The Virtue Auction, Ch. 9

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“Well, I thought that was fun,” I said with a glowing smile as my chauffeur drove me and Sophia back to my penthouse. “I guess I owe you some prize money. We’ll get that sorted out tomorrow, I promise, but for now let’s focus on tonight. Did you have a good time, kitten?”

Sophia hesitated for a good long while, taking a moment to think about her answer while she calmed down after our dance and hurried exit from the gala. But ultimately she nodded shyly. I could see her visibly relax a bit now that we were alone in the back of my town car. A privacy barrier separated us from the driver, so he couldn’t see nor hear what went on in the back.

“It’s exhilarating, isn’t it? Cumming in such a public venue?” I asked, softly caressing Sophia’s thigh.
Sophia nodded again, and I could see the hint of a smile on her face.

“Use your words, kitten. You liked it didn’t you?” I urged.

“Yes, Miss Rose, I liked that last one,” Sophia admitted with rosy cheeks. “Can I take these panties off now?”

“Wait till we get back to my place,” I instructed. “Just the one orgasm while we were dancing? You didn’t enjoy the others?”

“Not really,” she said sheepishly. “The first one I didn’t like because everyone was staring at me and I couldn’t hide it. And then I didn’t like that Fräulein Chiara touched me without my consent. She didn’t buy me, you did. But I didn’t want to say anything and make a scene.”

“Oh kitten, I’m so sorry,” I apologized, reaching across to pull her in for an awkward sideways hug in the back seat. “The thought hadn’t even occurred to me that her touch might make you uncomfortable. Yes, you might be my property, but some dommes believe that anything their subs own is their property too. You know the saying ‘there’s always a bigger fish?’ Well there’s always a more dominant domme. But rest assured, from now on the only person who will put their hands on you is me, unless you want another woman to touch you.”

I stroked Sophia’s silky, black hair and kissed the top of her head.

“This doesn’t mean I’m going to go soft or easy on you though, so don’t get any ideas,” I warned. “I said my apology and that’s all you’re going to get. Think of yesterday as an introduction, a night to open your eyes a little to new experiences. Tonight we will find out where your limits are, and how far I can push them. If you make it through the night without using the safe word, I’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

Sophia seemed to retreat inside herself as I spoke. My words had the desired effect as the comfort she was starting to feel with me faded. Fear of the unknown was coming back to her.

“Say the word so I know you will remember it when you need it,” I said.

“Hibiscus?” Sophia asked in a small voice.

“Good girl,” I purred.

As much as I wanted to play with Sophia inside the car, I did think she deserved a break for her good behavior towards the end of the party. I was a patient woman and didn’t mind waiting. It wasn’t long anyways before we arrived back at my penthouse. The driver dropped us off at the front and we made our way casually to the elevator and up to my home. But by the time we stepped out of the elevator my urges took hold of me and I couldn’t wait any longer.

As soon as the elevator doors closed behind us, I turned to Sophia, grabbed her by the waist and pushed her backwards, pinning her against the door as I kissed her aggressively. My tongue forced its way into her mouth but she quickly accepted the intrusion. Her tongue swirled around mine and I could taste a hint of the mint julep that still lingered on her tongue. My hand found the slit in the side of her dress and forced its way inside like I had done in the bathroom before. Her panties were absolutely drenched after the three orgasms she’d had already and my fingers slid between her folds with ease. She gasped and moaned into my kiss as my fingers found her clit and immediately went to work.

Sophia still seemed timid when it came to touching me without being prompted, so with my other hand, I took hers and placed it on my breast over my dress. She gave it a gentle, testing squeeze as I continued to make out with her. But that’s as far as she went.

“Don’t be afraid to touch me, kitten. You don’t need my permission for that,” I said, finally pulling back from the kiss. “Come on, let’s go to my room.”

I stepped back and kicked my heels off, urging her to do the same. I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her behind me as I hurriedly made my way up the stairs to my room. Inside the walk-in closet, I quickly unzipped the back of her dress and slipped it off her shoulders, hooking my thumbs in her panties and sliding them off with her dress in one fell swoop. I told her to undress me as well and in a matter of seconds we were both naked. I opened the door to my dark bedroom and lifted her small frame up to carry her inside. She wrapped her legs around my waist and giggled as I carried her over to the bed and laid her down.

Sophia laid half on the bed with her legs dangling off the side is I climbed up on top of her, but instead of kissing her, I crawled over her, knees on either side of her chest, and positioned myself over her face. I looked down at her young, innocent face as I straddled her, my wet pussy mere inches from her supple lips. Sophia hesitated as she met my gaze.

“You know what I want, don’t make me ask for it,” I said with a commanding tone.

Sophia took a deep breath and opened her mouth with her tongue out. I lowered myself down the rest of the way to sit on her face and her tongue touched the lips of my womanhood, brushing across them in a broad stroke. I let out a long, low moan as I watched her lick.

“Remember what I told you yesterday. Lick me how you would want me to lick you,” I reminded her.
Sophia slipped her tongue between my slick, glistening folds as she explored me with her tongue from my hole all the way to my clit. I reached down to grab her wrists and brought her hands up to my plump breasts. She gave them a firm squeeze as she continued to work her tongue on my pussy and I let out a breathy sigh, reaching up to pull the clip out of my bun to let my copper hair down around my shoulders.

“That’s a good girl, kitten, just like that,” I cooed as Sophia’s tongue flicked against my clit. Her thumbs rubbed my nipples as she kneaded my breasts, and they stiffened up in response. I leaned back slightly, reaching behind me so I could rub Sophia’s clit while she licked mine.

As soon as my fingers touched her pussy, I felt faint vibrations against my clit from a muffled moan, but she didn’t stop. I was impressed how easily Sophia fell into a rhythm as she ate me out, and as I began to play with her clit it seemed as if she was eager to keep going.

“You’re learning rather quickly for a woman who claims she’s straight,” I said with a sly smile. “I’m not convinced you’re not at least a little bit bi. Are you absolutely sure you’re still 100% straight?”

Sophia started to mumble something but I sunk down a little, pinning her head against the mattress beneath me so she couldn’t speak.

“Ah ah, didn’t your mother ever tell you not to speak with your mouth full? Keep going and finish your dessert,” I chastised playfully.

Sophia obeyed, and continued as instructed. Her lips made a seal around my clit and she gently sucked as her tongue flicked back and forth. With my free hand, I reached down and grabbed a fistful of her luscious hair, pulling up as I started to rock my hips, grinding against her face. My other hand kept rubbing fast, firm circles around her clit. The stimulation was starting to make her lose her ability to multitask, so she let go of my breasts and held onto my waist so she could focus on making me cum.

“Mmm, don’t stop kitten, that feels amazing,” I moaned. “I think you’re starting to like this, aren’t you? You enjoy eating my pussy. I can see it in your eyes. It’s one thing to simply do what you’re told, but I think you’d still eat me out of your own free will if I wasn’t sitting on your face.”

Sophia didn’t try to respond this time. She kept going like a good girl, ignoring my comments like I told her to and focused on bringing me to orgasm. But I wasn’t satisfied with that anymore. I needed to hear her confirm what I suspected before I’d let myself cum. I pulled her head away from my sex, holding her down by her hair as I lifted myself away from her mouth, a soft pop sounded as her lips lost their suction on my clit. I stopped fingering her clit as well and we made strong eye contact in that moment of pause. A faint smile appeared for a moment on her face, but faded quickly as she realized why I made her stop.

“It’s true, isn’t it?” I asked, careful not to make it sound like I was forcing her to say she was enjoying this just in case she really wasn’t. I wanted her confession to be genuine.

“What?” Sophia asked, trying to catch her breath.

“Do you like giving me oral?” I clarified. “And don’t just say yes if it’s not true because you think that’s what I want to hear. I don’t care if you say no, as long as you answer me truthfully.”

Sophia looked lost in thought, breaking eye contact, but not really looking away, just staring blankly as she thought hard about her answer.

“I need an answer one way or the other,” I said sternly. “Yes or no makes no difference to how we proceed, but stay silent and I promise you will not enjoy what comes next.”

Sophia winced at the threat, but locked eyes with me again and after another moment’s hesitation she began to nod reluctantly. She managed to croak “yeah” in a weak voice, as if she was afraid to say it out loud, but it was enough to open the floodgates.

“Yes, Miss Rose,” she said again more confidently, and more importantly with a smile.

Saying the words made it real, and helped her come to terms with it. A big smile curled across my face from ear to ear. I could tell by her sense of relief that her answer was true and genuine, as if a weight was lifted from her chest despite me still sitting on her.

“I knew it,” I said warmly. “Tell me what you like.”

“I like eating your pussy, Miss Rose,” Sophia admitted happily.

“So do you still think you’re straight?” I asked.

“No!” She replied, enthusiastically shaking her head.

“What are you then?”

“I think I’m bisexual.”

“So what do you want to do about it?” I prompted.

“I want to keep eating your pussy, Miss Rose,” she answered, licking her lips.

“Music to my ears, kitten, proceed,” I said, pulling Sophia’s head back up by her hair so she could latch her lips around my clit once again. “Mmmmm-fuck me, that’s so good!”

She immediately resumed sucking and eagerly flicking her tongue across my increasingly sensitive nub. Hearing her confession was like a trigger and made everything seem heightened. It wasn’t long before I felt myself nearing the edge and I was bucking my hips against her face. I gripped her hair tightly in my fist, holding her firmly against my pussy.

“Keep doing that, kitten! You’re gonna make me cum!” I moaned, closing my eyes and arching my back as I could feel my orgasm almost within reach. “Oh god yes! I’m cumming!”

I felt my core tighten as I began to climax. My pussy rhythmically clenched and unclenched as Sophia continued to hungrily lick my clit. My whole body shook and trembled as all the built up tension was released in waves. Sophia didn’t stop or slow, however, and neither did my orgasm. The waves of pleasure kept coursing through me and my moans turned into grunts as I leaned forward supporting myself on my hands and knees to keep from collapsing in ecstasy.

“Ok stop, stop, stop,” I said, panting and rolling off of Sophia’s face. “Oh my god, I haven’t cum like that I’m a long time.”

I laid on my back next to Sophia, my chest rising and falling rapidly as I tried to catch my breath. Next thing I knew, she was snuggled up against me with an arm and a leg draped across my naked body. She nuzzled her face against my shoulder and I reached over to gently stroke her cheek.
“Good girl, Sophia. Very good girl,” I purred.

Sophia seemed to be growing rather attached to me now that she had opened up and come to terms with her new sexuality. It was quite nice feeling her small, warm body snuggled up against me, so I let her stay for a while longer knowing that what I was about to do would likely push her out of her comfort zone. I wouldn’t do it right away of course. Like everything, I’d ease her into it, gradually getting more intense. Would she reach her breaking point and use her safe word? Or would she continue to obey past her limits to keep me satisfied? Time would tell.

“You’ve been a good girl for me so far, kitten,” I said soothingly, brushing my fingers through her soft hair. “But not enough to earn an easy reward yet, so I need you to continue being a good girl for me, ok?”

“Yes, Miss Rose, I can keep being a good girl,” she replied softly.

“Now, remember when I tied you down for being a bad girl?” I asked.

“Mm-hmm,” She hummed.

“Well I’m gonna tie you up again, not as punishment, but to introduce you properly to some bondage play, ok?” I explained calmly. “There will be some pain sometimes, but again not necessarily as punishment, but to show you that pain can be pleasurable too. Understand?”

“Yes, Miss Rose,” Sophia said with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

“That said, if you’re a bad girl, the bonds will get more restrictive and tighter, and the pain will get more intense,” I continued. “I’m going to push you, it might get uncomfortable, and I’m not going to listen if you tell me to stop. Use the safe word if you absolutely feel like it’s too much for you to handle. Ok?”

“Ok Miss Rose, I’ll try,” she said weakly.

“Good, now get up and get on all fours in the middle of the bed,” I ordered.

Sophia obeyed and rolled away from me. As I rolled off the bed, she got up on her hands and knees just like I said. While she did that, I went over to a chest where I kept all my ropes and straps and other bondage gear. I pulled out a few short lengths of soft nylon rope and carried them back to the bed.

“Now put your face down on the mattress and stick your hands between your legs so that fine butt of yours is sticking up in the air,” I commanded.

Sophia followed my instructions and went face down, ass up with her arms thrust between her legs. I took one of the ropes and tied her left wrist to her left ankle, then went around and did the same to her right wrist and ankle. It was a simple binding, not too complex, and a perfect introduction.

“Try to pull your wrists free,” I said, sitting back on my heels to admire my work.

Sophia pulled on her restraints but they held tight, the ropes not even sliding up her legs.
“Are they too tight?” I asked, reaching over to rub her back between her shoulder blades to keep her calm.

“No, Miss Rose,” she replied, her head turned away from me at the moment.

I slid my hand down her back to her perfectly presented ass and gave it a firm squeeze. I couldn’t resist giving her a sharp spank too, the sound of my palm striking her cheek echoed in the large open room, and I was rewarded with a yelp of surprise. I raised my hand and spanked her again, and again, then rubbed the soft skin of her ass to soothe it.

“Do you like it when I spank you?” I asked mischievously.

“Yes,” came Sophia’s quick reply.

I spanked her again, harder this time.

“Yes?” I repeated, waiting for the full answer.

“Yes, Miss Rose!” Sophia corrected herself.

“Do you now? Then I wonder what would make a worse punishment then, spanking? Or withholding spanking?” I mused.

I slid my hand down from her ass to her vulnerably exposed pussy, glistening with her juices. She was still soaking wet from when I rode her face and my fingers slid between her lips with ease. I heard her gasp as I teased around her entrance with my fingertips, not yet pushing them inside. I wanted to eat her out so badly, but knew if I did, and made her cum tonight, that would be the end of the contract, and I wasn’t ready for it to end yet. I massaged my fingers in broad strokes over her labia, getting my whole hand wet in the process, listening to the soft moans partially muffled since her face was half buried in the mattress. And since I couldn’t lick her pussy quite yet, I sated my appetite by licking her juices off my fingers.

Sophia’s position wasn’t quite the best for fingering, but it was adaptable, and I could easily roll her onto her back for better access. I had different plans however, and got off the bed and went to my toy shelves. I grabbed one of my remote controlled wands and another length of rope, tying the wand to the inside of her thigh so that the vibrating head was in firm contact with her clit. I took the remote and clicked it on to the lowest setting. The wand hummed to life and Sophia whimpered, closing her eyes to enjoy the low rumbling against her clit.

“If you haven’t noticed, I like being able to control your pleasure hands free,” I said, setting the remote down on the nightstand.

I sat down on the bed, positioning myself beside Sophia’s head and faced her with my legs spread. With her head turned towards me, cheek against the mattress, she had a perfect, clear view of my glistening pussy. I reached down and began to touch myself, right in front of her face. While the wand teased her clit with low vibrations, I teased her in another manner, making her watch me play with my clit. I began to rub slow circles, keeping an eye on her face as she watched me. She looked hungry, eager for more, eyes rolling back ever so slightly as the vibrator hit just the right spot as she squirmed.
“You want to lick my pussy again, don’t you?” I asked slyly.

“Mmm-yes, Miss Rose,” Sophia moaned.

I kept rubbing slowly, deliberately, scooting myself a few inches closer to her face so she could smell the aroma better. I saw her pull at the ropes holding her wrists to her ankles, but unable to free herself. She whimpered softly between moans, licking her lips as she watched me masturbate.
“Be a good girl for me and I’ll let you lick it again, ok?” I teased. “Good girls get rewarded, but bad girls get punished. You don’t want to be a bad girl, right?”

“No Miss Rose, I’ll be good girl, I prom-mmm-ise,” Sophia pleaded.

“I’m going to hold you to that promise, kitten,” I warned, creeping closer until my womanhood was mere inches from her nose.

I rubbed faster, watching her stare at me, unable to look away as I pleasured myself. I switched it up, slipping my middle and ring fingers into my warm, wet cunt to stimulate my g-spot. Sophia whimpered a little louder as she watched my fingers slip inside and heard me gasp at my own pleasure. I reached behind me, grabbed the remote and clicked it, raising the intensity of the wand a little. Sophia gasped now, and I could see her hips thrust against the head of the vibrator.
“You better not fucking cum,” I said sternly. “You’ve already had three today, so you have a long way to go to earn my permission for another.”

“I’m not gonna cum, Miss Rose!” She said in breathy rasps.

I let the wand continue to buzz her clit while I rubbed my g-spot. My eyes never left her face, and her eyes never left my pussy. She was entranced, watching my fuck my self with my fingers as the wand pushed her closer to the edge. Suddenly I turned the vibrator off, and Sophia whined in frustration.

“I can’t have you reaching the edge before I do,” I teased, pulling my fingers out and going back to rubbing my clit.

Sophia’s hips continued to buck, trying to get some sort of stimulation from the wand despite it being off. I giggled in amusement at her frustration as I continued to play with myself.

“This is going to be a new lesson in self control,” I said. “I see your hips moving, and that makes me think you’re trying to make yourself cum. Stop moving and I’ll turn it back on.”

Sophia obeyed, taking a deep breath to try and calm herself. I waited a moment and turned the vibrator back on. It hummed back to life and Sophia fought to remain still.

“Good girl,” I purred.

I rubbed my clit a little more vigorously now, trying to get myself closer to the edge. I turned the vibrator up two more levels, paying close attention to Sophia’s hips. She did remarkably well keeping still for a moment. I could see her thighs tremble as she fought the urge to thrust her hips. But soon her moans turned into a high pitched squeal and she gave in to her urges. I immediately turned it off again and she cried out in frustration.

“I’m trying!” Sophia squealed.

“Not hard enough, kitten,” I replied, waiting for her to stop.

I gave her a moment to collect herself while I kept rubbing, pushing myself closer to orgasm. Once I was satisfied she’d calmed down enough, I turned it back on, straight to level three.

“Are you getting close?” I asked, slowing my fingers as I approached the edge myself.

“Yes, Miss Rose,” Sophia moaned.

“Are you ready to cum?” I asked, my own climax mere seconds away.

“Yes, Miss Rose!” Her voice higher this time.

I quickly turned the wand off as I felt myself teeter over the edge. My pussy clenched up as my orgasm took control.

“Fuck!” Sophia cried out at the sudden denial, watching my pussy spasm and contract right in front of her face as I came and she didn’t.

“You better not be cumming!” I moaned, closing my eyes and rolling my head back in bliss.
I rode out my orgasm as Sophia growled in frustration at her lack of release. I opened my eyes to see her face beet red and covered in sweat, her teeth clenched and huffing sharply through her nose, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Good girl, Sophia,” I said soothingly, reaching over to brush away the loose hairs that had fallen in front of her face.

I got to my knees and crawled around behind her. I lightly touched her pussy, which was now red and swollen and very sensitive. She shivered as I ran my finger over her engorged clit
“Still close, kitten?” I asked.

“Yes, Miss Rose,” Sophia said flatly through clenched teeth.

“Good,” I smirked, gently rubbing her sensitive clit.

With my other hand, I slipped one finger inside her warmth. I found her g-spot and massaged it gently while still rubbing her clit with my other hand, but careful as to not make her cum but still keep her right on the edge. She began to moan again as I worked.

“I’m curious to know how long you can last before you start begging me to let you cum,” I mused as I delicately stimulated her with my fingers. “But even if you beg, I still might not let you. Do you want my permission to cum?”

“Yes, Miss Rose, I’m so close,” Sophia moaned in a shaky voice.

“Well too bad, I’m having too much fun keeping that orgasm just out of reach,” I teased, being careful not to stimulate her too much.

“Ooooh, but I thought I was being good,” she whined, trying so hard to keep still.
“You are, but being good once is not gonna give you a free pass to cum,” I explained. “I told you you’re going to have to work for your next orgasm.”

“So w-what do I have to do? Please! I’m right there!” Sophia pleaded.

I pulled my finger out and licked her juices off of it, but kept gently massaging her clit.

“Just keep doing what you’re told, and don’t cum,” I replied.

“Yes, Miss Rose, I’ll do as I’m told,” Sophia sighed as I stopped rubbing her clit too.
I grabbed Sophia by the hips and guided her into a roll so she ended up on her back. Her ankles and wrists still tied, forcing her feet to stick up in the air with her knees bent and legs spread wide. I let her lay like that on her back to cool down and clambered off the bed.

“Breathe, I’ll be right back,” I said, walking over to a mini fridge I had near the bathroom. I grabbed a bottle of cold water and came back to the bed, opening it.

“Drink,” I said, carefully putting the bottle to Sophia’s lips so she could drink. “You’re going to need to stay hydrated, because I have no intention of making this a short session.”