Pool Escapades

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I looked up and put my shades away in order to fully appreciate my son-in-law's progress across the swimming pool. John was here with Calvin my stepson and their son Marky on summer holiday, and it had been daily occurrence that they use the pool. Sometimes we ended up using the pool at the same time, much like today, with yours truly catching a few tan before it got too hot. My sweet husband Robert, Calvin's father, was somewhere inside putting the last touches to his latest ship-in-a-bottle.
I closed my eyes. The heat was still gentle in these parts at this time of day, so I wasn't too concerned about burning. Suddenly a shadow passed over my face.

"You should always use sunscreen when you're out in the sun," John murmured. His deep grey eyes, etched with his forty years of age, crinkled in amusement. His smile was Instagram-worthy, while his body, clad in only black speedos, was that of a younger virile man.
"Well, would you please help me apply it then." I turned around and laid on my stomach, making sure the mounds of my ample ass was featured in his line of vision.  "Where's Calvin?"

"He's inside making some calls."
"Okay. Come, Marky, you can help too." Marky smiled good-naturedly, so much like John that I assumed he was the main sperm donor for the boy's conception. 

"Okay, Grandpa Ben."

"Not Grandpa, Marky. Call me Ben like one of your friends." John chuckled and sat down beside my ass.

His hands were firm but gentle as he applied the sunscreen along my back. I groaned a little as his hands kneaded my buns. Thoughts ran in my mind, as to how Calvin had chosen a man so much like his father as his partner in life, how similar their bodies were, how warm his hands were as he rubbed the sunscreen along my ass cheeks. I realized belatedly how my blue brief had been pushed down by John's insistent caresses.

"Marky look." John slapped my ass gently, making my mounds jiggle.

"Ben's butt looks like a big bubble." Marky whispered. I couldn't help it, I moaned as John slapped my ass again.

"Yeah." John sounded hoarse. His fingers were now kneading along my ass crack, nearing my hole. The pad of his finger touched the rim of my anus, and I made the rim contract around the finger, in essence chewing it, much like I would a thick cock. "Fuck."

"Daddy said a bad word."

"Marky, go collect your toys and put them inside, run along now."

As soon as Marky was gone, John pushed down his speedo revealing a thick cut eight-incher with a large strawberry head. "Fuck Ben, I have to fuck you," John whispered urgently. I turned and caught his hips in my hands, directing his cock instead to my waiting mouth.

There was no time to waste. I slobbered down his staff, munching on the end, licking on the piss slit and the frenulum in one large swathe. John was watching my mouth with rapt attention, a mad shine in his warm grey eyes. I licked my way down his taint towards his hairless balls, which were as large as lemons, laving the point where the scrotal skin met in the middle. John was not idle either, his fingers were knuckle-deep inside my hole at this point. 

But all good things must end, alas. John tripped his trigger point and suddenly there was semen everywhere it was almost funny. I moaned as semen dripped out of my lips and my mouth, sweet and tangy and oh so forbidden. I ran my hand across my mouth to wipe off the abundant excess while John packed his cock back inside his speedo, and I pulled back my brief. Marky came around the corner clutching a toy animal. John patted my ass, "See you tonight, after everyone's asleep," and followed Marky inside.

I could only murmur, "Be waiting."