Cheeky Valentine Surprise

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Hi, my name is Maurice. You can call me Moz and I'll admit it, you can also call me a dick. The whole reason I'm telling you this story is because I'm a dick… and I have a puffed up fucking ego. I mean, I'm a senior and I'm captain of the football team, so ego goes with the turf, right? Turns out not everyone agrees. One of those people who thinks being an egotistical dick is bullshit is Zoey, the girl was fucking, the girl I had just stopped fucking fucking. Turns out she knew I was just fucking her, even though we'd been friends forever, and called me out on being selfish in the sack, in fucking public. I got a few good jibes in and she stormed off. I'm pretty sure she knows I've been hitting on other girls, but maybe that would have been too embarrassing for her to scream out in the corridor.

So, I had lost my fuck buddy and I was barely at second base with my first choice to replace her. And, fuck me, it was Valentine's Day in two days. I was gonna be the loser without a date. I had a beer with Clemmy, my number two on the field, and I said I was just going to go for it with Heather, the new Head Cheerleader and just risk being shot down. He came up with a different idea, doing something wild, and having Valentine's with the 'Librarian'.

OK, she’s not THE librarian, she's just some book nerd who transferred in as a junior last year. She is tall and not fat, but other than that it's all baggy clothes, boots, wild hair, nerd glasses and no make-up. At first I thought Clemmy was thinking of a charity date. I have money from working for my mom, I could impress her and try to fuck my cares away. He was thinking about something else. Be a gentleman, be public about treating her nice, don't expect anything and use the credit to bag a real girl. I know, I'm thinking about being nice in a dick way. What can I say, it's kinda my thing.

I went straight to it, found her with her nerdy friends and asked her out. I was smooth, but I wasn't trying that hard. Still, she said yes. At the time I figured she wanted a free meal (yeah, I know, still a dick), but when it came to the end of the date I wasn't so sure. Oh, and I did it all without knowing her name. I had to check with Clemmy who asked someone and it turns out she’s called Flo. Get me, knowing a nerd’s name!

OK, let’s cut to the date. Somehow, for a whole two hours, I put everything to one side and actually acted like a gentleman. No one who knows me would believe I could act like this for even five minutes. That doesn't bother me, they’re all dicks and assholes too.

I arrived at her house with flowers and chocolates, on time, then drove her to a nice restaurant. We had a nice dinner and I listened to her talk about everything from Lord of the Rings (which was a set of books before it was films, who fucking knew!) to poetry and sad music. We even shared a dessert.

All that time I had to hide my surprise. This was the girl I asked out, but fuck me what a transformation. Right then and there her hair was straight, her make-up made her look so fuckable and that dress showed off legs no-one one she had. Oh, and her voice! Once the shy whispers stopped and she started talking about things she was passionate about, her voice was amazing. I could have just fucked that voice!

I drove her home and walked her to the front door. Flo had a jacket on, but her beautiful legs were out there in the cold for everyone to see.

"Good night, Flo" I said, trying to remain the gentleman while leaning in for a kiss.

To my fucking surprise, she closed the gap and kissed me. And, damn, it was a good kiss! I forgot myself and my hand went straight to her ass. She didn't protest, so I slid that hand around and kept on kissing her. I didn't feel any seams and I managed to hitch up her skirt to feel her bare butt cheek. I stopped the kiss and she smiled at me.

"I thought a thong was appropriate," she said, "How about we go from good night to great night?"

And that was it. I wasn't some horny dick trying to act like I'm not just so I can get into a girl's pants. I was being invited in.

Her house is nice, like something from a film. She turned the lights on and I just stood for a moment before she took my hand and led me into the living room. I headed towards the sofa and she didn't hesitate. She kissed me hard and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I got my hand to her chest and I was disappointed to feel a padded bra. My hand travelled down to her waist and beyond to get under her dress again.

We didn't say anything, we had talked enough. We made out and felt each other up but I could tell she was keen to move on. Before I could work my fingers into her thong she was working on my belt and her hand was in my pants. I looked down at her hand as she rubbed my dick through my boxer shorts then cupped my balls. She used my distraction to kiss my neck and I flinched. She had given me a fucking hickey!

"Oops!" she said, "Let me make it up to you."

She pulled down my pants, quickly followed by my boxer shorts. My dick stood to attention and she went straight there. I couldn't see what she was doing, I felt her hair against my stomach then her lips on my tip. She took it into her mouth and sucked. I pressed her head down with one hand and reached under her dress again with the other, pushing her underwear down so I could explore.

I didn't get far. After a few good sucks and some ball-play she wriggled away from me.

"You might as well take those off," she said, pointing at my pants, "Then come over here."

She lay back and pulled up her skirt revealing her small thong between perfect thighs. I spotted a tattoo as I pulled off my shoes, socks and everything else below my waist. I kissed her but she pushed me off and guided me downwards.

"You want me to eat you out here?" I asked, trying to sound in charge and experienced. She nodded

"Until I cum," she said, raising her ass "It is Valentine's Day."

I look at the tattoo as I tug her thong down. She pulled her knees together until it was off then spread them wide. Her tattoo is a vine with flowers that goes from her inner thigh around her neat pubes to her belly, where they are lost under her dress. Amongst her curly brown hairs is a glint of metal.

I kissed my way up her thigh.

"How come I never heard about a tattoo?" I asked.

"I have a note that gets me out of gym," she said.

"And you've got piercings down here?"

"Not just there," she said, "Now are we just talking…?"

I started licking. I'm not a pro here, but I did my best and I love it because she tasted amazing. She was wearing some kind of perfume around her pussy that made her taste of vanilla and smell of raspberries. She gave me encouragement and she sounded like she was enjoying it. I flicked her clit piercing with my tongue again and again making her moan. I tried to get my fingers inside her. She was really wet by this time but the angle of my hand was terrible. I managed to rub her slit and she told me to keep doing both.

The combination of fingers and tongue got her off and she pushed me away. She lay there all flushed and panting, licking her lips. When she relaxed and spread her legs wide as her eyes closed, I got ready to get on top and do her. Somehow she knew and put a foot on my chest.

"Oh, you thought you could just fuck me," she said, "And without a rubber? I'm not ready for that. Not yet."

I was worried for a moment, but that 'not yet' gave me hope.

"OK, not yet," I said, "What do you want to do?"

"Let's go to my room," she said. I was glad about that, but in our hurry we left half my clothes, our shoes, and her thong on the living room floor.

Her bedroom was kind of sparse. It looked like she was really neat or didn't have a lot, and considering the size of her house that seemed weird. I thought I'd see Twilight posters and figurines or some shit.

"Could you lie on the bed?" she asked, "I'd feel better on top."

"Sure," I replied and shrugged off my shirt. I might as well be naked, I thought. She unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor revealing her matching padded bra. Her tattoo goes from her left hip across her stomach to her right tit, still hidden by her bra. It is a twisted vine with little flowers, but it looked unfinished. Every inch of skin I could see was perfect and I cursed that bra. I was sure it was hiding the most perfect C-cup tits I’d ever see.

I kept my eyes on her as I lay naked on the bed and she crawled over me.

"One more thing," she said, reaching over me. Before I could think of anything other than her cleavage in my face or her hot pussy lips sliding against my dick she had cuffed both of my wrists. She pulled something and that's it, I'm tied to the bed. She sat back, trapping me and doing the same to my legs just behind the knee. I still have no idea where those cuffs came from, but I just let her tie me up. I don't know why, but maybe I thought she was about to ride me or suck my cock like earlier.

"Well," I asked, "Are we going to play?"

"Oh, sweetie, yes we are," she said, "I hope you'll like the game."

She slid off me and pulled the cords holding my legs. I felt the breeze on my ass. Then she left me and it looked like she was putting her panties back on. I was worried, it's a prank and I was about to be on everyone's Whatsapp, but then she crawled up the bed so I could just see her head approaching my ass. She reached up and grabbed my cock and at the same time I felt her tongue on my asshole. Fuck me it felt good. For a second I wondered why the fuck someone would lick an asshole, but then I remembered it has a name, rimming, and I let it happen.

I felt something else, a bit of something cold in contrast to her hot mouth. Her tongue went to my balls, which I shaved specially, and a fucking finger went up my ass. Sure, there was lube, but Christ, it was a shock. I pulled at my restraints.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I gasped, confused by the mix of pleasure and discomfort.

"Whatever I like," she said, "And I really like what's coming next."

I didn't say anything because she gave my cock a suck, hit a fucking amazing spot inside my ass, then pulled her finger out and moved over me.

She cleaned her finger on a wipe and took a drink of something from the bedside table. There was alcohol on her breath when she kissed me. She put lube on her hand and lubed up my cock before squirting more on my balls. I felt the excess run down the crack of my ass. That's when I felt 'it'…

She was wearing a fake cock! It's bright green tip rose into view next to my balls and rubbed along my hard-on. She gripped them both together for a moment before the green one disappeared from view. I felt it push against my back entrance.

"Oh, fuck," I gasped, "Are you actually going to stick that up my ass."

"You were right there first time," she said, "I'm going to fuck your ass, I'm going to get off while I do it, and you're going to love it."

"Ho- What?" I squeaked as the tip pushes in, "I-"

She unclipped her bra (the clasp was at the front, shit, I could have done that!) and lets her tits fall free. They are perfect, just as I’d imagined. I stare at those pert mounds with their cherry nips as she pushes her silicon cock into my ass. The combination is just fucking wild. 

"Oh, you haven't been fucked in the ass before?" she asked and I shook my head, "Well, here goes…"


"Ooooh," she cooed, "Someone likes it! Just don't cum… Not yet."

I didn't say anything else, I just watched her fuck me. It was so fucking weird at first, feeling the thing slide in and out. It hurt a bit, but someone fucking me in the ass was bound to. What surprised me was how good it felt too. She raised her arms up as she thrust, showing off her perfect tits and the angle hit a spot that made my cock twitch.

"Not yet," she said, "I've got plans for that. Better change…"

She leaned forward and fucked me harder, clearly getting herself off at the same time. She put her hands on my ribs, her arms squeezing her tits together tantalisingly close to my face. The angle changed straight away, hitting her spots with whatever that fucking belt she was wearing had in it. Her face contorted and her breaths came short. She shook then grinned.

"Good boy," she said, looking down and seeing I hadn't cum yet.

She slid out of me, leaving my ass feeling cold and sore. She moved quickly, taking off the harness and dropping it on the floor. Finally, she loosened my legs and climbed onto me in a flash.

"Wait, now we're going to fuck?" I ask, "Shouldn't we use a condom? You said earlier I should use a rubber."

"No, I want it inside me," she said, "And if you hadn’t noticed Moz, you don't get a choice."

She guided my cock into her. God, she wet but she was tight! I didn't know whether to focus on how good it felt or her tits wobbling in front of my face. Before I could get my mouth around one of those inviting nipples, it happened. I feel my cock throb and my balls empty into her in a series of long spurts. I bucked and moaned as I forced my cum upwards and the relief of finally getting off spread through me. She mashed her cleavage onto my face and twitched her cunt around my shaft.

"There you go," she cooed, "Good boy."

She stroked my hair and slowly slid off me. She lingered for a while, my cum dribbling out of her onto my belly.

"I'm going to get a shower," she said, "Be a dear and stay there."

“Stay here?” I sqeaked, “Flo? Flo?”

And she left me there. I waited, and I thought I heard the shower. Yes, she was actually having a fucking shower. The cum on my belly and balls had gone cold when I heard the water stop and… a conversation start. Shit, were her fucking parents home? I'm tied to a bed, naked, in an unlocked room, in a near fucking stranger’s house, and her fucking parents were there? Hell of a fucking Valentine's Day!

The door opened...