Sexing The Neighbor's Husband, Part 1

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Kate and her husband Allen lay sound asleep in their bed. The sounds of morning eagerly crept through the cracked window and caused Kate’s eyes to flutter open.

She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. She enjoyed spring mornings. They were her favorite. She had planned to get up early, see her husband off to work, and later plant flowers in her garden.

She turned and looked at her husband. He was handsome. His body was fit from years of competing in triathlons. He didn’t have as much hair as he used to, but she adored the shape of his bald head. That along with the tattoos and beard made him one hella sexy ass man.

He inched closer to her and hugged her naked body. They both slept nude most nights. She felt his strong hand caress her body as she felt his cock poking her thigh. She knew it was only a matter of time before he’d be giving her a serious morning workout.

She smiled as she felt his finger on her gem. She moaned. She wanted him badly, but lately, her energy was off. She felt like she couldn’t keep up with his sexual desires.

Allen was a beast in bed. That was one of the things that made her fall in love with him. Their sexual energies were so in tune. He had the perfect mix of hardcore fucking with a pinch of making love. It was both kinky and sensual.

Her pussy was sopping wet when he stuck his two fingers inside and began stroking her while massing her clit. Her breaths were tapered, her heart raced, “Allen,” she whined.

He grinned, “Um, good morning babe.” His lips found her pink nipple and he sucked until it hardened.

“Oh God,” she said as her body shook. Soon after Allen hovered over her and pushed his cock into her sweet center. He stroked like he was on a mission. His jaws clenched, he bit his lip and gazed into her eyes.

He loved watching the look of sheer ecstasy on her face as he tamed her pussy. He stroked long and slow and watched as her pussy creamed on his cock. He smiled and quickened his pace until her pussy leaked.

She had already had two orgasms and was winded. She looked at the clock and figured he’d be done soon because he had to get up for work. But there would be times, he’d keep stroking her pussy until she was ready to pass out.

“Allen, baby, fuck, shit,” she said as another orgasm hit.

He leaned in and suckled her lips and pushed his cock so far in it caused her to squeal. “Aghhhhhh,” he moaned and grunted until he emptied his load inside of her. “I love you, babe,” he said just before pulling out and going into the bathroom for his shower.

Kate went into the bathroom and enjoyed a shower with Allen. Since he loved to take longer showers, she got out before him. She stood in front of the large mirror and looked at herself. Once upon a time, she was a full-figured woman with amazing curves. She was down nearly fifteen pounds and though she still looked amazing, she had loved her thickness. She had not lost weight because she was trying; her appetite wasn’t there.

Allen stepped out of the shower. His body glistened with beads of water. He saw her looking at her reflection. He walked up behind her, “You’re beautiful.” He kissed the side of her neck.

“You’re just saying that,” she joked. She knew Allen loved her. They had met at a race fundraiser. He was amazed at how she kept pace with him and finished a few minutes after.

He approached her and asked her out. She knew he was younger than her. She didn’t take him seriously, but after she kept seeing him at different events, they ended up dating and later getting married.

“You know I mean it,” he kissed her again, “I’m going to get dressed and start breakfast.”

“Just coffee and avocado toast for me,” she said.

When Kate went into the kitchen, she saw Allen dressed in a pair of jeans and a football jersey. On Fridays, he typically dressed down and rode his motorcycle to work, “You look handsome,” she said as she touched his face.

“Hoping we make another run for the Superbowl this year,” he smiled. He was from Orlando and wearing his Bucs jersey would often spark a great amount of friendly ribbing at work since most of his co-workers were Carolina fans.

“I’m sure they will,” she replied. She wasn’t into sports but did love the joy of watching him get excited when he watched football on television.

“I’m going to head out, are we on for dinner tonight or should I grab something?”

“We’re good.”

She walked with him out into the garage. The door opened. They saw a moving truck parked out front at the house that was vacant next door, “Looks like we’re finally getting a new neighbor,” he said as he rolled his motorcycle out onto the driveway.

She nodded, “Looks like.”

The engine roared. He placed his helmet on and moments later, he was cruising down the street. She turned and headed back into the garage to gather the materials she needed to work in the garden.

She went out to the front of the house set several colorful potted plants down, left, and returned with a bag of soil. As she worked in the garden, her mind on her last doctor’s visit, she heard a car roll up and park right in front. She looked up. The car door opened and she saw a woman exit the vehicle.

“Hi, I hope you don’t mind me parking in front of your house. The movers are blocking my driveway right now.”

Kate smiled, the woman was attractive, had to be in her late twenties with flawless brown sugar colored skin, long black hair styled in a 1970s flip, she wore ripped skinny jeans that showed off her ass and a football jersey that was cut to show off her midsection, which had a belly ring and she also wore colorful African waist beads.

“Oh, it’s fine. I don’t own the road,” Kate joked.

The woman smiled, “I’m Breonna, my friends call me Bree. I’m your new neighbor.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Kate, is it just you? Married, any kids?”

Bree laughed, “Oh god no, it’s just me. I’m hoping after a year to perhaps get artificially inseminated.”

“Wow, as pretty as you are, you should be able to find a guy that would love to be a husband and father.”

“I tried that. I moved here to be with a guy who I thought wanted those things, but after he kept questioning my value, I finally left. Anyway, I won’t keep you. I see you’re into gardening, I’ll have to get you to help me add some appeal to my curb.”

“I can do that, you should come by tonight and have dinner with us. My husband will be here later.”

“I might do that, thanks, Kate.”

“Oh, no problem.

“I’ll see you later.” She waved and walked to her new home.

Kate smiled. Bree reminded her of spring mornings. She was a breath of fresh air.