The Virtue Auction, Ch. 6

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I woke up the next morning feeling very refreshed. The room was lit by tiny slivers of light passing through the blinds from the morning sun. I looked over towards Sophia to see her still sound asleep. While we had fallen asleep cuddling together, we must have drifted apart during the night because now there was a few feet of space between us. I watched Sophia sleep for a few minutes, admiring the peacefulness of her slumber before quietly rolling out of bed. I was careful not to disturb her as I woke, letting her continue to sleep until she was ready to wake up.

I rummaged through my dressers, looking for clothes in Sophia's size and picked out three options for her to wear for breakfast. One was a set of loose fitting, blue silk pajamas, another was a gray oversized t-shirt with black lace panties, and the third was a tight, white tank top with red plaid boy shorts. I laid them out on top of the dresser and wrote a note for her, leaving it by the three neatly folded outfits.

It read: 'Good morning kitten. I've gone downstairs to the kitchen to have some coffee. I've laid out three clothing options for you to choose from this morning. Please wear one of these, or nothing at all when you come downstairs, whatever you think I want to see you in. There are slippers for you in the closet if you'd like wear them. When you're ready, I'll call for breakfast.'

With Sophia's clothes picked out, I grabbed a set of red silk pajamas that matched the blue set I chose for Sophia, and went into the closet to put them on. Once dressed, I slipped on a pair of fluffy slippers and made my way down the stairs to my kitchen. I picked out a particularly expensive bag of coffee beans I got from Jamaica and started brewing a pot. The strong aroma filled the room and I took a deep breath, savoring the scent as I started to perk up. When it was done, I poured myself a mug, and added a teaspoon of sugar and a light splash of hazelnut creamer.

I went into the foyer for a moment to grab my phone out of my purse, which I had discarded by the elevator immediately upon arrival last night, then stepped out into my grand living room, coffee mug in hand. I sat down on a well worn, beige microfiber recliner that was off in one corner of the room by the giant window. It looked out of place, hence its location in the corner, but it was one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture I owned and one I sat in every morning when I spent nights in my penthouse. I flipped the footrest up and leaned back, blowing on my steaming hot coffee while I check my messages and end-of-week stock reports on my phone, waiting for Sophia to wake up and come downstairs.

I hadn't gotten more than a few sips in when I heard soft footsteps coming down the stairs. I looked up from my stock reports, curious to see if Sophia had taken my deliberately misleading bait in what I wrote. Sure enough, Sophia emerged from the hallway in the nude, looking timid and totally unsure of herself. Her pale skin shone bright in the morning sun coming through the window. In truth, even though I suggested it, I didn't really want her to come to breakfast in the nude. I wanted her to be comfortable, but I thought it might be fun to mess with her head a bit, so I wrote it in a manner that could be taken in multiple ways.

"Oh kitten, I had a feeling you would fall for that," I chuckled with a mischievous smile.

"But, but this is what you wanted, right Miss Rose?" Sophia asked, suddenly feeling self conscious in front of the massive mirror and moving her arms to cover her chest.

"While I love the sight of you in your birthday suit, that's not what I really wanted," I explained. "I'll admit, I purposely misled you with that note, just a little practical joke to start the day off light. You might have thought based on last night that that I want you naked all the time. That rule only applies to my bedroom. I'm not some sex crazed dominatrix using you as a sex slave. And you might be my legal property right now but you're still a human being with feelings. So what I really want is to see you in is something you find comfortable."

I could see Sophia's cheeks burn red in annoyance as she scowled at me from across the room. She didn't appreciate the humor in my little experiment, but I didn't care. I got a good laugh out of it.
"I made you uncomfortable enough times last night, so you should start off the morning the right way, in comfort," I said in a more serious tone. "So go back upstairs and put on something comfortable, unless of course you are comfortable being nude while my chef cooks us breakfast."
Sophia turned and stomped off to my bedroom in frustration. A few minutes later she returned wearing the oversized shirt and panties along with the slippers I left for her. She glared at me with groggy eyes as she walked into the living room.

"There we go, good morning sweet Sophia," I said, smiling warmly at her. "Coffee is ready in the kitchen, so grab a mug and help yourself. Or if you're a tea person, I can brew some tea for you if you'd like."

"Good morning Miss Rose. Coffee is fine, thank you," Sophia mumbled in a dull tone as she walked through the living room to the kitchen.

"There's sugar on the counter and cream in..." I started to say as poured a cup for herself, but before I could finish, she took a sip without adding anything, drinking it black.

"Oh this is really good!" She said with wide eyes. "What kind is this?"

"It's Blue Mountain Estates from Jamaica," I answered. "And it better be good for $70 a pound. You can take a bag of beans home with you if you want."

"Really? That's so kind of you Miss Rose, but I couldn't. You're already giving me so much from the auction," Sophia said, taking another sip as she stood in the kitchen.

"Nonsense! I have plenty of it," I said happily. "Please, I insist, take some. It's a gift, and not the only one I intend to give you. Now come here and relax. I'll call the chef so she can get breakfast started for us."

"Thank you so much, Miss Rose," she said, smiling with the mug in her hands.

Sophia came over and sat down on a chair near my recliner. She kicked off her slippers, knelt on the soft cushion and tucked her feet up under her like she had before, stretching the loose shirt over her knees so her whole body was enveloped in the shirt. I texted my chef to say that we were ready for breakfast, and a few minutes later she arrived in the foyer.

"Good morning Miss Rose! How are you today?" She said brightly, waving to me as she went straight to the kitchen.

"Morning Melisa, I'm doing well, thank you," I replied with a smile.

Melisa was a young woman in her early twenties. She wore a white chef's uniform like one you'd see at a typical upscale restaurant with the sleeves rolled up just under her elbows, and had her chestnut brown hair tied up in a tight, professional bun.

"And who is our guest today?" Melisa asked over the clang of pots and pans as she set up to cook.
"This is Sophia. She'll be staying here with me for a few days," I explained. "Sophia, this is Melisa. She's been my personal chef for... what has it been now? 3 years?"

"Yes, it will be 3 years next week, Miss Rose," Melisa said as she began cracking eggs into a bowl to make omelettes.

I glanced over at Sophia and made eye contact as she sipped her coffee. I could see the gears turning in her head as she started piecing it together, the way Melisa addressed me, and the coincidental anniversary of her employment. Sophia was probably starting to wonder how many people in my daily life were past auction girls I had bought. In truth, there weren't many, because this was only my sixth year attending the Virtue Auction, but I'd managed to set up each girl I bought with a job that let me see them on a regular, sometimes even daily basis.

Lena was the first, and set the precedence for each girl after her when I pulled strings to get her the front desk job at this building. Zoe came next, and I hired her to work in my PR department at Prescott Holdings. Then there was Melisa who became my chef. Fiona was the fourth girl I bought, and she ended up as my office secretary. My most recent acquisition was Jillian, who I hired as a maid at my estate. Eventually I'd have to find out what sort of career Sophia was interested in and see if I could find an opening to put her somewhere, but that could wait.

"Nice to meet you, Sophia," Melisa said, dicing vegetables to add to the omelettes. "You're gonna love spending the weekend with Miss Rose. She's an amazing woman."

"Did Miss Rose buy you at the auction too?" Sophia asked bluntly.

"That's right," Melisa answered as the scent of bacon wafted into the living room. "And I meant what I said. I had a lovely time. It might seem scary at times, but you can trust her. I wouldn't be here cooking for her if I'd had a bad time. And Lena wouldn't be working downstairs either. Miss Rose bought her too. As a matter of fact, we've all become friends and hang out with each other from time to time."

"Now if only I could get all of you girls into my bedroom at the same time," I mused out loud. "Now that would be a night to remember."

"Hmm, that's an interesting thought, Miss Rose," Melisa said with a smirk. "You know I'd accept that invitation in a heartbeat."

"Do you still sleep together?" Sophia asked.

"I've come back a few times," Melisa admitted. "Miss Rose really opened my eyes. Before our first time together, I was convinced I was straight, probably how you were, but she helped me discover my bisexuality."

"Sophia, hun, remember it's ok if by the end of our time together you still don't find women sexually attractive," I explained before Sophia could say anything. "Lena, Zoe, and Fiona are still steadfastly straight and have all refused my invitations back into my bedroom, but like Melisa said we are all still friends and I see and talk to everyone regularly. I do hope that we can at least become friends and stay in touch after this."

Sophia nodded shyly and continued to sip on her coffee. A few minutes later Melisa announced that breakfast was ready in the nook attached to the kitchen. She set the table for us, and served our meal, then went back to work cleaning up the kitchen before taking her leave.

Breakfast was delicious as always, and Sophia gave her stamp of approval by finishing every last bite on her plate. I cleared the table and put the dishes in the sink for my maid staff to take care of later.

"Well kitten, like I mentioned last night I have something planned for us today, but it isn't until later this evening, so we have some time to kill," I said, checking my phone to verify my schedule. "It's a beautiful day outside, the sun is shining, so what do you say we head up to the pool and relax for a bit?"

"Yeah, I'd like that," Sophia smiled as she got up from the table.

"Great! Let's find you a suit."

I beckoned Sophia to follow me back up to my bedroom and she obliged without hesitation. We stepped into my closet and disrobed before entering my bedroom as per the rules I had set. Sophia was noticeably more comfortable undressing in front of me this time, so I took advantage of the situation and grabbed her hips, pulling her against my body and kissing her passionately. She tensed up at the suddenness of it, but quickly melted as we kissed. My hands slid around to her tight ass, gripping it firmly.

"I just can't help myself with you when I see your perfect body," I admitted, breaking the kiss.

I gestured for her to go first into my bedroom and as she turned, I gave her ass a playful spank. She yelped and giggled, running into the room to escape me. Once inside we searched through my collection of swimwear and I picked out a black bikini to match her black hair.

"Here, try this on," I said, handing the skimpy suit to her.

Sophia took it and scampered off to the closet to put it on. Meanwhile I picked out a red, backless one-piece suit for myself. Sophia already had her suit on when I came back, and it fit perfectly. I quickly changed into mine, grabbed a couple towels, and we made our way up to the roof. It wasn't quite as warm as I had expected, but the sun was shining brightly. The brisk air made my nipples harden and goosebumps form on my skin, and Sophia wrapped her arms around her chest.
"Hurry up and get into the pool, it's heated," I giggled.

Sophia trotted over to the edge of the pool and dipped one foot in to test the water, then sat down on the edge and slid in until the water was up to her neck. The pool wasn't very deep, so she could easily stand and still have her head above the water. She let out a sigh and pushed away from the wall, floating on her back with her eyes closed.

"This is amazing, Miss Rose, the water is perfect," Sophia said.

I tossed the towels on one of the lounge chairs by the pool and walked over to the stairs at the corner. I stepped down the stairs, slowly sinking my body into the warm water and dipped my head under to wet my hair. I swam over to the side of the pool that butted up against the edge of the roof. I put my elbows on the edge, and rested my chin on my folded arms to look out over the bustling city below. Sophia continued to float behind me for a few minutes before she swam over to me at the edge.

"Beautiful view!" She said in awe, taking up the same posture as me.

"It's even more beautiful at night," I said. "I love coming up here for a swim on hot summer nights. It's also great for sunbathing in the nude. There's something incredibly freeing about laying naked in the sun, soaking up rays. You should try it."

Sophia turned to look at me with a nervous expression.

"Oh not now though, it's not quite warm enough for that yet," I quickly added.

I swam over behind Sophia as she gazed out over the horizon. I wrapped my arms around her waist to embrace her.

"Let's just enjoy the calmness and each other's company, and take a moment to relax," I said softly in her ear as the water lapped at her cheeks.

The sounds of the city below were muffled way up here, giving the rooftop a secluded feel while also being out in the open. One would have to be looking directly up towards the Sun from below to see us and even then we would just be little specks hanging onto the edge of the roof.

I started to kiss and nibble Sophia's neck as I held her from behind. She sighed softly and tilted her head, giving my better access to the erogenous zone on her neck. My hands slid up to her breasts over her bikini. Sophia just let me touch her as she kept staring out over the edge of the building. She didn't seem quite into it yet, maybe she hadn't woken up enough, or was more intent on swimming, but I didn't care. Her body was mine to do with as I pleased, and when I pleased, and I just couldn't help myself when I was this close to her.

"Miss Rose, what if someone sees?" Sophia asked finally as I massaged her firm tits.

"Nobody will see us up here," I scoffed. "And besides, you're going to have to get used to being touched and stimulated in public if you're going make it through this evening's event."

"Woah wait, what are we doing this evening?" Sophia asked, wrenching herself free from my groping hands and turning around to face me.

"I have to attend the annual Art Institute Benefit Gala tonight, and you're going to be my plus one," I explained, holding onto Sophia's hips and starting to casually dance with her in the water. "I will leave the details vague, but suffice it to say I like to play games with my dates when I go to these galas, and it's an excellent opportunity for you to earn a little extra cash in your pocket."

"Umm, ok, so what do I have to do?" She probed, hoping I'd explain further.

"I don't want to ruin the surprise. That's half the fun," I smiled mischievously. "I've already said too much. You'll find out when we get there, and I promise you it will be fun, so don't be scared."

I guided Sophia through the water by her hips, pretending to dance as if we were already at the gala. We moved in slow motion, creating a small wake as we glided and twirled. She followed my every step and movement as if she knew what to do already.

"There will be lots of very wealthy folks there, businessmen, politicians, foreign dignitaries. The event brings in millions for the Art Institute," I continued. "Some of the men from the auction will likely be there, so we'll be going to buy you a new dress before we get there so I can show you off and make them jealous. I hope you don't mind receiving a lot of attention."

"Uh, not really, I um, I get anxious in crowds," Sophia said nervously as I twirled her around in the pool.

"Oh you'll be fine. It'll be fun, and you'll be by my side the whole time," I assured her. "Now come on, this is supposed to be relaxing, so relax."

I let go of Sophia and took a step back, splashing water at her as I floated away. She laughed, wiping the water from her face and swam after me. She tried to splash me in return but I ducked under the surface and swam around behind her. I reached down, grabbing her ankles and pulled them out from under her, causing her to fall face first into the water. She quickly recovered though, and by the time I came up for air, she was ready with a big splash to my face. I sputtered, wiping the water away just in time to see her head go below surface. She swam by me, likely going to try the same truck I did to her, but I caught her as she swam, hooking my fingers on the strap of her bikini bottom and pulled it down to her knees as she coasted by. She quickly came up to the surface, laughing and couldn't compose herself. She hadn't bothered to fix her bottoms so I took advantage, swimming up to her and putting my hand between her legs.

"Oh Miss Rose," Sophia sighed as my hand caressed her bare mound.

I splashed her face with my free hand and she sputtered in surprise.

"What was that?" She asked.

I splashed her again as I rubbed her clit. A look of utter confusion was plastered in her face.
"Are you just gonna let me keep splashing you?" I asked playfully, splashing her one more time. "Is the touch of my fingers worth getting splashed in the face every few seconds."

I gave her an interesting predicament to either subject her self to being splashed in the face while I rubbed her clit, or to escape and swim away to avoid me. She took one more splash before attempting to swim away, but she didn't get very far as her bikini bottoms were still around her knees. She twisted around, pulled her bottoms off and swam to the edge of the pool to catch her breath.

"I'm gonna get you," I taunted, swimming after her.

Sophia giggled and darted to the side when I got close. I turned to follow her. My longer reach let me swim faster and I caught her, grabbing her ankle and pulling her back towards me. I grabbed her around the waist from behind and my hand immediately went to her pussy, rubbing furiously at her clit. Sophia moaned and I scooped water up with my free hand, dousing her face again. She squirmed and sputtered, dunking her head below the water to escape me and swimming between my legs. I turned around and went after her. I almost caught her as she came up for air, but she quickly changed directions and went back to the edge of the pool. I followed, and reached for her, leaning to one side so she would turn towards the corner. I rushed after her as she fell for my trap.
Sophia looked for an escape but I had her cornered. I closed in and used my body to trap her in the corner of the pool. I reached down to finger her again and leaned in to kiss her. We both breathed heavily through our noses from physical exertion as we kissed. Sophia moaned into my mouth as my fingers worked her clit.

"It's always more fun when you make it a game," I said, pulling back from the kiss and panting to catch my breath.

“Mm-hmm," Sophia hummed in agreement, nodding her head with her eyes closed.

But my goal at that moment wasn't to make Sophia cum again. I simply wanted to make her horny. I wanted her ready and eager for more. So I vigorously rubbed her clit for a few more moments, pressing firmly with my fingers just to make her pussy throb and ache and then I stopped. Sophia opened her eyes and looked at me when I stopped and backed away. I could tell she wanted to ask why I stopped but she either couldn't find the words or was afraid to ask.

Without saying a word, I turned and walked up the stairs, leaving Sophia in the pool alone, breathing heavily in the corner.

"You can stay and enjoy the pool a while longer if you'd like, but I'm going downstairs," I said, grabbing one of the towels to dry off. "I have a few phone calls to make and emails to write, so feel free to do whatever you'd like in the meantime. Just remember, you are not allowed to touch yourself, so do not finish what I started."