Cam, If You're Nice

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"Oh come on, it won't be too bad," Michael remarked. "You know going into this profession that you were going to have to relinquish some holidays and anniversaries and birthdays and whatnots," he was going to continue on in that vein before I interrupted him.

"But it's different for a married couple, you know. You expect some things. Some little, inconsequential things that you'd forget the next day, but still you expect them to be there."

"Yeah, like a blowjob."

"Idiot." Michael smiled and went out of the cubicle after having prepared the IV set.

I turned back to the task at hand. The vein was difficult to puncture, but I finally got it. Even the patient, a slightly frazzled woman in her fifties, let out a sigh of contentment as she finally felt that slight run of fluid to open up the vein for her drips.

"Sorry, my dear, having to celebrate Valentine with little old me."

"That's okay, Mrs. Goldberg."

"Won't your wife be angry with you, dear, having to take a shift on the most romantic day of the year?"

"Well, my husband won't be angry, Mrs. Goldberg, he understood that when he married a nurse."

My slight jab at the word 'husband' was not unmissed by the lady, but she took it in stride. "Of course. Of course your husband shouldn't be angry, his husband is here saving lives." She indicated her IV site. "And setting love connections," she chuckled. I had to smile at that.

I returned to the nurse station, ready, willing and able for any further task. Dr. Camden, Cam if you're nice, was smiling at his phone, at times letting out a teenage-worthy giggle, which looked weird because he was one of the most handsome men I had the pleasure of working with. "Hello Dr. Cam, may I have my station back please."

"Hi Simon, happy Valentine's Day, tut tut. Any plans? My shift's ending in fifteen."

"Sorry Dr. Cam but my shift's just beginning."

Cam let out a dramatic sigh. "A Valentine's shift. I thought you're senior enough to get off on Valentine's at least."

"Well, they need somebody junior enough on the totem pole not to disrupt the other senior nurses, so they picked me."

He rubbed his temple, a slight movement that would have looked very attractive coming from a younger person. As it were, it made him look like he had a headache. A very handsome man with a headache. Cam was one of my former crushes, before I married Toby my handsome husband, and I think he knew he was one of those missed connections. Ah well. "Any how, I'm going for a date tonight. Wish me luck."

"Good luck Dr. Cam." A bell - a siren, really - rang overhead. 

"Code Yellow!" someone bellowed running at full speed down the hallway. I made to follow the person but not before blowing a kiss at Cam, who was picking up his white coat and making for the door, blowing kisses back and smiling his dazzling smile, the smile of one who was up to no good. Ah well.

Throughout my shift I received messages and photos from Toby, who was certainly having a good time with his straight colleagues, going out for Valentine's lunch. Toby was a banker, and no stranger to looks regarding his huge body, who would have looked better in a more physical career. But he was my gentle giant, dear old lovable huggable Toby, who loved cuddles and kisses more than anyone. Those, and the sex. God, the sex. Toby had one of those that wouldn't quit after one round, and one of the largest uncut cocks I've ever seen and I've seen plenty, being a nurse and all. 

The messages trickled as the day trotted on, and my shift continued on. He knew that I was going to be working this Valentine's a week ahead, so he made plans, a quiet Valentine's dinner with Tony his single elder brother, who fortunately lived in our city and could be relied on for company at times like these.

At seven PM I received a notification. Apparently Toby checked into Zara, a gay club downtown. I thought maybe he was enjoying a few drinks with Tony, a ride on the wild side for the poor guy, to make up for this year's Valentine. I did not think much of the notification afterwards, because a patient had a desaturation at that exact moment and in the flurry of activities I simply forgot about my phone. 

My shift ended at nine PM. I was bidding goodbye to Michael and my colleagues when I finally manage to check my phone. No messages. That was strange. The drive back was cold and lonely, with specks of the last of winter's snow on the road. The house was dark and silent when I arrived home. Dark and silent save for the bedroom. On the marbled floor I saw a trail of clothes, a sports coat that looked vaguely familiar, Toby's baby blue shirt, an expensive-looking belt, and a black shirt that looked to be too small to be Toby's.

I did not know what came over me. The blood pounded in my ears. Thump thump thump. After a while I realized the sound was real, that the bed was being pushed against the wall by the sheer force of my husband's thrusts. I pushed at the door, where Toby's favorite blue boxers was hanging at the knob, and the door gave way noiselessly.

The first thing I noticed was that the bedside picture, the one where we stood smiling under a tree, the first picture we took after our engagement, the picture frame was slathered in so much semen, and in a corner of the frame a pair of black boxers hung like a flag, with traces of semen dripping from the crotch. Beside the picture the bed was shaking. I watched as Toby my husband fucked his large cock into the ass of the man who was lying on his stomach in my bed, moaning and grunting all the while, apparently the second - or perhaps the third - round of sex of the night already. In his lust-drunk haze, he still did not notice me peering in from the door. That was the moment the guy under him changed position to missionary, thighs glistening from the semen and the lube - of course they went bare - and I had the shock of my life.

"I know you had to have a large cock, I felt it dancing tonight," the guy murmured.

"Yeah, my husband like his cocks big and so fucking hard," Toby grunted back, punctuating his words with his thrusts.

"Tell me, who has the tighter ass?"

"You, it's you, fuck I'm cumming again CUMMING CUMMINGGGGG NGGGGGGHHHHH!" 

"Oh fuck, I felt that cum so deep inside me, bad boy." Camden, Cam if you're nice, looked up and noticed me and my tears running down my cheeks, and fucking smiled that same dazzling smile I saw earlier. "Happy Valentine's Day, Simon."