My First Android Robot - Chap 2

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Tyler pulled his shorts up and sat on the couch as he watched Julie slowly moved throughout the apartment. She continued to tidy up small amounts of clutter.

He was still in awe. His female android robot had just given him an amazing blowjob and then went back to cleaning like everything was normal. Every so often she would turn around and smile at him as she finished completing her tasks.

Tyler had an idea, and quickly found his tablet. He opened a browser and found himself searching online. He wanted to order Julie some more appropriate clothing, especially if he was going to have company over. He selected some jeans, shorts, tops and then he started shopping for more intimate items. He ordered her a few thongs, laced lingerie, and a few crop tops that would compliment her amazing breasts. He wanted her outfits to be sexy for their next encounters. Tyler was so excited, he even paid the expensive overnight shipping.

That evening, he was ready for round two. He plugged Julie in and started her charging as he showered and cleaned himself up. Tyler stood nude in front of his bathroom mirror and smiled. He stood tall at 6’2”, weighed a nice muscular 190 pounds, had short dark hair and piercing blue eyes. He was well endowed with a nice girthy nine inch cock and a tight bubble butt.

He was shampooing his hair when he heard Julie speak from behind the shower curtain, “Can I join you? I am programmed to be eco-conscience.” Tyler pulled back the shower curtain and saw his beautiful android standing completely naked, waiting for him to respond.

“I would love for you to join me.” He reached out and took her hand as she graciously stepped into the shower. He watched as the water beads fell onto her milky skin. He admired how both her breasts were symmetrical. If he had to guess, he figured they were definitely large C cups with small pink nipples. He took the soap bar and started rubbing it all over her body, allowing his hands to explore all her curves in all the right places.  

He wasn’t expecting her to reach out and take his hard shaft in her hands. Tyler instinctively let out a deep passionate moan. His next reaction was a bit more unexpected, as he leaned in and began a passionate kiss with his new lover. 

Julie pressed her soft lips to his and her intimate kiss back was just as steamy. Her small tender hands still held his hard cock firmly, giving it slight tugs. Tyler pulled his lips from hers and leant down and took her breast into his mouth. Her large breasts were firm but still very soft and supple. His tongue flicked over her nipple, as her hands explored all over his body. As if on queue, she began passionately moaning, and he didn’t even have to ask it.

“I need to fuck you,” he grunted. Tyler’s urge was animalistic. He had a lust that needed to be fulfilled and he wanted Julie to satisfy that desire. Tyler turned off the shower and grabbed the hanging towel. He had barely wiped their skin off before he effortlessly lifted her up and carried her off to his bedroom.

He placed Julie on the edge of the bed, before his hand guided her to lay flat on her back. He now had her in the perfect position to easily spread her legs wide open. He was rewarded with a gorgeous smooth pussy that he craved to taste. 

“Take your fingers and slowly part your lips for me,” he growled. He watched in amazement as Julie seductively placed her fingers in her mouth. Her mouth slicked each finger before she placed them between her thighs. Julie closed her eyes and lustfully moaned, as her fingers ran along her slit, further arousing her observer.

Tyler lowered himself between her legs and slowly kissed her inner thighs. With every kiss her moans intensified. His tongue was now at her entrance and he flicked the tip meticulously over her protruding clit. Julie took her fingers and parted her pussy inviting Tyler to taste her innocence. His mouth was rewarded with the sweetest flavor of wetness. Julie even self lubricated herself and Tyler used all of his mouth to envelope her sweetness. His tongue lapped at her opening, tasting all that she had to offer.

He placed his hand on her flat abs as his mouth and tongue continued to explore his new favorite toy. After several minutes, he pulled up gasping to breathe and felt her wetness all over his face. Tyler climbed up on the bed and instructed her to sixty-nine with him. She smiled and complied as she repositioned herself on top of him. She lowered her pussy onto his face as her soft lips went down on his hardened shaft.

Tyler noticed that Julie’s sucking skills had changed. It was apparent that she was now using a slight twisting motion as she stroked him with each slurp. He felt his eyes roll back as pleasurable moans elicited from his lips.

He took his index finger and slowly tried to insert it into her welcoming pussy. He was met with a slight resistance resistance. There’s no way he thought, so he just asked, “Julie, are you a virgin?”

Julie pulled her mouth off his cock and replied, “Yes sir, all androids are intact until their owner decides to please them.” She lowered her mouth and went back to sucking as Tyler moaned in disbelief.

His mind raced with sexual thoughts. Had he heard her correctly. Until their owner decides to please them. This intrigued him further and he wanted Julie to teach him all about her operating system. For now though, he just wanted to make love and fuck her.

Tyler concentrated back on his fingering and was careful not to probe too deep. He wanted to sink his cock deep inside her. He also wanted to be the first and only guy to do that. He leaned up and his tongue lapped more of her wetness as he felt her stroking motions speed up around his shaft.

“I need to fuck you Julie.” Tyler felt Julie’s hand release his dick as she climbed off him. “I want to fuck you missionary, so lay on your back.” Tyler instructed. He watched as she complied. Her eyes never left his, and the connection was intense. He climbed between her legs and positioned his rock hard cock at her entrance. He slowly and gently pushed in.

Julie’s moan was intense as she yelped. “Please give it to me!” 

That’s all Tyler needed to hear. He let his entire body fall onto her as his cock submerged into her tight vice and pushed past her slight resistance. He was now completely inside her and he began an energetic thrusting with his pelvis as he fucked her. Julie moaned with each thrust, as she wrapped her hands around her lover.

Tyler had never experienced such an amazing feeling. He was deeper in a pussy than he had ever been, and yet he wasn’t causing his android any discomfort. Instead she begged for more and met each thrust that he gave her. Tyler was aware that he might climax at that pace, so he pulled out and watched as her pussy retreated to a beautiful slit.

Through his hurried breathing, he instructed her to get on all fours. Tyler was immensely turned on and wanted to fuck her doggy style. She did as she was instructed and he was rewarded with the sexy back end of her pussy. He placed his hands on her waist, guided himself to her opening and pushed in. That’s when he noticed, she even had a cute ass opening. Tyler gave her smooth firm ass a hard slap and Julie excitedly moaned as his hand met her skin.

Tyler pushed his enlarged cock back into her welcoming tight hole and resumed his animalistic fucking. He was surprised and rewarded when she reached under and began to rub her clit and his cock as he slid in and out. He took his thumb and lubed it with spit and pushed it into her ass opening. She moaned loudly and he felt her hole pucker and tighten around his intrusion.

Tyler was in pure ecstasy as their bodies met. He was fucking a vixen robot who allowed him finger her ass without any hesitation or reluctance. He pulled his finger out, and reached around her and easily fondled her breast. He grunted. “I am not going to last much longer.”

Julie met each of his thrusts with a sense of enthusiasm and desire. She had been programmed to please at the highest intensity and she knew exactly what Tyler needed. She clenched her pussy hard on his cock and it sent him over the edge. Tyler began to experience an ultimate climax. 

“Ughhh, omg, ughhh,” he cried out loudly into the bedroom. He felt his cock twitch as each rope of cum shot deep into her warm opening. Tyler collapsed onto Julie and held her by the waist, his cock still submerged deep inside her.

All he could hear was his labored breathing and her light robotic whirring sounds as they laid together. Julie’s soft voice broke the silence. “Was that good Tyler? Did I please you well enough?”

Tyler responded, “Yes. Yes, you were perfect in every way. And Julie, from now on, I want you to call me babe. If we are going to be together, I want you to call me something more intimate. Do you understand what I mean?”

“Yes sir, and thank you babe, for that amazing sex,” she purred. Tyler smiled, as his semi-erect cock slid out of her spent opening. He looked on as his cum slowly ran out of her.

Julie climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom. He watched from the bedside as she began cleaning herself from their fervent encounter. After a few minutes, she returned back to the bedroom, where her naked body distracted him from the book he had just began reading. 

Julie’s soothing voice asked softly, “Are there any clothes that I should wear while I go into sleep mode this evening?”

Tyler smiled and pulled back the covers. “I want you to sleep in bed with me. My university sweat shirt, should be on that chair and you can wear that tonight. And Julie, you will not be wearing any panties or shorts this evening.”

Julies face went flush and she asked in a confused manner, “No panties?”

Tyler laughed and replied, “Nope, no panties.  If I wake up in the middle of the night and I want us to fuck again, I don’t want any panties getting in the way.  Now climb into bed, so we can rest.”

Julie flashed her cute smile and found herself snuggled against her lover. Tyler was on cloud nine as he embraced his new companion in his strong arms. Soon, they both fell into a deep and restful sleep mode.