The Virtue Auction, Ch. 7

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After Lunch, Sophia and I left my penthouse for the evening's event, but before going to the Benefit Gala, there were a few stops we needed to make. First on the agenda was the salon to see my hair stylist, Jaimie, and aesthetician, Helen. Both were lovely and very talented women whom I'd known and been seeing since my early twenties. I started going to their salon before making my fortune, so it wasn't a very high end place, but I'd loved their work so much that I just kept going back even though I could afford to go to a salon that was much more expensive. Plus I'd been trying to seduce both of them for the better part of a decade, playing the long game. I finally managed to get Helen into my bed a few years ago, but Jaimie proved to be much less bisexually interested. It was much more difficult to sleep with a straight woman when no exchange of money was involved.

Once I got rich, I started making it a ritual to go see them before each of the many banquets, galas, and fundraisers I attended each year, and bring my dates too. I was well known to bring different dates to each event, and Jaimie and Helen saw them all, so it was no surprise to them anymore when I'd come in with a new girl. Jaimie was capable of making absolute works of art out of anyone's hair, and Helen could make even the most ugly woman look stunningly gorgeous. They also loved when I'd come in because I always tipped them exceptionally well.

My driver dropped us off in front of the salon and we stepped inside. The bell on the door dinged as we walked in and Jaimie looked up from where she sat at the front desk. An ear to ear smile appeared on Asian woman's face when she saw me. She had her dark hair colored to look like an oil slick with highlights of blue, green, and violet. A dozen studs and rings adorned each of her ears along with a septum ring and snake bites, and a full sleeve tattoo of flowers and butterflies covered her left arm.

"Rose, darling! It's so good to see you!" She welcomed warmly. "I almost forgot the Art Institute Gala is tonight. Is this little one your date?"

"Yes indeed, this is Sophia," I replied, stepping around to the side of the front desk.

Jaimie stood up to give me a big, warm hug, then reached across the desk to shake Sophia's hand.

"Pleasure to meet you, Sophia. I'm Jaimie, and that over there is Helen," Jaimie gestured to the back where the pixie-haired Helen was finishing up another woman's makeup. "We'll take good care of you today and make you look like a million bucks, not that you need much work. You look beautiful as is."

"Thank you," Sophia blushed.

"Come on, I'll get your hair sorted out," Jaimie said, beckoning Sophia to one of the salon chairs. "What are you thinking for her today, Rose?"

"Well, I'd like to do something that will accentuate the length of her hair," I said, sitting down in the open chair by Jaimie's workstation. "With hair that long, you've gotta show it off, right? I mean, it's practically down to her ass. Her cute, tight ass..."

Jaimie laughed, running her fingers through Sophia's locks, "Oh yeah, this is a lot of hair, and it's too beautiful to wrap up in a bun. So let's see, I think something half up, half down would look best. Maybe a braid on each side coming around from the front to the back. Tie those braids together into a single braid down the back. Do a couple twists here, and tie those into the braid too. Definitely need to do curls. Any color?"

"No color, I like the natural black of her hair," I said. "That sounds great. You get her situated, and I'll be back by the time you're done with her."

I let Jaimie get to work on Sophia's hair and got up to leave. The bell dinged again on my way out the door. My driver was still waiting for me and I got back into my town car to go to my next destination. He drove me about a mile closer to the city center where my favorite jewelry store was. I stepped inside and was immediately recognized by one of the jewelers, who came and escorted me to a private room in the back where the owner, Neil, kept his most expensive pieces. He helped me pick out a gorgeous white gold chain choker with diamond studs all the way around and a matching bracelet. The pieces weren't for me though, because I always wore the same ruby heart necklace everywhere I went. It was my good luck charm.

When I got back to the salon, Jaimie had finished up with Sophia's hair except for the curls, and Helen was now doing her makeup. I had Jaimie do my hair in a similar fashion to Sophia's, but I preferred my hair up. My copper red hair was shorter, thinner, and in my opinion looked better in a bun than down around my shoulders. Instead of two braids around the side, she pulled my hair back into a single, thick braid and wrapped it around in a tight, spiral bun with two chopsticks holding it together. It was simple, yet elegant.

"Where did you find that one? She is so young, and gorgeous!" Helen whispered as I sat down in her chair to get my makeup done.

"I bought her," I said matter of factly as Sophia went back to Jaimie to get the curlers taken out.

"Oh right, the Auction. No wonder she seems so timid," Helen said, knowing the type of girl I craved yet could only get my hands on at the auction. "You're a lucky bitch, you know that, right? What I would give to be able to simply buy my perfect guy or girl."

"All you need is a few million dollars and you can have whatever you want," I laughed as Helen brushed foundation onto my cheeks.

"I hardly did anything with her. She has such a natural beauty," Helen admitted. "I'm a little jealous you get to share your bed with her. She must be divine."

"A lady doesn't fuck and tell," I said with a sly wink, earning me a hearty laugh from Helen.

"Is she even into you at all?" She asked as she drew on my eyeliner.

"Mmm, hard to say just yet, but I think I may be turning her," I said.

"I'd say I don't know how you do it, but I'd be lying. Had I not been bi already, I think you'd have turned me that night we spent together."

"You flatter me, Helen," I said, pursing my lips to give her an air kiss.

A little mascara, blush, and ruby red lipstick later and we were ready to head to our next stop. I paid and left my customary $500 tip in cash, and Sophia and I climbed back into my town car. The driver took us down to the shopping district and dropped us off at the Prada store, where we were again escorted back to a private room. Two racks of dresses were rolled in, one with selections for me, and one for Sophia. An attendant was there to help us pick out and try on our attire for the Gala.

The one I chose was a dark red, almost maroon color to match my hair because a woman named Rose with red hair needs to wear a red dress. It was my favorite color. It was a floor length gown, with a loose flowing skirt, off the shoulder straps, and narrow, form-fitting waist that cinched up under my bust, making my cleavage look fantastic. Sophia's was of a different style, with finger-wide straps over the shoulder and a deep, plunging neckline that showed off the gentle curvature between her small breasts. It was dark violet in color with a narrow skirt that had a slit up the left side all the way up to her hip. When I saw her step out out from the changing room, I found it very hard to resist tearing her dress off and taking her right there. I collected myself though, and grabbed the box from the jewelry store, taking out the choker and clasping it around her neck and putting the matching bracelet on her wrist.

"Oh my god, Miss Rose..." Sophia gasped, looking at herself in the mirror. She turned to look at herself from all angles and reached up to touch the diamond choker.

"All this is yours now," I told her.

"No, no I can't, this is too much!" Sophia said with wide eyes. "When am I ever going to wear this again?"

"When you want to feel beautiful," I said plainly. The $20,000 price tag of her dress and accessories not even phasing me.

With that, Sophia ran up and embraced me in a tight hug. I wrapped my arms around her, placing my hand on the back of her head, holding her against my chest.

"Thank you so, so much, Miss Rose," she said, sounding as if she was about to cry.

"You're very welcome, kitten," I said softly. "And this doesn't have to be the only thing I buy for you. I'm willing to keep buying you these gifts if you stay with me beyond the end of our contract."

Sophia looked up to meet my gaze, lost in thought and looking a bit scared.

"You don't have to make a decision yet, just know that the option is there. Think about it," I said, smiling warmly.

Sophia nodded in understanding and stepped away. We got fitted for our heels to complete our ensembles, and left the store. Finally we were on our way to the Gala as the sun was beginning set. The neon lights of the city fired up as my driver took us to the event. In the back seat of the town car, I reached into a small bag I'd brought from my penthouse and pulled out my surprise for Sophia. In my hand, I held a pair of black panties with a small pouch sewed into the crotch, and in the pouch was a small, bullet vibrator.

"I mentioned this morning that I had a little game I wanted to play with you tonight," I started to explain, handing her the panties. "I want you to wear these tonight. In these panties is a bullet, which I will be controlling."

I pulled out a small remote that I could keep discretely in my hand to control the intensity of the vibrator.

"For this game, I want to see how many times you can cum without anyone knowing you're cumming," I continued. "I don't want anyone to suspect that you have a vibrator in your panties, so you have to do your best to pretend like that little toy isn't buzzing away on your clit. For each orgasm you have without anyone around us being the wiser, I will give you $10,000 cash at the end of the night."

Sophia's jaw went slack as she listened to me explain my game.

"However, if anyone suspects something is wrong and asks if you are ok, then I will subtract $10,000 from your total. So it's in your best interests to control your urges and hold your moans. I'm not going to make this easy for you either. This bullet can get quite strong, and I'm not going to wait for opportune moments to turn it all the way up, and I'm not going to let you escape to a private area. You'll also still have to ask permission before you can cum, but since we'll be in public, you obviously won't be able to flat out ask, so we'll use a code. When you get close, grab my hand and squeeze. If I squeeze back once, that means no. Twice means yes. Can you remember that?"

"Yes Miss Rose," Sophia said, nodding and staring at the panties in her hand.

"I imagine it won't take you very long to have your first orgasm after being denied this morning," I said with a smirk. "I hope you're still aching for release. Go ahead and put those on."

"Right now?" Sophia asked shyly.

"Yes right now," I commanded. "I want to warm you up a little before we get there."

Sophia moved the skirt of her dress aside where the slit met her hip and slid her panties down her legs. She pulled on the pair that I gave her and I turned the bullet on. I heard it hum to life and Sophia flinched.

I clicked my tongue in disappointment, "You're gonna have to do better than that if you don't want anybody to notice. Start practicing now."

I let the vibrator run on low the rest of the car ride. It was only a few more blocks to the venue, but it should've been enough time to moisten Sophia's new panties. I quite enjoyed watching her try to control herself, taking deep breaths in through her nose and out through her mouth, closing her eyes to concentrate on fighting the urge to moan. It would be easy while we were alone in the car, but the distractions of the party would make it much more difficult for her pleasure to go unnoticed.

Soon, the car stopped, and I turned the vibrator off to give Sophia a moment of reprieve so she could properly experience the awe of her first party with the wealthy elite.

"We're here, are you ready?" I asked.

Sophia nodded silently.

"Are you wet?"

Another shy nod.

Suddenly the doors on both sides of the car opened up and the hands of suited men reached in to assist each of us out. Lights flashed as cameras took pictures of us arriving at the Gala. This particular fundraising event was the biggest in the city and attracted not just the wealthy locals, but billionaires, celebrities, and high ranking officials from all over the world as well, so of course the paparazzi would be there snapping photos of all the attendees. Sophia was led around the car to my side and I propped my arm out for her to take. She hooked her hand on my elbow and together we walked towards the grand double door entrance the Art Institute, the multimillionaire CEO, Miss Rose Prescott of Prescott Holdings, and her newest toy.