Champagne Glasses

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I watched from the end of the bed, wiping my hair down with the towel provided by the hotel. The towel felt luxurious, as was everything else in this room: the fixtures, the walls, the bathroom, the list was practically endless. I guess when you were one of the richest men in the city life became so inundated with things like those that they all became one big amorphous blob. Not me, dear poor little bitch boy me, no sirree, I would never forget the fact that I was born on the wrong side of the track, not that I did not survive hell and made quite a living for myself, but certainly blue bloods were on a different class. He was still deep in his laptop, catching up to his work even as his pleasure - namely, yours truly - was sitting before him half naked from the shower that followed the marathon of sex just ended fifteen minutes prior.

I pulled my view from his laptop to his face, so handsome, so dignified, with a noble nose upon which perched his glasses, which he never wore except when he was reading on account of his vanity, and this idiotic assumption that he looked stupid in glasses. I had tired myself trying to correct this opinion - he looked slightly nerdy, that’s all, and not at all stupid, but still relentlessly hot as Asians like him go. He was reading something on his screen, his attention so undivided, that somehow it - giggles - aroused me. I looked down his magnificent gym-honed torso, trim masculine musculature with large delts and lats that screamed sex every time he deigned to show me, down and down to the dark juncture between his thick thighs, underneath his laptop, where I knew his elephantine cock laid in utter satisfaction after what, three earth-shattering orgasms? I couldn’t have known, I lost track of mine after the fifth, screaming in utter abandon as his cock drilled me into the deepest heaven.

Suddenly sheer bravado overtook me. I crawled up to his feet and began sucking his toes, like bony little cocklets. He looked at me bemusedly but did not withdraw his attention from the laptop. I crawled further up, my curly blond head of hair catching in the fur of his thighs. I watched his nose wrinkle like Bewitched’s Samantha as I pushed down on his screen, moved his laptop to one side and sat on his warm inviting crotch. 

“I was working,” he mentioned lightly, but he did not move to push me away. I took that as an invitation and bent down and bit ever so slightly on his right nipple. He bit his lower lip in that masculinely seductive way, like he was repressing an urge to let a groan escape his mouth. Underneath my carriage I felt his cock throb against my taint and began its ascent back from the dead. Victory for moi.

“You know we’re supposed to be working,” he murmured gently, even as he licked his way down my throat. Like this I felt so precious, so fragile, like champagne glasses. I almost missed his words.

“But nobody said we can’t have a little fun,” I replied cheekily, turning my head to look at our reflections in the bedside mirror. Him, tanned, muscled and tall, utterly in thrall of me, a young golden blond Apollo; his hands like ancient serpents writhing in my waist, crushing our loins together, hard cock heads occasionally appearing between our heaving bodies. Fuck. We looked real good. Even with that pesky little platinum band adorning his right ring finger. 

“Ha, with you there’s nothing little that can be had,” he said, even as he spit on his fingers and began their treacherous journey down into the valley of my ass. “Yeah, nothing,” he whispered as his fingers reached the rim of my hole and felt the vibrating rosebud greet his invading appendage. “Fuck baby, you’re still wet from before,” he observed, his fingers digging inside my nether regions for the dregs of his semen.

“Unnhh, you’re deep inside me. I want you,” I whispered against the skin of his neck. 

“Want what, baby?” 

“I want… I want your cock inside me, your dick, your penis, come on, come fuck me like you mean it,” I whined, reaching behind me and catching the warm lively protuberance so ready for sex and more.

“Say it again baby, say the thing you said when I fucked you before.”

I was almost dizzy from the sexual ardour permeating the room, and it took me a minute before I remember. I smiled wickedly and bent down to his ear. “Fuck me like I’m your husband,” I whispered, and groaned as I finally felt his flared head imbibe my secret hole. Well, not so secret anymore. “Fuck me like you want to breed me,” I continued, licking his ear all the while, my panting delirious in his ear, “Fuck me like you want to put a son inside me.”

“Fuck baby, fuck!” 

I smiled as I felt his cock head grew even larger and bumped against my prostate. He felt it too, grinned wolfishly and began aiming his thrusts to hit my pussy button every single time, which reduced me to a whimpering blabbering mass of coital sensations. “Nnnnhhhhh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, FUUUCK MEEEEE!” 

At that point I was past wondering whether one could hear me outside our room. At that point I was only a hole, hell-bent on receiving the latest cum-load that my lover could give me. It could have been my mouth, my ass, whatever, but I just needed that white hot load of semen, that warm initial splash against my body, wherever that may be, that forceful geyser of life-giving and life-affirming cum.

“Fuck I’m cumming, cumming up your tight ass, fuck, fucking CUMMING UP YOUR ASS!” he moaned, and I felt his hands clutch at my fat butt for support as he released a torrential volume of cum up my anal chute. I felt the warm concoction of spit and cum began to drain out of my battered hole, its spasm too weak to hold the semen within. I quickly laid down on the bed and raised my hips on a pillow, much like my sister had when she was planning for a kid with her husband.

“What are you doing?” 

“Saving up your cum in my ass so that your sperm can breed me,” I answered, barely holding in my laughter. He didn’t, and burst into a merry laugh. 

“Fuck baby, you’re something else,” he murmured, catching his breath. His eyes travelled from between my thighs, where his cock had just been, up my torso, still damp with cum and sweat, to my face, which was brightly smiling, flushed from his sex. “I lo-”

His phone rang. I looked up. I recognized that ring tone. He took one last look at me and went to fetch his phone on the dresser where he left his pants and his suit last night. “Hello. Yeah baby, I got off the plane okay. Harry? Harry’s in his room, still sleeping probably. We had a late night last night, with the customs and everything. Yeah? Let me hear his voice. Hi baby, whatchu doing? Whatchu eating, baby boo?”

His baby talk made me realize belatedly how I was infringing on someone’s property. That, and the cold sear I felt every time his ring pass on my skin. Although it felt pretty good entrenched inside my hole, that one time in Paris after we had too much champagne. I reached down between my thighs and felt the cum running down my taint collect on my fingers. I was licking the dregs, tasting the load, sweet and briny as always, when I realized he was watching me, his left hand holding his cock.

“Okay baby, I’ll call if there’s anything up. I’ll say hello to Harry too, bye bye love.” He threw the phone away and rushed back to the bed, crouching over my head, his cock aiming for my mouth. “My husband says hello,” he murmured as his cock invaded my oral cavity.

“Mmm,” I replied, my mouth full of cock. 

“Baby Eric says hi too,” he continued, hips thrusting gently into my mouth, his animal musk invigorating my senses. “He says he misses his uncle. Well, step-uncle.”

I released his cock. “Tell him, mmm, his uncle’s in good hands. Or rather, his father is.” I chuckled and bent down again to take his cock. The cock, the cum and the body that belonged to my stepbrother, his husband. Ah well.