he ready to be fucked?”

The beefy guy pulled his face from John’s hole. “Fuck yeah bro, do you want to go first?”

“Sure, I’ll loosen him up, then he is all yours!” Blake chuckled as he lined up his cock to John’s puckered spot. 

I watched as the thick cock pushed in before it popped deep into my friend. John let out a loud grunt as he was penetrated from behind. Both guys up front laughed as they shoved their cocks deeper into his mouth.

The scene was intense but perfect. Two guys stuffing their thick meat into my friends mouth. A DILF fucking him raw from behind, while a beefy stud stood nearby, jacking off his thick uncut cock. The room smelled of sex and poppers.

One of the guys in front of John spoke next. “Hey new guy, are you just going to just stand there, or come over here and join us?”

I found the courage and began stripping out of my clothes. I had never even had a threesome, let a lone a gang bang, but I wasn’t going to be that chump that just idly stood by.

The beefy guy stared as I stripped. “Nice cock bro!” He smiled as he watched my thick cock plop free from my briefs.

“Thanks.” I didn’t know what to say. I watched as the beefy guy approached me.

“Mind if I suck you off?” His hands ran across my chest as he slowly sank to his knees.

“Fuccccck.” Those were the only words that left my lips as I felt his mouth wrap around the tip of my cock head. I looked down and watched as he devoured my thick shaft. His eyes looked up at me, as he deep throated me, with no gagging.

I watched as my cock shaft was slick with his spit. His hand gently cupped my balls as his mouth serviced my cock from the tip to the bottom. I felt my legs get weak. This guy was really good at blowing and I knew if I wasn’t careful, I’d blow my load pre-maturely. He must have sensed this as well, as he slowed down and then pulled his mouth away.

Through panted breathing, I continued staring at him, “That was amazing. Thank you.” Beefy guy winked at me, before he stood up.

I looked over at the bed and saw sweat running down Blake’s back as he pounded John relentlessly. My friend took the thick dick like a champ and was actually slamming his ass in unison with Blake’s thrusts.

“I am not ready to cum yet, who wants this tight hole next?” I watched Blake pull his cock from John’s vice grip, and he gave himself a few strokes, as he waited for someone to take his place.

=== What Happens Next? ===

{A} John tries a DP?

{B} The guys start feeding John cum.

{C} Beefy guy bottoms for the group as well.

Comment below your choice and the story will progress based on the most popular choice selected.