Submissive Settings * Pantyhose *

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The way my brain starts to play games thinking about them. The way I prep to wear them for you. The way you might rip them off me or maybe just rip them enough to fuck me in them.... 

I fucking love panty hose. 

Lace, nude, fishnet… I don’t care, I love them all. I love to wear them for you. 

I want to feel sexy and surprise you by dressing up tonight. The foreplay begins in the shower for me and you’re still stuck at work. I know I want to wear something to make you crazy for me when you see it. Half my fun is the anticipation of your touch while I’m getting ready for you. 

I love a long, incredibly hot shower before I get taken over by your hands. I start with a good body scrub with my favorite mix of sugar and coconut oil… feeling the oil melt into my skin as the sugar’s roughness wakes it up. I start scrubbing from top to bottom, making sure I’m as smooth and soft as possible for your hands to explore your favorite parts of me. As I scrub the sugary oil across my tits, I can feel my body waking up. I’m getting soft for you to be rough and I can’t wait. 

My thoughts begin to wander…. Which outfit do I feel like tonight? Maybe something lacy and feminine, maybe something strappy, or do I feel a little school girlish today. I know how much you like when I wear short skirts. I am really craving to get spanked so I think my plaid schoolgirl skirt and crotchless fishnets will be perfect. You know exactly what I want when I wear this for you. 

I slowly scrub up my right leg, taking my time to massage my muscles and enjoy the hot water running over me. I switch to my left and already have to fight the urge to see how wet I’m getting thinking about tonight, but I have to shave and stay focused. Fully exfoliated, I grab my fluffy loofah and soap and begin to lather up to shave. I glide the razor over my legs, from ankle to ass, I’m so smooth. Time to shave my pussy and make sure I’m ready for anything. 

My excitement for you is getting hard for me not to notice, I can feel that I’m getting really wet just thinking about tonight’s scene. I shave my naughty bits slowly, being careful and making sure I’m silky everywhere you will be…. I slide my hand down over my lips and am content at the smoothness and can’t resist to finally feel how wet I am. I want to tease my clit. I want to grab the shower head, put on the massager mode, and make myself cum…. I’m so turned on but I must wait. 

I shampoo and condition my hair, wash my face, and make sure I’ve rinsed all the soap off, and shut the water off. I wrap the towel around me and start to get ready. Doing my hair and makeup is like the shower.... I like taking my time, trying a darker smoky eye, and getting a little extra volume in my hair. I feel so sexy getting ready for you but laugh to myself thinking we’ll have ruined my hair and makeup soon. And it will have been absolutely worth it. 

Now comes the part that really gets me turned on, dress up time. I grab my favorite crotchless fishnets. I slowly slide them up my leg, the fabric is soft and I love the way they feel against my
skin. Now the other leg. I could stop here, panty hose alone make me feel so feminine, almost delicate. But tonight the look of the black fishnets against my ivory skin make me feel strong, powerful maybe, a little bratty bad girl. But I know I’ll still melt into you and do whatever you tell me to do. I want to be a good girl tonight. 

I pull the fishnets up and make sure the garter belt top of them is perfect around my waist. I step into my little red plaid skirt and wiggle it up. I decide to slip on black boy shorts under my skirt. I like making you take them off me after you’ve made them soaking wet by bending me over and teasing me through my panties. When you rub my pussy in between spanking me and pushing your hard cock against my ass.... If I keep thinking about it, they’ll be ready to come off when you walk in the door. But I love that you won’t have to take my panty hose off, you have full access to all of me with them on. 

I put on a black lace bra and don’t hide it very well with a little white cardigan. I take another look in the mirror to check my outfit. I’m ready. I have some time until you’re here so I guess I’ll wait on the couch and try to watch some tv. But my mind can’t focus and I’m running my hands over my fishnet covered legs. I can’t wait to be such a good girl and cum for you when you tell me to. The way your voice deepens in my ear telling me I feel so good and I better cum for you right now, the way your eyes watch me as I squirt all over your hand. 

I hear you pulling up my driveway so I meet you at the door. You attempt to make small talk about our days as I lead you to my bedroom, but I know you’re really just watching my ass peek out from my little schoolgirl skirt and my fishnet legs… 

It’s time to play. I fucking love panty hose.