The Virtue Auction, Ch. 5

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"I am a little tired, I guess," Sophia admitted. "I mean, that last orgasm kinda took a lot out of me. It was pretty intense. But you gave me two, so don't you want another one?"

"Sophia, there's something you should know about me," I said calmly, reaching up to stroke her sweaty cheek. "I'm what's considered a top, which means I prefer to be the giver rather than the receiver. While I certainly enjoy having orgasms, I get far more enjoyment and satisfaction out of making others cum. By the end of our time together, you will have many more orgasms than I will, and that's ok. One for one reciprocation is not necessary, but your offer is much appreciated."

"Are you sure?" Sophia asked sheepishly. "I don't mind. And... and it would give me practice."

It sounded like she actually wanted to give me another orgasm, which was rather curious given her reluctance before the night began. But I was quite satisfied and did not find myself craving another.
"Yes, I'm sure kitten," I said, draping my arm across her chest and pulling her close against my body. "The one you gave me was lovely, so I'm good for the night. Besides, we have all day tomorrow, and I have some things planned for us, so there's no need to burn ourselves out too soon. Let's get some rest."

"Umm, ok," she said hesitantly.

A few moments passed in silence as I snuggled up against her tight little body, still bound spread eagle to the bedposts.

"So uhh, can I be untied?" Sophia asked nervously.

I didn't answer.

"Miss Rose, may I please be untied?" She asked again.

"Oh I suppose," I sighed. "I guess it's a bit hard to sleep like that."

I rolled away from Sophia so I could get up on my hands and knees. I crawled to each limb and removed the cuffs from her wrists and ankles, throwing them off the sides of the bed. Sophia rubbed at her wrists once they were free and I noticed they looked a bit raw from friction when she was tugging at the restraints. She must have really been trying hard to get free.

"Come, let's get cleaned up and ready for bed," I suggested, beckoning Sophia to come with me to the bathroom that was part of my master suite.

She obeyed and rolled out of the bed. Her bare feet hardly made a sound as she padded lightly across the soft carpet towards me. I stopped by a small call box on the wall that had a few buttons labeled for common everyday things. It alerted the 24/7 maid service that was available to the tenants of the top floors. I pressed the button for "change linens" before stepping into the bathroom, and by the time we came back out there would be a fresh set of linens on the bed to replace the ones Sophia had squirted on.

"Close the door behind you, kitten," I ordered as Sophia entered the bathroom behind me. "The maids will change those wet sheets for us, and while I'm perfectly comfortable being nude in front of them, I'm going to assume you probably are not."

Sophia closed the door softly and I turned the light on. It reflected brightly off the white marble floor and walls and both of us winced.

"I really need to have dimmer lights put in here," I said with a laugh, reaching out like a blind woman and playfully putting my hands all over Sophia's face. "Oh there you are!"

Sophia laughed with me and swatted my hands away. The bathroom was quite large, so it wasn't like we were crammed in there together. It was big enough for 2 people to comfortably do their morning or nightly routines at the same time without bumping into each other. There were his and hers sinks, well hers and hers in my case, with plenty of counter space. A large mirror dominated the wall behind the sink and stretched the whole length of the wall. A toilet was inset into a little alcove for a bit of privacy, and across from the sinks was both an enclosed stand-up shower, and a large tub, which was open to the rest of the bathroom. Both the shower and tub were big enough for two people.

"Normally, I would ask if you'd rather have a shower or a bath, but with it getting so late I would prefer just a shower. How about you?" I asked, stretching my arms over my head and arching my back as I started to wind down from the night's activities.

"Yeah, shower sounds fine," Sophia replied with a yawn.

I slid the clear glass door to the side and reached in to turn the water on. A torrent of water rained from the ceiling like a waterfall and I let it run for a bit to warm up. I saw Sophia's face light up as she saw the waterfall.

"Oh my god, I've always wanted to try a shower like this!" She said excitedly.

"Well today is your lucky day," I said with a smile. "And that's not all, look."

I reached in again and flipped a switch. Jets of water shot out from the walls toward the middle. A squeal of joy came from Sophia and she had the expression of a kid in a toy store. Soon steam began to fill the shower as the water heated up. I turned the jets back off and stepped in, taking Sophia by the hand and pulling her in after me. The hot water was refreshing, helping me to relax as it flowed over my skin. I took a moment to just enjoy the water, letting it soak my ginger hair, turning it a deep shade of red.

I looked over at Sophia as she stood under the falling water, head tilted all the way back, letting the water hit her face with her eyes closed. She ran her hands through her long, jet black hair which turned glossy as it got wet, draping all the way down to the small of her back.

"This is really nice, Miss Rose. I wish I had a shower like this," Sophia said, turning to look at me.
I bit my lip as I saw Sophia's porcelain skin glisten as the water ran down over her subtle curves. I felt a little arousal stir within me again and thought maybe one more quick orgasm in the shower might be nice before going to bed. I reached out a put my hands on her hips, pulling her close and leaned down to kiss her under the running water.

"I just can't get over how sexy you are, Sophia," I admitted. "I can't get enough of you."

"Thank you," Sophia said as her cheeks blushed. "You're very beautiful too, Miss Rose."

I smiled warmly and took a step back, turning to browse the shelf of assorted shampoos and body washes I had in the shower. I picked a shampoo with jasmine essential oils in it. The scent of jasmine would help us get a better night's sleep. I squeezed a dollop into my hand and ran my fingers through her hair, massaging her scalp with my fingers. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as I washed her hair. I stepped around behind her and worked the shampoo into every inch of her luscious locks, giving her a thorough but gentle wash. The aroma from the jasmine filled the air, amplified by the steam from the hot water.

After rinsing the shampoo out, I conditioned her hair, and then grabbed the body wash with the same scent. I squeezed some onto a loofa and lathered it up to begin washing her lithe body. I started at her shoulders, massaging them with practiced hands. I scrubbed her arms, back, and chest. My hands lingered on her breasts, kneading them firmly as she leaned her head back against my shoulder. The soap made her skin slick as my hands glided over her curves. I turned her around to face the mirror as my hands traveled down her flat stomach to her smooth mound.

"Open your eyes and watch," I said.

I saw Sophia's eyes open and we made eye contact through the reflection in the mirror as my hands lathered up her womanhood.

"Miss Rose, I thought you wanted to get some sleep," she asked.

"I know, but like I said, I just can't help myself. You're irresistible," I said softly.

I set the loofa to the side and began to massage her clit. My other hand returned to her breast to give it a squeeze. I took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, gentle rolling it, feeling it harden into a little pebble. My hand left her clit to grab her hand, pulling it behind her back and placing it on my own sex. Without additional prompting, she began to massage my pussy as my hand returned to hers.

"Keep your eyes open," I commanded as we rubbed each other simultaneously, watching ourselves in the mirror. "Isn't it hot to watch?"

"Mmm yesss," Sophia moaned.

This time I wasn't looking to tease her. I just wanted a quick orgasm as a perfect end to the night before going to bed, so I worked my fingers faster on her clit. Sophia responded in kind and increased her pace as well. I moaned softly into her ear, listening to her breathy moans in a tandem harmony. The water and soap together made our skin slick, and as I held Sophia close my breasts glided across her back with each movement of her body, making my nipples stiff. It didn't take long for us to work each other into a frenzy, our hips gyrating and grinding against each other, and I could feel Sophia's legs begin to tremble, the pleasure from my fingers making it difficult for her to stand. I could tell she was getting close already and luckily so was I.

"You cum when I cum, kitten, and not a moment before," I commanded with a devilish tone.

"O-ok Miss Rose, I-I can w-wait," Sophia stammered.

I could see her expression in the mirror as she began to struggle with her control, biting her lip hard to try and hold back her orgasm. Her eyes kept closing and then fluttering back open as she remembered my command to keep watching.

"Are you close?" I asked, seemingly in full control of myself even though I was approaching the edge myself.

"Yes!" Sophia squeaked.

"Are you gonna cum before me?"


"Do you w-wanna be my good girl?" My voice started to waver as I neared the cusp.

"Say it!" I commanded.

"I-I wanna b-be your g-good girl, M-Miss Rose!" Sophia fought so hard to keep herself from crossing over the edge.

"Then be a good girl and cum with me... oh god..." I said, feeling my own orgasm take hold of me.

"F-fuck... I'm cumming Miss Rose!" Sophia screamed.

Our eyes locked through the mirror as we both climaxed together. Our bodies shuddered and shivered as waves of pleasure pulsed through us, the experience made that much hotter by our reflection in the mirror. I held Sophia tightly against me as I felt her knees weaken, but my own knees faltered and the two of us slowly collapsed in a heap on the floor of the shower as our orgasms faded. We lay there laughing for a moment, spooning under the rain of hot water from above.

"That was fun," Sophia said finally, clearly starting to truly enjoy this experience.

"Yes, yes it was," I said warmly, gathering myself and standing back up. "Let's finish getting washed up."

I offered Sophia my hand to help her up. Once she was on her feet, I took the loofa and lathered it up again, then finished scrubbing the rest of her body.

Sophia returned the favor and washed my hair and body, gently scrubbing and massaging as she worked. She seemed far more comfortable touching my naked body now. Her hands deliberately covering every inch of my body. She even spent a little extra attention on my full breasts, seemingly enjoying playing with tits that were at least a cup size bigger than hers.

When she was done, we rinsed off under the waterfall and stepped out to dry off. My soft, plush towels felt good against skin still sensitive from my climax. I wrapped my hair up in my towel, placing it expertly on top of my head and bid Sophia do the same. I had to stop her from wrapping the towel around her chest out of habit, reminding her that she was to remain nude. I pointed Sophia towards a medicine cabinet that had an assortment of toiletries for her to use and we went through our nightly routine of brushing out teeth and removing makeup.

When we emerged from the bathroom and made our way to the bed, there were fresh, warm sheets ready for us. I tossed my towel on the floor and pulled the covers back for Sophia to climb in first. 

She tossed away her towel as well and crawled into bed. I followed right behind her and pulled the covers up and over us. I reached over to my end table and pressed a remote, closing the blinds on the wide panoramic window, shutting out the dim moonlight and casting the room into complete darkness. Sophia had rolled onto her side and I snuggled up behind her against her back as the big spoon.

"Goodnight my lovely little kitten," I whispered, draping my arm over her.

"Goodnight Miss Rose."