Kori Does It All

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I was still in the office well after quitting time running numbers for audits when my supervisor Joe poked his head through the door, he was in his late thirties, looked like a damn Ken doll, just good looking in all the best ways, “Kori what the hell are you still doing here?”

“Just going over reports,” I replied.

“Go home for god sake, this stuff will be here in the morning. Don’t you have someone special to get home to?”

I smiled and nodded.

“I’ll see you tomorrow morning,” he said before leaving.

Someone, to get to? Ha. I didn’t. I lived in a nice little house with my three bisexual roommates Ian, Roger, and Rebecca who spent an enormous amount of time fucking each other all over the house in their free time. 

They were constantly attempting to pull me into their sexual feeding frenzies but I declined. I had my eyes on Joe, but he was engaged. Poor me. It seemed I always took a liking to men that were just out of my reach. I can’t tell you how many times I stayed working late hoping he’d come into my office lock the door and pull his cock out and say, “Give me those pretty lips.”

Yet, after two years of working with him and the most he ever did, was bump into my ass as he passed by the copier. Even then, he apologized profusely. It didn’t bother me. I did get to feel a little of what he was working with. His girlfriend was one lucky lady.

I stopped by a deli to grab something to eat. It was Becca’s turn to cook dinner, but I figured she probably didn’t cook anything. She had not cooked on her last three turns. She’d buy food…mostly stuff I wasn’t into. She was vegan and I wasn’t. 

I had in mind I would go home, sit on the sofa with my club sandwich and watch a little television before going to bed. However, when I opened the door and stepped inside what did I see?

Becca was on the brown leather couch with her ass in the air as Ian stuffed her pussy with his fat white cock and Roger with his cock in her mouth. I made my usual face of annoyance.

“Hey, look Kori is home,” said Ian smiling with all of his pretty white teeth. His skin was olive in tone. His hair was short and black. He was clean-shaven and had gray eyes. 

I waved. Becca was saying something, but I couldn’t understand her. I looked at Roger this tall, basketball player type who was a mix of African American and Dominican, “Could you take your dick out of her mouth for just a second?”

He chuckled and pulled out and she spoke, “Come join us.”

I shook my head, “Naw, maybe some other time. I’m tired and hungry.” I was about to head to my room but I paused, “And make sure y’all wipe off that couch before you go ya nasty asses to bed.”

Roger smiled and pushed his cock back into her pretty little mouth, “10-4.”

I headed to my room. I could still hear them carrying on like wild animals. The grunting, the moaning, the hollering. I put my earbuds in and listened to music. After I ate, I went for a shower and then back to bed. I lay there trying to relax when Becca barged into my room wearing her panties and a tank. She crawled into bed next to me and I eyed her with confusion, “Girl what do you want?’

She kissed my cheek and hugged me, “Don’t be like that Kori, you know I love you.”

“Whatever. I’m about to go to sleep.”

Then Ian and Roger walked in without shirts, just their boxers. I looked at the three of them, “Don’t even think about it.”

Becca sat up all cheery, “We have a surprise—”


“We haven’t even told you—”

“If it starts with sur and ends with prise, the answer is always no.”

Ian sat at the foot of my bed massaging my feet, “Kori, you need a serious vacation and we want to take you somewhere nice for your birthday next week.”

“Does it involve me fucking the three of you?”

Roger laughed, “Well, yeah that’s the best part.”


Becca started tickling me, “Come on…we’ll do anything if you say yes.”

In my mind, I knew I had to come up with something they would never be able to accomplish. I smiled, “If you three could go a whole week without fucking all over the house and do your chores…then I’d gladly fuck all three of you for a whole weekend doing every nasty little trick in the book.”

Roger smiled, “Oral, anal, threesome, foursome, double penetration, all that and more?”

I nodded, “Yeah, all that and then some. I can say it confidently because you three horny fuckers aren’t going to a whole week without me catching you fucking in the living room or kitchen. And this one won’t cook and you two aren’t going to keep the bathrooms clean…because I’m always doing it.”

Ian sucked my big toe and said, “Prepare to give up that ass, girl!”

They left my bedroom sure they could master the challenge.

One week later…

I was sitting in the living room on a Thursday night when Ian walked in and sat next to me. I turned and looked at him. He had this huge smile on his face. I furrowed my eyebrows, “what?”

“It’s been a week; your birthday is this Saturday and we are going to fuck your brains out.” 

I squinted; a week had gone by. How was I going to get out of it? Becca had just walked in with Roger, “Tomorrow is the big day, bags are packed we are ready!”

“Now, hold up—”

She placed her hand on her hip, “You said you would, no taksies backsies, we are waxing that ass this weekend my friend. I suggest you get prepared.”

I stood up, “I can’t. I never requested the time off. I didn’t think you’d be able to make a whole week.”

“And yet, we did,” said Roger.

“Besides, I already talked to Joe, he said you can take off this weekend. He said you need to get laid,” added Becca.

“He did not say that.”

“Not in those exact words, he did say you were uptight and needed to relax. And a weekend of serious fucking will have you walking on a cloud…like me. Why do you think I’m always so happy? It’s the power of the mighty O.”

Roger placed his finger on my lips, “Every nasty little thing and then some,” he grinned. 

I rolled my eyes, “I’m going to my room.” I walked off.

“Tomorrow, love we leave first thing in the morning!” I heard Ian belted out.

When morning arrived, Becca wasted no time coming into my room with an outfit she had picked out, “Wear this,” she said tossing a red shirt dress on my bed with a red thong. “Fucking will commence shortly; our ride is on the way.”

After getting dressed and eating breakfast, we were ready to roll. Becca looked out the front window, “The party bus has arrived,” she squealed. She walked over to me and gave me a quick kiss on my lips and squeezed my ass, “Let’s go my little caramel crunch.”

I had to gather myself for a moment. Ian whispered into my ear, “You did say—”

“Yeah, I know. I know Ian.” 

He pulled me close and kissed my mouth, “We are going to have a great time.”

I walked outside and saw this bus that could hold at least 15 people, “Why do we need a bus that big for four people?”

“Look inside,” Becca said.

I went into the bus and saw a bunch of familiar faces. Our next-door neighbor Paulo this Brazilian man and his wife Trisha, another neighbor Peter, and low and behold, my supervisor Joe with his fiancé Marley.

He flashed that million-dollar smile, “Couldn’t miss your big 28th birthday celebration, you remember Marley, my fiancé?”

“Yes,” I said as I shook her hand. Now, this was both exciting and awkward. Working with Joe was not going to be the same after the weekend.

He whispered to me before I sat, “This will be our little secret.”

I nodded. I didn’t plan on telling anyone and if his fiancé was okay with a planned orgy then I planned on sucking the skin off his dick and riding his cock until my back ached. He had no idea that I had plenty of sexual energy pent up.

We were all seated in this pimped-out bus, which had food, wine, a stripper pole, music, and velvet seats. The partition closed and shortly we were on the road headed to the marina for a weekend on a yacht.

The drinks were poured. One bottle after another we got drank various wines. I was finally starting to loosen up. I laughed as I watched Becca and Marley on the stripper pole. They were kissing and fondling each other. Joe sat next to me watching his woman kiss my roommate. I could see his cock bulging against the shorts he wore.

Peter and Paulo were fondling Trish. Each had one of her tits in their mouth while she stroked both of their cocks. It did look sexy. I was getting aroused. My pussy got wetter with everything I saw. 

Ian and Roger were engaged in a heavy dose of kissing and stroking each other’s cocks. That wasn’t unusual for me. I had seen them fuck numerous times. 

I turned to Ken and smiled. He smiled. “Looks like everyone is having a good time.”

I nodded. His hand touched my chin and he turned my head. Our lips touched and I couldn’t help but smile. 

“Don’t be shy girl, kiss him like you mean it!” said Marley as she was standing by the pole fingering Becca with delight. Becca bit her lip. She looked so at ease. I admired how free she was.

When I turned to look at Joe, he didn’t waste time sticking his tongue in my mouth. His kisses were divine, so slow and passionate. His hand crept under my dress and found my pearl. He made tiny circles while gazing into my eyes. I panted and moaned softly. I felt when his fingers penetrated.

“You can touch me,” he said.

I pulled out his cock and stroked it. Our lips touched again and we were stroking each other nicely. I heard sounds of moans from Trisha. I looked over and saw her husband Paulo had her sitting on his cock in reverse as Peter stood in front getting his knob polished to perfection.

Becca had taken a seat on Roger’s cock. Marley looked over and saw me and Joe enjoying ourselves too much, so she walked over, “Thanks for warming him up.”

He looked disappointed. I could tell he wanted my mouth on his cock. But she was already sitting on it and kissing his mouth. 

Ian summoned me. I scooted over to him. I was nervous. He got between my legs and feasted. Licking the folds and tasting my already dripping honey. I pulled his hair and bit my lip. Becca got a kick out of watching Ian eat me out. She dismounted Roger and began licking my tits, kissing my mouth, and playing with my pussy. Roger got behind her and spoon fucked her as she kissed me. 

Ian got on his knees and pushed his fat long cock into my pussy. I watched as it disappeared inside of me. “Fuck,” I said taking all of him in and seeing my little cunt getting stretched. He leaned in and kissed my mouth. His cock pressing against my walls was enough to make me cream, I let out a loud moan from the pit of my belly as I climaxed gripping his arms and shaking.

“Yeah, that’s it, Kori,” he said as he fucked me faster and later erupted. He pulled out and cum leaked from me. I was still shaking. He smiled, “Nice work.”

The yacht party began with everyone getting naked. As a gift to me, I got to ride each cock for one minute before the full-on orgy began. I hopped on Peter first, thirty-two-year-old white man, slender-built nice banana of a cock. I loved the curvature of his cock. It was hitting at angles I didn’t know were possible.

Next up, Paulo the afro Brazilian. His cock looked like a huge sausage. I had fun riding his cock as he sucked my modest-sized breasts with delight. When it was time for me to move on, he held me in place for twenty additional seconds.

I hadn’t tried Roger yet. I saw that he was eager for me to sit on his cock. He had a long penis, a nine-inch veiny shaft. I got to see why Becca loved fucking him all the time. I loved how he held my ass and thrust upward in my pussy causing me to cream all over his shaft.

Then there was Ian. She smiled as I mounted him. He was a tits man. I loved how he methodically sucked my nipples as I rocked my hips devouring his cock. 

Lastly, there was Joe. I couldn’t wait to mount his thick cock. Marley was busy fucking Paulo so she couldn’t block me fucking her man. I hurried and sat on his cock smiling inside as I glided down his shaft to the base. I paused and savored every inch of him. He smiled before pulling me in for a nasty wet kiss. He held the back of my neck and thrust up rapidly. “Fuck, shit, yes,” I exclaimed with every thrust. He was saving that fuck just for me. And even after the minute was up I stayed on his cock. I wanted his cum inside of me.

“That’s longer than a minute,” said Ian. 

We ignored him and kept fucking to our heart’s content. My pussy throbbed on his cock, He stood up and bounced me on his shaft. “Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, “yes, fuck, yes,” I said again. I felt him tighten. He was cumming inside.

“Fuuuuuck!” he said as it drained out of him into me. He set me down, his cock dripped with a small amount of cum and my pussy leaked. We turned and saw his fiancé looking at us. She shrugged. We were there for an orgy, what did she expect.

Later that night, Becca, Ian, and Roger joined me in my cabin. They wanted to fuck. “Aren’t you three tired?” I asked.

They all gave me the same look, which meant it was time to fuck again. Becca lay on top of me our clits rubbed. It felt nice and I hated that I liked it so much. Roger took turns penetrating her pussy and mine; he gave us ten to twenty strokes before he’d pull out. I was getting used to his cock. I squeezed my pussy on it and held tight, “Fuck Kori,” he said. He didn’t want to pull out anymore. He continued to stroke me good. 

Becca had her mouth full of Ian’s cock. He held her hair to the side and watched her work. Occasionally he’d lean over to kiss me. It was hot, sweaty, and nasty. All those times they had asked me to join them and I said, “No.” I had been missing out on the best sexual experiences of my life.

I felt Roger’s cadence quicken. He was on the verge of filling with his hot cum. He grunted and let it shoot into me letting out a long moan as he twitched. He pulled out and lay on the bed panting.

Ian pulled out of Becca’s mouth and lay down. He reached for me and I sat on his cock. Becca sat on his face. Becca and I kissed; her hands were in my hair. I licked her peach nipples one after the other. I was in a zone. I wanted more. I wanted it all. I wanted it nasty. After Ian left me drenched, we all passed out in a heap.

The next morning, I found Joe talking with the captain who everyone called Bo. I wondered if Bo wanted to join the fun. He looked like he did. I started kissing Joe while looking at this older gentleman with silver hair. I could see his cock filling. He dropped his pants and got closer.

They each suckled my nipples while playing with my pussy. I could feel their fingers tracing the folds and slipping inside. I was sopping wet. Bo went down and lubed me up even more with his saliva from the front to the back preparing me for my first double penetration. I couldn’t wait.

Bo pushed his cock into my wet pussy first and Joe went to the rear; he surveyed and poked my hole until it gave way. I grunted and groaned until I settled into the feeling. Both men moved at different cadences. Bo was slow and methodical while sucking my entire left tit and Joe’s thrust was even and steady. I was in pure heaven.

Marley happened upon us. She couldn’t help but smile. She toyed with her clit as she watched the men fill me with their huge cocks stroking me to perfection. It had been years since I had a good fuck and in two days I was making up for the lost time. I smiled as she watched me take on her fiancé and the captain. It was my birthday. The beginning of summer and I was going to do it all!