Reading Her Kindle

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>>Kim knew I had a few kinky secrets. Ever since we got married she had been probing and querying about them more and more. She had suggested some shocking stuff, but now I realise that had been to make me think my shit was tame in comparison. Well, I was about to find out that in real life, nothing feels tame. At least not the first time.<<

Dave rolled his eyes. He had found his wife’s kindle unlocked with a story titled “Watching Her For The First Time” and he had put two and two together. He knew she had some kinks, and he was really glad about that, but he didn’t think she would read the kind of stuff that went on a kindle. He wondered what else was on here… Hell, she read this on the bus to work!

>>”Sit on the chair,” Kim said, “I have a surprise for you!”

>>I did as I was told. She wound a cloth around my elbows and behind my back. When she tightened it my arms were pulled back. I took a quick breath in, I was so excited. Having her dominate me while I was tied up was definitely my number one fantasy. She was not playing her part though. She was not being serious and every time she looked at me she had this weird cheeky grin.

>>”Now you’re nice and tight…” she said, “You are nice and tight aren’t you?”

>>”Yes ma’am,” I said. She laughed and unfastened my pants.

>>”Good,” she said, shaking her head, “Lift up your ass.”

>>I did as I was told and she pulled my pants and underwear down just far enough to expose my cock and balls.

>>”I want you to stay there,” she said, “But I need to make sure you can’t play with yourself. Try. Go on, try and give yourself a tug.”

>>I tried. I could get my fingers to either side of my cock, which was already getting excited at the prospect of my fantasy being fulfilled, but that was it. She tightened the cloth so I could not even do that.

>>”Good,” she said, “Now I’ll go get your surprise!”

>>I waited patiently, my semi sitting in my lap. When Kim returned I could not have been more surprised.<<

Dave heard the door and looked up. Shannon was standing there looking right at him. From her stance he guessed she had been there for a little while. He did not even try to hide what he was doing.

“Having a nice little read?” she asked.

“Just seeing how the other half live,” Dave replied with a little shrug. He waited for her to decide whether he had crossed a line. She walked around and looked over Dave’s shoulder, her hair falling across his chest. He could feel her breath in his ear as she gave him an approving ’ah ha'.

Shannon kissed my neck then stood in front of me. I realised that, apart from me holding a kindle and the guy in the story being tied up, I was in a pretty similar position to him. Shannon knew it too.

"Keep reading," she said, unfastening his pants.

Shannon loosened things up just enough to free his cock and she knelt down. Dave did as he was told.

>>She was naked except for that wide excited grin of hers. I licked my lips when I saw her pussy was freshly shaved. She jiggled her little tits for me and my cock twitched. Only a few feet separated us but I could not do a thing, not even rub my own erection. Even so, it stood there like a flagpole. Kim did not even glance at it, she just turned around, wiggled her round ass at me and went back to the door.

>>There was a pause. Kim held the door open and smiled at me, doing that cute thing where she stuck her tongue out between her teeth. Finally, someone came in.

>>It was a man. He was naked except for a tight Spider-Man mask. I could hear him breathing through the fabric and I realised what was about to happen. Kim led him forward so they stood in front of me. I had read about this, watched videos… Shit I even watched on with her last week. What had I said…?

>>"Look at him," Kim said, running her hands over the man's smooth skin until one wrapped around his long cock, "So smooth, and thin, and pale, and clean!"

>>It was true, he was so thin I could see his muscles and bones through his skin. He was shaved everywhere, even his arms. The whole effect made his cock seem even bigger in Kim's hand.

>>"I like how clean he is," she said, caressing the tip of his circumcised cock with her fingers, "Not like you, with your bushy pubes and smeggy foreskin."

>>The insults made my erection swell until it stood there swaying in my lap. I wanted to grab it, or for her to kiss it, but I could only sit and stare at her playing with his.

>>"He needs a name," Kim said, "I'm going to call him 'Pretty Cock'."

>>Pretty Cock nodded his approval. She turned him toward her then knelt down. She ducked up and down so his cock covered her eyes, or her mouth, or rested on her head. Pretty Cock…<<

Dave took a moment to appreciate what Shannon was doing. She has started by just keeping his cock company with her hand, but as he read on she began teasing it with the tip of her tongue. When he looked down she licked him from base to tip.

"Keep going," she said, "Or I'll stop."

Dave went back to the book.

>>Pretty Cock ran his stiff cock back and forth across Kim's face. She licked the tip and smiled.

>>"Oooh," she said, "It tastes so good. It’s so clean, and it's so hard. I think I should give it a proper taste so I can tell you all about it."

>>Kim opened her mouth wide and took the swollen pink head of Pretty Cock's cock into her mouth. I breathed faster as she moaned and sucked. Pretty Cock moved her hair so I could see everything. He held her head and thrust his cock to the back of her mouth a few times so she gagged a little, then let her go. His cock slipped out of Kim’s mouth and she just smiled at me.<<

With amazing timing, Shannon took Dave's cock into her mouth. He looked down, and without stopping she moved the kindle so he could only see that, not the blowjob he was getting. He kept reading.

>>"Wow, this is a great cock," she said with a little gasp, "I'll have to practise more so I can swallow it all. Maybe later, because I think it's ready to fuck me. What do you think?"

>>She asked Pretty Cock, not me. He nodded and I answered anyway.

>>"I think he's ready."

>>"I wasn't asking you," Kim scolded, "You and your dirty knob can just sit there in silence."

>>She turned back to Pretty Cock and pulled him to the bed. I felt my balls churn in anticipation of easing into her pussy… Only this time it was not going to be me doing the fucking.

>>Kim and Pretty Cock kissed and he gave one of her small tits a squeeze. She moaned and moved his hand away.

>>"You want more than that," she said, "My ass is the star of the show."

>>She climbed onto the bed on all fours. Pretty Cock grabbed her butt cheek then explored between her legs. Kim looked at me.

>>"Oh, I'm ready," she said, "I’m so ready, I can't wait for that cock."

>>I knew what she was doing, and it was working perfectly. I watched Pretty Cock line up his cock and dip it in and out Kim's pussy. She squeaked and moaned then cried out as he thrust into her. I strained against my bonds to get a better look. I even tried to reach my aching cock, but it was no use. Kim saw what I was doing.<<

Dave stopped to take a breath. Shannon stopped sucking and rubbed him gently. She took her arms out of her strappy dress.

"I'm going to take care of you," she said, "Keep reading."

Dave did as he was told. To his surprise he could imagine himself sat in a bedroom watching his wife fuck another man…

>>"He can't… aaah, see very well," she moaned, "And I need to cum. Uh… We need to change."

>>Pretty Cock pulled out suddenly, making Kim cry out. Kim moved and he lay on the bed, his knees together pointing at me. Kim straddled him, facing me, and rubbed his cock.

>>"Can you see?" she asked, "Can you see his lovely cock? I'm going to ride it until I cum and I have to look at your ugly thing while I do it."

>>"I'm sorry," I said. I don't know why. At that moment I was not sorry at all.

>>"Good," she replied, "Because if you weren't then you'd never get to watch this again."

>>With that she guided herself over Pretty Cock's cock and slid down onto it. In a few steady motions she reached the base. She ground her hips and moaned, telling me how much he filled her up and how he hit the right spots inside her. With his help she moved into a squat and started bouncing up and down.

>>From that moment she did not stop talking and moaning. She rubbed her clit as Pretty Cock bounced her up and down. I took it all in, cock throbbing and spunk churning.

>>"I'm cumming," she cried, "I'm cumming. I'm cumming around his- his- his fucking perfect co- aaaaah!"

>>She jerked and strained, managing to groan "fuuuuck" before she stopped. She fell to the side and lay on her back, legs apart. She pointed at Pretty Cock.

>>"He needs to cum too," she said, her breath coming in gasps, "He's going to fuck me hard, but he'll save it. I have a plan for that."

>>Pretty Cock climbed on top of Kim. Their bodies entwined and somewhere between them his cock slid inside her. He fucked her hard, just like she had asked. It was all Kim could do to wrap her arms and legs around him as he pumped in and out.<<

Shannon wrapped her lips around Dave's cock again. He felt things move as he imagined fucking like that. Maybe it was boring, but he loved it. Shannon stopped again and he felt her tits either side of his cock. Her face was right behind the kindle and she used one hand to keep it there. Dave read on.

>>I could hear Pretty Cock grunting and groaning through his mask.

>>"He's close," Kim gasped, pushing Pretty Cock off and pulling him off the bed. Pretty Cock gripped his cock as if holding his orgasm back with pressure alone.<<

Shannon felt Dave twitch and got her mouth around him just in time. He heard her slurp and swallow as he came in her mouth. He swallowed as well, trying to regain his composure. He needed to finish this story.

>>"Cum on his cock," she ordered, speaking to Pretty Cock this time. She put her tits on one side of my erection and Pretty Cock stood on the other, pointing his cock down. He jerked it a few times and a small jet of cum hit my thigh, followed by a grunt from Pretty Cock and load that went straight over me and hit Kim's tits. After that, Pretty Cock kept cumming, with most of it dripping down onto my cock, my balls, and my pubes.

>>"That's right," Kim said, then she took his cock in her mouth and milked the last of the cum from it. She showed me some on her tongue and laughed, “He tastes better than he looks.”

>>"Come on Pretty Cock," she continued, "Now we've made Dirty Cock even dirtier, let's go get clean."

>>She released the knot next to one of my hands and the moment they left I wanked as fast as I could. The stranger's cum was sticky, but it was better than being dry. It hardly mattered anyway, I had been holding back since I watched her cum on his lap. In five strokes I finished adding my spunk to his.

>>I wiped my hand on my thigh then reached to free my other arm. I could not. I was here, sitting in two sets of cum with my pants round my ankles until she came back. What a fantastic surprise.<<

Shannon put her boobs around Dave's cock again and tapped the kindle.

"Are you done?" she asked, "I need one to read next. Choose it for me, please?"

Dave took a deep breath and flicked through the stories. He found one that mentioned a superhero and picked that. Something inside him wanted to choose something manly.

He looked up at Shannon. Her summer dress was pulled down under her breasts and Dave admired them. They were a sight for sore eyes after reading mostly about cocks and cum for the last ten minutes. She hitched her dress up and pulled down her panties. She kicked them over to join her bra.

"My turn," she said, taking her kindle and gently pulling him out of the chair, "Oooh, I like this one, surprise lesbian sex."

I wish I had read that one instead, Dave thought. Shannon sat down and put one leg over the arm of the chair, revealing her neat snatch. Dave knelt down and she put her foot on his shoulder.

"Just out of interest," she asked, "If a situation like that came up, which would you want to be? Watching, fucking, or getting fucked?"

Dave looked up at her. She was serious, but there was a hint of a smile.

"Don't answer now," she said, "But I do want to know. Well, I want to know if I'm right."

And with that she started reading. Dave tried to focus on her pussy and force the question out of his mind… but he couldn't.


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