The Monster in the Maze

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The manacles around Helen’s wrist were starting to chafe. She sat there in the back of a battered old cart baking underneath the oppressive summer sun, doing her absolute best to not move a muscle. Anything to keep the metal cuffs from rubbing her wrists raw. As bad as the restraints were, they weren’t the worst part of her predicament.

Helen could handle death. Everyone died eventually. Some, like her parents, sooner than others. She had no fear of death, but being sent to be killed by a monster scared her. The elder and the priests had been sending criminals and the elderly to feed the beast. It kept it in its prison, but its hunger grew with time and now they were trying something else.

“Please don’t do this,” Helen pleaded for the hundredth time. “Just let me go. I’ll run, and they’ll never have to know. You can’t do this to me!” Neither of the two men driving the cart bothered to turn around.

“Quiet back there,” the older of the two said, sounding more bored than anything. “You should feel honored to sacrifice for your people. Sure, you might die but you’re keeping others safe.”

Tears welled up in her eyes once more but didn’t fall. She’d gotten most of her crying done already. Now it was just the futility of it all making her eyes prickle. “But why did it have to be me?”

This time, one of them did turn around. The younger of the two would’ve been handsome if it wasn’t for the way he leered at her. “I can think of a couple of reasons,” he said, letting out a dark guffaw. Helen raised her hands up to her chest, as if trying to hide it. It was impossible.

Rather than go with the old, the infirm, or the wicked, this time they were trying to appease the beast with a bride. The sacrifices up until this point were to feed it. But now the beast’s bellows could be heard all throughout the year, and they reasoned it was an adult now. Either its human half had desires that needed to be met, or it would eat her and maybe fall silent once more.

This time, the sacrifice was a young woman, and not just any woman. They chose the round faced, soft young woman with the biggest breasts in the village. The woman considered most cow-like, to appease the monster. All throughout her teen years Helen had gotten more attention than she wanted from how quickly her chest filled out. There was no mistaking the massive swells under her dresses, no matter how baggy she wore them. Men, women, and even children would watch her as she passed, eyes glued to her voluptuous form.

Helen never considered herself especially pretty. She had brown hair down to her shoulders, curly enough to bounce when she moved. Her face was covered in freckles, and she had a mark beside her nose, a little blemish she hated but her past lovers loved to kiss. As far as she was concerned, she was perfectly average save for her damnedable tits. She never thought they would get her killed.

“Leave her alone, boy,” the older driver said. “She’s not to be touched. She belongs to the beast now. If she arrives already spoiled, the gods will spit on us and curse the village. We’ll not have the beast escape because you had to get your dick wet.”

The boy’s shoulders slumped. “Fine,” he said, not taking his eyes off of her. “What a waste…” he muttered.

Helen latched onto that. “Right? It’s a complete waste. Let me out and I’ll do whatever you want. Just don’t give me to that…that thing!”

He turned away from her and faced forward. He began whistling loudly, getting even louder when she made a sound, ready to try again. Helen’s shoulders slumped. This was it, then. No one was coming to save her. No one was going to release her, or care about her. As far as the rest of the village was concerned, Helen was as good as dead.

The mountain they were climbing suddenly leveled out, and Helen could see a giant hole in the ground not far away. The two men got off, the younger one attending to the donkeys while the older one turned his attention to Helen. “It’s time,” he said.

Those two words were like being submerged in ice water. “N-no,” she said, heart thudding in her throat. “Please.”

The man ignored her, fishing out the keys for the manacles. She jerked away, but his hand shot out and grasped her by the wrist. He forced her motionless as he unlocked them. He didn’t let go when the manacles were off. His grip was like iron, cold and unyielding. He pulled on her and Helen stumbled out of the cart.

“Don’t fight me,” he said, voice rough. He was looking anywhere but at her, dragging her to the hole. Helen tugged at her arm, but to no avail. Second by second the hole crept closer. It was like a massive maw, chomping hungrily at the sky. Helen’s stomach dropped as it became clear. It wasn’t a straight shot down. There was a steep ramp, sliding down into the mountains. Helen had just enough time to marvel at it before her captor shoved and she went sprawling down.

It didn’t hurt as badly as she expected. The stone she slid down was smooth and her dress scraped against it, protecting her from anything worse than a light scuffle. Down, down into the maw she went, sliding into darkness as the ramp finally ended and spat her out into a small room. It was dim, barely lit up by a moss growing in the corners near the floor and the ceiling.

Helen got up on unsteady feet and checked herself for injuries. She was shaken and terrified out of her mind, but was otherwise fine. For now. A scratching sound made her whirl around. A basket full of foods and luxuries inched its way down, suspended from a hook on a rope. The two men lowered the basket the rest of the way.

Seeing her opportunity, Helen grabbed the hook and pulled. The entire rope whipped and the hook shot out of her hands and was hoisted above before she could grab it again. “None of that!” A voice called from above, echoing through the cavern. “Be sure the beast gets the basket. Best of luck!”

And then she truly was alone. Helen dug through the basket. Smoked meats, sweet berries, jars of olive oil and sweet smelling incense. Offerings to the beast she was now trapped with. Looking at the lot, she scoffed. What would a monster need olive oil for? She doubted it bathed or groomed itself, or even cooked. She put the jar back and turned around.

Now that her eyes were starting to adjust, the moss actually provided a decent amount of light. It was still dim and depressing down there, but she supposed it could’ve been worse. She wouldn’t die in complete darkness, at least.

A long, low bellow sounded from deeper in the mountain. It thrummed loud and low in her bones, making her knees shake and her heart pound. After a few seconds the echo finally faded, and Helen was left with a choice. She could either stay there and cling to the last few rays of sunlight she could see until the monster came for her, or she could go exploring her new prison and just…get it over with.

It wasn’t bravery that made her choose to go in deeper. Helen didn’t feel the least bit brave. It was the feeling of inevitability that propelled her. There was no reason the suffering had to last.  She made her way down the hall until it opened up in two directions. In the fabled labyrinth under the mountain, both directions looked the same to her. By pure chance she took a left, sending her closer towards the monster wandering the labyrinth.

Fear gave way to an odd sort of boredom as the path wound on. Helen found it increasingly difficult to be afraid all the time. Step by step she settled into a low grade uneasiness and growing acceptance of her fate. The paths were oddly spacious, (they’d have to be, she reasoned, to house a monster) and when she looked closely, there were figures and scenes etched into the wall near the floor. A massive man with the head of a bull chased after vague humanoid shapes. 

Helen let out an involuntary shudder. Just then, another loud cry echoed through the labyrinth, so close she couldn’t help but let out a small scream. The cry faded, and it was silent, save for the pounding of her heart. Then she heard it, just barely on the edges of perception. A low, slow, determined thudding sound. Rhythmic, even, and getting closer by the second. Black horns emerged from the darkness, followed by the massive bestial head of the great bull.

“Oh gods,” Helen moaned, taking a step back. That was the only movement she could make. Her legs turned to jelly and failed her, sending her to her knees. She was helpless, unable to do anything but watch in horror as it got closer and closer. Bit by bit the rest of it emerged from the darkness, stopping a few feet away from her.

It, he, would have the body of a hero if it weren’t for the coarse hair covering his chest. He was massive, a good two heads taller than the biggest man Helen could remember and heavily muscled. His rough, huge hands looked as if just one could palm her entire head and crush it like a grape. Her eyes trailed down his chest, to the lower half of his body. Helen flushed as she realized he wasn’t wearing even a semblance of clothes. His cock swung heavily between his legs, as thick and hairy as the rest of him. He was the exact opposite of a proper Grecian man, brutish and beastly.

Helen had time to take it all in when she realized he wasn’t attacking. He was staring at her, black eyes blinking slowly. He inhaled deeply through his nose. He let out a pleased sounding groan and took a step closer. That’s when his scent overtook her. It was a thick musk, animalistic and dizzying. Not a bad smell so much as overwhelming. Helen wetted her lips, looking up at the beast.

“I-if you’re going to kill me, just do it!” she shouted with bravery she didn’t truly feel. The bull cocked his head to the side curiously. He took another step closer. Helen forced herself to stand. Moving anywhere was beyond her, but at least she’d die on her feet. The bull reached out for her with one massive hand. Helen closed her eyes, breath hitching her in her chest.

He cupped her face with an odd tenderness, brushing his thumb against her cheek. She opened her eyes, looking up at him in confusion. Helen had no idea what was passing through his mind as he tilted her head around. Did he even have the same kind of thoughts as a man? And then his hand dipped to her chest and cupped her breast and she knew that he did.

“Typical,” she muttered, bemused.

The bull squeezed testingly, rolling her heavy breast in his hand as if testing its weight and softness. In spite of the fear, something woke inside of Helen. Something she didn’t care for, but the thick musk was making it difficult to think. The bull licked his lips, letting out an appreciative sound as he fondled her.

“Stop that,” Helen said, slapping his hand. He didn’t budge or even acknowledge it outside of reaching out with his other hand. Now he was playing with both of her tits, and Helen was unsure of how to react. On the one hand, she was still terrified of him, if maybe a little less so now. He was a monster and there was no way this would end well for her. On the other, every second he spent playing with her body was another he spent not killing her.

Worst of all, her body was responding in ways her mind screamed against. A small fire grew in the small of her belly, rising as he manhandled her with more and more enthusiasm. “S-stop, please,” Helen groaned, tugging at his hands ineffectually. She looked down and saw his cock stir, getting thicker and longer. “Oh gods,” she whispered.

All at once the beast released her. She swayed forward, unaware of how much she’d been leaning into his touch. She had just enough time to feel embarrassed before the bull reached for her and slung her over his shoulder as if she was a sack of grain. He turned and went back the way he came, ignoring her cries of protest. Helen wriggled, but it was no use. One hand was on her ass, steadying her. Then it squeezed and Helen closed her eyes, shivering.

His smell was thickening, and the more Helen breathed it in the more her body came to life. His hand on her ass tingled, and Helen squirmed and squeezed her legs together, desperate to ignore the growing heat. This didn’t make any sense. She was scared, and sickened, and she couldn’t be turned on. Not by him. Her terror gave way to a new kind of horror, a traitorous voice in the back of her head whispering to her. Telling her that maybe this wouldn’t be so bad afterall.

The bull dragged her back to his lair, deep in the labyrinth. Helen lost count of the number of turns they made. It was hard to think with his hand on her ass, playing with her. She squirmed under his touch, biting back involuntary whimpers. It was getting harder to think now, in a way she’d never experienced before. She was limp and letting out sounds by the time he arrived and deposited her onto a thick fur rug.

His lair was somewhere between that of a beast and a man. There were furs spread around, and even a stone throne built into the wall that looked to be his size. There were battered, half destroyed pillows and jars of preserved food on makeshift shelves. Just the barest vestiges of intelligence and organization in the cave of a predator.

Helen rolled over onto her back, chest heaving with the deep breaths she was taking. She wasn’t alone. The bull was breathing hard as well, nostrils flaring as it took her scent in. His cock was half hard now, wobbling in the air just a foot away from her face. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from it. The bull reached for her dress with both hands.

Helen let out a gasp as it ripped her dress in half right off her, pulling at the flimsy cloth until it shredded down the middle and left her all but naked and on her knees. Licking his lips, the bull pushed her down to her back and followed through, covering her body with his and pinning her to the ground. His face went to her chest, his horns penning her in. His long, warm tongue lolled out and ran across her nipple in a long, slow lick.

A bolt of excitement shot down her entire body, making her cunt twinge with pleasure. The bull didn’t stop, running his flat, broad tongue around her nipple in circles, letting out a low, pleased rumble that had Helen arching her back and offering him access. Then she realized what she was doing and gasped.

Her entire body was flushed now, her face and the world suddenly stuffy and too warm. Helen reached for his chest to try and push him away and found her hands trailing down his muscular body instead. The bull groaned, body jerking as his head snapped up to meet her gaze. His eyes were two black pools of lust and hunger. Her fear wasn’t gone, but it wasn’t important anymore.

Propping himself up on one elbow he cupped her other breast and leaned down to bury his face in her neck. Helen leaned away to give him access. She rubbed his powerful chest, burying her fingers in the thick fur there and giving it a light tug. The bull latched onto her neck with his mouth and Helen cried out, shuddering against him. He shifted, and she felt the huge, fat head of his cock pressing up against her silken, slick pussy.

Rather than fight it, she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him against her. He pressed insistently against her entrance, but she quickly discovered he was too big to enter her. That didn’t stop him from grinding against her, running the head of his cock up and down as he growled against her throat. Helen’s eyes slammed shut, and fear and arousal spiked once more.

“Just like that,” she murmured into a twitching ear as he tweaked her nipple and made her whimper. “Please,” she whispered. “Don’t stop.” She pushed back against him, feeling just the tip push against her wet folds. Together they pressed and almost got the head in when the pain flared and Helen pulled away.

The bull released her neck and looked at her with an expression of betrayal that almost made her laugh. He let out a frustrated groan that came out like an angry moo.

“Hey, wait,” Helen pushed at him until he raised up on his knees. His cock jutted out proudly, at least a foot long and as thick around as her arm. It would’ve looked human if it weren’t for how obscenely big it was, or the way the tip leaked clear fluid onto the furs. “I-I’ll take care of you, don’t be mad,” she said, praying the bull could understand her.

Even if it couldn’t, it understood when she wrapped her hands around his shaft. Helen looked at it, licking her lips in anticipation. It took both her hands to circle around it, and she pumped it once slowly. More of that clear fluid leaked from the tip. The bull groaned, and the sound emboldened her. She leaned forward and ran her tongue along the shaft, tasting his salty, musky precum.

It was like the light in her head went out, and all rational thought left her. Her entire body pulsed with desire, and one lick became another until she was eagerly slurping up every drop she could get, losing more and more of herself with each taste. Nothing mattered but the bull and his monstrous cock. Helen’s village had decided to offer her up as a sacrifice, a fucktoy for the minotaur, and here she was accepting her lot and now eager for it.

The bull let out a long, low rumbling groan that made the hairs on the back of her neck stand straight up. He reached forward again, playing with her tits in his massive hands while her own worked his shaft up and down, barely able to get a good grip on him as she ran her tongue along the thick head in an increasing frenzy. She opened wide and tried to take the head into her mouth, but she only got it part way before her teeth got in the way. Regardless, she latched her mouth on and sucked on that swollen head, eagerly drinking every salty drop he copiously leaked.

His hand on her breast squeezed and Helen let out a helpless moan against him. His other hand went to her hair, burying itself into it and tugging her forward. There was nothing in the world she wanted more than to take that cock all the way into her mouth, down her throat, to gag and choke on it while drinking down his essence. He was simply too big, and she had to pull away, coughing. The bull’s grip on her hair tightened warningly.

“W-wait,” said Helen, releasing him and wiping drool away from her mouth. “I’ve got you, don’t worry.” She spoke to him in the tone one used around children or dangerous animals. Soft, gentle, reassuring. She wanted this too, and she’d be damned if she gave the beast a reason to hurt her. Helen pushed at his legs, pointing to the furs. It took a minute of pointing and pushing before he understood, then the beast plopped down on his ass. His cock twitched in anticipation.

Helen brought her hands up to the tip and gathered the slick fluid and ran it down along his shaft. The bull’s head lolled on its shoulders as it let out another low groan. She knelt down in front of him, legs spread and low enough to do what she set out to do. The village chose her for a reason. The bull wouldn’t fit in her mouth or her cunt, but there was still one easy way to please him.

She released his cock and ran her slick hands all over her tits, letting out a moan that was just as much for him as it was for her. The bull’s eyes were locked onto her and his cock leaked more and more. Helen rolled each heavy breast in her hands, getting them nice and slick before leaning forward and wrapping them around her lover’s massive cock. She squeezed and dragged herself down, sliding his cock between her tits until the head peeked out and she could give it a lick.

That proved to be exactly what he wanted. After the first past he rocked against her, thrusting between her lubed up tits and moaning when her tongue ran along the head. Helen met each thrust eagerly, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples with each pass. Nothing else mattered but this. Nothing but pleasing her new lover and drowning in this unnatural lust.

The hunger ache in her center threatened to consume her. As the bull fucked her tits, Helen shifted and brought one hand down to rub at her pussy while stretching her other arm across both to keep his cock in place. She was wetter than she’d ever been in her life. It was nothing to slide two fingers into herself, the heel of her palm grinding against her clit. It was like a lightning bolt, making her cry out.

The bull cried out as well, thrusting wildly into her chest while his hands gripped the furs tightly. The sight of such a massive, monstrous beast of a man under her control was as intoxicating as the lust. Helen reached out for his hand. The bull let her bring it down to her pussy, where she pressed his finger against her. He understood. One of his fingers pressed against her entrance. It pushed past her lips and filled her as well as any cock ever had.

Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head as he cupped her cunt with his entire hand, middle finger buried deep inside her. “Gods, yes!” She cried out as she renewed her efforts. Every mad thrust from her lover had her sinking down onto his thick finger. It only took a few seconds for the bull to adapt and slide it in and out, fingerfucking her as he fucked her soft tits.

Helen was lost, completely in the moment. All she could do was writhe against the bull helplessly while they rocked together, faster and faster now. Her mind was blank other than a litany of yesyesyesyesyes and a need to feed that bottomless hunger that was consuming her. The bull’s tongue lolled out of his mouth. His grunts and groans were getting closer together. His hard, fat cock was twitching now, and with excitement Helen realized he was close.

“Harder,” she demanded, squeezing her cunt around his finger. “Show me what a beast you are. Give me everything!” Whether or not the bull could understand her, he understood her tone. His movements became frantic, erratic. He thrust wildly against her tits while his finger pistoned in and out. Helen ground herself against his hand, the tension in her tightening.

He came first, burying his finger as deep as it would go and thrusting up one last time until he almost hit her in the throat. His cock erupted, firing rope after rope of thick white cum. Helen cried out and pinched her nipples hard and came with him, latching her mouth onto his head and trying to get as much of it as she could. She swallowed hard and fast, desperate to get his cum and failing miserably to get it all. It pooled out of her mouth, dripping all over her tits and his cock and onto the furs below. The world went white as she clamped down on his finger and her entire body shook with her orgasm. She heard a high-pitched whine she only realized was herself as she came down an eternity later.

All of her energy, every bit of that all encompassing lust was gone, sated for now. Helen gently pulled away from the bull, grunting as his finger left her and she fell backwards onto the rug. She was tired, a bit sore, and utterly covered with her new lover’s cum. She didn’t feel like moving or cleaning herself off yet. She’d come here expecting to die, and now she could have and she would’ve been fine with it.

The bull surprised her. He sank onto the fur next to her and pulled her towards him. He licked the side of her head affectionately and let out a grunt as his arms encircled her and hugged her to his chest. Helen found herself running her hands against his firm chest lovingly. They were both content in the afterglow. She may have been willing to die now, but Helen didn’t expect that she would.

Those damned village elders had been right. The beast needed a bride, and she was to be it. It could’ve been worse, she supposed. If this was her life now, she’d make the most of it and learn to love it. Helen reached down and put her hand on the bull’s cock possessively. All that remained was finding a way to safely take him all the way. She looked forward to trying again.