Submissive Settings *Waiting for Cuffs*

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I don’t think you understand what you do to me when you praise me. 

My whole body gets a wave of tingles and I feel my heartbeat throbbing all the way down to my pussy. You can make me wet by telling me I’m a good girl with a simple text, but I love it the most with your cock inside me. I’ve told you that you have this effect on me but when you can feel it with me, my favorite. 

Today you’re starting the day by checking in that I slept well and had a good morning. I tell you that I slept well and made it to bed on time, woke up and had hot tea before getting ready for work.

“That’s my good girl”, you reply. 

I feel the pulse in my body. I jokingly shoot back, “Oh so you’re wanting to ruin my panties early today, huh?”

You play coy with me for a bit and we both get busy at work, until later. But the thoughts of hearing you groan “good girl” in my ear this weekend are looping in my head all day. I get home from work and we check in with each other about our days. It’s only Tuesday and I’m already craving you… 3 more nights and I get you again. We keep things pretty casual during the week and ravage each other on the weekends.

I eat dinner, do my laundry, and get ready for another work day tomorrow. I hear my phone chiming your tone. Of course you have a special tone, I want to know when it’s you. You’re checking on me again, making sure I’ve accomplished my to-do list. I message you back that I did and ask how the rest of your evening has been and if you’re heading to bed soon.

You tell me you got a few things done around your place and settled on an action movie. You’re feeling beat and crashing early. I can tell you’re wiped out by the short replies. I tell you goodnights and talk tomorrow but you interrupt by calling before I can hit send.

“Hey babe, is everything ok?” I answer.

“Of course, I just wanted to hear your voice get hazy as I told you what a good girl you are. I’ve been thinking about what we should do this weekend.”

I’m trying to act unfazed, “Ohh, and what are you thinking?”

“Well, I just ordered you some leather cuffs. I’m  going to strap you to my headboard and torture you.”

Feeling my entire body come alive with excitement, I take a few deep breaths and you can hear my voice getting deeper and hazy, “You know I’m in, but now you’ve gotten me curious and excited right before bedtime.”

“No playing before bed, it is already getting late. Go to sleep.”

“You can’t tell me what to do when I’m not with you, remember?” I push back.

“I know, but you’ll listen because you are such a good girl and I want to spoil you this weekend. Behave.” 

And before I can reply with more arguments, click and you’re gone. You tease. The deep, primal tone in your voice, “Behave”, echoes in my ears. I lay down and try to sleep, but I’m aching to cum tonight after your call. I play a sleep meditation guide on my phone and feel my eyes finally getting heavy and you’re slipping from my thoughts. Sleep finally comes, but I wake feeling groggy and head straight for coffee. 

As I’m waiting for my caffeine, I ask how you slept and you say great. Of course, you’re all cheery this morning and I’m not. We banter for a bit then say have great days and we’ll catch up after work. You didn’t tease me this morning and I’m thankful, I’m just too crabby to play along. 

Lunch time finally comes around and I decide to take my lunch to the park. I’m listening to the birds chirp and eating in my car when your message chime comes through. I can see you sent a pic message, not typical. Wonder what this is…

I open it to find a picture outlining your thick cock in your business pants. My eyes widen and my lips part. I can tell you’re sitting at your desk and hoping for your sake, no meetings soon. I want to feel you now but I’m more curious what caused this lunch time torture? Why are you throbbing hard in the middle of work?

“What made you that hard baby? You know I want you in my mouth now.” I reply. 

“The notification your cuffs shipped. Thinking about how good you’re going to be for me. My next conference call is starting”

And just like that you leave me here with these thoughts and making me crave you. I need the rest of this work day to fly by. I’m feeling so frustrated and I don’t care what you say, I’m playing with myself tonight and maybe I’ll make you listen. 

“You’re mean. I hope the rest of your day is less.... hard. XO” I send back before heading back to work. 

Ugh, of course the afternoon drags on and on. By the time I get home, I’m starving and sleepy. You haven’t checked in yet. Your schedule today was heavy and I know you’ll be wiped out too. I hear you chime as I’m getting comfy with my dinner plate in front of the TV.

“I cancelled my last appointment and I’m heading over. See you in 45.”

“Not making me wait for the weekend?”

“No.” A simple no. Wonder what you’re up to?

“Ok, I’ll finish my dinner and shower.”

“No. Finish dinner and wait.” 

“Yes babe. See you soon, hope you’re ok.”

You don’t say anymore. I’m not used to seeing you often during the week, I could get used to this, but something seemed off. You did have some really big meetings today and I hope nothing went south. I hurry and finish my food, then run about my house to pick up clutter and attempt to refresh my hair and face. I hear you pulling up my driveway right as I’m slipping into cute boy shorts and a tank top from my comfy, oversized sweats. 

I hear you come in the door as I’m stepping out of my bedroom. We meet in the hall and you have a wild look in your eyes. Without a word you put one arm around my waist and pull me to you, then use your other hand to wrap into my hair. You’re kissing me with such passion and what almost feels like.., desperation.

“I just missed you.” you say. 

“I was worried you had a bad day.”

“No, I had a great day but you were in my head too much.”

I smile and kiss you again. “You’re in mine too much too.”

You get that wild look again and your grip in my hair tightens, your hand leaves my waist and moves to my throat. You gently grip my neck and push me to my knees. 

“Earlier you said you wanted my dick in your mouth.”

“I did, you were showing me how hard you were. Of course I want you.”

Bending over me to whisper in my ear, “Now, show me you’re my good girl.” and you move both hands into my hair, stroking and then pulling forcing me to look up at you. “I’ve thought about your mouth wrapped around me all day.”

I don’t need to say a word. I want to please you now. I can feel my legs trembling as you command me. Your power to make soaking wet and give into your demands is so strong, you take over my mind and my body wholly. I’m going to be good. 

I undo your belt and unzip your pants while I look up at you. I can see through your black boxer briefs, you’re ready for me. I pull them down and slide you into my mouth. 

“Uhhh… good girl.” you moan out as I let you feel the back of my throat before taking you out of my mouth and slowly licking you from base to tip. I love feeling you throb against my lips. I swirl my tongue around your head and taste you. Your leg shakes so I take you all the way into my mouth with no warning and let you throat fuck me.

“Fuck baby, that feels incredible but you don’t get my cum in your mouth tonight. Be a good girl, slow down.”

I look up at you with your cock in my mouth and smile. You say you don’t want me to make you cum yet, but you’re motivating me to get more praise from you. Every “good girl” out of your mouth makes me wetter and wetter. I try to go slow and use my tongue to explore you and feel you throbbing, somehow making you even harder. I know you’re watching me, so I look back up. 

“That’s it baby, you’re such a good girl.” and you’re playing with my hair again, watching me tease you. “That feels so good, I don’t want you to stop but I need you to.” 

You step back and start to pull your pants up and I’m looking up at you waiting for my next instructions, but you remain quiet as you pull yourself together. Trying to comfortably get your throbbing cock back into your pants. You look down at me noting my confusion and chuckle, then reach down and help me up. 

“What now, Sir?” I usually reserve calling you Sir for the weekends when we get into more power dynamic play, but I wanted to get more from you. I know it has a similar effect on you, like good girl does for me. 

“Take a shower and get to bed baby.”

“What?” I ask, clearly confused at your disregard for having more fun.

“We need our sleep. We aren’t going to cum until you’re cuffed and screaming for it.” 

“I don’t like this game.” and now I’m pouting. 

And you simply kiss me. A long, slow, sweet kiss. And say, “You may not like every game we play, but I promise you’re going to like this one. Goodnight good girl. Go shower and get in bed.”

I listened. Not happily, but I listened. I am frustrated as hell. I want to cum and my body wants your touch so bad. I was bitter watching you leave. I didn’t tell you how annoyed I was, but you knew and smirked at me with so much self satisfaction. 

I fell asleep right away even though I expected to toss and turn. I woke up wet. Dreaming about you… 

At least it is Thursday finally, one more night until we get to play. I start my day and head to work. You’re making sure you stay on my mind. Thanking me for seeing you last night. Ha,  like you gave me a choice. Telling me how soft my lips feel around you and you can’t wait to let me cum.

You’re the worst… but I’d never trade you. As much as the control dynamic is still new to me and I’m not always the perfect submissive for you, you are so good to me. Your control and demands may seem rough at times, but you never push too far and know how to keep me on the edge. I may complain about the teasing and torture through the week, but I thrive on it. Your control and power of me, makes me feel so alive and so powerful myself. 

Mid-day you check in and remind me you’re having poker night with the guys. I tell you to kick their asses and take me to dinner with your winnings. We say our goodnights before bed and I can tell you’ve had a few drinks while playing, you’re being sweet and needy. I like this soft side of you that only sneaks out now and then. 

One more message chime from you, “I forgot to mention, your cuffs were delivered today. You’re going to love what I have planned. Now sleep, my good girl.” 

I felt my heartbeat quicken and my body go numb for a moment, only to come back to life with a wave of warmth and excitement. I’ve never been restrained before, I don’t know what to expect. The possibilities start spinning in my mind. Will you be rough? Will you be soft? Probably both, you balance them so well. I wonder if I’ll enjoy the leather around my wrists and being unable to move. Unable to fight you, unable to resist you. I can’t wait to look into your eyes as you place the cuffs around my wrists. 

“Night night Sir. I can’t wait for you to torture me. XO”