Bonding - Chapter 1

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There was a light knock at my bedroom door. “Hey Callam, I am back from the gym bud! Are you awake in there?”

“Uh huh,” I groggily replied.

“I’ll shower first, then you can get in, and we’ll head out on our hike. I am super stoked bud, see you in a bit!”

I listened for the shower and closed my eyes. Why did I agree to go on a hike with Jake. I know why, because my dad threatened to not buy me a PS5 unless I made a better attempt to bond with my step-brother. Ughh, I moaned as I laid there.

I heard the shower water shut off within minutes of beginning. Ughh, why do jocks have to be so fast at everything!? Jake wasn’t a small guy by any means. My stepbrother was both competitive and athletic. In fact he was very muscular, broad shouldered and very attractive. I was the complete opposite. I was more of a gamer, a-stay-at-home kind of guy. Actually, I was a GAY-mer! I quietly laughed at my inner thoughts.

There was another knock at my bedroom door. “The shower is all yours bud! See you downstairs!” Jake called out as he heavily ran down the stairs. Thump, thump, thump.

Ughh, let this day pass quickly, I moaned to myself. I am not shy to admit, my step-brother is very easy on the eyes. In fact, several times I have caught myself staring at him. I am pretty sure, he has caught me staring at him on occasion. Other than me starring all the time, we don’t have much in common. He prefers sports, competitions and he especially loves small petite blondes with big tits.

I prefer books, games, talking to my friends online… Oh yea, and I am very single. I live in a small rural town in Montana, and the gay population is just me. That I know of anyway. I haven’t told anyone, but I am sure they suspect.

I made my way to the bathroom. It was still steamy from Jake’s shower. I wiped the mirror and stared at myself. Not too shabby I thought to myself. My face was smooth, as was my entire body. I wasn’t very hairy and I liked not having to shave or trim. My body was toned with a slim runners build. I had short shaggy brown hair, an olive complexion and hypnotic green eyes.

I bent over to pick up my clothing from the floor and I noticed Jake had left his clothing strewn around. He was nineteen and he still expected others to pick up after himself. I rolled my eyes and grabbed his dirty clothing as well.

That’s when it caught my eye. He had worn a jockstrap to the gym! My eyes widened with surprise. I had seen plenty of hot guys wearing them online, but I had never seen one just lying around.

I dropped all the clothes to the floor and stared at his. It was a solid black jockstrap with a wide band and red lettering. A feeling of naughtiness overcame me, as I continued staring at the discarded and worn clothing.

The bathroom door was locked and I had the shower water running, surely no one would know if I picked it up and examined it a bit closer.

There’s a small bench in our shared bathroom that we use to place towels and other bathroom items. It made the perfect seating area for my examination. I scooped up the black jockstrap and took a seat. I couldn’t tell if it was wet from sweat or the bathroom steam, but either way, it excited me.

Like I said, Jake is no small guy, and his jockstrap was a very nice size. I imagined how big his dick was and how it probably sat snug inside the fabric pouch. I looked down and it was evident I was hard as a rock. A small amount of pre-cum escaped my cock’s slit and glistened on top.

I could feel my heart racing as I held his underwear. I brought the black fabric to my nose and took a deep inhale. My cock wanted to explode right then and there. It smelled fantastic. I could smell hints of his body spray, body musk, and a light scent where his cock had rested. I continued to hold the worn jock against my nose as I took more deep inhales, getting lost in my step-brothers intoxicating scent.

Several minutes had now passed and I knew he’d be expecting me downstairs soon. I craved the urge to jack off and I wanted his his scent to help me climax. Using my free hand, I gave my cock a few strokes. I was precumming like crazy and it was the perfect amount to use as lubricant. 

My eyes remained closed as I sighed and moaned quietly, imaging what it would feel like, to have Jake wrap his strong arms around me. I imagined his huge cock sliding in and out of my tight hole as he fucked me passionately.

I slowed my stroking, edging myself closer to a huge climax. I wanted this moment to last forever. His strong masculine scent was perfection and I wanted to savor every moment of it.

I fantasized of Jake moaning in my ear, whispering to me, how tight I was. If I ever had an opportunity, I could see myself clenching my hole around his thick shaft, which would surely cause him to go insane.

Oh how I would give anything to have my big bro use me. I would be his fuck toy and let him plow me anytime he needed a fix. I would be his personal fuck-hole, lubed and always ready to go for him.

My breathing was hurried and heavy as I continued stroking myself, lost in my sexual fantasy. I wondered what his favorite position would be. Would he be the type to pound me from behind in the doggy position, or would he prefer me on top of him, riding him reverse cowboy style. Either way, he’d get a good view of his cock sliding in and out of me.

I let out a loud moan, almost too loud in fact. I opened my eyes and watched as two large streams of cum shot outwards from my hard cock. Most of it landed on my bare chest and I collapsed back on the small bench as I caught my breath.

I smiled, as I looked down at the huge mess I had just made. Cum was now running down my smooth skin as my cock softened and limped to the right.

I was startled when I heard a small knock at the bathroom door. “Hey Callum, you almost done bud?” Jake called out, but his voice was somewhat different now. It was softer, more calming than usual.

“Ughh, yea, I’ll be out in a minute! You used all the hot water!” I yelled back.

“Ok bud, I’ll be waiting downstairs.”

I knew my face was flush red from embarrassment. I quickly stood up, grabbing all the dirty clothes and threw them into our shared hamper. My wash was more of a hurried rinse before I quickly toweled off.

I was still wet as I pulled on my shorts. This was going to be a very interesting day, I thought to myself. I headed downstairs and Jake was waiting for me in the living room. He had our hiking backpacks and was eager to go.

He gave me an awkward smile with an enduring pat on the back. “I hope you enjoy today as much as I am going to.” He said before he quickly walked out the front door.

We headed out and the brotherly bonding hike began!