The 30 Fucks of April, Day 1

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It was January when I received a call from my supervisor to meet him in his office. He was a regular-looking guy of average build. He had this habit of rubbing his chin and grunting before he was about to deliver unpleasant news. 

As soon as I stepped into his office and I saw the chin rub, my heart sank. Was it about to happen to me, I wondered? Five people had already been laid off due to budget cuts. I couldn’t afford to lose my job. 

“Argghhh,” he said almost as if he was having an orgasm. It was a weird thing he did, “unfortunately Yolanda, we have to let you go.” 

I nodded. What else could I do? 

“I’m sorry about this,” he said looking at my tits as he often did. He never tried anything with me or any of the other women Yet his eyes were always glaring like he wanted to lick up and down my slit without regard for time. A few times I wondered how his sex game was.

I stood, “No worries, it’s not your fault. I understand.”

He eyed me with a devilish grin, “You know, Yolanda, you’re a pretty girl, I’m sure there are other ways you could make a lot of money.”

I tilted my head, “Excuse me?”

His cheeks flushed red, “Oh no…I wasn’t trying to offend. It’s just, I have a girlfriend and she has a website where people…men and women pay to see her do things.”


He smiled, “She makes tons of money. We’re buying a house at the end of April.”

I nodded. He wrote a website down on a piece of paper and handed it to me. I gave a half-smile and proceeded to exit.

“I’d pay to see you,” he blurted out.

It did make me chuckle inside. He wasn’t a bad-looking guy. Dark brown hair, stood at five feet eight inches tall. Most women liked men six feet or better, but since I was only five feet six inches, he was plenty tall for me. Too bad he had a girlfriend I thought. 

I left his office and went to my cubicle to clean out my area. I said goodbye to the few co-workers that remained on that I knew personally. I’m sure they wondered if they would be next.

Home. Nothing special. A three-bedroom condo that my mother owned and would visit on vacation three times a year. It was perfect. All I had to do was keep up the utilities, but no job meant, my savings would dwindle fast if I didn’t devise a plan.

Aiden’s words reverberated in my mind, “You’re a pretty girl, I’m sure there are other ways you could make money.”

I was pretty. Cocoa brown skin, high cheekbones, natural highlights, my face the perfect oval. I knew I was pretty, but I often shied away from relationships. I didn’t dress fancy or wear makeup, which meant, I went unnoticed most of the time.

I pulled up the website. It was interesting. You pay a fee to see people do all sorts of things. Could I do something like that? I didn’t want anyone I knew to get wind of it…mainly my mother.

I could create an alter-ego and channel her kinky side and be as wild as I wanted. I was always a creative child…my mind started spinning. “Oh, I could have fun with this,” I said to myself.

I had a blonde wig that I always wanted to wear, but never dared to do so as Yolanda, but what if I was Ari. She could wear that wig. I gave a grin. I put the wig on and watched the luscious waves cascade down my back.

I had soft brown eyes that appeared golden in the sun. However, I did have green contacts. I put them in and made up my face. I put on a cute red lace bra and panty set. I looked at my body. Curves to die for, lips full, skin flawless, cute brown freckles on my nose. I looked like an exotic beauty. 

I set up my profile, Wet & Wild Ari. I took a picture of myself all dressed up in my alter-ego’s attire and loaded up the picture. Of course, it would take a day to be approved before I could start making any money. I submitted everything and the next morning I received notification that I was approved.
I started by posting sexy pictures, which got a lot of views, and by the end of February, I had a steady stream of funds rolling. I wondered how far I could go. The pictures and short videos of me doing BDSM role play were nice, but I wanted to do something that would take my page to the next level.

I saw some people had sex videos. They looked fun. Most didn’t show faces, only hot steamy passionate sex or raw hot fucking. I was down to do either. I wanted to do it in a fun way to draw viewers in…

In March, I crafted my plan…Hey Journal, The 30 Fucks of April. It would entail me having a hot encounter each day of the month in April, and uploading the videos with some interesting commentary behind each. 


Hey Journal…April 1st, 2022. Today I was out enjoying a nice breeze in the park. When I saw this big guy walking casually through the park. He looked like he could have played football once upon a time. His frame was wide, yet he had this fit look about him. 

He wore gray shorts which showed off his nice bulging calves. His skin was this awesome olive hue. His hair was blonde and cut low almost like a fade. As he walked by, I couldn’t help but notice his massive hands and the nice bulge in the front of his shorts.

He must have a big boy down there, I thought. Plus, he had that big dick walk…just this air of confidence fueled by knowing he could blow someone back clean out or stretch out some poor woman’s pussy until it looked like an old worn-out t-shirt. I hoped I could be that lucky lady.

When he smiled at me flashing his pretty white teeth, I bit my lip and returned a flirty smile. I could tell he was into black girls by the way he sized me up. He paused, “Hey, how are you?”

“I’m well, I hope you are?”

He nodded, “Are you new to the area, I haven’t seen you around before.”

I had seen him on a few occasions. However, now that I was playing this vixen Ari, he finally noticed me. “I’ve been around,” I replied.

We talked for a little and arranged a date. We met for drinks at a local bar and drank until we were shit-faced. As we sat at the bar, I felt his strong hand creep up my inner thigh. He placed his finger on my clit and made tiny circles as we sat there.

Our eyes were locked and he strummed my clit. I smiled at how kinky he was being in public. I felt his finger slip past my panties. He made traces along my folds getting me wetter with each stroke.

He pushed his finger in slowly. My heart raced. I could feel the juices squishing inside. He continued to push, then added another finger. He watched as my lip quivered. He grinned, “I would love to taste you.”

“Would you do it on camera?” I asked jokingly just to get a reaction.

He grinned, “If you want me to.”

“I have a website. I’m journaling my sexual experiences throughout April for my viewers. The one with the most views…I’ll bring on as a regular.” I smiled.

He laughed uneasily at first, still fingering my pussy, when my leg shook and I squeezed his hand between my thighs, he stopped and pulled out his finger and tasted it, “So you want me to fuck you on camera.”

“You think you can handle it?” I asked. 

He chuckled, “I’m packing a lot of meat,” he said as he touched his crotch showing me the imprint of his massive cock. Mind you, the most cock I had ever taken on was about six inches. He looked like he had at least nine maybe more. I figured, why not start April off with a huge bang.

We got back to my place in a special room I had set up for freaky shit. The camera rolled and we were naked. I sat on his chest while massaging that ridiculous cock that was ten inches and had six and three-quarters inches of girth…and yes, I measured it because, why the fuck not. Inquiring minds had to know.

I couldn’t house all that cock in my mouth. I let a glob of saliva drip down and worked it in from the tip down the shaft. I got half of him past my lips before my lips were stretched to capacity. There was no way I could deep throat him.

“Let me taste that pussy,” he said pulling me onto his mouth with ease. He pulled my ass cheeks apart so wide, that I thought he was trying to see into my cavities. His tongue glided along from my clit to my ass. Then I felt his tongue penetrating me so divinely. I started humping his mouth. I sat up while holding his cock in my hand. I was close to dripping honey on his lips. “Fuck,” I said when it happened.

He slapped my ass signaling me to ride his cock. I turned around so I could look into his beautiful soft blue eyes. I placed his tip at the entrance and eased down not even getting a quarter of his cock in before pausing. I took a deep breath.

“Come on girl, I thought you said you wanted this dick,” he joked.

I did. I had to adjust myself to get more of his cock inside of my tight little pussy. I used my fingers to spread my lips wider, opened my hips wider, and began to ease down little by little. He pulled me into him, pulled my ass open wide, and began thrusting upward.

He whispered into my ears, “You know I’m going to tear this little pussy up, right?”

I believed him. He pushed his cock in deeper with each thrust causing my pussy to open wider. When I started bucking on his cock, he smiled, “Yeah that’s it. Take this dick.” 

I was in a nice rhythm moving up and down, then he flipped me ending up on top. He pressed my legs open into a split and had me yelping, whining, crying, and begging for him to wait, but he kept stroking. I pushed at his waist and tried to get away, but he pulled me back in place. Steadied my hips, and went a little slower. Allowed me to calm down and catch my breath. 

He released my legs and began to grind slowly looking down into my eyes. Multiple orgasms rained down on me as I wrapped my arms around his large frame and cried. He had the kind of dick that would make you lose your mind and do stupid shit. Like, show up at his job flipping tables. And best of all his stroke game was impressive.

“You gone remember this dick, in 30 days, I’ll be back.”

I loved how cocky he was. That shit was sexy. I nodded, “Yes, yes, fuck yes, keep wearing my pussy out.”

He pulled out, “Turn over,” he commanded. 

I was on my knees bent over. He spread me wide, “Damn, I got you stretched,” he commented before plunging deep inside and ramming quickly pulling my hips into him with each thrust. “Are you on the pill?”


“I’m cumming in your pussy,” he informed me before grunting and letting it flow. I felt his cock throbbing inside of me. It felt warm. We were both humming and panting. When he pulled out, my pussy was gaping open with cum dripping off my labia. He slapped my ass and went to the bathroom.

I collapsed on the bed, “Fuck,” I said to myself. After fucking Mr. Monster Cock, I was damn ear hooked. Yet I had a mission, twenty-nine more days. Until next time…