Steve's Son.

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Notes: Inspired in this tweet of the Twitter account @gaycevans
Also this fic contains feminization, so if that's not you cup of tea, no problem, just close the fic n.n

Nolan had been trained since he could remember, especially in hand-to-hand combat and using his father’s shield, being prepared to be a great soldier like his father, the great Captain America. However, as he grew up, he became a really handsome boy, slim but muscular, with firm and marked muscles. And in part, maybe that and the fact of having a lot of physical contact in training with his father, is what led to that. It was his father with whom he lost his virginity and from there, he continued fucking him. That day was special, they were celebrating the first successful mission they had had as father and son, being in his father’s room, both bodies sweaty and naked on the bed of his father.

Nolan devoured his father’s ass, savoring every drop of sweat, squeezing the man’s thick cheeks with his hands and his tongue thrusting in and out of that tight hole, even though he eventually had to stop to breathe. — You taste so good, daddy… I never get tired of eating your delicious ass — He spat in his father’s hole and spread his saliva with his tongue, turning to look at the mirror, so he could see his father’s face, bringing his hands up to the man’s huge pecs, giving them a firm squeeze. 

He buried his tongue as deep as he could into his father’s hole again, tongue fucking him harder and faster as his hands began to play with Steve’s nipples, pinching and pulling them as he felt his father ride his tongue. It had his huge rock-hard cock dripping precum like crazy, so he put much more effort into it and began to devour his father’s ass in a frenzy of lust, wanting to have it ready for his big cock until his father could take no more and was begging to be fucked. A part of Steve, a very small part of him, felt guilty for taking away his son’s opportunity to explore the wonders of sex with someone outside of his own family.

Maybe someone even in his own age group. But that part was easily drowned out by the joy and pleasure he felt knowing that sex and romance was now intrinsically intertwined in their father and son relationship, because who better to make sure his boy was treasured and pleasured properly than his own dad. At least, that’s the reasoning Steve used since they first slept together, and things had been working out wonderfully between them since then. Steve’s own neglected cock was just as hard and throbbing as Nolan’s as it jumped in excitement at the way his son ate him out with gusto.

The deep, greedy licks of a tongue leaving his hole so wet and warm with spit that he could feel it running down the back of his thighs. His pleasure only enhanced when Nolan reached out for the hefty muscle of his pecs and toyed with them like they were voluptuous tits, which they might as well be for his boy. “God, right there, Nolan, right there, baby… Eat daddy’s big juicy ass,” he encouraged with wanton moans. His entire body soon thrummed with the need to have his boy inside him, all the tension and need accumulating at the spit-slick hole that tried its best to suck Nolan’s tongue in deeper. “Fuck, fuck, baby boy; you’re going to drive daddy crazy… I need your cock so bad, please,” he whined out, his flushed and heaving chest becoming all the more sweaty as he continued to bounce his thick, round ass on his son’s face. 

Not able to stand being idle anymore and wanting to push his son into giving him what he so desired, Steve spit into both his hands and then reached out to wrap two large fists around the impossibly fat girth of his son’s cock. “You feel that, baby boy…? Feel my nasty hands on your big, hard dick…? That’s what my tight, sloppy hole is going to feel like on your cock… Daddy needs you to breed it full, Nolan, please…” he pleaded while stroking both hands over his son, making sure to pay extra special attention to the drooling cockhead. Nolan smiled as he moaned and kept devouring his father’s ass as if it was a five-star meal, looking for more and more to stick his tongue in and be able to find the man’s prostate, his father had taught him many things in sex and one of them was the prostate, that magic button that drove his father crazy with pleasure. 

Nolan had not only been trained to be a good soldier, he had also been taught many things to be a good lover to please his father, that ass drove him crazy, of course, but he also loved his father’s tits, so voluptuous and huge. The boy loved playing with them, he loved sucking on them, almost as if his father was breast-feeding him, and he loved jerking off between them and at that moment he was pleasuring the man by eating his ass and playing with his tits.
Nolan smiled at having accomplished his task, besides he too already needed to fuck the man, his big fat cock was screaming for some attention, attention that didn’t take long to come as he felt his father’s hands starting to jerking him off, so Nolan stopped and stuck out his tongue. — Fuck, dad… I love eating your ass, but… Fuck, that feels so good… Ride me, dad — 

He ordered as he pinched his father’s tits hard one last time, Nolan’s cock was throbbing and dripping even more precum with his father’s hands stroking him like that, but that wasn’t enough, he needed that ass on his cock. — Fuck… Do it, be a good obedient whore. Ride my big fat cock, dad, — He ordered again as he took a couple of bites of his father’s ass before letting it free and waiting for his father to follow the order like a good soldier. Steve had taught Nolan everything he needed to know about how to pleasure other people and how to do it with every part of his body and theirs, when his boy was had been ready for it.

And he was never more proud of his son when he showed off how much he learned. The older man’s beefy, curvy figure trembling with pleasure as he readily rode the tongue pushed into his spit-slick hole, which was only a promise of what was to come. Steve, unable to deny himself what was right in front of him anymore than Nolan was. Not needing to be told twice, he soon readjusted himself down the younger man’s chest. All the way down until his thighs were spread open over Nolan’s legs while he held his son’s throbbing cock in a tight first. The tender pout of his bottom lips sucked under his teeth with every swiping press of the cockhead he was using to tease at his own slick hole. “You going to fill up daddy’s greedy slut hole, baby…? Gonna make me ride it until I’m fat with your babies, aren’t you…?” Steve continued to tease as he finally stopped playing around and pushed his weight down in order to spread his pink, pliant rim over the tip of his son’s hard dick. 

Just the press of the fat mushroom tip into his hole was enough to make Steve crane his head back and moan out in bliss. The hefty breadth of his chest pushed out with panting whimpers as he worked his spit-lubed hole down onto every thick inch of Nolan. Anyone else, and they’d likely be injured from the sudden penetration with little preparation, but Steve was practically built for it. The tight, silky vice of his ass, quickly adjusting and enveloping itself around each inch of his son’s big hard dick until he fit his beloved boy like a glove. “That’s it, baby, so deep in daddy’s hole… right where you belong,” he praised with a swivel of his hips as soon as Nolan was buried balls deep in him.

Nolan smiled as he watched his father, the boy loved the beefy body and curvaceous figure, Nolan didn’t need a boyfriend or to explore with another boy, he didn’t need anything from anyone, he had everything he needed with his father. The boy simply arranged the pillow behind him and leaned back to enjoy the view, crossing his arms behind his neck and giving his father a good view of his hairy, sweaty armpits. Nolan let out a groan as the man grabbed his cock and began to tempt him that way, the boy nodded, smiling. — Fuck yeah, I’ll fuck your hole dad, show me how good and obedient my whore is and in return I’ll breed your pussy full of babies — Nolan said with a big smile.

The boy bit his lower lip as he felt his father finally start to shove his fat cock inside that tight ass, making Nolan moan with pleasure, feeling it throb just hearing his father moan like that. Every time they fucked, Nolan felt in heaven with every sensation his father gave him with his big fat ass, the boy ran a hand over one of his father’s huge tits, pinching his nipple. The boy arched his back in pleasure when all of his huge thick cock was finally balls deep inside the man’s ass, Nolan smiled as he watched his father. — Say I’m your man, dad. And you, my slutty girl — Nolan smiled as he let out a lusty moan as he felt his hips begin to move, his cock throbbing and dripping precum inside the man’s ass.

Steve was slightly disappointed that he couldn’t see his boy relaxing back while being washed under a torrent of pleasure brought on by his own daddy’s thick, plump ass, but facing away from Nolan while riding him was simply the best position for the best fuck. The sensual and arched angle of his back allowing for the perfect position for all of his son’s fat cock to push inside him and stretch his hole open wide. The taut, pink rim of his hole quivering and clutching around the base of Nolan’s dick when hands reached out for his heavy tits and started to play with the perked peak of his pink nipples. “Oh, oh, fuck, baby boy… You’re my man; you’re all the man daddy needs, and I’m just your little slut girl.” Steve moaned in response. More than happy to tell Nolan all the filthy, devoted things that the younger Rogers wanted to hear as his dad started to ride on the full length of his cock. 

The pull and drag of his hole over Nolan’s cock causing his ass and tits to bounce every time he pushed himself back down, his head thrown back with dirty moans as Nolan plunged balls deep in him again and again. Despite his own neglected erection throbbing hard between his thighs, Steve paid no mind to it. He wouldn’t need to when fucking himself on his beloved boy was always enough to make him cum untouched. “Yes, yes, that’s it… right there, baby, that’s where you girl needs that big fat cock of yours… In my tight pink pussy, breeding it open,” he whimpered and whined as he continued to ride Nolan; all too happy to play up the role of being his boy’s girl and lover, impossibly aroused by the idea that Nolan could pump him full of babies.

Which was shown in the way he bounced on his son’s dick hard enough to shake and rock the bed. Nolan loved that view, being able to watch his huge, thick cock thrust in and out of his father’s pink hole, to see his cock throbbing inside the man’s asshole. The boy smiled as he listened to his father and his hands kept poking, pulling and playing with his nipples. — My little whore girl — Nolan repeated with a big smile as he moaned. The boy’s moans were getting louder and louder as he felt his father start to ride his fat cock harder and harder, watching that big fat ass bounce on each thrust was a delight to his eyes and it was so hot to feel those tits bounce in his hands too. — Are you going to dress like a slut for me from now on, dad? Are you going to wear skirts, thongs, panties and lingerie with heels? — 

He asked with a big smile, if the man wanted to be treated that way, what better way to complete the package than to have his father start dressing that way. Nolan was screaming with pleasure, he brought his hands to his father’s ass, squeezing it, kneading it and giving him a hard spanking that would leave his skin red and with a mark from his hand. — I love your pussy, dad. I love to eat it and breed it, breed it until I fill your belly with babies — Nolan’s hands went to the man’s hips, squeezing them as Nolan was screaming loudly in pleasure, feeling the bed hit the wall and creak beneath them, he loved the expert way his father milked his huge cock and doubted there was anyone else in the world who could match his father.

Steve hadn’t raised his son to be an upstanding and attentive gentleman who’d likely take the best care of anyone he dated just for Nolan to become his man, but it was clearly a benefit of their extremely close relationship. The heat and passion between them more intense than anything else Steve had experienced in his life, and sure, maybe the forbidden nature of their relationship played into that. But Steve knew one thing, he didn’t feel an ounce of guilt over how good he and his beloved son could make each other feel. The older Rogers heaved out deep breaths and flushed a hot red at the way Nolan played with his thick, heavy tits while he continued to bounce on the cock buried inside him.

The hazy pleasure his head was swimming in only growing in depth when his son talked to him in such a filthy feminized way; just the mere idea of wearing all those things for Nolan enough to make his own neglected cock throb between his thighs. “Hmm, fuck– I’ll wear whatever you want, Nolan, son… be the best girl you could ever want; daddy’s pussy is all yours…”  Intent to show his son he meant every word, Steve reached back and grasped his smacked-red ass cheeks in two large palms to spread them open and give his boy the perfect view. The slick, pliant rim of his hole clutching and dragging over his son’s big, hard dick as he continued to ride his boy with swiveling bounces of his hips.

Every so often, he’d pull up high enough to have the tip tease at pulling out, just to slam himself back down and cry out in pleasure when Nolan filled his guts back up. “Fuck, lord, Nolan… you’re going to make daddy cum on your cock, like a nasty girl…” he panted and whimpered, his impending orgasm approaching fast. Nolan swears he could be like this with his father forever, have the man bouncing all over his huge cock. — You’ll be my housewife, and I’ll be your man. I don’t need any boyfriend or girlfriend when I have you, daddy. My beautiful girl with the best pussy ever, you’ll dress up for me in dresses, skirts, and blouses — Nolan seeing what his father did only aroused the boy even more, he was getting closer and closer to orgasm and seeing that delicious tight hole sliding over his huge cock was driving him over the edge.

Causing loud moans and great cries of pleasure as his father pulled out almost all of his cock to slide it all at once back into his huge fat ass, making the boy arch his back with all that pleasure. — Do it, daddy. I’m close too… I want you to cum for your man, I want to see my fucking slut squirt, hands free, with just my cock inside you — He ordered in a demanding voice, he wanted to cum with his father, but he wouldn’t know how long he could hold out, but he would hold out long enough until his father reached orgasm. — Fuck… Dad, do it… I’m going to fill your fucking pussy with my cum so deep inside you, fill your belly with my seed — He said while watching his father’s ass bouncing non-stop.

Steve had left behind the modern world and traveled back into the past to create the life for himself that he had always wanted, and now he had finally come full circle. Cherished and adored and pleasured by the only young man in his life that mattered, he was more than happy to play the role of Nolan’s spoiled, kept housewife. All the things they could get up to running through his lust-addled mind as he continued to bounce of the thick, hard dick inside him. And although all the dirty talking and possibilities for them to explore left Steve feeling scorching hot, it wasn’t until he was given direct permission to cum that he finally did.

His slick, fucked-out hole squeezing around Nolan’s dick and head thrown back with a wanton moan of pleasure when his own neglected cock finally throbbed with release and shot rivets of cum all over the sheets. The intensity of his orgasm so sudden and sharp that Steve could only tremble and whimper as he continued to ride his beloved boy through the waves of his own orgasm. “God— Oh god, Nolan, big boy… it hurts, hurts so good, you’re cock in daddy’s pussy is making me squirt so much. Keep fucking me, baby, cum with me.” Steve begged, leaning back far enough to plant his hands on either side of Nolan and hover above him, which allowed him to sit that much more firmly down on the big, hard dick keeping him stretched open. “C’mon and fuck your cum into my pussy where it belongs…” he encouraged with slow but greedy rolls of his hips. 

As his father began to cum, he felt his huge cock being squeezed between those walls and squeezed to a point where Nolan couldn’t hold back any longer, hearing his father moan in that way as he was cumming, made the boy orgasm as well. — FUCK! Dad! Ugh… Fuck! — Several spurts of cum started to fill that pussy, filling his father’s insides with his warm cum, ramming a couple more times, so that his huge cock would go in as deep as it could and fill his father even more. The boy screamed in pleasure, not caring that the neighbors, near they house, heard them.

Nolan did as his father commanded and continued to fuck him through his orgasm, a sinfully wet sound could be heard every time Nolan rammed his father’s ass, his own cum churning inside the man, however, there came a point where Nolan could take no more and had to finally take a break as he felt the last spurts leave his cock. The boy was panting heavily, there was a huge grin on his flushed and sweaty face as he tried to catch his breath. — You're… You’re fucking amazing… Dad — Nolan murmured in a breathy voice as he caressed his abdomen and kissed every muscle in his father’s body.

Steve could only tremble and whimper in absolute delight as he felt Nolan cum inside him and then continue to thrust up, fucking the slick hot slide of his seed deeper into his daddy until it was dribbling out his hole and making Steve feel like a well-used whore for his cherished boy; a role he would be all too happy to fill at this point. It wasn’t until Nolan slowed down and went still that Steve also let himself collapse into a sated heap. His head tucked between Nolan’s arm and chest, so he could lean up ever so slightly and give his son a lingering, loving kiss. “Hmm, not nearly as amazing as you are, Nolan…” he whispered against those lips with fingers combing through his son’s sweat damp hair. “And whenever you want, daddy is always ready to go again. I’m all yours.” Steve promised, and he meant every word of it, because never had he ever felt more content in his life than when he was a sweaty, pleasured mess held in his son’s strong arms. 

“Also, if all that talk back there wasn’t just talk, I was thinking we could go out shopping this weekend…” Steve remarked after a comfortable moment of silence. “Go find a few pretty things for me to wear for you, huh… I’m in need of a wardrobe update, anyway." Nolan hugged his father, wrapping his muscular arm around his father and returning the affectionate kiss as his hand caressed one of his huge, sweaty tits. — Same here, daddy. Anytime you want, my cock is yours. I wouldn’t mind if you wake me up with a good blowjob, — he smiled as he bit his dad lower lip and felt that hand running through his sweaty hair. 

When he heard the next thing, Nolan looked his father straight in the eye as he smiled with every word his father said and nodded in excitement. — Hell yes, I want you to wear skirts, dresses, and heels for me, dad. Seeing you wearing lingerie would be so hot — At the mere image of his father cooking him something with a skirt on, so he could fuck him in the kitchen with that on or taking his father somewhere with a dress on, just so he could fuck him afterwards, so many scenarios came to his mind. —… We definitely need to go buy you all that stuff this weekend, dad. You’ll look beautiful — His hand went down to the man’s ass to give it one last spank.

The end.