Jon helps Mr. Cushing blow some steam.

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“I’m glad to have seen you” Kyle said as the inebriated boy slid into the passenger seat of his car, the last thing he wanted was one of these kids getting into the car with someone who had been drinking and driving. It was late, middle of the night, so the firefighter did the right thing. He looked the boy over appraisingly, clearly dressed to go out, even if half his clothes were off at this point. Kyle threw the truck in reverse and backed out and waited until they were on the road to speak again. “You alright?”

Jonathan had a lazy smile on his face as he leaned against the car door. “Glad you got me, sir.” He knew well enough that if his father found out he had been partying and getting drunk, he would end up grounded for a month. Maybe more. He was wearing a pair of shorts that made it halfway down his thighs and a tank top that was loose enough to show off his pecs whenever he would move too much. Clearly too drunk to actually be thinking straight, the younger man leaned across the center console and kissed Kyle’s cheek. “Guess this means I gotta say thank you, right?” If he was sober, Jon would have been completely embarrassed about how he was acting. He had always been someone who followed the rules, but the alcohol in his system was removing any sort of inhibitions he might have had. 

“Don’t mention it.” Kyle said, his voice low as he, for the most part, kept his eyes trained on the road ahead. Every now and then he’d chance a glance towards the other, towards thighs that were half exposed, arms with the hint of lithe but toned definition. Kyle could smell the alcohol wafting off of the other, he felt the boy’s lips press again his cheek, the smell of the booze get stronger as Jonathan breathed an offer against his skin. Were Kyle a better man he’d have told him to sit back down, that he was too young, too inebriated, and he was a married man with a family made this all the more complicated.

As it happened, Kyle wasn’t a very good man, and even though he and Jon’s father went back a long ways, that didn’t stop him from reaching over and grabbing the boy’s hand, placing it right over the hard denim that covered his still soft cock. “Gratitude comes in a lot of forms, kid.” Kyle said, rubbing Jon’s hand across his groin, he passed the exit they were supposed to take to the Kent farm, choosing a new destination for them. “Why don’t you get creative, it’s real late, think I’m gonna need a bit more than a thank you.

If Jon had been in any other state of mind, he might have been shocked or even offended by the action. Instead he just began massaging the other’s groin, his head resting on the man’s shoulder. “Oh… Okay, sir.” He gave a small smile and licked over his lips. Slowly unzipping the other’s jeans, Jon began fishing out the man’s cock. He was so focused on his new plan that he didn’t notice them going off the normal path. “Promise not to tell anyone? I don’t want them know I got so drunk… Plus, I really like you, sir.” He was too drunk to realize what he was saying, instead moving so that his face was now in the other’s lap, his mouth wrapping around the head of the other’s cock. Pumping the other’s shaft as he worked the head over, Jon let out a happy moan. He would occasionally glance up through his lashes, wanting to see that he was doing a good job. Jonathan had always been desperate for praise.

“Don’t worry, Jon, this’ll be our little secret, okay?” Kyle offered, Jonathan’s father would kill him if he ever found out, not to mention his wife, Lana, but the boy had a pretty mouth and a tight little body. Kyle doubted that in the morning when Jon was sober he wouldn’t want anyone to find out he’d gotten drunk and threw himself at a man that was so much older than him, that he’d fished his cock out of his jeans and wrapped his mouth around it without Kyle so much as having to say please.

“Sides, I like you too.” Kyle mused as a chill ran down his spine, the night air greeted his limp cock as Jonathan pulled open his fly, bringing the flaccid member into his hand as he wrapped his lips around it. “That’s a good boy,” Kyle praised, “get my dick nice and hard.” He could feel himself filling now, blood rushed South as the boy’s hand pumped him up and down, his lips around his cockhead as Kyle kept driving, headed somewhere where they weren’t going to be interrupted. Strong, calloused fingers brushed through the back of Jon’s soft, blonde hair, slowly, he rolled his hips a bit, pushing up into Jon’s mouth as his hand pushed a bit more down.

“Go on and try and take it all, choke a little for me, baby boy.” Kyle mused, his cock going from flaccid, to semi, to hard enough to cut glass as the full girth covered Jon’s tongue. He parked the car in the woods, a little off the road as his hand that was on the steering wheel replaced the one on the back of Jonathan’s head, the other sliding down the back of the boy’s tank top, reaching to knead the boy’s perky little ass.

Jonathan continued to bob his head and groaned happily around the head of the man’s cock. He felt the hand on his head and heard the other’s praise, his stomach filling with butterflies as he let out a soft whimper. Then there was a hand on his head and he was being pushed further down the other’s cock, gagging softly. He instintively tried to pull back, but the hand on his head left him unable to, and he just kept taking the other’s length. As the man continued to talk to him and praise him, Jon continued to just take more and more of the other’s length. 

He was actually fairly lucky that he was drunk, the alcohol helping him keep his throat relaxed so that he could manage to take the other with only the occasional gag. When the other’s hand began pushing down his body and groping his ass, Jonathan moaned eagerly and pressed up into the hand. He had always thought that Kyle was hot, but never did he think that he would get to actually be fucked by the man. With the help of a hand on his head, it didn’t take too long before Jon felt his nose pressing into the older man’s pubes, fully taking the cock down his throat.

Kyle groaned as he felt the tip of his cock bury into the back of Jonathan’s throat, his grip on the back of the boy’s head tightened as he felt his nose brush into his musky pubes. For a few seconds, he just held him there, his other hand still palming greedily at Jon’s ass as he bucked his hips into the back of the other’s throat. “That’s it, that’s a good boy, take all this cock. You fucking love it, don’t you?” Kyle asked despite the boy’s full mouth, wanting to hear him moan, choke and gag in affirmation before he finally relented, so the boy could catch a breath. His hand on the back of Jonathan’s head tightened as he pulled the boy back and off his cock, looking into the boy’s heady eyes. “Tell me you love it, tell me how badly you want this cock.”

Jonathan was far too drunk to even try and fight against Kyle or struggle against his forceful hand. The longer he was kept down on the other’s cock, the less air that Jon had to work with. He couldn’t even pay attention to the man’s words as his face began turning red from a lack of oxygen, a series of gags and whimpers leaving his throat. Suddenly he was being tugged back up and was looking directly at the older man, his lips still parted as he coughed and tried to catch his breath. “L-Love it sir. Want your cock really bad.” He looked at the man with hooded eyes and whimpered. “I’m your good boy, right? I’ll be really good sir. Just want your cock.” He had always been obedient, and it left him eager to obey and do all he could to make Kyle happy.

“Yeah… Yeah, that’s right,” Kyle praised as the boy looked at him with earnest, full eyes, his mouth a sloppy pit of puckered lips and saliva. Fuck if Jonathan didn’t look great like this, his pale cheeks a little blotchy from the oxygen he’d been deprived of mixing with the alcohol in his system. “you’re my good boy.” He let go of the back of the other’s head to brush his thumb affectionately across Jon’s cheek. Normally he didn’t do this, but Kyle leaned forward and pressed his lips to the other, hand cradling Jon’s neck as his other dipped below the waistband of the boy’s shorts to knead his bare ass. His index finger brushed Jon's hole as Kyle’s tongue slipped into the other’s mouth, tasting bits of pre and all the alcohol on the guy’s breath. “You gonna swallow me down before I fuck you, baby boy?”

Jonathan leaned into the gentle touches, letting out a happy hum as he was kissed, quickly returning it with a hum. As he felt the other’s hand starting to move down his pants, he made sure to arch his back. Then there was a finger at his pink hole, and he let out a soft little whine, his mouth easily invaded by Kyle’s tongue. He was completely lost in the feeling of the older man before he was being spoken to once more. “Yeah. I’ll do anything you want.” Maybe it was a bit too honest, but it was true. At this point, Jon was halfway over the console, constantly trying to get closer to the man.

Pulling back slightly, Jon tugged off his tank top, leaving it on the passenger side floor of the car. “Need more space… Wanna be on my knees for you.” Given that they were out in the middle of nowhere, Jonathan figured that there was no reason to stay cramped in the car when he could instead be enjoying Kyle’s cock in the open wilderness.

“That’s right, you’re all mine tonight, Jon.” He affirmed, pressing his lips to the other’s one last time, rougher than he needed to be as he pulled away and nipped at the boy’s lower lip. He was going to pound that boy into the forest floor, and as Kyle watched Jon shed his tank top, and he all but growled as his eyes raked over the pinkish hue of the boy’s soft skin. “C’mon then, get out.” Kyle said, feeling his forehead start to head with sweat as the windows his truck fogged up.

The driver side door swung open as he got out and stepped into the night, cock still hard as he made his was to the other side. “Get on your knees for me, fucking slut. Kyle added as he leaned against the side of the truck, “Spread those pretty pink lips nice and wide, take all of daddy’s cock for him.”

Jon grinned at the affirmation and quickly hopped out of the car. Walking around the car, Jon moved to kneel in front of the other. “Yes daddy. Want your cock.” He had no issue once more wrapping his mouth around the other’s huge, thick cock, instantly pushing himself down so that he could take as much of the other as he could manage. He figured that Kyle would fuck his face if he wanted or use him in any other way that he might fancy, and he was eager and willing. With his hands massaging the other’s thighs, Jon brought one hand up, massaging his balls with a groan.

Good fucking boy- Kyle praised as Jonathan obediently sank in front of him, his knees going to the earth as the boy wrapped his lips around his huge 10-inch cock again. “That’s right, that’s a good fucking boy.” He added, his hand went to the back of the other’s head again, he could smell the liquor coming off of the kid and the sloppy way he moved up and down on his cock was proof of just how drunk Jon was. Kyle grip tightened, he pushed himself to the back of the boy’s throat and buried his cock against his gag reflex, testing him out.

He held Jonathan there until he lurched and gagged, spit and pre spilled from the edges of his beautiful lips before Kyle pulled out and let him catch a breath, only to shove his cock right back in. This time, he thrusted again and again, so freaking hard and rough, fucking Jon’s face vigorously as both hands made their way to the back of the guy’s head. Jon’s grip on his thighs drew him on, he’d been at this a long time, he knew how long he could fuck someone’s face without giving them air, each time giving Jonathan enough of a reprieve to keep him from blacking out. “That’s right, Jon, take that big cock like a good fucking whore.” 

Jon whimpered happily as he was praised, leaning into the other’s crotch, desperately trying to take more of the cock so that he could continue to please the man. He was not at all expecting the other to grip his hair and start to fuck his throat so raw. He had hooded eyes and whimpered weakly, his hands gripping the other’s thighs. If he was sober he might have been able to pull away or fight the man off, but in his current state he was at Kyle’s complete and total mercy. Jon desperately took the small breaths that he was given, though it was barely enough to keep him from blacking out. 

His cheeks were a reed red and his pink lips were swollen from the abuse. The longer Kyle fucked his face, the less Jonathan was gagging, though he still had precum and spit leaking out of the sides of his mouth. Reaching down, the boy began undoing his shorts, gripping his cock and stroking it, already hard and leaking from the way he was being used and the praise that was being thrown his way.

The sound of slurping and sucking echoed around them as Kyle’s balls slapped against Jonathan’s chin. The boy’s soft little whimpers were enough to drive the man absolutely feral, his grip tightened as he roughly thrusted straight to the back of the other’s throat. The more he fucked his face, the less Jon seemed to struggle, but he waited this time, for his cheeks to redden even more, for his throat to lurch, and even then he waited a second or two more before he pulled out completely.

His shaft was a sloppy, wet mess of pre and saliva. A shin trail of spit connected the tip of his cock still to Jon’s beautiful lips as Kyle gave himself a few lazy strokes. “That’s my good baby boy,” he wanted to paint the other’s face, turn the soft, sweet boy into a cumstained whore for the night. “Open that mouth nice and wide for daddy.” Kyle stroked himself, grunting as he furiously pumped his cock up and down. 

Jon moaned easily and gave into the other’s strong hands, eager to show just how good he was. While Jon wasn’t the most experienced of lovers, he made up for any messiness with pure excitement and commitment. “Yours…” He kept his lips parted, looking particularly lewd with the spit connecting him to Kyle’s cock and the saliva trailing along his chin. It took him a few seconds to realize what was about to happen, the boy sitting up a bit straighter, eagerly awaiting what he would consider his prize.

“Please daddy. Want your cum all over me.
Wanna be your good boy. I’ll lick it all up if you want me too.” His desperation was evident. No matter how many classmates he hooked up with, nothing had ever come close to fulfilling him the way that the simple act of giving Kyle a messy blowjob had.

Jonathan was right in the palm of his hand, Kyle had been watching the boy for months, had he known that the Kent's boy would be such a willing little whore then he’d have made a move months ago. Then again, Kyle doubted that he ever would’ve got the boy in his truck if Jonathan hadn’t known him as long as he had. Lana was hot but distant, she hadn’t so much as touched his cock in years, and now, here was Jonathan begging for the man to cum all over his face, moaning like the good little slut Kyle really wanted.

“Yeah, that’s right, beg for it from daddy, beg like the good fucking little whore you are.” Kyle squeezed the base of his cock and smacked Jon in the lips a few times as a low chuckle fell from the back of his throat. Kyle jerked himself furiously, dark eyes trained on the soft blue eyes of the boy on his knees in front of him. Grunting as Kyle’s face went red, letting out a low growl as he erupted across the boy’s face, he shot huge, thick, ribbons of cum across Jonathan’s skin, shooting a couple times before he jammed the tip of his cock into the boy’s mouth, shoving himself straight to the back as he continued to ride out his orgasm, fucking Jon’s mouth through the length of it as his body shook through the spasm of the aftershock. “Fuck, you’re so fucking sexy, kid” Kyle cussed, wiping sweat from his brow with the back of his wrist as he shook his cock a few more times in Jon's mouth, only pulling out when he felt himself getting sensitive. “Come on, get up, bend that ass over the hood, daddy’s gonna breed that little hole of yours next.”

Jonathan groaned happily and nodded. “Please daddy. Please cum all over me. I want your cum. I’ve always wanted you. Please.” He crawled just a bit closer, his tongue flicking out and barely touching the tip of the other’s leaking cock. When the other started cumming, Jon gasped, his lips parting once again, though the sound was quickly cut off by a cock being stuffed inside of his throat. He gagged, but the way the other was fucking his throat caused his body to lurch and whimper pathetically. Just as fast as he had been marked and had his throat once again hurt, he was told to get back onto his feet.

Standing up, Jon stumbled slightly and caught himself on the other’s chest. “S-Sorry sir. Just hard to stay on my feet.” He let out a nervous giggle and began fumbling with his shorts. Once they were undone, he moved to the hood of the car and leaned forward. “Like this, daddy?” He glanced back of his shoulder, trying his best to arch his back and look appealing. Of course, his tight body and plump ass likely were doing enough of that on its own. “I want you. Need you inside of me.” His words were a slurred mess and his head ended up resting on his arms.

Jonathan gobbled up his cum like he was every bit the slut he was acting like, swallowing down Kyle’s hot load and suckling on his cockhead like his life depended on it. Fuck if it wasn’t exactly what the man wanted, a real shit-eating grin on his lips as he watched Jon’s little display. A strong hand gripped the boy’s bicep as he helped him to his feet, Kyle’s cock still hard as he pumped himself a few times at the base of his shaft, he didn’t have much of anything for lube, but Jonathan was pretty drunk, and Kyle’s cock was plenty wet now.

If he went in raw with a little prep then Jon would definitely be feeling it the next day, something about that just got Kyle all the more excited. The boy swaggered in place, uneasy on his feet, before he all but fell into Kyle’s chest, grinning and giggling like a drunken fool as he did. Sloppy, but Kyle didn’t care, he caught him and held him for a moment, turning him and pushing the fucking whore against the hood of his truck as he shimmied out of those little athletic shorts of his. Kyle whistled brightly as Jonathan exposed his pale ass, arching his back and craning his neck to look at him with that perky thing nice and high for him.

“Damn boy,” Kyle praised, grabbing him roughly by the back of his tank top and wrenching him back a bit to kiss him sloppily on the lips. His tongue swiped against the other, still tasting his seed on him as he pulled away from the boy’s face, still streaked with his cum. “fuck you’re sexy, kid, so fucking sexy” Kyle said, slapping the boy’s ass before he gripped his hips and pulled them roughly against his own, making an audible slapping sound as their thighs connected. Kyle looked down and ground his hips, rubbing his thick, erect cock up and down the crack of Jonathan’s ass.

“You want me to fuck you, baby boy, huh?” Kyle asked, his grip tight enough on Jon’s hips to bruise, another thought popped into his mind though as he sank to his knees and spread Jonathan’s cheeks, spitting straight on his tight pink hairless hole. “How ‘bout I get a little taste first.” Kyle pushed his face between the boy’s cheeks, his mustache brushing the man’s hole before his lips did, his tongue quick to follow as he tested the resistance of the taut muscular ring.

Jonathan moaned easily as he was kissed, reacting more to that simple show of affection than he had to tasting Kyle’s cum. Jon had completely forgotten about his own cock, entirely focused on what he could do for the older man. Shivering as the other called him sexy, Jon gave his ass a little shake, whimpering as he was spanked. To feel the other’s cock so close to him was driving him wild. He had spent so many knights fucking himself with his fingers while imagining what Kyle would feel like, and now he was getting to experience all of it.

What he wasn’t expecting was to feel Kyle’s tongue against his hole. “Yes daddy… I’m yours to eat and fuck and use. Make me your fucking cum dump whoreHe bit down on his bottom lip, his heart pounding. In Jon’s drunken mind, this was a sign that Kyle cared about him enough to lube him up with spit. He never considered it was just the fact that the man wanted to use every part of him. The other’s mustache made him whimper softly as it tickled him. He had never felt a sensation like it, and it made him want to feel everything the man could offer him. He clenched down around the man’s tongue and whimpered happily. “Daddy…. Your tongue feels so good!”

Every sound that Jonathan was making was driving Kyle absolutely crazy, in the back of his mind he justified all this pretty simply enough: if his bitch wife ever put out then he wouldn’t have to go sniffing around to the boy next door, he wouldn't have stopped to pick up the boy in the middle of the road, drunk, hoping for a ride home. He’d get his ride home alright, that and a fuck of a lot more. Kyle was lucky that the guy was as drunk as he was, it meant that getting in his ass was that much easier, though thinking back to how sexually frustrated he’d been the last few months.

Like a man possessed, Kyle hungrily devoured the boy’s tight pink little hole, even more delicious than any pussy. Groaning as he shook his beard between the other’s cheeks, rutting his tongue along Jon’s hole as he groaned lowly. Kyle’s huge cock bounced between his legs as he gripped Jonathan’s ass hard enough to leave small finger-shaped bruises on the guy’s pale skin. “Fucking hell, baby boy.” Kyle groaned as he pushed his tongue into Jon’s hole, driving past the tight ring of musculature and darting in and out, fucking him with the soft, wet appendage. “Fuck you taste so sweet.” Kyle grinned, standing to height again as his pants fell past his thighs, rattling with the belt buckled that hit the ground. 

With his dominant hand, Kyle took a hard grip on the back of Jon’s tank top behind his shoulders and pushed him against the hood of the truck, hard. “Look back at me, you fucking whore.” Kyle ordered, his free hand sliding between Jon’s cheeks as tilted his chin and spit on his finger, pushing it into the boy’s ass as he did. “Be good for daddy and tell him how bad you want him to fuck you.” Kyle held the boy in place, looking at Jonathan’s profile as he fucked him with his finger without any lubrication besides spit.

Jon reached back and ran his fingers through the other’s hair, tugging the man closer against him, resting his forehead on the cold metal of the car. He was panting and moaning lewdly, his toes curling as he rutted his hips back against the other. “Oh my god. Please daddy. I need you so bad.” As the other pulled away from his hole, he let out a soft whimper, already missing the sensation of the other’s tongue inside of him. He even missed the scratching of the beard against his skin. Soon enough, he was distracted after the sound of a buckle hitting the ground.

As the other’s finger began pressing inside of him, Jon let out a soft whimper and looked back at the man. “Please daddy. I want you to fuck me so bad. I need your cock to fuck me open. Wanna prove I’m the best fucking filthy whore you've ever had. I’ll make you cum so hard, daddy. I’ll be so good that you don’t need anyone other than me.” He licked over his swollen and moist pink lips and whined happily. “Please daddy. I need your cock. Need you to fuck me wide open.”

Jon begged for it and Kyle couldn’t stand it any longer, he promptly removed his fingers from the boy’s ass and pulled this hips roughly against his own, the audible sound of his balls slapping against the boy’s ass filled the air as Kyle all but grunted in response. “Yeah, you wanna get fucked eh, kid?” Kyle groaned, rutting his erect cock against the crack of Jon’s ass. Every pant, every moan, everything that Jonathan was doing was sending small waves of pleasure across the expanse of the older man’s skin.

Kyle shoved the tip of his fat cock into Jonathan, feeling the stretch and protest of the impossibly tight hole immediately. Alcohol and spit had loosened the boy this much, and as Kyle’s grip tightened on the back of Jon’s shirt, Kyle showing no mercy shoved the rest of his huge cock into Jon’s ass — roughly pushing him harder against the hood of his truck. “Fucking hell! You feel so freaking tight and good, kid.” The older man groaned, holding himself in place as he felt the young boy’s hole contracting around him, gripping him like a python.

Jonathan nodded his head eagerly. “Please… Daddy, please!” He was eager to take every inch, not caring one bit about what position he would be fucked in or how freaking rough it would be. Feeling the cock pushing inside of him, Jon let out a strangled moan, his fingers trying to grip onto the hook of the car. He could feel the other still pushing in, and eventually it got to the point where there was a pair of hips pressed flush against his ass. He was panting softly, letting out a series of small whimpers. “P-Please sir… Fuck me. Tear me apart” It hurt, so bad, but that didn’t matter. The alcohol was helping to dull it and once Kyle actually got into the fucking, he’d end up enjoying himself. “I can take it. I need you so bad, daddy.” 

Kyle grunted lowly, bottoming out in Jon’s tight little pink hole as he gripped the back of the boy’s shirt tightly. He could hear the fabric stretching as he pulled against it and pushed simultaneously, relishing in the way that Jonathan moaned relentlessly, despite whatever pain came with Jonathan going in practically raw the boy still begged for it. He was insatiable, everything that Kyle could have wanted, sexy, tight, eager to please — truly Jonathan Kent went beyond any of his fantasies and if he wanted to get fucked so freaking hard then that was exactly what Kyle was going to do.

Kyle’s grip tightened on Jon’s hips as he bucked one shallow thrust, hard and quick, barely pulling out an inch from the boy’s hole before slamming back in with enough force to rock the truck. His heavy balls slapped against the back of Jon’s ass again, as Kyle punctuated this with a big grunt. “That’s right kid. Beg for daddy.”  He pulled out again a little bit more, then slammed back in, going with slow, shallow thrusts that were delivered hard enough to shake the truck. He bucked his hips again, pulling sharply on the back of Jon’s shirt, hard enough that it started to rip.

The friction around his huge fat cock was insane, burning hot as he started to pump his hips a little faster and faster, his free hand coming around Jon’s throat as he craned the boy’s neck and pushed his tongue so deep into the boy’s mouth. The way Kyle took to fucking him and using him like a cheap, nasty whore only managed to make Jon more desperate to please. It was obvious that Kyle needed someone who was willing to give the man their all, and if Jonathan got to be that boy, he was more than a little eager.

He knew that if he did this and was good enough, that maybe Kyle would let it happen more than just once. So when he was told to beg, he begged. “Daddy. Please… Harder. I can t-take it. Fucking break me” His words were slurred from the alcohol and his mind was fuzzy. Suddenly a hand was being wrapped around his neck, and it caused him to moan, though the noise was cut off by a large tongue being pushed down his throat. He closed his eyes and relaxed into the strong, brutal hands of Kyle and kissed him back to the best of his ability.

He was oblivious to his shirt ripping, though he did know that by the time they were done he’d look a lot less like himself and a lot more like a needy whore. It made his cheeks flush and his body shiver with excitement. Pulling back from the kiss, Jonathan grinned softly. “How long has it been since you were in someone this tight, daddy? I’ll always be tight for you. So good.” Kyle pushed his tongue further into Jon’s mouth, tasting the salt from his cum on the abused backend of Jonathan’s throat.

Kyle had done this, Kyle had turned the little whore into a whining, mewling mess, and he couldn’t help but relish in the taste of him, in the feel of him, in the audible way that the truck groaned as it rocked back and forth, screaming in protest as Kyle’s skin slapped against Jon’s skin. “Yeah, that’s a good boy, so good for daddy. This ass is mine now, ya hear? Only mineKyle declared, gripping the other’s throat a bit tighter as he all but hissed the words against Jon’s lips. “Fuck, kid, think it's been years.” Kyle said, punctuating this with a hard fucking slam of his hips.

He pulled, abruptly turning the boy over and hoisting Jon’s legs around his waist as he pushed his back against the truck. Kyle pushed himself in again, his hand coming to Jonathan’s throat as he held him down, his hips bucking back and forth as he fucked into the boy’s tight hole. “You’re so tight, fucking sexy. My sexy fucking whore” He ripped the guy’s tank top down the middle, exposing ever bit of that tight little body. “Don’t worry, I’ll buy you a new one.”

Jonathan nodded his head eagerly, a lazy grin on his face. “All yours. Won’t let anyone ever touch me again, daddy.” He continued to kiss the other man, letting out a loud moan as the man thrusted so freaking hard, so rough and raw. He felt the other’s cock pulling out of him and whimpered, though it was immediately remedied by Kyle spinning him around and pressing back inside of him. This was so much better. He wrapped his arms around the other’s neck and kissed him eagerly, nodding happily as Kyle continued to compliment his body.

As his shirt was ripped off, Jonathan looked down and gave a soft, drunken giggle. “Thank you, daddy.” He leaned in once more, kissing along the other’s neck until he could reach Kyle’s ear, whispering against it softly. “I’ll wear anything you buy me. You can dress me however you want. Dress me up like a fucking whore, with a nice thong, lingerie, a short skirt, whatever you want. Use me. Just wanna be your baby boy. Wanna be the only boy you fuck. I’ll do anything for you.” He bit down on the other’s earlobe, tugging gently. “This tight body is all yours, Daddy. Anytime. However, you want me.”

Every kiss, every bite on his neck, feeling that tight hole strangle his huge thick cock with great force, this boy was fucking heaven. However, when Jon got to his ear and started whispering all that kind of stuff to him, imagining Jonathan wearing whatever he wanted, dressing him up like a doll and then fucking him with this on, it was so hot. “Goddamn it, Jon. You're going to be my downfall, I'm going to dress you like the fucking slut you are, in a mini-skirt and a tiny thong, only to then push you against the nearest surface or against a wall, lift your skirt and dry slide into you, fuck… Yes, you will do anything I command you like a good boy” He growled as he felt that bite on his lobe and feel how he tugged on this one gently.

“I'm going to make you scream, let everyone hear how Clark Kent's boy gets fucked like a nasty, filthy cheap whore Kyle was so close, fucking him like a big wild beast, abusing the boy's prostate to bring him to climax, a couple more minutes passed, only the sound of their bodies colliding in the thick darkness of the night could be heard, with the dim moonlight as the only companion. “Cum for me, you fucking slut, show daddy how you squirt Kyle ordered as he watched Jon.

The boy was so close to orgasm, plus every thing the older man said to him only turned him on even more and more, imagining those kinds of scenarios, being fucked in the firehouse, against one of the trucks while wearing a little skirt and the man was tearing up his ass, with the adrenaline rush of being discovered. “Daddy… Oh, fuck… I'm so close” and as soon as the man ordered him that, as he fucked mercilessly against his prostate, the boy screamed at the top of his lungs as he cummed, jets of thick white cum splashing all over his sweaty naked body, from his abdomen, his chest, and even splashing all over the man's body as well.

Kyle smiled as he watched the show, seeing the Kent boy come apart in a huge scream of pleasure, his body writhing during his orgasm and feeling his warm jets of cum splashing all over him. All of that, brought the man to his own orgasm. “Oh fuck, here it comes… FUCK, JONATHAN! Kyle kept his huge cock deeply buried in the boy's ass, cumming hard, filling his insides with his warm seed as the man screamed with equal pleasure. Jon could feel the man filling his ass, feel that huge thick cock throbbing and filling him with warm spurts of cum, both were left breathless, just gasping as the whole climax concluded.

Kyle resting his body on top of Jon's as he looked up at the boy, his beautiful face completely flushed and those beautiful blue eyes looking back at him. After a few moments, Kyle caught his breath and smiled. “Fuck, kid… You really know how to please a man He said amused as he pulled out his huge cock and took a couple of steps back, admiring his work, the boy's hole was completely shattered, and he could see a little trickle of cum dripping out of there. It took Jon a while to process everything that had happened, until he heard the man and being a little drunk, the boy revealed something, something he had never told anyone before. “Thank you, I learned from the best, my father… He was the one who took my virginity and taught me everything I know”

He revealed as he whimpered, for without the man's cock inside him, he felt empty. Clark might look like someone who wouldn't break a plate, but in the privacy of his home, he was someone different and more so with his beloved son, Jon remembers perfectly the first time he fucked with his father, it was one day after his 18th birthday as he struggled to take that huge cock, much more huge than Mr. Cushing and fuck, when he took his virginity, the boy screamed in pain and felt like he was going to be split in half, but over time, Jon learned everything he needed to know: deep throat, different types of positions to take his father's cock, he learned to submit, be submissive and obey like a good boy, yeah, Clark had taught his son well.

Kyle was shocked at that revelation, it was something he didn't expect, it was something very fucked up, he knew that, but… To imagine Clark fucking his son and now that he knew what a slut Jon was, how he moaned, how he begged and how well he took a cock, hell, he was even envious of the man. “Fuck… That's so hot… I know I said that no one else can touch you more than me, but…” Kyle smiled in amusement as he started to get dressed. “… Your dad may be the exception, I love the idea of fucking you next to your dad, kid”

He commented smiling as he finished dressing, the man reeked of sweat and sex, but that didn't matter to him, not at the moment.  “Now put on… Whatever is left of your clothes and let's go, I'll take you home” Jon smiled as he listened to the man, he definitely needed both men fucking his ass and his mouth or even better, both inside his ass, so many possibilities, but it was something he would plan better another time. “That would be so hot, daddy, I would love it, both my daddies abusing both my holes” The blond laughed briefly as he obeyed the man, he dressed in what was left of his clothes and would make up an excuse on the way. They both got into the van and drove to the farm.