The Virtue Auction, Ch. 3

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Before Sophia could react, I stepped in and pulled her close with my free hand around her waist. I leaned my head down and passionately kissed her. My tongue prodded her lips until she parted them and let my tongue into her mouth. I could still taste the sweetness of the wine on her tongue as she gave in to my kiss. With my other hand, I turned the wand on. It hummed to life and I thrust it between her legs even as we stood. A squeak of surprise escaped her lips, followed by a moan muffled by the kiss. She reached her arms around me in a hug, pressing her breasts against mine.

My lips left hers, traveling down to her delicate neck, but stopping to nibble gently at her earlobe first. I kissed and nipped at her neck while pressing the wand against her clit. The vibrations were on the lowest setting to ease her into it, but it was enough to get quite a good reaction out of her.

"Oh my god," I heard Sophia say under her breath.

I felt her legs tremble and she held onto me a bit tighter.

"Do you like that?" I whispered.

"Y-yes Miss R-Rose," she stammered. "That feels really good."

"And we're only just getting started," I purred.

The warmth of skin to skin contact was almost too good to let go of, but I backed away suddenly, vibrator still buzzing away in my hand. It almost looked as if Sophia's pale white skin was glowing in the soft moonlight shining through the window. I took a brief moment to admire her subtle curves as she breathed heavily, waiting to see what came next.

"Lay down on the bed," I commanded.

I smiled as she moved without hesitation now. She seemed eager to obey. Sophia crawled onto the bed and positioned herself in the middle, face up.

"Like this?" She asked.

"Yes, good girl," I said, climbing up and crawling over to her.

I sat next to her and used the buzzing wand to trace lines up and down her lithe body. From one thigh, up to her hip, over her stomach, to her breast. I circled the wand around one nipple, then across her chest to the other, watching them tighten up into little, hard pebbles. Then drew the wand back down again to her other thigh. Even in the dim light I could see goosebumps forms all over her skin from the light touch of the vibrator. I returned the wand to her clit and was rewarded with a beautiful gasp of pleasure.

I pressed the head of the wand a little firmer against her sensitive nub, massaging little circles. I used my free hand to explore her body, gently rubbing her tight stomach and kneading each breast. I could see Sophia's eyes close as she tilted her head back, lost in enjoying the love and attention I was showing her. Soon her hips began to buck slightly, wanting more pressure, so I obliged and raised the intensity of the vibrations a tick.

"Mmmf, oh that feels so good," she moaned.

I watched Sophia intently, trying to look for signs that she might be getting close to climax. The ragged, shortened breaths. Moans increasing in pitch, frequency, and volume. The flushed skin on her chest. It was likely that even though she claimed to have experienced orgasms before, she might not be able to recognize when she was close, but I'd made enough women cum that I was a pretty good judge of that.

"Communication is key, my little kitten," I said, watching Sophia writhe under the wand. I took one nipple between my thumb and forefinger and gently tweaked it. "I need you to tell me when you're close, ok? Don't forget about my rules."

"Nnng, yes ma'am, oooh!" Sophia moaned.
Suddenly I pulled the wand away and pinched her nipple hard, giving it a twist. Sophia yelped loudly from the pain.

"What did I just say?" I asked sternly, still tightly holding her nipple, twisting it a little more.

"I'm sorry!" Sophia cried out, squirming to get away from my grasp but I held on. "Miss Rose I'm sorry!"

Part of me had been hoping she would break a rule so early. The weekend wouldn't be nearly as fun if I didn't get to punish her from time to time. And if it turned out that she liked the pain, she might even intentionally break them moving forward, so finding out early was key. Plus it let her know what to expect when she's been a bad girl.

"This is the kind of punishment you get for breaking my rules, do you understand, Sophia?" I warned.

"I understand, Miss Rose," Sophia said through gritted teeth.

"Good," I said as I let go, "and it will only get harsher the more rules you break."

The look of ecstasy from a few moments ago had disappeared from her face, and the anxiety and fear of the unknown had returned. Sophia was beginning to realize just how easy it was to forget something so simple as saying the right name when you're lost in the moment. She had probably been so close to climaxing too, ready to burst when I ripped it away without warning, so it probably wouldn't take long to get her back on the edge. Before continuing, I looked at the clock over on my night stand and made note of the time, it was important for the other part of her punishment.

"Now, be a good girl and tell me when you get close, ok? And remember to ask permission," I reminded her.

"Yes, Miss Rose," Sophia nodded.

I returned the still buzzing wand to her now pink and swollen clit. The sound it made was noticeably wet from all the juices collecting between her lips. As I firmly massaged her clit, I leaned down to suck on the nipple I had twisted. Sophia arched her back slightly and moaned, but it sounded a bit more restrained than before as if she was afraid to lose her focus. It wasn't long before I felt her bucking against the wand again.

"I think I'm... Miss... Miss Rose..." Sophia said between moans and gasps. "May I cum now please?"

I pulled my head away from her nipple and glanced at the clock again.

"No, you may not," I said plainly, but did not pull the vibrator away.

"Ooohhh," Sophia whined, squeezing her eyes shut.

"Your punishment comes in multiple forms, pain and denial," I explained. "This first time is short, only five minutes, but it will get longer just like the pain will get worse."

Despite telling her no, I didn't stop rubbing her clit with the wand. I wanted to see if she'd be able to fight it. I doubted she could, and knew I'd probably have to ruin her first orgasm of the weekend, which was a shame, but such is life.
Sophia started to squirm more, but rather than bucking her hips against the wand, she was trying to get away from it. She was struggling to hold back, which was expected given her experience level.

"Miss Rose, please!" She whimpered, gripping the sheets so hard her knuckles were turning white.

"No, you are not allowed to cum yet. You better not cum without my permission! You hear me?" I warned.

"But I can't... I'm... oh my god... I'm gonna..." Sophia panted heavily.

Once again I pulled the wand away, turning it off.

"Oh fuck!" Sophia shouted as her eyes shot open.

Her hips bucked wildly against nothing, searching for the stimulation she desperately needed to have a satisfying orgasm. I watched as her pussy throbbed weakly with nothing to sustain the orgasm I'd just ruined. It subsided quickly and Sophia lay panting to catch her breath, confused at what had just happened.

"Ergh, did I just cum?" She groaned.

"Yes, yes you did, without my permission, I might add," I said in a disappointed tone.

"I'm sorry, Miss Rose," Sophia said apologetically. "I couldn't hold it in any longer. I tried. I didn't mean to cum. But how come it felt like that? Like I need to cum again? I thought it was supposed to feel satisfying."

"Because that's what you get when you cum when you're not supposed to, your orgasm gets ruined," I explained.

Sophia still looked confused, "Ruined?"

"Yes, you'll understand what I mean when you obey me like a good girl and wait till I give you permission, then you'll see the difference," I explained. "But that will have to wait. I want to see what you can do now. I want you to make me cum."

Sophia slowly sat up and reached for the wand, but I pulled it away and set it on my night stand.

"No no, not with a toy," I said. "With your fingers, or your tongue, or both. Try everything, but don't stop until you make me cum."

Sophia paused for a long moment, seemingly scared and obviously clueless about how to even begin pleasuring me. I took the opportunity to position myself how I felt most comfortable on the bed. I sat leaning back against the headboard with a pillow wedged under the small of my back and my legs spread to a comfortable width, knees propped up in the air. I saw Sophia's gaze get drawn to my womanhood as I spread my legs. She stared at it for a long moment, thinking about what to do first.

It was clear she didn't have the same sexual urge that I did when I saw her pussy on display, but she did look curious. I could almost see the gears turning in her head. It was one thing to be the recipient of pleasure from the gender you're not attracted to, but to give pleasure is a whole different ballgame. Sophia could simply close her eyes and forget that I was a woman as I fingered her, imagine that my hand belonged to handsome, chiseled man instead. But she could not do the same now that the roles were reversed. She could not imagine she was jerking a cock instead of fingering my pussy no matter how hard she tried.

"Go on then, it's not gonna hurt you," I smiled, trying to ease her into it. "My anatomy is the same as yours, only a bit older and more mature. Like I said before, do what feels good to you. Why don't you start with your fingers? If I don't like what you're doing, I'll tell you, it's no big deal. I know this is your first time, so obviously I don't expect you to be an expert."

I grabbed another pillow and set it against the headboard to my right, then patted the plush mattress with my hand, beckoning her over to my side.

"Come here, sit next to me," I said warmly.

Sophia crawled on her hands and knees, positioning herself next to me. She sat sideways against the headboard, propped up on one elbow with the pillow wedged under her side. She reached out with her other hand, hesitated, then gently touched my stomach. Her hand was warm, and she let it linger there for a moment, probably trying to decide which way to go first, up to my breasts, or down to my pussy.

Finally I made the decision for her. I gently grabbed her wrist and guided her hand up to my left breast. I gave my own breast a squeeze with her hand under mine. It looked much larger in her petite hand than it really was, and was still quite firm despite my age. Certainly not near the firmness of Sophia's, but for a woman nearly twice her age I was quite proud of my tits.

I took my hand away and let Sophia continue on her own. I shifted a little where I sat, angling myself towards her to give her a little better access. I looked over at her and made eye contact as she squeezed and massaged my plump breast, smiling to let her know it felt good. I leaned in towards her face, getting close but not touching to see if she's catch the hint. Sure enough, she craned her neck and kissed me.

"Good girl," I whispered between her delicate kisses.

Her kisses grew more passionate, and she began to use her tongue. I gladly accepted it into my mouth and our tongues danced together, albeit somewhat awkwardly due to her inexperience. But she learned quickly, mimicking the motions of my tongue with hers while she continued to knead my breast. I had to restrain myself from taking control and having my way with her.

After a few more moments enjoying Sophia's kisses, I pulled back a bit. She craned forward some more, as if to keep kissing but stopped and bit her lower lip, looking sheepish when she realized I stopped on purpose. Wordlessly, I put one finger up to her moist lips and then pointed to my other breast. Sophia took the hint quickly, shifted her body down a bit and leaned over to kiss my nipple. She stuck her tongue out and licked a circle around it, then flicked it gently.

I sucked in a short gasp and Sophia paused, looking up for approval. I gave her a slight nod and smiled. She went back to work, licking in circles, up and down, and side to side as it hardened quickly. I wrapped my arm under and around her, placing my hand between her shoulder blades and sliding it up her neck to the back of her head. I combed my fingers into her long, thick black hair and massaged her scalp, pushing her face into my bosom. Sophia latched her lips around my nipple and sucked gently. I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan, enjoying the attention she was giving me. I was impressed by how quickly she seemed to be picking it up.

"Mmm, you're doing so good, kitten," I purred. "Do you like sucking on my tits?"

"Mm-hmm," Sophia hummed without taking my nipple out of her mouth.

It was impossible to tell if she was genuine or just appeasing me, but I didn't actually care. It was the response I wanted to hear. With my free hand, I took hers, which was still massaging my breast and guided it downward to my soaking wet mound. I parted my lips with her fingers to let her feel just how aroused I was. She stopped sucking and looked up in surprise.

"Oh my god!" Sophia exclaimed.

"Yes, kitten, I've been this wet since long before you even started touching me," I explained, trying to boost her confidence a little. "You are gorgeous, and sexy, and I've wanted nothing more than to get you naked in my bed and have my way with you since the moment I first saw you at that auction. And now that I have you here, I almost don't want you to ever leave."

Sophia's eyes went wide in panic at the thought of being my legal property until I decided I was tired of her.

"Relax, I will fulfill the contract eventually, I promise," I said with a sly smile. "But whether that's tomorrow, Sunday, or next week, who's to say when I'll feel like ending it. And even after the terms are complete, that doesn't necessarily mean our relationship has to end either. But we can talk about that later. For now, just focus on the task at hand, so be a good girl and make Miss Rose cum."

"Yes, Miss Rose," Sophia replied dutifully.

She nervously went back to sucking my nipple, and slowly began to slide her fingers up and down my wet slit. I kind of enjoyed making her a little uncomfortable every time she got into a groove. It was more fun that way and kept things interesting. It would feel too much like a casual one night stand if Sophia grew too comfortable too quickly. I wasn't paying over a million dollars for a one night stand I could get for free.

I let out a long, low pitched moan and leaned my head back against the headboard as Sophia worked her hand over my sex, spreading my juices around. I let her explore a bit longer as it seemed like she was searching for my clit. At least she had the right idea and was starting to figure things out without my guidance. Eventually she found it, and I let out a gasp to let her know.

"That's it, kitten," I cooed, quite enjoying using the pet name I'd chosen for her. She was young, tiny, and timid, yet curious just like a kitten. It was fitting, and she seemed to respond well to it.

She started rubbing my clit in circles, just like I'd done to her earlier. It was clear she'd paid attention and was trying to imitate the things I did to her, but the true test would come when it was time for her to use her tongue because I knew her fingers alone wouldn't be quite skilled enough to bring me to climax. I moaned softly, breathing at a steady rhythm and rocked my hips slightly at the same pace aber fingers moved.

"Just like that, good girl," I encouraged with a breathy voice.

On her own, she switched sides, kissing a trail between the valley of my breasts, rolling slightly on top of me until she took my other nipple into her mouth. Her fingers pressed a bit harder and rubbed a little faster. I responded in kind, breathing faster and more deeply, and moving my hips in time with her hand. I let go of her head and just let her continue like that for a while, enjoying the feel of her inexperienced fingers a bit longer to let her practice until I felt the need for more.
I reached down and guided her fingers to my hole, and pushed the tip of her middle finger inside. Sophia took the hint and pushed deeper. I was so slick that her finger slid inside me effortlessly and I drew in a deep gasp.

"Oh yes, Sophia," I moaned as she began to slowly pump her finger in and out of my wet pussy. "Do you like how that feels?"

"Mm-hmm," she hummed, still sucking gently on my nipple.

Her slender finger felt so good inside me but still left something to be desired. She went slow, straight in and straight out, missing my g-spot entirely so I decided to give her a little more direction.

"Is this how you've fingered yourself before? Don't stop," I asked, opening my eyes to look at her.

"Am I doing it wrong?" She asked in a worried tone, letting go of my nipple as she looked up at me. Her finger still plunged slowly in and out.

"Mmm yes and no, but it's ok, I'll help you," I said soothingly. "Do you know what a g-spot is?"

Sophia nodded.

"Have you ever found yours?"

"I don't think so," she said, shaking her head.

"Ok, so when you push in deep, curl your finger up, and make a motion like you're telling me to come here, like this," I explained, showing her what to do with my middle finger.

On her next thrust I felt her mimic the motion, curling her finger up inside me. I gasped and smiled. She was close, but not quite there.

"Yes, like that, now keep going and feel around until you find a spot that feels a little different, I'll tell you if you hit it."

Sophia did as she was told, curling her finger and searching for my g-spot. After a few moments, she found it and a tingling sensation flooded through my loins.

"Oh fuck, that's it, good girl!" I moaned, letting my head drop back against the headboard with a thunk. My hands clutched the sheets at my sides as I pushed my hips up against her hand.

I didn't see it, but Sophia smiled at my reaction, feeling proud of her accomplishment.

"Keep going. Faster," I urged.

Sophia obliged and began to massage my g-spot with her fingertip, pressing gently against it as she moved her finger. The pace of my breaths quickened and I rocked my hips more vigorously as she worked. Beads of sweat began to form on my forehead as I could feel myself body getting warmer. I felt Sophia move to reposition herself on top of me with her knees between my legs. She went to suck on my nipple again but I put a hand on her head and pushed her down. She didn't resist and soon her face was down where the sweet scent of my juices filled her nose. She hesitated a moment once there, but knew what I wanted and soon I felt her softly kiss my clit. A few more light kisses and then her wet tongue swirled around it.

"Ooooh god yes," I moaned loudly, grabbing a fistful of her hair.

She flicked her tongue over my clit as I held her head down. Her finger continued to rub firmly against my g-spot, and my hips bucked against her face. I was getting close. My back arched, and my toes curled as I felt the tension grow inside me, aching for release.

"You're gonna make me cum, kitten," I said in a strained voice.

Then the first wave of pleasure washed over me as my orgasm hit. My pussy clenched tightly around Sophia's finger as she continued to rub my g-spot. My thighs squeezed her head as she kept lapping my juices. Wave after wave coursed through me, the built up tension all releasing, and after a few blissful seconds my orgasm slowly subsided and I relaxed, panting to catch my breath.

"Did I do it?" Sophia asked, looking up at me with a smile.

Her mouth and chin glistened with my juices as she licked her lips and slowly withdrew her soaking wet finger.

"Yes you did, you've been a very good girl," I said soothingly, stroking her beautiful hair. "Very good indeed."

I motioned for her to come closer and I pulled her in, turning her around so she could lay back with her head on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her to snuggle, her skin slightly sticking to mine from the sweat, and I planted kisses on the top of her head for a bit of aftercare as I breathed deeply.

"How did it taste? Did you like it?" I asked.

"Umm, it was ok," Sophia replied. "I mean, it wasn't bad. Just not quite what I was expecting."

"You've never tasted yourself? Not even just out of curiosity?"

Sophia shook her head.

"That's ok, kitten. You will get used to it. You might even come to like it before long," I said before whispering, "I bet you taste delectable."
I grabbed her wrist and stuck her middle finger into my mouth. I sucked it clean of my cream and juices while moaning softly.

"So, umm, do get anything for being a good girl now?" Sophia asked shyly.

"Oh, bold of you to ask for a reward," I said in surprise. "But, you did do an amazing job for your first time, so I suppose I can give you a little treat."