The Virtue Auction, Ch. 1

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"Welcome to the 66th Annual Virtue Auction, Miss Prescott," the host greeted me as I entered the auction house foyer. "Here is your paddle and name tag. The staging room is to the right, where you can browse the lots before the bidding starts. The auction will be held in the main room straight behind me, and you may sit anywhere you like. Bidding will begin in half an hour. Enjoy!"

I thanked the kind man as I accepted my bidder's paddle with the number 116 on it and clipped the laminated name tag that said "Rose Prescott" onto the lapel of my navy blue business suit as I made my way over to the staging room to see if there was anything I might want this time. This particular auction was different than all the others I'd been to in that the lots being sold were actually people, young women to be more precise. The Virtue Auction was a yearly tradition in my city that started way back in the 1950's. It started off as a local event but quickly grew to international levels with the rich and famous from around the world coming to bid on the virginities of exceptionally beautiful young women. These women were all volunteers, of course, with various reasons for being here. Some had debt they wanted to pay off, some did it as a way to rebel against their parents, and some even saved themselves specifically for this auction in hopes that they might draw in the biggest bid and set the auction record for the most expensive virginity. They were always very desirable women no matter what their reason for being there was, so every girl walked away with an ample sum of money, some even being bought for over a million dollars.

I was one of the few women that came to this event as a buyer. Most of the attendees were wealthy men over the age of 50, which always made me cringe a bit, considering the girls were always under 25, but older than 18 of course. There were a handful of younger, handsome men, but most were still older than even me considering there weren't many millionaires younger than 35 and those who were younger didn't have much interest in this auction. The only other women, besides those being sold, were either the wives of some of the older men looking for a pretty young thing to fill out their threesome, or divorcées in their fifties trying to reinvent themselves after their husbands left them for younger, prettier specimens.

So as an unmarried, successful businesswoman of 34, I certainly stood apart from everyone else. I looked young for my age, but was still too old to look like one of the lots up for auction, yet a little too young to look like a buyer. I remember the first time I came five years ago, I'd worn a beautiful gown and confused quite a few of the older men when they realized I was bidding and not being bid on. It was quite a compliment though that they considered me pretty enough to be grouped among those women despite my age. From then on I decided it best to have a more professional look so as to make it very clear I was not for sale. So today I wore a slim fitting, navy blue suit with a pencil skirt, and a pearl white, silk blouse. My copper red hair was tied tightly in a bun.

I took my time strolling through the staging room where the girls were all on display, looking for ones I might want to bring home with me. Hundreds of women from around the country applied, but only the thirty most beautiful women were chosen. They stood around the outside of the room behind signs displaying pertinent info about them: their name, age, height, weight, bust and waist measurements, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and starting bid. I never understood why they included orientations though. It's not like it mattered to any of the auction goers. If anything, it seemed like the men were more likely to bid higher on the lesbians, whereas I had to admit that I was more drawn to, and willing to pay more for a straight girl. Kind of that forbidden fruit notion I guessed, maybe a power and control thing too.

I paused at a few of the women on display, looking them up and down and reading their signs. They were all clothed in form fitting sexy dresses this year, instead of being naked like they had tried doing last year, which was a shame, but at least the dresses showed their figures quite well. Too many of the sleazy old men couldn't keep their hands to themselves last year, so they ruined it for the rest of us. No matter, sometimes it's better if the best parts are left to the imagination, to be revealed at the perfect moment. As I browsed, I saw a handful of girls that I liked, but a petite, raven haired beauty caught my eye. I read her placard as she posed with a smile for me:

Lot 8: Name - Sophia, Age - 18, Height - 5ft, Weight - 95lbs, Measurements - 32B-25-33, Ethnicity - Caucasian, Sexual Orientation - Straight, Starting bid - $100,000

She was short, fit, small chested but certainly not flat, and her porcelain white skin was the perfect contrast to her long, jet black hair and the sapphire blue satin dress she wore. She was one of the youngest at eighteen, and the icing on the cake was that she was straight too. She would be perfect, so long as I could bid high enough to win her. I figured there was a pretty good possibility that she'd be one of the few that sells for over a million today given her age and petite frame, a price I was more than willing to pay for a beauty such as her.

"Attention ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. The bidding will commence in five minutes," the auctioneer announced from the main room

I took one last glance at Sophia before making my way over to the main auction room, taking a chair alone in the back row behind all the hungry, drooling men. As I got comfortable a brunette woman in a green dress was escorted up onto the stage next to the auctioneer's podium.

"We will go in descending order by age, starting with the oldest, lot twelve, Eliza," the auctioneer said. "She's twenty-four years of age, stands five feet, six inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty-five pounds. Her measurements are 34C-29-36. She is of Caucasian descent with natural brown hair, and bisexual. Eliza is a nurse at St. Matthew's Hospital, and plans to use the money she earns here to help pay off her student loans. Bidding will start at $25,000. Do I hear 25?"

Immediately a dozen paddles shot up in the air. The auctioneer quickly raised the price as the men continued to bid on her. $50,000. $100,000. $200,000. At $250,000 only a few bidders remained until she was sold at $310,000 to a gray haired man in the front. Eliza's smile was obviously fake and I could see the nervousness in her composure as she was escorted off the other side of the stage to complete the transaction and sign her contract that would legally bind her as the man's property for the night. It was pretty clear that she was not happy about something, likely the age or appearance of her buyer, or the relatively low price she attracted.

The next girl was brought on stage and the process repeated. It was interesting to see who bid on each girl as everyone had their own tastes and desires. I even bid on a few that I had no serious intention of buying, just to help raise their prices, knowing that these girls deserved every penny for what they were doing. But I bided my time, waiting until Sophia was brought to the podium. I was determined to take her home with me.

After 25 girls had been sold, finally Sophia was escorted on stage. She looked timid, and already quite nervous. Maybe second guessing her decision to volunteer for this. I decided to wait until her price got higher and there were fewer bidders raising their paddles, not wanting to cue her in to the fact that a woman was interested in buying her.

"Do I hear $800,000?" Asked the auctioneer.

At last I raised my paddle along with three other men. For a moment I caught her eye as she noticed me in the back with my paddle raised. Her forced smile vanished and was replaced by a look of panic. Her price continued to go up and I kept raising my paddle until it was just me and one other man. He looked back towards me in surprise as we went back and forth raising her price above a million dollars. His final, hesitant bid was at $1.2 million and I knew I had him beat with my next bid of $1.25 million. Sophia looked like she didn't know whether to be excited at becoming a millionaire, or afraid that she was about to have her virginity bought buy a woman.

"Do I hear $1.3 million?" The auctioneer asked.

No one challenged my bid.

"Going once! Going twice!"


"Sold to bidder number 116 in the back!" he announced excitedly as he rapped his gavel on the podium.

"Please follow me, ma'am," a tuxedoed auction worker said to me as Sophia was led off stage. I rose from my seat and straightened my suit coat and skirt before following the man towards the side room to claim my prize.

Sophia stood timidly beside a table with paperwork laid out and another suited man sitting across from her. I smiled warmly at her, an attempt to put her at ease, but I could tell she was shaking from nerves.

"Please have a seat," the man at the table said, gesturing to the chairs across from him. "Congratulations Miss Prescott, Miss LeFleur, and we appreciate your participation in this honored tradition. As I'm sure you're both aware, this contract is legally binding, so once it is signed, it must be carried out to its full extent. Miss LeFleur, this is your last opportunity to back out if you so desire with no repercussions, no questions asked, but you will not receive any of the money Miss Prescott has bid on you. Do you wish to move forward?"

I glanced over at the young woman beside me who looked lost in contemplation, her hands folded in her lap, staring at the paperwork on the table. After a brief moment, and a deep breath, she nodded, "yes sir."

"Excellent!" He continued, pushing the small stack of papers towards us. "I will be brief as you've both had a chance to look over the contract prior to the auction, so I will just remind you of the most important points. The terms of the contract will be considered fulfilled, and all funds will be transferred, when Miss Rose Prescott takes Miss Sophia LeFleur's virginity by means of penetration with a phallic toy, or oral sex, since you are both women, AND subsequently brings her to climax."

I held back a devilish grin knowing that these terms were very open ended and that I had the power to keep Sophia as my plaything as long as I wanted provided I only make her cum with my fingers or a wand. It was devious, I knew, but I had no intentions of making it a short experience like most of the make buyers no doubt would. Many contracts would be complete before midnight as the men would all want to fuck their prizes right away, but I wanted to savor this and get my money's worth.

"Miss LeFleur will be considered Miss Prescott's legal property and must obey all lawful requests and commands until such time as the terms have been met," the man explained. "Miss Prescott may not intentionally cause bodily harm to Miss LeFleur, however minor pain for the purpose of sexual enjoyment is allowed so long as no bruises or permanent scarring or marking is left on Miss LeFleur. The safe word "hibiscus" may be used to stop any activity that becomes too painful."

"If at any point Miss Prescott feels unsatisfied with Miss LeFleur's performance or behavior, or if she deems Miss LeFleur is being disobedient, she may terminate the contract and the transaction will be voided. Do you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this contract? If so, please sign and date here."

The man flipped to the last page and handed each of us a pen. Without hesitation, I signed the top line and slid the page over to Sophia, who paused for a moment before signing below my name. The man at the table then took the papers back, signed his own name at the bottom and stamped his notary seal to finalize the contract.

"Congratulations again," he said, putting the contract in a file folder. "Miss Prescott, you may now take custody of Miss LeFleur to do with as you please. I hope you two have a wonderful evening."

"Thank you, sir," I replied, smiling wide as I stood from my chair. "Come Sophia."

The beautiful young woman stood as well, and followed close behind me as we were escorted back to the lobby. Our heels clicked on the marble floor as we made our way through the back of the main auction room, catching a few glances from the jealous men whom I outbid. The doorman held the front door open for us and bid us farewell as we stepped out into the brisk autumn night. My chauffeur was already waiting for us with the back door open to my luxurious black town car.

"Please, after you," I said to Sophia, gesturing for her to get in first.

She nervously slid into the back seat and I climbed in after her. The chauffeur gently shut the door and made his way around to the drivers seat. Before long we were out on the road, making our way through the busy city streets towards my penthouse. I glanced over at my prize who was looking out the window at the lights passing by, no doubt wondering just what she had gotten herself into. She looked scared, and nervous, which was understandable.

"It's ok to be nervous, Sophia," I said, trying to reassure her. "I don't bite... hard. I know you probably hadn't expected this outcome, but believe me when I say you will have a far better experience with me than you would have gotten from one of those flaccid old men back there."

A soft chuckle escaped Sophia's lips and I knew the ice was broken. She turned to look at me, but she still didn't say anything.

"Those men just want to take, and they only care about the end goal," I explained. "They are all selfish lovers who will leave you feeling unsatisfied and used by the end of the night. But not me. I want you to enjoy this just as much as I will. I know you are straight, but that's what entices me most about you. I don't expect you to turn gay or bisexual after this, that's not my goal to turn you. I just want to give you an unforgettable experience. So just do as I ask and everything will be ok. Can you do that, Sophia?"

"Yes ma'am," Sophia answered with a nod.

"Oh, please call me Miss Rose," I said. "Ma'am makes me sound old. In fact, that will be the first of a few rules you will need to follow, but I'll explain those in detail once we get to my place. Just know that there will be punishment for breaking my rules, so as long as you're a good girl and you follow them, I won't have to punish you. But then again, where's the fun in that?"

I smirked as Sophia's face went pale. What assurance I had given her was now gone and she was back to contemplating what exactly she was in for.

"Y-yes Miss Rose," she corrected herself, suddenly sitting up straighter as if good posture was one of my rules.

"You and I are going to have an amazing weekend, I can just tell already," I said, grinning as the car came to a stop at our destination.

"W-wait, weekend?" Sophia asked, wide eyed.

"Oh yes, my little kitten. The weekend is just the start. The terms of the contract were very clear. It ends when I take your virginity, and there's so much I can do with you without taking it. I'm paying over a million dollars for you, so I intend to get what I paid for. Come now, we're here."

The high rise building we arrived at was just one of the few places I called home. Usually I stayed at my estate outside the city. It was quiet, scenic, with a lot of open space and generally allowed me to live in a more relaxed environment to escape the stress of the workplace. However, I also owned a top floor penthouse in the city center where I sometimes spent nights when I was too tired to travel back to my estate, or if I was trying to impress or entertain a guest like Sophia. It was likely she'd never even been in a residence quite like this before, much less in the multimillion dollar penthouse at the very top. Sophia probably came from a middle class family with a little house in the suburbs, or an apartment on the outskirts of the city proper. I hoped that being around such extravagance might remind her of the money that was at stake and help keep her in line.

We walked through a big, glass double door into the two story high lobby. The ornate crystal chandeliers that hung from the ceiling, large brass sconces that lined the walls, and the glossy black and white marble floor made it very clear that this was not a place the average person could afford. As I made my way towards the receptionist's desk, I noticed Sophia was no longer at my side. I turned to see her staring in awe, mouth agape. 'Such innocence,' I thought, grinning and giving her a moment to take in the sight.

"Come Sophia," I beckoned. "If you think this is impressive, wait till we get upstairs."

I gave her a sly little wink and turned back towards the front desk.

"Welcome back, Miss Rose. I hope you've had a lovely day," greeted the young blonde woman behind the desk. She noticed Sophia who quietly crept up beside me and handed me a clipboard. "Was tonight the Virtue Auction already?"

"Yes it was, thank you Lena," I replied, taking the clipboard and signing Sophia in as my guest. "I feel like I struck gold this year. Sophia here is just so precious! But of course, you know I can't pick favorites, and you will always have a special place in my heart. I just wish you would come back to my bed one of these days."

Lena had been one of my previous auction purchases, and she had enjoyed her time with me so much that she wanted to stay close and keep in touch. So when I found out she'd applied to work where I lived, I pulled a few strings and got her a position at the front desk. It was a bit awkward at first, knowing she'd see every new plaything I brought home, but Lena, like most of the others I bought from the auction, remained straight after our time together, so I knew there would never be any jealousy there.

"Aww, you're too sweet, Miss Rose, but you know I'm strictly into men," Lena blushed, taking the clipboard back. "We did have fun though, didn't we? So I won't say no. I'll think about it, ok?"

"I'd prefer if you didn't think and just came when I ask like you did before," I said, smirking suggestively.

Lena looked aghast at my remark as she exclaimed, "Miss Rose!"

"Goodnight Lena," I laughed, leaving the reception speechless as I walked towards the elevators.

Sophia followed close behind like the lost kitten she was. She was so quiet it was easy to forget she was there. Hopefully she'd open up once alone in my home. I fiddled around in my clutch and pulled out a little fob, which I pressed against a pad next to the elevator call button. The elevator down at the end of the row opened up and we stepped inside. Instead of a few dozen buttons for various floors there was another pad, which I pressed my fob against. This particular elevator was private use only for the residents of the top units and would go directly to my condo without stopping to pick anyone else up. The doors closed and we began our ascent to the top of the building.

"You're a shy little kitten, aren't you Sophia?" I asked, hoping to get something out of her.

"S-sorry, ma- I mean Miss Rose," Sophia replied, catching herself as she remembered my first rule.

"Don't be sorry, it's ok to be shy and nervous. It is your first time after all," I assured her. "Besides, it's so much more satisfying when the shy ones finally open up to reveal just how insatiable they can really be."

I reached over and lightly brushed Sophia's porcelain white cheek with the back of my fingers. I took her chin between my thumb and forefinger and turned her head to make eye contact with her.

"Because I will find out how much you can take," I said softly, leaning in close. "I will push your limits, but I will also open your eyes. I want you to keep an open mind even though you don't really have a choice when I ask you to do something. If you like something, let me know so I can remember what you like. But if I do something you don't like, I don't care. While I did say I want you to enjoy this as much as I will, remember you are here for my enjoyment first and foremost. I will make sure you get rewarded so long as you keep me satisfied. Do you think you can keep me satisfied?"

"I, um, I'll try my best, Miss Rose," Sophia's voice wavered.

"That's a good girl," I said warmly, and leaned in to kiss her softly on the lips.

She didn't recoil as I half expected her to do, nor was she passive as I kissed her. She actually kissed back to my surprise, closing her eyes and seemingly enjoying the tender moment. I pulled back and let go of her chin.

"See, that wasn't so bad, was it?" I asked with a smirk.

Before Sophia could answer, the elevator came to a halt and the door opened directly into the foyer of my home. The penthouse actually actually consisted of the top three floors of the building, as well as a rooftop pool and balcony. I had everything I needed here from a full service kitchen and a wet bar, to a home gym and theater room. I had a personal chef who could come and cook meals for me if I was staying here for a few days, a personal trainer who would come and help me stay fit and healthy, and a maid staff to keep the place clean and tidy while. The place was filled with beautiful Queen Anne style antique furniture and rare pieces of art.

I quickly stepped out of the elevator and slipped my heels off my aching feet, setting them on a shoe rack and gesturing for Sophia to do the same. The cool, Brazilian walnut floor felt good through my thin stockings. The Foyer itself wasn't that notable as it was just a means for me to get in and out of my condo. What was truly impressive, and still gave me pause every time I walked in was the living room. The huge, open room spanned the height of all 3 floors with interior balconies on the second and third floors. An enormous floor to ceiling window covered the entirety of one wall, looking out over the cityscape, higher than 90% of the all the other buildings nearby. I heard Sophia gasp as she walked in behind me.

"Welcome to your home for the next few days," I said. "That doesn't seem so bad now that you see where you'll be staying, doesn't it?"

"You live here?" Sophia asked incredulously.

"Sometimes I stay here, but this isn't my permanent residence," I explained. "I have a house about 20 miles outside the city. That's where I live most of the time. This is just a place I bought for fun, so I could have somewhere to crash downtown, or spend a few days entertaining guests. I don't normally like to bring people to my house. That's my safe space."

I walked through the living room to the attached kitchen. "Have a seat. Relax, and make yourself at home. Would you like something to drink? I know you're not old enough, but a little wine won't hurt you if you want some."

Sophia gave me a look of confusion, and I knew this was starting to go in a different direction than she expected.

"You we're expecting us to jump right in, weren't you?" I asked, already knowing the answer. I opened my wine fridge and grabbed a bottle of semi-sweet Reisling. "Sophia, let me tell you something about the difference between men and women when it comes to sex. Do you want that wine?"

"Yes please," Sophia answered shyly.

"Men are always straight to the point. They don't waste any time trying t reach their end goal, which is almost always getting themselves off," I explained, grabbing two wine glasses and opening the bottle. "It's rare that you'll find a man with any sense of intimacy, especially those that partake in the auction. Women need that intimacy. It heightens the sexual experience and makes it so much more enjoyable."

I filled the glasses and brought them back out to the living room where Sophia had sat down on one of the couches with her feet tucked up beneath her, the sapphire blue satin of her dress puffing up around her waist. I sat down next to her, handing her a glass and clinking mine against hers before taking a sip of the 25 year old vintage.

"Women know what women like, want, and need," I continued. "We know that there's more to sex than just penetration. We know what feels good to us and can emulate that on the women we choose to sleep with. There's a reason why lesbians have more satisfying and fulfilling sex lives than straight women. Now am I saying that lesbian sex is better? Maybe, but that's just my opinion and I'm a bit biased on the matter. Am I saying you'll enjoy sex with me more than you would with a man? Not necessarily. There's an essence of sexual attraction involved and you might not find me sexually attractive in the way you find men, and that's ok. But I am confident that you won't not enjoy yourself with me."

Finally a smile appeared on Sophia's cute face as she giggled. She took a sip of her wine and held the glass in both hands.

"I want you to be comfortable before the clothes start coming off," I said assuringly. "The experience is ruined if it starts with you being uncomfortable. So enjoy your wine and tell me a little about yourself. Why did you decide to auction off your virginity?"

I could visibly see Sophia start to relax. Her posture became less stiff as she nursed her drink, as if she was finally understanding what I was saying even if my words to her in the elevator contradicted what I was saying now. I would push her limits, but not right away.

"Well, um, I just turned 18 a few months ago, right before I graduated high school," Sophia said. "Um, I've lived in Lonsdale all my life, so I'm not really from the city. My dad manages a grocery store and my mom is a music teacher so I've never really had much money growing up. I haven't had a boyfriend yet, so figured that maybe I could sign up for the auction and kill two birds with one stone. I could get some money to set myself up for the future and then I wouldn't be one of the only virgins in college."

"Wait, you mean to tell me that a pretty little thing like you has never had a boyfriend?" It was my turn to be shocked now. "Surely you must've had some prospects in high school. Did you just turn them all down?"

Sophia shook her head, embarrassed. "No, the boys never really seemed to notice me."

"Please tell me you've at least kissed a boy before."

She shook her head again and sunk down into the plush cushions of the couch.

I took another sip of wine, realizing that not only was I going to take this girl's virginity, but I was also her very first kiss back in the elevator.

"So I was your first kiss? Did you like it?" I asked warmly.

She nodded and bit her lower lip, looking embarrassed again.

"Would you like to kiss me again?"

Sophia looked up and met my soft gaze, then quickly leaned up and gave me a peck on the lips. I smiled and shook my head at her obvious innocence.

"No, I mean a real kiss. Romantic, like the one I gave you. Kiss me like you mean it," I said.

Sophia took a deep breath and leaned in again. Her eyes closed and she planted her lips on mine, a little bit too forcefully, but that would get better with practice. I slipped my hand around the back of her neck and held her head, keeping her lips against mine. I opened my mouth slightly and let my tongue brush gently against her lips, hoping she would catch the hint and do the same. She did, and the tip of her tongue touched mine. I let the kids linger a bit longer before letting go of her neck and pulling away.

"Now that is a kiss," I said softly. "And that's just the very tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to explore. Would you like to explore the iceberg with me?"

Sophia sat back and hesitated a moment. Per the contract she couldn't technically say no, and I could still force her, but I at least wanted things to start consensually, even if she was a bit reluctant. She nodded shyly, but that wasn't quite good enough for me.

"Use your words," I urged.

"Yes," Sophia mumbled.

"Yes?" I prompted, waiting to hear what I wanted to hear.

"Yes Miss Rose," she said louder.

"That's a good girl," I cooed, reaching up to stroke her cheek.