The Virtue Auction, Ch. 8

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“Eyes forward. Ignore them,” I said quietly as I noticed Sophia’s wide eyes look frantically at the flashes from paparazzi cameras. This was likely her first time experiencing the irritatingly nosey paparazzi, and it was obvious she was uncomfortable in the spotlight, which I could tell even from watching her at the auction. It would make this evening all the more fun as she would soon be forced to climax as discreetly as possible with many sets of eyes on her.

I led Sophia into the Art Institute as she tightly gripped the crook of my elbow. A pair of men in sharp, black tuxedoes opened the huge double doors for us and we stepped into the foyer. The Institute wasn’t a particularly fancy place by itself, but it was very old with many ornate lights fixtures on the walls and hanging from the ceiling. Several paintings from the renaissance era were on display as well as a few Roman sculptures in front of the ticket booth to the museum. But the ballroom was added on later with funding from benefactors specifically to hold this event and others like it, and was truly magnificent. The camera flashes stopped as the doors closed behind us and a woman in a suit and skirt came up to us.

“Ah, Miss Prescott! Welcome back!” She greeted warmly. “It’s always a pleasure to have you here. Please follow me.”

The woman led us through the foyer to another set of double doors opposite the museum entrance, the clickety-click of three pairs of heels echoed loudly as we walked across the polished granite floor. These doors opened up into the grand ballroom and I heard Sophia gasp in awe. She’d probably been to the Art Institute before, but not to the ballroom. It was off limits to the general public. Everything was huge in the ballroom, making you feel like a dwarf when walking in. Enormous gold and crystal chandeliers hung from the four story high vaulted ceiling which was supported by thick, white marble columns and arches. Tall stained glass windows dominated the walls with depictions of famous artists like Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Dali. A giant’s checkerboard of black and white marble tiles served as the dance floor in the middle of the room and was sunk 2 steps down so the people eating and socializing at the tables around the outside could get a better view of the dancers. A stage was off to the right side where a jazz band played live music and speeches would be given. And a full service bar opposite the stage with a balcony that had tall, standing tables so patrons could go up and enjoy their drinks while watching the band and dancers below.

“You two will be at table 17 this evening with Mr. and Mrs. Finch, the Mesdames Bradford, Miss Osborne, Mr. Redfield and his date, and Mr. Taylor,” the hostess said, showing us around the outside of the room to our table.

I recognized all but one of those names. I was friends with Chelsea Osborne, one of the few strictly platonic relationships I had with another woman. She and I were roommates in college many years. Her father was a start up investor and had actually given me my initial loan to start my business. The Bradford ladies I knew through business contacts, and though we weren’t that close, they did invite me to a threesome one time, which of course I couldn’t turn down. The Finch’s were regulars at these types of events, and although I knew them, it wasn’t on a personal nor business level. I also recognized Mr. Redfield and knew he was one the attendees of the Virtue Auction the day before. I wondered if his date was the woman he bought, like Sophia was my date.

We were the first ones to arrive at our table, so we thanked the hostess and I decided to visit the bar first. At such an event with so many wealthy individuals, age was often overlooked when it came to alcohol consumption, so even though Sophia was still only 18, I could order drinks for her and nobody would question it, so long as she didn’t get completely inebriated.

“Good evening ladies? What can I get for you?” Asked a bartender as we stepped up to the bar. Her name tag read Marga.

“I’ll have a martini please, Marga, with lemon,” I said casually, then placed my hand on top of Sophia’s head, careful not to mess her beautifully done hair. “And let’s start this one off with an amaretto sour.”

“You got it,” she said with a smile, getting straight to work on our drinks.

While the bartender worked, I clicked the remote in my hand, turning Sophia’s vibrator on to the lowest setting. I watched her for a reaction and saw a barely noticeable flinch as her eyes widened. I gave her a sly smile and a wink as she looked over at me. Sophia took a deep breath and squeezed her thighs together, but she managed to compose herself quite well. I mouthed the words “good girl” to her and she returned a nervous smile.

A few moments later our drinks were ready and I left a $20 bill on the bar for Marga. I grabbed my martini and turned around, leaning back on the edge of the bar to take a look around the room to see who I recognized and wanted to mingle with. Only about a third of the attendees had shown up already, so there weren’t many people just yet, and nobody I felt like striking up a conversation with. Many would show up fashionably late as usual, but I was always one for punctuality. I didn’t want to miss anything. Hors d’oeuvres would be served shortly, but there were already a few couples dancing to the live music.

“Well, what do you think?” I asked Sophia as she sipped on her drink.

“It’s good!” She said, licking her lips.

“No, I mean of the party,” I clarified. “Have you ever dreamed you’d be at an event like this?”

“No, it’s a bit uh… overwhelming,” Sophia admitted, her voice noticeably shaky from the toy softly buzzing her clit. “It’s a lot to take in and I-I’m not really sure how to act, and I don’t know if I can do this w-without making a scene.”

“Just relax and be yourself, nobody here is going to judge you for how you act,” I assured her.

‘But they will judge me for how you act,’ I silently added in my thoughts. ‘Luckily I’ve long since stopped caring what these people think of me.’

“You’re here to be my arm candy, to look beautiful and sexy, and make these men jealous that they can’t have you,” I continued. “And you don’t really have a choice. You’re committed now, and we’re not going home until you cum at least once whether you make a scene of it or not. Understood?”

“Yes Miss R-Rose,” Sophia nodded, holding her drink in both hands to keep it steady.

We people watched from the bar for a bit, enjoying our drinks as I took note of who was arriving. I kept Sophia’s toy on low to let the pleasure marinate a bit and get her used to the feeling of being stimulated in a public place. I saw the Bradford’s and Finch’s walk in and take a seat at our table. When Chelsea arrived I finally decided it was time to take our seats at the table.

“Chelsea! I’m so glad you could make it!” I greeted, giving her a warm hug and a friendly kiss on the cheek.

The Bradford’s both stood up and came over to give me hugs as well.

“Ladies, it’s so good to see all of you,” I said, making the rounds of the guests at our table and shaking hands with Mr. and Mrs. Finch. “Daniel, Patricia, how’ve you been?”

Sophia timidly shook hands with each of them, softly saying “nice to meet you,” still with the vibrator humming away in her panties. We took our seats and a few moments later a server arrived and set down a few plates hors d’oeuvres with things like fried shrimp, stuffed mushrooms, and caviar bites.

“How is your father doing, Chelsea? Is he going to be here tonight?” I asked, reaching for the caviar.

“Sadly no, he’s in San Francisco this weekend closing a deal with a new mobile app start up,” the young brunette replied.

“Oh that’s too bad, please send him my regards,” I said. “Mmm, this is delicious, Sophia you must try this. Have you ever had caviar before?”

Sophia shook her head and as she reached for one, I clicked the remote, bumping her vibrator up to the second of five intensity levels. She hesitated a moment and closed her eyes to collect herself before carefully grabbing one, taking a small bite and putting the rest on her plate. Curious eyes turned towards her, noticing her odd hesitation and her cheeks blushed as she chewed. But their gazes didn’t linger and soon the other two couples began to chit chat with each other.

“Miss Rose, I think they can tell already,” Sophia whispered, leaning in close.

“Not yet they don’t, but they will if you keep bringing attention to yourself,” I whispered in reply.

We continued to pick at the appetizers while we all made small talk as a group, catching up with those we knew and getting to know those we didn’t. Sophia was noticeably silent and not eating, but I knew she was concentrating on trying not to squirm and moan. Watching her fight her subconscious sexual urges right next to me and knowing I had the power to make it harder for her to fight them was starting to make me wet too. I reached over and put my hand on Sophia’s thigh under the table. She was sitting to my right, so I was able to slip my hand into the slit that went up the left side of her dress so I could feel her smooth skin. I slid my hand up, not even an inch from her mound and I could feel the vibrations coming from the toy in her panties. I clicked the remote one more time to bring it up to level 3. Luckily the volume of the music and dozens of conversations was loud enough to drown out the sound of the vibrator.

I heard Sophia mutter “fuck!” under her breath and she shot a glance at me that looked almost like panic. ‘Yes, this is really happening,’ I wanted to say to her. ‘Yes, you will cum in front of all these people. Just let it happen.’ But I couldn’t say those things. Instead I just gave her a knowing look with my eyes that said ‘you better stay quiet.’ I saw her body tense up and shiver and wondered if she’d just cum without permission or if the toy simply hit just the right spot. I raised an eyebrow in question to her, and she subtly shook her head as she tried to control her breathing.

“So what do you do, Sophia? You look quite young. Are you still in school?” Asked Luann Bradford. She was an older woman about ten years my senior with graying hair that she embraced rather than dyed. But her wife, Penny, was a few years younger than me. They were what I would have been like if I’d settled down and gotten married.

Sophia didn’t answer right away. She was too busy concentrating and staring at the empty plate in front of her. I turned the vibrator back down to 2 so she could talk without stuttering, and pinched the skin on her inner thigh to snap her out of her trance. She jumped in her chair, earning her confused and concerned looks from the others.

“Sorry, I was… I uhh…” Sophia muttered, trying to think of an excuse before giving up and answering Luann’s question. “Yes, I’m a first year student at um… at… at Rensfield Polytechnic.”

She seemed to have a hard time getting the words out. I started to caress her thigh, but she grabbed my hand. She didn’t squeeze just yet, but the gesture indicated she was getting closer. I even thought I heard a faint moan escape her lips just barely audible over the din of the party.

“You’ll have to excuse this one, this is her first time at an event like this. I think it’s all still a bit overwhelming,” I explained casually, hoping the others would believe the excuse.

“Oh that’s quite alright,” Luann said with a wave of her hand. “Polytechnic, huh? Not a university? What are you studying there?”

Luann gave me a look that hinted of disappointment that I would bring a date that couldn’t even afford to attend a 4-year university, but I didn’t care. Sophia’s social and financial status meant nothing to me, and quite frankly I was glad to know she’d be able to make good use of my money.

“I’m studying nnnng-networking right now,” Sophia said, unable to contain her moan. “They have a g-good IT program, so I’m-mmmmm hoping to get a start there and go to a uh… a… umm…”

“University?” I asked, finishing Sophia’s sentence as she nodded and squeezed my hand tightly. Feeling generous, I squeezed twice in reply, indicating she had my permission to cum, and turned the vibrator back up to 3. I could see her draw in a deep breath and hold it, trying not to make a sound as she climaxed in front of everyone at the table, but they could tell something was not right about the way Sophia was acting.

“Are you alright, hun?” Penny piped up to ask as Sophia closed her eyes, hunched over, and tensed all her muscles to try and hide the orgasmic contractions in her core.

“I think the caviar may not be sitting well in her stomach,” I said quickly, making up another excuse for her unusual behavior. “I’m gonna take her to the restroom for a moment just in case. We’ll be right back.”

I turned the toy off, not caring if she was still cumming or not, and urged Sophia to stand up. I carefully led her by the hand on shaky legs to the women’s restroom over by the bar. Once inside, I checked the stalls to make sure we were alone.

“Well, you’re not off to a great start now, kitten,” I said scornfully. “You’ll have to do better than that if you want to win my game.”

“I’m sorry, Miss Rose, but I can’t, it’s too hard,” Sophia whined, the redness in her cheeks from her recent orgasm made her look doubly ashamed, like a puppy who peed in the house.

“Yes, you can, and you will,” I said commandingly. “Now I’m not going to take money away from you and say you owe me ten grand, but now you need to cum two more times at least to earn something. Put the sensations out of your mind and let your body have its orgasms.”

“Please don’t make me do this again, that was really embarrassing,” she pled.

“This isn’t a choice, Sophia,” I nearly shouted. “Need I remind you of the contract you signed. Your body is my legal property, and I will do with it what I please.”

I quickly stepped up to Sophia, brushed the skirt of her dress to the side and shoved my hand into her now soaking wet panties. My fingers slid between her slick folds and I pushed my middle and ring fingers into her warm cunt, earning me a loud, surprised gasp from Sophia. She was probably still really sensitive from her recent orgasm.

“If I wanted to strip you naked and take you right here, I could, and there’s nothing you could do about it,” I said, slipping one strap off her shoulder and exposing her breast. We were still out in the middle of the bathroom in plain view. “Sure anyone who walks in would see us, but do you think I care? It wouldn’t be the first time people were caught having sex at one of these events, and we wouldn’t be asked to leave. In fact, we would probably get an audience. Rich folk love watching people fuck. So what’ll it be? Are you gonna be a good girl and try your best to give me some more discreet orgasms? Or are you gonna be a bad girl and force me to give the next people to walk in here a show?”

I pinched Sophia’s exposed nipple and gave it a sharp twist. In truth, I didn’t want to physically force Sophia into having sex right then and there. I just wanted her to know that I could and she couldn’t stop me. It was more fun to coerce through words and manipulation to get what I really wanted.

“Ow ow ow, ok, I’ll do it! I’ll do it,” she cried. “I’ll try to hide it better. I’ll be a good girl for you, Miss Rose!”

I let go of her nipple, and pulled my fingers out of her pussy, holding them up to her lips for her to clean. She took my fingers into her mouth and sucked her juices off of them.

“I’d say good girl, but that’s yet to be seen,” I said, walking to the sink to wash my hands. “Fix your dress, and let’s go. Like I said before we left the table, the caviar did not sit well in your stomach, but you feel better now.”

Sophia put the strap back on her shoulder and adjusted her dress so it sat right over her breasts and around her hips. As I was drying my hands, another pair of women walked. Just a minute or two earlier and they would’ve seen me with my hand down Sophia’s panties.

The main course was being served as we returned to the table, and I decided to give Sophia a break and let her calm down as she ate. But with the meal out of the way, I would have plenty of time to tease Sophia with the toy for the rest of the evening.

The dinner ended up being quite delicious, and for $25,000 per seat it better have been. They did a surf and turf tonight of filet mignon and fresh caught mahi mahi with a lobster bisque and a medley of pan seared squash and zucchini. Everything was cooked and seasoned to perfection, and it was obvious Sophia approved as she eagerly ate every last bite on her plate.

During the meal, a few people got up on the stage and gave short speeches while we ate. The museum curator talked about the impact the Institute had had on the city over the past decade, how important we are as donors to allow the Institute to accomplish its outreach goals, and that none of what they do would be possible without us, and blah, blah, blah. I stopped listening after a few minutes because it was the same kinds of speeches at every fundraiser, and they got boring really fast. In truth, I didn’t come to these events because I wanted to support the cause. I came because they were fun, had good food and drinks, and were about as close to a formal ball as I could get. They made me feel like royalty, and I loved it.

When the speeches concluded we all resumed our small talk as we finished our meals. It turned out that my suspicions were correct about Mr. Redfield, that his date was in fact the girl he had bought at the Auction the day before. Lily was her name, and she was only a year older than Sophia, while Mr. Redfield was well into his 60’s. The age gap was a bit uncomfortable and made the 16 year difference between me and Sophia seem much more acceptable. But the fact that he’d brought her made me think maybe I’d misjudged him. I was always under the impression that the men who attended the auction almost always fulfilled their contracts before night’s end, but here they were together a day after like Sophia and I. Maybe Mr. Redfield was different, or maybe he couldn’t get it up. It was nice though because Sophia and Lily had already met a few days before at the orientation leading up to the Auction, so they were at least able to carry on a conversation with each other and not feel completely out of place at the table.

After everyone had finished, I excused myself and Sophia from the table and the two of us went back over to the bar for another drink. I found Marga again and flagged her down.

“Marga dear, could I get another martini please?” I asked warmly. “Sophia, would you like another amaretto sour, or something else?”

“Umm, I want to try something else,” Sophia said happily.

“Hmm, ok then, how about a mint julep for this one?” I suggested.

“Right away, ma’am,” Marga replied, getting straight to work.

Sophia glanced up at me as she heard the word “ma’am” remembering how I’d punished her for using it.

“My rules don’t apply to her,” I explained. “I’ve never paid her for sex.”

Sophia giggled as she took her new drink from the bar and took a sip. She licked her lips and smiled, clearly enjoying the taste, and I wondered if she was starting to feel a buzz from the first drink. I knew I would soon, but I typically cut myself off after three drinks, knowing it would be enough to get me to my ideal level of intoxication without getting too impaired. Feeling it was time to resume my game, I turned Sophia’s toy back on and was pleased to see not even a flinch from her. She must have prepared herself to expect it at any moment, and it gave me new hope that she would do better this time. I left another $20 tip on the bar for Marga and we took our drinks up the stairs to the balcony level so we could watch people dance. I wanted to dance too, but the dance floor was getting a bit crowded and I wanted to wait for there to be fewer people to bump into.

Up on the balcony, I was surprised to see a face I hadn’t seen in several years. A short woman stood all by herself, leaning on the railing as she watched the people down below. She was in her late thirties with long, dark flowing hair about the same length and color as Sophia’s, and wore a beautiful forest green dress that perfectly accentuated her petite figure.

“Fräulein Chiara?” I asked, approaching her from the side.

“I was wondering when you’d find me,” she said with a thick German accent, turning to greet me with a sly smile. She gave me a gentle hug and a long, sensual kiss on the lips. “It’s good to see you again, Liebchen. It’s been too long. Who is this?”

“Oh, this is my date, Sophia,” I said, introducing her. “Sophia, this is Fräulein Chiara, Vice-Consul for the German government.”

“Oh it’s Ambassador now actually. I haven’t been at the Consul since 2017,” the older woman said, extending her hand to Sophia. She brought Sophia’s hand up to her lips and gently kissed the back of her hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sophia. You look absolutely exquisite! My Liebchen has impeccable taste, I must say.”

Chiara let go of Sophia’s hand and reached up to caress her cheek. “In fact, if I’m not mistaken, her tastes have not changed at all since I first met her. You have my figure.”

Chiara’s finger gently traced a line from Sophia’s cheek, down her neck to her collarbone, and down the plunging neckline of her dress between her breasts. Seeing the two of them stare at each other I saw what Chiara saw. Sophia was a younger version of Chiara. They had similar hair, same round faces, petite frames, small busts, fair skin. It was like looking at mother and daughter. The only difference was their personality and I think I understood why Sophia drew me in so much. Fräulein Chiara was the only dominant partner I’d ever had, the only woman who’d ever made me want to be submissive, and one of the first women I’d ever slept with. She was my Miss Rose, and I was her Sophia. I was a much younger woman then, new to the world of lesbian sex, and ever since those few months we’d spent together I’d always tried to emulate her. But since she was what I desired to have as a sub, and I knew I’d never have a chance as her domme, finding Sophia was my chance to get as close to that reality as possible.

“Mmm, so perky, and petite,” Chiara said, cupping Sophia’s breast with no shame at all in this very public place. Luckily there weren’t many people in our immediate vicinity. I saw Sophia tense up and close her eyes as Chiara’s thumb brushed her nipple over the dress. “And aroused?! Have you been playing with her tonight, Liebchen?”

“Yes, Fräulein,” I said, showing her the remote I held in my hand.

“Oh that’s devilish,” Chiara said with a wicked smile. “I like it. And is it on right now?”

I nodded.

“Turn it up all the way,” she commanded.

I heard a panicked “Oh no!” from Sophia as I complied and ramped the vibrator all the way up to level 5. The high pitched whine was just barely loud enough to hear over the music now. Her free hand snapped to her crotch and she doubled over, almost spilling her drink. Sophia squealed loudly and I looked around to see if anybody took notice, but everyone nearby was too engrossed in their own conversations to pay us any heed. But Sophia’s state didn’t last very long as she managed to pull herself together and stand up straight. She bit her bottom lip hard, and sucked in quick deep breaths through her nose, staring beyond Chiara to focus on something other than the intense vibrations between her legs.

“Why is she trying to hide it?” Chiara asked, sliding her hand down to Sophia’s hip. “I would’ve thought you’d want everyone to see her glow.”

“Oh no, Fräulein, I find the idea of secret orgasms in public far more arousing than making a show of it,” I replied. “It’s a little game we’re playing. She wins if she can cum with nobody noticing.”

“Ooo, intriguing, maybe I should start playing that with my pets,” Chiara said, slipping her hand inside the slit in Sophia’s dress. A look of surprise and approval appeared of Chiara’s face, “Oh Süße, you are so wet!”

Her hand cupped Sophia’s mound over her panties, pressing the vibrator firmly against her clit. I heard Sophia try to stifle a moan unsuccessfully and scanned the balcony again. Still no one took notice.

“Your legs are trembling, are you close?” Chiara asked softly.

“Yes… umm… uhh…” Sophia said with hesitation.

“Fräulein,” I whispered into Sophia’s ear.

“Yes, Fräulein,” Sophia squealed.

“So cum then,” Chiara whispered in her other ear.

“B-but I can’t, n-not unless Mmmmm-Miss Rose says I can,” Sophia stammered.

“Oh! You are so well trained!” Chiara said in amusement.

“Cum for me, kitten,” I whispered, loud enough for Chiara to hear as well.

“Nnnngggfffffuck…” Sophia moaned, trying her best to keep the noise down.

Chiara smiled wide as she could feel the pulsations from Sophia’s pussy with her hand, “That’s it Süße, good girl. You take orders well, just like little Rose did for me all those years ago.”

I slowly turned down the toy as Sophia’s orgasm faded, and Chiara wrapped her in a warm hug to give her some support and let her collect the strength in her wavering legs. Sophia took huge gulps of air to catch her breath as if she was just drowning. I rubbed her back between her shoulder blades and finally turned the vibrator off.

“Well that was fun! I’ll have to remember that little party game,” Chiara said, stepping back from Sophia. “I am in the country for another week. You should stop by and catch up with me soon, *MISS* Rose, before I go back to Germany. But I will let you two go and enjoy the rest of your night. Tschüss ladies.”

“Tschüss Fräulein,” I said as Chiara walked past and down the stairs to the bar below.

“Oh my god, please tell me that counted,” Sophia said once the older woman was out of earshot.

“Well, technically nobody noticed because nobody was even watching or paying attention, but I’ll allow it,” I said with a wink. “Chiara did make it very difficult for you, so I’ll be nice.”

I turned to lean on the balcony railing and sipped my drink, watching the dancers move gracefully down below. Sophia did the same and inched close to me, touching her hip against mine. Her cheeks burned rosy red and I could see a few beads of sweat on her temple. That last orgasm must have been intense.

“So who was she?” Sophia asked, sipping on her drink and still trying to catch her breath.

“That was one of my very first lovers, and the woman who opened my eyes to what a domme/sub relationship could and should be like,” I admitted. “Except she was my domme, and the only woman who will ever have that privilege. Hard to believe I was in your shoes at one point, I know, but I was very young, only a couple years older than you are now, and still exploring my sexuality.”

The relationship dynamic between Chiara and me was something I’d hoped Sophia wouldn’t see for fear that it might undermine how she sees me as her domme and owner. But luckily the meeting was short, and I felt like I retained my air of authority over Sophia quite well.

“But you talk to her like she’s still your domme,” Sophia said confused.

“Well yeah, you never stop being someone’s sub or domme, even after the relationship ends, unless you really want that dynamic to change,” I explained. “My experience with Chiara wasn’t bad, and it ended amicably, so I didn’t want it to change. That’s why the women you’ve met like Melissa and Lena still call me Miss Rose. So long as we remain friends I will always be Miss Rose to them, and I hope that’s how you will think of me after our contract ends regardless of whether you want to keep sleeping with me or not.”

“I think I understand,” Sophia said, tilting her head until it touched my shoulder.

It seemed as if Sophia was growing more affectionate towards me despite all the embarrassment I’d no doubt put her through today. Perhaps she was starting to really trust me even though I was still set on pushing her boundaries. Maybe she was realizing that the more she trusted me, the easier it would be to let go of those boundaries, and if that was the case, she would truly be in for an eye opening experience once we got back to my penthouse.

We watched the dancers below for a few more songs while enjoying our drinks, and I noticed that about half of them began to trickle off the dance floor to go mingle at the bar or leave the party altogether. Sophia had already finished her mint julep and was sucking on an ice cube.

“Would you like to dance before we go?” I asked.

“Definitely!” Sophia said with an excited smile.

I downed the last gulp of my martini and took her by the hand, pulling her away from the railing. We set our empty glasses on a nearby table and hurried down the balcony steps to the dance floor below. As we stepped onto the big checkerboard, I turned Sophia’s toy on one more time, earning me a nervous chuckle from her. We took up a traditional closed position towards the side of the floor as the jazz band picked up the pace into a swing song. We both kicked off our heels and slid them over to a pile of already discarded shoes.

We moved in tandem to the quick tempo and I was please to see that Sophia was actually a rather good dancer. She followed my lead quite well and I had to say we were one of more talented couples out on the floor. She was smiling and laughing, and the vibrator in her panties seemed to be having no affect on her dancing abilities on the lowest setting. Sophia twirled and dipped gracefully, letting me guide her moves with ease, and when the quick, upbeat song came to an end, we finished our dance wrapped in each other’s arms, panting with big smiles on our faces. Only when the applause started did I realize that several others had stopped dancing to watch us.

But the other couples went back to their own dancing as the band transitioned into a slower ballad. Sophia and I took up a more traditional pose standing close together holding her right hand in my left and my right hand on the small of her back. To make things interesting, I turned her vibrator up to level 3. Sophia’s grip on my hand tightened and I heard her whimper softly. No doubt she was very sensitive after cumming twice already tonight. With all the movement on the dance floor it should be fairly easy for her to keep this next one concealed despite all the eyes on us.

As the song went on, I noticed Sophia began to have a little trouble following my lead with the more complex dance steps we were doing. Her focus was being pulled away from the dance and drawn towards the vibrations against her clit. I simplified our steps and by the end of the song we were doing nothing more than a simple box step, albeit quite gracefully still. The band rolled right into another ballad without pause and we continued dancing. Sophia’s bright smile from earlier had disappeared and was replaced with a look of concentration as she tried to keep dancing on increasingly unstable legs. She inches closer to me until our bodies touched and her cheek rested against my collarbone, our dance steps now reduced to nothing more than a shuffle back and forth to the beat. Finally she squeezed my hand, indicating she was close and wanted to cum. I squeezed only once in return and whispered, “not yet, kitten.”

I turned the toy back down to level 1 to let her come down from the edge but still keep her close. I heard a faint moan escape Sophia’s lips as the vibrator wound down. Most of the other couples still dancing had followed our lead and danced cheek to cheek as the romantic ballad played on. All were engrossed in their own partners and the onlookers around the sides were paying more attention to their drinks and conversations than the dancers.

Sophia didn’t get much of a break, however, as the song soon reached its climax and I turned the vibrator back up to level 3.

“Now kitten,” I said, squeezing her hand twice.

Sophia’s arm that had been wrapped around my shoulders pulled tightly, and she buried her face against my chest to muffle the moans she couldn’t contain. I felt her legs weaken and I held her tightly around the waist, keeping her on her feet as we simply swayed back and forth. To anyone watching, it might appear simply as if we were having a romantic, and intimate moment, which of course was true, but it was doubtful they suspected exactly how intimate it was.

“Good girl,” I whispered, kissing the top of her head.

Sophia shuddered in my arms as she had her third orgasm of the evening right in the middle of the dance floor. I let go of her hand and embraced her in a tight, warm hug, rubbing her back gently as both orgasm and ballad faded. When the band stopped playing, I turned her toy off and took a step back, taking her face in my hands and kissing her long and hard.

“That was perfect, Sophia,” I said warmly. “That was exactly what I wanted. Are you ready to go home now?”

Sophia smiled proudly and nodded, her face glowing from post-orgasmic bliss. We grabbed out heels from the pile next to the dance floor and put them on to leave. We said quick goodbyes to the guests we ate with and hurriedly left the ballroom. Both of us were eager to get home, get out of our dresses, take our makeup off, and let out hair down. As much fun as these parties were, there was only so much time anyone could handle staying dolled up for them. But more importantly, I was ready to get Sophia alone so I could have my way with her and push her boundaries a little further.