The Virtue Auction, Ch. 4

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I usually didn't give in so easily to requests, but there was something about Sophia that softened my heart. Was it her innocence? No, every other girl I've brought home from the auction was innocent at first. Maybe her lack of resistance? Her obedience without questioning me even though it was clear she was reluctant to obey? Yes, that must have been it. I had her in the palm of my hand more quickly than anyone else I'd bought. So that definitely deserved a little special treatment. However, that didn't mean her reward would come freely.

I explored her body with my hands as she sat between my legs, leaning back against me with her head on my chest. I gave her body lots of love and attention, caressing every curve, letting my hands roam from her taut thighs to her toned belly and up to her firm breasts. I just couldnt keep my hands off her. I massaged her tense muscles as we cuddled together, helping her to relax. My hand slid down over her bare mound, feeling just how absolutely drenched she'd gotten since we started playing.

"You seem quite eager for more, kitten," I said suggestively. "Are you enjoying this?"

Sophia didn't answer right away. There was a long pause as I slowly ran my hand up and down over her wet pussy and gently fondled her breasts with my other hand. I already knew the answer, my question was more rhetorical than anything else, but still I wanted to hear her say it. It was like she didn't want to admit it though, as if admitting she was enjoying this meant she was no longer straight and if she wasn't straight then her whole sexual identity was turned upside down. It was a lot to process for her at the moment, so I didn't push harder for an answer. The body's reaction to sexual stimuli could be misleading. Even when sex is forced upon an unwilling recipient, it can still feel good and lead to climax. Body betrayal is a real thing, and it was doubtful that Sophia understood what that was.

"It's ok, kitten, you don't have to answer yet, but this won't be the last time I ask," I said, letting go of her breast and reaching up to stroke her hair. "Just relax, and let me love on you a bit."
Sophia closed her eyes and breathed deep through her nose, letting it out slowly through her mouth as she sunk back against my body. Her arms went limp, dropping to her sides, resting on the mattress. I slipped my fingers between her folds, getting my fingers nice and wet as I teased around her tight little hole. My middle finger slid inside her with ease and she gasped.
I had barely gotten past the first knuckle when I heard her suddenly say, "Miss Rose wait! I need to tell you something."

I didn't wait, however, as it was one of thr words I had a tendency to ignore, and I pushed my finger inside until her tight warmth enveloped my whole finger. As I did so, I noticed the absence of a hymen which I assumed was what she wanted to tell me.

"It's ok, kitten, I can feel it's not there," I said warmly. "And that means nothing to me."

"Oh, um ok," Sophia said with clear relief. "I uh, it broke a few years ago, probably from playing tennis in high school."

"Sophia, I'm not a man," I laughed while absent-mindedly sliding my finger in and out of her slick, wet pussy. "I know that just because your hymen broke doesn't mean you're not the virgin you say you are. Hell, I broke mine at 13 while horseback riding, long before I was sexually active. So relax, I believe you. Using that as a means to verify a woman's virginity is an outdated idea and rather silly if you ask me."

Sophia chuckled with me as she relaxed again, seemingly enjoying the feeling of my long, slender finger inside her. I let her get used to it for a few moments then curled my finger up and began to search for her g-spot. It didn't take long to find it and when I did, Sophia muttered "Oh my god," under her breath. I applied a bit of light pressure with my fingertip and rubbed the sensitive magic spot in an up and down motion.

"How does that feel?" I whispered in her ear, then nibbled gently on the lobe.

"Oh fuck me," she moaned a little louder. "That feels so good."

An idea came to mind and I decided to test the waters to see how Sophia would react to a little physical restraint. I hooked my legs over hers, then used my feet to push her knees apart from the inside. I spread her legs wide, but not so much as to stretch her uncomfortably. Then with my free hand, I took hold of one of her wrists and brought it up to her opposite shoulder. She kept her hand on her shoulder without me asking, and I did the same with her other hand, crossing her arms in front of her chest. I reached around her and pulled her tightly against me, pinning her arms against her chest.

With her legs held wide open and her arms immobilized, I continued to work Sophia's g-spot with an expert finger. As she began to squirm in my arms, I held on tighter which may or may not have made her squirm even more. I didn't speed up though, and my finger kept rubbing her spot at a nice slow pace. It almost certainly wouldn't be enough to make her cum. I just wanted to tease her, inch her closer to the edge of orgasm without going over. I wanted to make her desperate for an orgasm, to make her beg for it this time instead of overstimulating and making her try to hold back. Bring her to the point where she'd try to break free from my grasp to finish herself off out of frustration.

I kept this up for a good ten minutes and Sophia was content to writhe and moan softly in my arms, savoring these new sensations she was feeling. Every now and then I would kiss or suck on her neck, or nibble on her ear. I even put pressure on her clit with my palm so she could get a little extra pleasure as I worked her sensitive spot. It would take a long time to awaken her g-spot, which was my intent with this lengthy tease, but in the end it would be so worth the wait. I only hoped Sophia would be patient enough to wait that long.

A few more minutes and I could feel Sophia starting to get frustrated. However, my pace continued to be agonizingly slow. Finally she said what I wanted to hear, "Miss Rose, I want to cum so bad!"

"Do you now?" I asked smugly.

"Yes please! Just go a little bit faster..." Sophia suggested, wriggling as if trying to escape my grasp.

With that, I pulled my finger out and in a stern voice hissed right in her ear, "You don't get to tell me what to do."

Sophia's movements suddenly ceased and she went rigid as she realized she'd messed up. I let go of her arms and rolled her off of me to the side. She landed face down on the mattress and I climbed onto her back, straddling her and sitting on her tight, muscular ass. I put my hands on her shoulders and held her down with all my body weight.

"You are MY property! Mine!" I said forcefully. "That means YOU do what I say, not the other way around. You can ask, and you can beg, but don't you ever tell me what to do or what I should do. Do you understand?"

"Yes Miss Rose!" Sophia's voice was muffled by the pillow beneath her face and ripe with fear.

"Don't forget, you are here for my enjoyment, first and foremost," I reminded her. "And I was enjoying teasing you. I wasn't done yet. I wasn't ready to let you cum. You'll cum when I want you to cum. I might've told you I'd give you a treat, but that doesn't mean you can have it right away."

"Yes Miss Rose," Sophia mumbled into the pillow again.

"Now, since you seem to lack some self control, I'm going to take control away from you. Flip over," I commanded, climbing off Sophia's back and getting off of the mattress.

Sophia rolled over onto her back as I stood up. She stared up at the ceiling, afraid to look at me and make eye contact.

"Sophia, look at me," I said, staring at her with hands on my hips.

Sophia timidly turned her head to look at me. I could tell she was scared. Good, a little fear made things fun.

"You will learn your place soon enough, and once you do, this contract will go much smoother," I said.

I stepped over to the bedpost on the right side of the headboard and bent down to grab something. Each bedpost had a leather strap with a cuff tied to it. I picked up the cuff, reached over to grab Sophia's wrist, and latched the cuff around her wrist. I moved to the next bedpost at the foot of the bed, and placed the next cuff around her ankle. I repeated the process on the other side and then tightened all four straps so she was bound spread eagle in the middle of the bed. The straps did not give her much slack to move her limbs as she quickly found out after testing her range of motion. It was a simple, yet quite effective binding, and a good introduction to the iceberg that is bondage.

"Now, what is the safe word? Do you remember it?" I asked, standing at the foot of the bed, looking straight down between her spread legs at her bald, glistening pussy.

"Hibiscus?" She asked uncertainly.

"Good, make sure you remember that and if anything is too much for you to handle, don't be afraid to use it," I reminded. "I don't care if you say things like 'no,' 'stop,' or 'don't' because those words will be ignored. I will, however, always respect the safe word. Understand?"

"Yes, I understand, Miss Rose," Sophia nodded.

"Now where were we?" I mused with a seductive tone.

I crawled back up onto the bed, between her legs. I couldn't see it in the dim light, but once on the mattress I could feel her trembling. Fear maybe? I decided not to calm her this time but instead allowed her mind to wander, to imagine how I would punish her this time. Originally I'd intended for the restraints to be her punishment but I thought of a little game that could be fun. I crawled over her and reached over to my bedside table. I opened the small drawer and grabbed a handful of the clothespins I kept inside, laying them out in the bed beside Sophia's bound form.

"Let's play a little game," I said, kneeling between her legs and sitting back on my heels. "Since you seem to have a problem speaking out of turn, for every time you say something that's not a request for permission to cum, or a direct answer to something I ask you, one of these clothespins will go somewhere on your body. Does that sound like fun?"

Sophia hesitated a moment before nodding. With that, my hand returned to her sex, gently rubbing over her folds for a moment before slipping my middle finger inside her once again. She breathed in sharply through her nose, keeping her mouth shut for the time being so she wouldn't accidentally make an exclamation that would earn her a clothespin. It didn't last long, because after a bit of teasing my finger in and out, I sought out her g-spot again.

"Ohmygod..." she muttered breathlessly, closing her eyes as she arched her back.

Without saying anything, I grabbed a clothespin and attached it to the inside of her right thigh.

"Oww!" Sophia exclaimed. Her eyes shot open as she felt the pain of the clothespin pinching her delicate skin.

I shook my head in disappointment, grabbing a second one and latching it in the same place on her other thigh.

"Oh fuck!" She cursed, clearly unable to control her natural response yet.

I placed one more clothespin on the left side of her abdomen, picking out all the places her skin would be most sensitive. This time she just squealed from the pain, biting her lip as she finally got the picture.

"Now you're learning. Good girl," I said softly.

Sophia breathed rapidly through her nose trying to calm herself down as I started working her g-spot with my fingertip. I went slowly again, just a tease to get her worked up. I started to caress her with my free hand, showing the rest of her body some love, roaming up and down her athletic legs, her toned belly, and gently massaging her breasts to take her mind of the pinching clothespins. Soon she would learn that pain and pleasure go hand in hand.

When moved my left hand down to rub her clit with my thumb while I continued to stimulate her g-spot with my right hand, another "f-fuck..." escaped her untrained lips. This time I clamped a clothespin directly onto her hard, right nipple.

"Shit!" Sophia shouted, tugging at the straps restraining her wrists.

Another clothespin joined the one on the side of her stomach.

"Oh my god, please stop!" She pleaded.

One more clothespin to her inner thigh. Finally she clamped her mouth shut and whimpered wordlessly. Sophia threw her head back against the mattress in frustration and tugged some more at her restraints. Try as she might she wouldn't break free, but it was amusing to watch her try.

When she calmed back down on her own, I went back to my work rubbing her g-spot and clit simultaneously. All throughout her little outbursts my finger never left her vagina, providing a constant stimulation to her g-spot even as I attached every clothespin. It had been a good long while since I started this little trek towards awakening Sophia's g-spot, so I started giving her a little bit more, pushing her even closer to the edge. Her moans were getting louder, and her hips bucked against my hands. I kept going, speeding up a little more. Sophia's sexy body writhed, pulling on all four of her restraints as she was helpless against the work of my fingers. Her breaths quickened till it seemed she might soon hyperventilate, and I wondered if she was going to wait until the last second.

"Miss Rose, may I please cum now?" She asked frantically.

Suddenly I pulled my finger out of her and stopped rubbing her clit.

"Not yet, kitten," I answered. "But soon, I promise. Just hold on a little more. The longer you resist the urge, the stronger your orgasm will be."

She whined in frustration as her hips continued to buck despite my hands no longer touching her. I waited a few moments before returning my thumb to her clit and slowly rubbing once more. I was careful not to go too fast so that I could keep her as close to the edge as possible. I could see beads of sweat forming on her brow as she struggled. Her cheeks flushed a bright shade of pink. I reached up and flicked the clothespin on her nipple. She winced, and whimpered, but no words this time. I flicked it again. Same response. This time I was purposely trying to get words out of her, so I tugged on it. Still just cries of pain, to which I was surprised at her newfound restraint. But then I started twisting.

"Ow ow ow! Stop! Stop!" She cried, pulling forcefully with her wrists.

Her other nipple received it's own clothespin to complete the matching set.

"Ooooohhh! Please can I just cum, Miss Rose? I'm so close!" Sophia pleaded through clenched teeth.

"But I'm having so much fun!" I replied, giving her a few moments rest to breathe and regain her composure.

I waited for her breathing to slow before slipping my middle finger back into her warm, wet cunt, joined shortly after by my ring finger too, then the thumb of my other hand went back to her clit once more. My hands worked in tandem to bring her quickly back to the edge.

"Miss Rose please?!"


I stopped, but didn't pull my hands away. I paused for a few seconds before going back to work but slower this time.


I kept going until I could tell she was struggling too much to hold it in.

"Cum for me, kitten," I finally commanded.

Immediately I could feel the walls of her pussy clench tightly around my fingers, pulsing rhythmically as her orgasm ripped through her. Her stomach tightened and she bucked her hips wildly against my hands as I continued to stimulate both clit and g-spot through her climax. I felt a light trickle of warm fluid on my hand and wrist as she squirted just a little bit, a fun little surprise that came with a properly awakened g-spot.

"Oh god! Oh fuck! Oh Miss Rose!" Sophia screamed as her whole body trembled and quivered from the intense orgasm.

It last longer than I'd expected, maybe fifteen or twenty seconds, but for Sophia it probably felt like minutes, and when it finally subsided, she collapsed back, eyes wide and staring at the ceiling. Slowly I pulled fingers out and sat quietly watching her beautiful breasts rise and fall as she breathed heavily, giving her some time to collect herself.

"Holy shit!" Sophia finally panted.

"Good girl! Did you enjoy your treat?" I asked with a smile.

"Oh my fucking god, yes," Sophia answered with a smile and a laugh. "Wheeew!"

"Now that was an orgasm," I said, starting to gently remove the clothespins from her body. "You will have many more while you're with me. They may not all be that intense, but they'll still be enjoyable nonetheless, and you'll have to work for each one. I just wanted to show you the full potential of what an orgasm can feel like. The kind I just gave you take a lot of effort to achieve, but they're the most satisfying."

"Miss Rose, that was amazing," Sophia sighed. "And did I squirt? It feels wet under my ass all of a sudden."

"Yes, yes you did, kitten. Not to brag, but you're probably the only girl from that auction who came that hard tonight," I said, crawling up to lay next to her. I cuddled up against her side, draping and arm and a leg across her, still leaving her bound to the bedposts. "It's doubtful that any if those men know how to give g-spot orgasms, that's what made you squirt, and if they do, they'd probably lack the patience required to give one."

"I guess I should feel lucky then. I didn't know I could do that," she said thoughtfully. "Honestly I was worried I would have a terrible night when you first bought me, but I'm actually having a good time."

"That's good, kitten, I'm glad," I purred.

"So umm, does this mean we're done for the night?" Sophia asked inquisitively after a brief moment of silence.

"That depends," I answered slyly. "Are you getting tired already?"