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I've had a crush on my best friend's older brother ever since junior high. 
He was in high school and so sexy. When Mallory and I were in 8th grade, he was a senior. I confessed my crush on him; only to get the ever so heartbreaking "You're just a kid, you're cool but it's just a little crush. You're like a little sister to me.
Ugh, bummer. 
Well, he's coming home for a visit, and guess who isn't a little kid anymore? 
It's been 4 years and I've just graduated high school; I’ll be heading to college in the fall. 
I've been saving myself for Josh. He says he thinks of me as a sister but I think after I surprise him tonight... he'll change his way of thinking... 
I texted Mallory that I was going to come by and hang out, she informed me that nobody is home except her brother, and, she’ll text me when she gets home. Well, that is even more perfect than I had hoped for. I’ll just head over to Mallory’s now and welcome her brother back to town. 
*Knock. Knock.* 
"Who's there?", Josh asks through the door. 
"It's Natty. I haven't seen you in a while, and wanted to drop by." 

Josh opens the door in just his boxers. Water residue still glistening on his olive skin, I could tell he was fresh from the shower. 

"Hey Nat, Mallory isn’t here right now." 
"Totally fine,” I state, “I’ll just hang out, I texted her that I was coming over and she said it was cool to wait for her." 

I push him aside and walk into the living room. Sitting myself down on the couch, exposing that I'm only wearing undergarments under my coat. 

Josh turns around with a look of wonder and intrigue on his face.
"I don't think you should be here, Natty" 

I stand up and remove my coat, showing my not so childlike body. I press my body to his and feel his cock harden for me. 

Josh pushes me back. 

"I really think you should go" 
I run my fingers along the outline of his erect penis and whisper "I think someone wants me to stay and I really want you to be my first." 

He moans in confusion; I could tell he really wants to be inside me. 
I kiss him, he kisses me back. 

He's trying to resist but I can tell from the rumbling moans that he's enjoying himself. 
I unhook my bra and as it falls to the ground, I grab his hands and place them on my breasts. My nipples harden beneath the warmth of his hands. His cock pressing hard against me... he wants this, I know he does... he'll be in me soon. 

To my surprise, he pushed me back, causing me to fall back onto the couch... mmm, where I want to be anyways. 

“I think this is a bad idea”, Josh sternly states. 

But I'm focusing on his not so little soldier standing at full attention for me. 
I ignore his request and remove my panties, exposing myself fully to him. 
He bites his lower lip, still trying to refuse me. 

"Please, Josh", I plea, "please touch me, I've saved all of me for you, I've never been touched, tainted, tasted, or pleased.” 

Josh bites his lip harder, moaning loudly, almost grunting. 

“I need you, please, Josh”, I beg, “I saved myself for you, I need you to be my first.” 
With that, he lost his control. 

Josh fell on top of me, running his hands all over me. His weight on top of me made me crave him more. My body is on fire with his touch. 

His hands; so soft yet so aggressive. Running over my breasts, caressing them, grabbing them. Running his hands along my sides down to my outer thigh, across my knee, and up towards my inner thigh. I quiver as his fingertips inch closer and closer to my pulsing slit. 

He jumps off of me, burying his face in my pussy. I cum as soon as his hot tongue presses between my lips. Gushing sweet juice down his throat. 

I feel him moan between my legs as he licks up my juice, my first cum. 
He comes back up to me, his face moistened from my fluids. 

He leans in a whisper "Are you ready?" 
I shudder, "Please, I'm ready", almost begging him... 

Oh, here it comes, I feel the tip of his member slowly penetrating me. Oh my God, it hurts. It hurts, it’s stretching me, it hurts but feels so good... why is he taking so long... I need all of 
I thrust myself up, causing as much of his huge cock as I can fit to slide hard into me. 

He moans, so grumbly, so deep. 
He begins thrusting and thrusting. He's wrapped his arms tightly around me. 

This feels amazing, my pussy tightening with every thrust. 
Oh, I'm going to explode. 
Oh my God. Oh my God. 
Right as I'm about to explode, Josh kisses me. 

He pounds into me; he's going to explode too. He's kissing me deeply. We're thrusting in rhythm. Intertwined. 
Then, like a volcano, we both erupt together. My nails digging into his back, his hands grasped tightly around me. I feel him release as a hot load shoots deep into me. I pull him as close as I can get him as I finish cumming all over him. Josh collapses on top of me, breathing heavily.  
That was amazing, that was perfect. I finally lost my virginity and it was to my ultimate crush. 
Just a kid...ha, not anymore.