Trucker's Load

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When I chose to go on a solo bike journey, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. What could possibly go wrong? I thought, and here I was in the middle of nowhere. I was on my way home, when my bike broke down on a deserted highway as my trip was nearing its end.
If I could, I would have walked down with my bike all the way to the next city, but the closest town was likewise 2 hours away. Plus, There were also no motels or gas stations in the region.
To my front and rear, there was a massive highway, and to my left and right, vast plains.
I walked as far as I could, but the weight of my backpack, my bike, and the sun's heat were quickly wearing me down.
I tried to stop others in the hopes of getting a ride, but there weren't many people on this highway, and most of them were enormous truckers going too fast to even stop for me. So I had no choice but to walk the rest of the way to the next town. Despite numerous futile attempts, I continued waving my hands at passing trucks, and thankfully, one kind soul saw my distress.
"Hi, can I get a lift? My bike isn't working." I said, as the trailer truck came to a halt. 
The trucker jumped out after opening the door. I realized he was taller and more muscular than I was. His black hair gave him a wild yet sultry appearance, while the hairs on his chest and arms added the finishing touch.
He was just dressed in a tight shirt, with his upper buttons unbuttoned and tight shorts that barely covered his huge muscular legs. "Where are you heading?" He asked.
"I'm just returning home, but my bike is broken." I replied, feeling a little weak in his presence.
"All right, let's get your bike loaded onto the trailer." He then proceeded to lift it into the back of the truck, all by himself.
I followed him back to the front after he locked the trailer doors. My gaze was drawn to his tight pants, which were thicker in the crotch area; 'he must be concealing quite a package,' I thought.
He introduced himself as Matt as we settled into our seats and returned to our journey. When he saw me waving my hand in the middle of the road, he was returning from completing a major goods delivery.
He fetched me a bottle of cold water before I could ask. I took it willingly because my own water had become warm from walking on a hot day. He noticed the pride flag tattoo on my wrist as I was taking the bottle from his hand.
"Hey, cool tattoo. So you're queer?" He asked, with genuine curiosity in his voice.
"Yeah, I'm gay."
"That's cool."  His tone was calming. Many people flinched out when I told them about my sexuality, but I was glad that Matt didn't react harshly.
Matt tried to keep the conversation going, but my uncomfortable ass couldn't keep up.
We had a long journey ahead of us,. I became quite hungry around halfway through our journey. I tried my hardest not to appear famished, but the sound of my stomach growling ultimately reached Matt's ears.
He didn't ask me anything this time and simply pulled over to one of the highway truck stops, and we were back on the road after eating lunch. I wanted to repay him by paying for gas or even meals, but I didn't have much money
I felt bad for taking so much from him, and I wished I could somehow repay him. "Hey! Matt, I'm not sure how, but I want to repay you for your generosity; I really owe you something."
"Don't worry about it." He simply shrugged. "After all, I suppose I've found some pretty great company in having you here with me." His words were starting to make me flush.
"No, really. I want to pay you back. What about I treat you to a nice dinner once we're back in my city, or is there anything else that you love? Tell me?"
Matt turned his head toward me for a second and grinned, "Well there are only two things I like. You've already named food, so I'll tell you I love sex as well." His response took me by shock, and my gaze instantly drifted to his crotch.
I became totally silent after that, I knew what I wanted to say, but the words were not coming out of my mouth. 
"If you really want to pay me back, you can suck my cock!" He blurted out, a smile visible on his lips.
The opportunity was right there in front of me. How could I not grab it? Reaching over, I placed my hand on his thigh, just dangerously close to his bulge.
I gently caressed his thighs for a while and let my fingers wander near his bulge. Although he was completely focused on driving, I could see and feel his cock beginning to rise. I could feel the pressure of his magnificent cock straining in those shorts, aching to be free.
Because the position was uncomfortable and space was limited, I couldn't do much. Matt tried to lean back in his seat to give me open space, but it hardly helped.
I reached up and undid the button of his shorts. With my heart racing, I also dragged down the zipper and reached for the waistband. I pulled it downwards, and noticed that the tantalizing trail of his chest hair ended up in his pubic hairs.
When his cock sprung up into view, I could see that it wasn't as hairy as the rest of his body.
"Oh my goodness!" I gasped loudly and wrapped my fingers around his thick, veiny shaft. His foreskin was very soft to touch, but what excited me was watching it throb in my hand. My own cock began throbbing in my pants.
It pointed straight up and glistened with need, the engorged tip bobbing rhythmically with each beat of his heart. I could see the desire in his eyes as I looked at him, wanting to continue what he'd asked me to do.
Even though it was a difficult position, I still kneeled on my seat and inched my face into his lap. Not wanting to disappoint him, I opened my mouth and snaked my tongue out. With the tip of my tongue, I gently caressed the swollen red tip, which was continuously pulsating.
"That's it." He hissed, as I pressed the tip of his cock against my wet tongue. Matt thrust his hand in my mouth out of instinct. I gagged and squirmed as the tears rolled down my eyes. Unfortunately, I had to slip his cock out of my mouth.
We both agreed that it wasn't the right place to get a blowjob, so Matt stopped the truck and we both jumped out. He didn't zip his shorts up, so his cock was practically dangling.
It was 4 PM but the highway was clear and empty. The sun was still strong. We found some shade in a large tree nearly where Matt leaned his back on the trunk.
Kneeling in front of him once more, I pushed his shorts down until they were pooling at his feet.
Matt smiled proudly and cupped his balls while he used his other hand to push my head onto his cock. I dragged my tongue over the tip of his cock again. He ran his hand through my head and pressed my head lower. Opening my mouth wide, I accepted his big head.
I flicked my tongue across the tip and made a slurp sound. I took another lick, this time holding the tip tighter between my lips.
Matt closed his eyes, and leaned the back of his head on the tree trunk. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see his balls, which were now released from his grip. My hand crept up between his legs and I gently squeezed them in between my fingers.
Meanwhile, my head started bobbing up and down on his shaft. I managed to fit another couple of inches of his cock into my mouth. I worked my tongue the way I thought would feel good on myself, running it over the underside of her cock head and teasing the shaft with it.
The texture and warmth of Matt's cock felt excellent in my mouth. I kept teasing his falls with my fingers. Just as the rest of his cock slipped into my mouth, I closed my lips hard around him, to bring him more pleasure.
A few seconds later, some salty pre-cum began oozing out of his slit. When I removed him from my mouth to take a breath, all of his shaft was covered in the mix of my saliva & his pre-cum.
When I returned to my position, Matt held my head in place and thrust in slowly until he was practically fucking my mouth with his dick. When he was doing this, I heard the sound of a truck passing on the highway besides us. This turned me on even more as I realized that I was acting like a slut.
So here I was sucking a manly trucker's cock on a highway, where passing by travelers could see us.
He kept pushing his hips back and forth, but suddenly his harsh growl startled me out of my reverie. His cock seemed to swell even larger in my mouth, and in a span of seconds, his cock jerked, and then there was an explosion of hot cum in my mouth. I swallowed hard on it, but he didn't stop ejaculating. Spurt after spurt of warm creamy man-juice shot in my mouth.
I swallowed whatever I could, the rest spilling from my lips and dripping down my chin. Just when I thought he was finished, he lurched forward and another massive gush of cum splashed down my throat.
Matt finally let his grip on my head go and I pulled my lips off his cock. He was sweaty and breathing heavily. Hell, so was I. I fell down on my knees and looked up at him, "That was a great way to return the favor."
When we were back on track, I understood that I owed him something more than just a blowjob.