A Meditation to Heal Women's Sexual Energy

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Aaliyah was a 21 year old African-American girl who lived a pretty average life. She was graduating from university next year and was pretty much focused on the future. She was driving back to her apartment on the way back from classes and parked in her designated space.

Aaliyah went into her apartment and checked her phone. Her friend Mary had whatsapped her about some meditation teacher who could heal women's energy. Mary sounded pretty excited, like she had just had an incredible experience. Mary ended the message by suggesting that Aaliyah also try the healing service and gave the teacher's number.

"Well, that sounds interesting, to say the least" Aaliyah said outloud and texted the number. After exchanging introductions, they set up a phone appointment in an hour.

Aaliyah had studied the idea of chakras, of energy centers in the human body, and from practicing simple breathing exercises over the past few months, had become more conscious and aware of the various energy blocks in her body. She felt a lot of tightness in her stomach and felt there was a lot of suppressed anger in her stomach region. Aaliyah also felt her heart was constricted and that she felt unable to truly love anyone, due to various past experiences.

She sat down and did a breathing exercise for the next 15 minutes, where she timed her breath for 5 seconds. She inhaled for 5 seconds, and held her breath for 5 seconds, and then exhaled for 5 seconds, and finally held her breath empty for 5 seconds, and then started again and inhaled for 5 seconds. She called it a "box breath" since it all four stages of the breath were equal.

Aaliyah felt very clear headed after doing that exercise, as she always did. Finally, the time arrived and the meditation teacher named Sam called her.

Aaliyah answered and was greeted by a deep, calm sounding voice of a man.

After exchanging pleasantries and a bit of brief ice-breaking conversation, Sam told her "Okay, let's begin."

"Are you somewhere you feel comfortable and safe, such as your room?" he asked Aaliyah. She replied in the affirmative.

"Okay, so sit down or lay down, whatever you would like" Sam instructed her and Aaliyah sat down in the indian position, legs crossed.

Aaliyah told him "I am ready" and he replied "Good. Let's do the meditation now."

"Do 10 deep breaths" Sam instructed. Aaliyah breathed in slowly, deeply, and exhaled slowly.

"Deep til your stomach and even below that" Sam added.

"Relax your body" his deep voice told her. Aaliyah could feel herself becoming more and more relaxed with each breath.

"Your shoulders, your chest, stomach... your thighs... Loosen them up." Sam continued. Aaliyah could feel the tension in her shoulders and thighs melting away. 'Wow, what a voice' she thought to herself.

"Now breathe deeply, and feel the energy of your body" Sam instructed. Aaliyah could feel a type of energy which she could only describe as 'ecstasy' spreading throughout her body.

"Feel the energy... coming together in your chest" Sam told her. Aaliyah could feel that warm energy now in her chest, and it felt better than she had felt in a very long time.

"Feel the enrgy... in your chest... and make it move towards the left and the right and in your shoulders" Sam continued. Aaliyah was pleasantly surprised when the energy moved towards both of her shoulders, and noticed that her nipples had become very hard. 'This is incredible' she thought to herself.

"Now make the energy move slowly towards your stomach" the deep voice continued. "Feel it totally... with deep breaths". Aaliyah continued breathing slowly and deeply and felt that energy moving towards her stomach and felt the tightness of her stomach loosening. Many of the energetic blocks of trapped emotions began melting and Aaliyah could feel herself becoming quite emotional.

"Now let it move to your lower back" Sam told her and Aaliyah could feel that warm energy moving towards her lower back, and her back fully relaxed. She could feel a tingling in her spine in that region but she paid no mind to it.

"Now take deeper breaths and smile a little" Sam said, and Aaliyah could feel a genuine smile of contentment spreading across her face. 'This guy is incredible, amazing' she thought silently.

"And make the energy move in your hips... make it move there front and back" Sam continued. Aaliyah could feel that warm energy in her hips and she started moving them as if some divine energy was moving back and forth through her. Aaliyah had never felt this amazing in her whole life and she was simply thrilled with what was now happening.

"Feel your entire vagina and hips with this energy... and loosen yourself up" Sam instructed. Aaliyah suddenly felt an intense heat in her vagina and was now humping the air wildly, like a demon possessed. She was wetter than she had ever been. She could feel the beginning stages of entering into the void as the heat just built up more and more deep inside her vagina.

"Feel it as deeply as you can... and lay down on your bed if you feel like" Sam told her and Aaliyah immediately laid flat and was bucking her hips up and down like a wild animal, the heat starting to burn inside her vagina like a supernova star. She was beginning to wonder if Sam was her twin flame, eternal lover, as the heat neared to consuming her.

"Breathe deeply... and feel me alongside you" Sam told her and Aaliyah could literally feel him next to her, as her climax was right at the edge.

"Your breaths are getting hotter and hotter... hold my hand" the deep voice continued and Aaliyah imagined herself holding Sam's hand, as she was sucked down the tube into orgasmic oblivion and she entered into the void. Aaliyah lost her ego and was no more at that point. She had become the sun and the moon and the stars and the sky.

After what felt like an eternity, Aaliyah returned to earth and Sam told her "Now the meditation is over. You can drink some water if you feel like". Aaliyah's being had been consumed by the light but she felt strong enough to reach over and drink some water from her bottle.

Sam checked to make sure she was back from her eternity of cosmic union, and Aaliyah agreed to another meditation session next week, and the phone call concluded.

Aaliyah texted Mary "That was the most powerful orgasm I had ever had in my entire life. I don't know how but that was simply divine."

Mary texted back "Yea, this is why I wanted you to experience that too. It literally healed my sexual energy which had been blocked" and Aaliyah agreed the same.

Aaliyah put down her phone and couldn't wait for next week's session. She then drifted off to sleep laying on her bed, feeling deeply relaxed for the first time in decades.

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