Run My Mouth

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I looked up from where I was perched, still lazily lying on the bed, relishing the feel of the smooth 400 thread count Egyptian cotton on my bare ass, the ass that had received a mighty pounding less than an hour ago. The mirror always told the truth, I was always told, and the mirror told the story of a very satisfied bottom indeed. I dragged my vision away from the mirror’s reflection of my puffy cummy hole, with the dregs of semen still running down my taint, and watched with a deep sense of accomplishment as Jake sauntered in from the bathroom, wiping down the shower from his tight body. For now his cock, the cock of my nightly dreams, lay sated against his thigh, but I detected a slight chubbing up as his eyes ran down the planes of my body, making an involuntary stop where his cum was dripping between my succulent thighs.

“I’m sorry I have to go, but Carol’s expecting me for a dinner.”

“Another one of milady’s functions?” He heard the slight tone of resentment in my voice, and decided to tread lightly. He smiled and nodded. 

“One of her friends is having a baby.”

The talk of dinner parties and baby showers seemed so out of place in our love nest, so…. so straight. Compare this to say thirty minutes ago when Jake had his tongue so far up my asshole he was probably tasting my pancreas, and the way he skillfully brought me to a premature orgasm simply by repeatedly licking on the slit of my cock. Not to say anything, but it just went to show that sexuality, like most natural things, was very fluid.

He was now wearing his shirt, a baby blue oxford, the one that I bought surreptitiously without Carol’s knowledge. He was very touched when I gave him the shirt somewhat nonchalantly just before he departed for his honeymoon, and had proceeded to give me a very satisfying deep farewell fuck - farewell for two weeks. He was still naked on his bottom, and his high and taut ass was a marvel to look at, not that I was interested in any way - total bottom here, folks.

I rose and walked to where he was standing, and took his cock in my soft grip. I gave him a smile, as I parted the slit of his cock head and rubbed my finger in the slight indent. In minutes he was already dripping precum, again. “Hey, I really have to go.”

“What’s stopping you?” I replied cheekily as I tightened my grip on his cock. “Other than my hand, that is.”

He bent down and brought my lips in for a searing kiss. “Stop it, or I’ll be late for Carol.”

“Instead of talking babies with a bunch of nobodies, why don’t you fuck a baby in me?”

He smiled that dazzling toothy grin complete with a deep dimple, strangely only on his left cheek, that had first intrigued me to him when Carol first introduced us that summer long ago. “You know that’s not physiologically possible.”

“Humm, you doctors and your pissy Greek. If you keep fucking - rubbed his slit, and he groaned slightly - me, maybe I’ll get pregnant first before Carol.” The moment the words left my mouth I knew I made a mistake. His eyes turned cold even as his cock throbbed warmly in my grasp. I compensated by making a show of eating his precum, sweet and slightly sour, with a lavender aftertaste. 

Silly me to run my mouth like that.

“You know what. You’re right.” I looked up at him, surprised at his turnaround. “I don’t need talks of babies right now. What I need is - poked his finger, the one with his wedding ring, into the crevice of my still-wet ass - your hole, your fucking soft, warm hole.”

I giggled as he brought back his finger and put it into my mouth. I felt the cold metal of his ring hitting my soft palate as he let me taste the vestiges of his cum coating his fingers - his after-semen, if you would. It tasted electric, like the sea on a dark night, only earthier with my own musk. I licked it down his finger and stabbed my tongue between his thumb and his index, his personal turn-on place.

I knew Carol first, back from when we studied together. I fell by the sideways and turned into my real passion, writing, but she persevered and became an aesthetician, a dream came true for her. We remained friends, but there was a slight aloofness in the woman, probably from the fact that I had failed where she had succeeded, so she thought. I had the last laugh, albeit furtively, when I managed to snag her handsome surgeon husband in my mouth and between my thighs regularly for the past year or so. 

I would tell you it was not an easy journey to arrive where we were now, him crouched down behind my ass, tongue wriggling into my depths and the hairless vicinity, while I was furiously masturbating against the mirror’s petulant gaze. Jake even thought I was straight at first, and I did not bother to correct him, until he found himself one day in my apartment, warm and sweaty after intense work-out, and unbelievably horny, when on a whim I reached over and fondled his cock, and proceeded to rock his world - four loads safe and sound in my ever so slightly flat tummy. 

He had opened his shirt, his baby blues, my gift, and the way the fabric framed his masculine torso was no less than inspiring to me. He laid down on the bed as I swallowed his cock, prepping it for my hole. Five minutes later we both groaned as his cock slithered back into my warmth, my darkness, my secret. It was my middle finger to Carol, my crowning achievement, to have her husband’s cock in my asshole. 

“Fuck, you always feel like silk when I fuck you. The tightest, warmest silk.”

I moaned against his pec and fluttered my ass against the pole of his cock. “You say the strangest, loveliest things.”

“I do, don’t I. Maybe I should quit being a surgeon and be a writer, like you.”

“Then Carol would see no use for you, and you and I can be together.”

“Fuck baby, fuck, I’d like that.” I chuckled even as I groaned as I felt his cock nudge against my pussy button. It was just sex talk but it was so arousing and powerful to have a surgeon at the top of his game willing to throw it all to have sex with me.

“No, I think I’ll keep you married to Carol, that way I can send you back home knowing your cock had been in my pussy.” I rose up, and started riding Jake’s cock for all my worth. “Whose pussy is better? Whose pussy is better??”

“Yours, it’s yours, baby!”

“Whose pussy is best?”

“Fuck, it’s yours, I’m cumming, cumming up your tight best pussy MMNNNNGGGGHHHH!”

“Fuck, so warm, so hot.”