Anaconda, or Korean Stew

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I opened my eyes. It took a minute before my bleary vision corrected itself to not wearing my spectacles. I had always been nearsighted, my mother would often joke that I came out of her womb with my specs on the top of my head. Now nearing thirty my nearsightedness was so bad that I could not even see clearly my husband at the mirror facing our bed, preening himself.

My husband Timothy was a handsome son-of-a-gun, I’d give him that. Just don’t mention it to him I said so. He could be a little too full of himself, a bit narcissistic even, much in the way someone like him, who was at the top of his surgical profession for quite a few years now, could be. I was just happy he took me along for the ride of a lifetime six years ago when he proposed to me on that pleasure cruise to the Bahamas, years before everything turned, well, to shit with the pandemic and death counts and anti-vaccine and everything else.

Timothy also wore specs, but his were more for vanity than for sheer need. His visual acuity wasn’t that bad, but he still insisted on buying couple specs with me, the designer kinds which looked like straps, that could turn gray or black according to the light intensity. I humored this need for sameness, for identity, much like I humored his everything else.

How could you not? Just look at him. A surgeon should not have his kind of cut musculature, huge deltoids and rugby player’s thighs like him. Before I met him I romanticized surgeons as those creatures with the long, tapered artful fingers that tied surgical knots and brought countless orgasms at the flick of a finger. With clean nails! Turned out (blush) he had those too, and clean nails.

“Wakey wakey sleeping beauty.” I loved him most when he used his endearments to me, and to me alone. “Long shift?”

“Yeah, the usual.” I worked as an intensive care nurse, which meant I had long shifts and was on call on the weekends. It was hard work, but it paid really well, and those student’s debts were not paying itself. Tim, kind selfless Tim, had always offered me a choice, the option for independence, but I believed it spoke to my worth as my own person that I had a career and was not just a plain old house-husband. “Mrs. Goldberg passed away you know.”

“Ooh well. I liked her. Well, at least her shenanigans in the OT.” Mrs. Goldberg was a chronic patient of ours, a stage four cancer patient who had a penchant for Yiddish swear words while she was under anesthesia. Tim, whose mother was half-Jewish, used to humor the old lady, speaking in spattering of New York Yiddish, only to be corrected by the woman when he used the wrong terms.

“Are you ever going to finish dressing? You have that meeting today, and lunch with the residents after.” I reminded my husband as he turned back to the mirror, now smoothing off his underwear, which did little to camouflage his large bulge. See, that was another reason I was happy to be tied down to Tim. They called him Anaconda at the gym, and that was not because he was an ophidiophile. He finished dressing, wore his favorite navy suit and trotted back to the bed to give me a kiss, before going off to his meeting.

As for me, it would be a lazy Monday. I was on call back-to-back last weekend, so I was entitled to two days off. I planned to meet my buddy Simon, poor Simon, a nurse friend who just had a divorce after catching his husband in bed with a doctor. And after that, maybe I would go to a mart, to do a little shopping for tonight’s dinner.

My meeting with Simon was harrowing to say the least. The poor guy was heart-broken to find his husband fucking Dr Cameron, a physician in our hospital, in their marital bed after a particularly difficult shift on Valentine’s Day no less! Revelations after revelations compounded upon one another after Simon found out they had been sexting behind his back since he invited Cam to his house-warming a year ago, an event me and Tim also went to. He ended the meeting giving me a warning that no happy home was safe, especially happy gay homes. I hesitated to add, “Like mine?” but I knew what he meant.

“FUUUCK!!” I bellowed out. Following my orgasm with a vocal release had always heightened the throbbing pleasure of my cumming. Whenever I came I came lots, as if making up for the perfunctory sex I had at home with my lovely, kind, correct husband. Not that there was anything wrong with lovely and kind and correct, but one wanted, for lack of word, a slight variety from time to time.

There’s nothing lovely or correct now about the man kneeling between my thighs, slurping up the dregs of semen still bubbling out of the slit of my cock. As usual the point came when the sensitivity sensors go into overdrive especially the area around the slit at the cock-head, which could reduce me to a simpering blabbering idiot if sucked, laved just right post-orgasm. And the man between my thighs was doing an excellent job of just that.

After a few minutes he released the pressure he was exerting on my balls, which almost made another small orgasm pass along the stem of my thick cock. “I felt that, you naughty boy, or should I say you naughty husband?” the man murmured, gently caressing the hairs on my balls before engulfing them yet again.

“Fuck, auww, too much, too sensitive.” See, as I told you, a blabbering idiot, who could not even form a complete working sentence.

“Isn’t that the point of this? The point of everything?” The man whispered against my perineum, licking up large swathes of my taint in his saliva.

“Fuck, you keep it up you gonna get my load again.”

“As I said, isn’t that the point… Anaconda?”


I pushed the cart slowly along the aisle beside the counter presenting the veggies. I picked up a slim courgette before inadvertently catching the eye of the sales assistant handling the produce. He wagged his eyebrows before waving a thick carrot, running his gloved fingers on the orange root mischievously. I smiled back and presented a fat brinjal, before licking the green stump suggestively. His face turned dour and I almost laughed as he slumped away to another aisle. Now, what could I make with carrots and brinjals? Perhaps a vegetarian stew, but Timothy didn’t care much for the green things in life, preferred a full-bloodied mighty meaty meal. Much like in the bedroom, too, I would say.

Now I should make a move for it. I was supposed to meet Michael, another male nurse in our unit, for a late lunch. His shift just ended, I hoped he had enough left in tank to have a meal with me. Speak of the devil, “Hi, Michael!”

“Hey Phil, about our lunch can I take a rain check? My mother’s coming to town and I’d like to show her around.”

“Oh, okay. Don’t worry, it will give me plenty of time to cook dinner for Tim.”

“What you’re planning to cook for him?”

“Maybe a Korean veg stew, I have all these carrots and brinjals and courgettes.”

“Sounds yummy. Maybe you can make some for me another day.”

“Okay, just inform me beforehand your spice heat level.”

“Oh you know me, I’m flaming hot!”


“Oh you know me, I’m flaming hot!”

I stifled a groan as I felt the ass I was fucking flutter around my intruding cock. The man was riding me for all his worth, much like a possessed man-whore. His thighs clutched closer at my waist, while the soft pillows of his ass cheeks blubbered like rubber bands that were stretched to their limit. I felt a soft nudge back pressing against my cock head, and smiled as I had found my fuck partner’s prostate. Now the tables were turned, he was the one stifling a moan as he continued racing up and down on my rampant erection.

“OK talk to you later,” the man above me finally finished his call, and threw away his phone somewhere behind the throw cushion that still remained on the office couch that had seen so much sex and intrigue this past few months. I watched mesmerized by the masculine back with the little butterfly tattoo just above the dent of his ass, which looked as if it was gonna fly any moment from the sheer movements of the butt musculature. I spread my left hand, catching the butterfly, and in the process caught a glint of my wedding ring on my left ring finger.

I grinned wolfishly as I bent the finger into the ass I was fucking, acting like a stopper alongside my cock stem. The friction and the slimy lube felt tantalizing on my skin. I pulled my finger and put it into his mouth, whence he sucked his and my musk off my skin like a thirsty baby. The suckling action got me very hot, and soon I tripped my trigger and sent up several volleys of scalding white cum up his furnace of an ass, but not before clutching his waist so deeply as to left bruises to the next day.

“Fuck, you’re flaming hot today,” I murmured, pulling the man back against my chest, riding out my orgasm inside his warm silky ass.

“I know, right? All in honor of the Korean dinner your husband’s making you tonight.” Michael turned his face to mine and gave me a deep kiss. “Hope you enjoy it. The dinner, and me of course.”

“Of course.” I felt the last tremor of my orgasm dissipate in my cock head, burping out the last of my semen, of which was plenty, and was already dripping out of Michael’s well-used ass.

“Fuck I felt that. You always come lots inside me.”

“I do don’t I? Don’t you like it?”

“I love it. Can’t you feel how much, Anaconda?” He vibrated the rim of his ass around my still half-hard cock, and the sensation was out of this world. But enough, pitifully, was enough.

“Hey, I have to go. After all my husband’s cooking dinner for me, remember?”

“Yeah I do.” He slowly withdrew from my organ, and already my cock was missing his tightness and his warmth, like melted butter, so different from my husband. “Tell him I say hello. Better yet, kiss him for me.”

“Oh I’ll do that, sir.”

“You’d better, Mister Head Resident Surgeon.” I smiled at the term. Yeah right, I was Head Resident Surgeon, had been for the last five years, and I felt at the top of the world, especially every time I was riding Michael’s pliant ass in my hard-earned office. Not that I didn’t love my husband, mind you, but as I said, one wanted some variety in life. Like eating home-made Korean for dinner, and fucking my husband’s best friend and colleague.