Submissive Settings * Balcony Dessert *

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Do you remember the time you fucked me on your balcony? 

I came over for dinner. You were making me something special you said. You already had the steaks prepped and marinating when I got over. 

“Are you hungry yet?”

“Not just yet, I think we should have drinks and catch up before we cook.” But I knew I really meant let’s relax and play to work up our appetite. 

You agree that I have the right idea. We mix up our cocktails and head to the couch. We talk about our weeks and laugh at each other's rough day stories. I feel like I need to get cozier and I’m staying over with you so might as well lose the shoes, socks, and finally the awful bra that has grown more uncomfortable by the minute. 

You laugh as I toss everything on your living room floor. 

“Making yourself comfy I see, I happen to have a big cozy robe you can wear tonight if you want.” And you grin, knowing it is my favorite and I usually don’t wear anything underneath it. 

“I want it, but not yet.” I know I want to get a few things out of you before I become your toy tonight. I settle back into the couch and push my feet towards you as I sip my vodka club. 

“Pout, rub my feet babe.” I push my bottom lip out and give you my poutiest eyes and you can’t resist. You sit your drink down and turn towards me to put my feet in your lap. You start rubbing my foot and I start melting further back into the couch letting out a low moan of contentment. 

“Aww, has my girl had a hard week?” 

“I have but you make me forget all about it. Your hands are my favorite.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it, but you know my hands won’t be this gentle later.” 

You tease me and I smile to myself knowing I’ve started the game I need tonight. You keep alternating rubbing my feet slowly and gently, to strong and deep, then almost to a tickle. Your last tickle is too much for me and I pull away to sit up and take a drink. Then I leave over and give you a thank you kiss, I linger and barely let you part my lips and then pull away. 

I love to tease you, I know you wanted more. I tend to end up getting pinned against something in your apartment when I’ve teased you, tonight won’t be much different but I didn’t know how different. You stand up and shift yourself in your shorts, I hadn’t realized that rubbing my feet had made you so excited. I reach up and stroke the outline of your hard cock and you step back glaring at me. 

“No cock for you until after dinner.”

“What kind of bullshit is this? You’ve clearly missed me this week. You’re hard for me right now.”

“I have missed you but we’re both hungry and I don’t want to grill steaks in the dark. You will wait.” 

I think you’re being irrational and I’m already turned on from my foot rub and seeing your hard outline through your shorts. I’ll knock some sense into you and I stand up and slowly peel my leggings off and walk in front of you to the kitchen. You smile as I walk around in my lacy black thong. 

“What can I help with to make dinner happen faster? I see you have the steaks ready.”

“I got us asparagus and salads. If you want to get the asparagus ready for me to grill, that would be great. But first take that thong off right now.” 

I comply and wiggle out of my panties letting them fall to the floor. And before I can ask what you want from me, you lift me onto the counter and get down on your knees in front of me. I look down and smile.

“Whatcha doing down there babe?”

You glare, grabbing my legs and pulling my ass to the edge of the counter.

“I decided I needed an appetizer after all.”

Your hands are slowly moving up and down my legs teasing me. You’re making me start to tremble in anticipation. Your tongue can make me cum like no one elses. I know you probably won’t let me cum before dinner, but I can’t wait to feel you. 

You hold my knees for a moment and stare into my eyes. Then you’re pushing my knees wide apart and seeing that I’m already a wet mess you say….

“I guess I have to clean you up before dinner.” And your tongue begins to explore. I let out a gasp feeling you caress my clit with your tongue and slide a finger up and down my pussy.

The way you alternate between long, slow licks on my clit then soft kisses then sucking harder… you get me everytime. Tonight you must want to torture me. You keep licking my clit and teasing to push a finger inside me, but only tease and barely touch. I’m trying to push further on the edge of the counter to force you inside me, but you pull further back.

“Stay still.” You command. “Do you want me to stop?” 

“Don’t stop, please. I’ll be good.”

You give me a smile and go back to my before dinner punishment. You are enjoying my little moans and leg shakes. I’m trying so hard to resist grabbing your head and pushing you into me. I’m trying so hard to be good and stay still while you tease me and make me ache to cum on your face. 

Then you stop. 

“Time to light the grill.” You give me a long, deep kiss making me taste myself on you and start to get the lighter and things you’ll need. I’m still sitting on the counter wanting more, watching you move around. 

“You might want to clean that up before you make our salads.” as you point to the counter below my ass. “You are so wet tonight girl, I can’t wait to feel you after dinner.”

And you go out to the balcony to start the grill for dinner. I decide to slip into your robe. I’m only wearing my t-shirt at this point so might as well get even cozier and give you full access to me the rest of the night. I clean myself up and pull up my hair. Slipping your oversized robe on, it feels like a big hug and smells like you right after you shower. One of my favorite places to be, in your robe. 

I go into the kitchen and hear you’ve got music playing for us. You’re singing along as you get the steaks out, I love when you’re goofy with me. I slap your butt and grab the asparagus and salad stuff. Nights with you cooking and being goofy are so fun. I get our sides ready as you babysit our steaks on the flames. I bring the asparagus out when you say it’s time and you put them on and close the lid. 

“I want more kisses.” you demand. I oblige and we only kiss for a few moments and your hands are already tugging at the belt on the robe. You loosen it enough to expose my breasts and you bend over to kiss them.

“Someone is definitely going to see us out here.” I can feel my face getting warm but it is a rush I like and didn’t expect. 

“Oh, don’t worry, no one can see us….” you laugh knowing damn well your balcony is right above the main entrance to your apartment complex and the next building is not that far away. 

You caress my tits and stare in my eyes before remembering to check the asparagus, and your hands leave me. I can see dinner's almost ready so I say I’ll get our plates and drinks ready. Getting everything set up for us but all I want to do is beg you to fuck me. I know it won’t work, you’re in control now. I know I gave you that control and it drives me crazy, but I love it. 

Dinner smells amazing. We sit down and enjoy the first bite of steak together, of course you cooked it perfectly. Everything is so yummy and you even picked the sides well, nothing too heavy to go with our steaks. I bet you planned that too. You always pay attention to the details. I thank you for an amazing meal and offer to clean up. But you’d rather relax with me you say. 

“Let’s take our drinks out on the balcony and talk.” and you lead the way. 

We get cozy on the little two seat bench you have. Your arms around me and we’re being quiet, just listening to the distant traffic of the city. The weather was perfect all day but starting to get a little chilly as we watch the sun sink for the night to take over.

“I like it out here, but I need you to keep me warm.” and I scoot closer into you. 

But you instead tell me to stand up and when I thought about asking why you gave me the look like I better listen. So I stood up and faced you. You stand and kiss me hard, pulling me against you and I can feel that you’re rock hard for me. I hadn’t expected that, we’ve been pretty tame since we ate dinner…

You guide me to turn around and face the street away from you. Pressing your hard cock into my ass as you push me to the balcony railing. You then take my wrists and place my hands on the railing as far apart as you want. You grab my hips and tell me to push my ass out and spread my feet. You want to fuck me out here for everyone to see. 

I could feel my heart beating faster, am I really going to let you do this out here? We do some pretty hot and wild things all over your apartment, but out here on the balcony is different. But as I feel your hand pulling the back of the robe up to expose my ass to you, I start to let my craving for you overrule my sense of logic.

You’re rubbing my ass and sliding your hand between my thighs but you won’t touch my pussy yet. I’m getting so frustrated with your teasing tonight, it seems like this has been going on for 10 minutes. I feel you lean over my back and press hard against my ass. You still have your shorts on but I can feel you through them. I want you inside me so bad, but I know better than to ask. You’ll make me wait even longer. 

Finally you slip a finger inside me and comment on how I’m dripping for you. I look over my shoulder and say “Thank you sir.” 

You smile and push your finger into me deeper and start rubbing my clit. You whisper in my ear, “Now cum for me, my good girl.”

And I did. Out there on the balcony. I tried so hard to be quiet, but when you call me your good girl… I explode and I can’t keep my moans in. I’m sure the neighbors are listening or watching, if they can see I guess we should put on a show. I see the headlights of the cars passing below us, wondering if they can see me exposed and gripping the railing. The robe is barely covering me, it's just draped around my shoulders now and you’re holding up the back side to see my pussy begging for you. 

I feel your hands leave me and hear you undoing your shorts. I’m so ready to feel you inside me, I’ve been craving you all week. And with no warning at all, there you are pushing inside me. 

“Mmm, fuck.” I let out. 

You grab my ponytail and pull my head back, “Do you like how I feel? Did you miss my cock?”

“Yes Sir.” I moan out. And you let my hair go and grip my hips so you can pull me into you. “Fuck me hard, please.” 

And you do. I’m gripping the railing as hard as I can and trying to catch my breath. The excitement of being so exposed and you filling me up has me on the edge of cumming and you can sense it. 

“You are not allowed to cum yet. Don’t make me punish you.” And you spank me softly, followed by a firmer warning spank. 

I’m even closer now. You start to slow down and move your hips around forcing me to grind on your cock. I start to rock with your movements and I feel another firm spank. 

“Didn’t I already tell you to be still earlier? You’re not listening tonight.” And another even firmer swat to my ass. 

Fuck. I want to cum so bad right now. 

“I’m sorry sir, can I make it up to you?” I ask as I feel you pull from inside me and you spin me around. 

“Get on your knees and swallow my cock. Show me you’re sorry.”

So I drop to my knees and kiss the tip of you before taking you all the way into my mouth. 

“Further.” you demand and grab the back of my head and force yourself further into my throat. I love letting you use me as your toy, your good girl. I let you throat fuck me for awhile, then force you to deal with my slow kisses and long licks up and down you. I lick around your head and feel your legs twitching. You love when I tease you back, but your expression says you want to cum too. 

You pull away from me and help me up. Without a word, I know to get back in position gripping the railing. You pull at the robe and say you just want this out of your way, so I let it drop to the ground and feel you guiding me onto you. We stay still for a moment and you hold me, I can feel you throbbing inside me and I squeeze you back. Forcing you to fuck me harder than you ever have. 

It takes everything for me to stay still and not cum on your hard cock. I can’t stop letting out whimpers and moans but I’m trying so hard to be quiet out here. I can tell by the way you are moving and trying to hold back your groans, you’re about to cum too. Your hands are desperately grabbing at my tits as you pound into me. 

“I need you to cum now for me, can you be a good girl? Cum for me.”

I could barely cry out the words, “Yes sir.” as my body began trembling and I could barely stand. I came so hard, you put your hand over my mouth to quiet me but there is no way it helped. I was trying to stay still as I came, but you had to put me back in position when I finally stopped shaking. Then I felt you thrust hard and deep one more time, feeling you let go and cum inside me.

And I lost it all over again. You let out a satisfied growl and say “Yes good girl, keep cumming for me.” 

I’m trying to breathe and think about what just happened. I’m naked on your balcony, I thought as you read my mind and picked up the robe to cover me. You pull me close and kiss my forehead. 

“I always love having dinner with you.” and give me a long slow kiss. 

I laugh, “Is that all? Because balcony dessert was my favorite.”