Her Panties

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Authors Note: Everything I write is purely fictional. Please don't steal and please remember these words are fantasy and should be kept so. I hope you enjoy. This story contains non-con use of a females clothing.


It was the summer of 2000 and I was on summer break. I had just gotten my drivers license and I was excited for the few months off from school. I didn’t have a car or anything, but it still felt like freedom. I didn’t have any big plans that summer, except to find a part time job and hang with my friends.

I’ve always been close to my cousin. We’ll call her Lana. Lana was in her early twenties at the time and it wasn’t unusual for me to stay days on end with her and her fiancé. We would all play board games, go to movies, cook dinners and just laugh until late into the evening. I never felt attracted to her or anything taboo in that sense.

But I’ll never forget that one day in June, when I had my first experience and used her panties to get off.

It started out like most normal days. I remember sleeping in late. When I finally crawled out of bed, I ate some cereal in my boxers on the couch, alone in an empty house. Everyone was at work and I usually enjoyed the day to myself. I would workout, mow the yard, play in the pool and waste my day like most young people.

I remember clearly how I found myself in that precarious situation. I had showered that day and realized I was almost out of clean clothes. Not really giving it much thought, I grabbed the hamper and went to the laundry room. I began sorting my clothes and throwing them into the washer. I reached down into the bottom of hamper and retrieved some petite sleep shorts and realized they were not mine.

They had to be Lana’s. I had seen her in them before. They were black, short and pretty basic. It was the fabric on the inside of the shorts that caught my attention. Like most people, including myself, she must have pulled them off before her shower, leaving her under garments tangled inside.

I went to toss her shorts back into the hamper when I stopped short and just held them. The silky purple fabric on the inside of her shorts held my gaze as my mind wandered. I had never had an urge to play with female panties, nor had I had an urge to sniff them. Yet, here I was, in the laundry room, wondering to myself, what I should do with them.

I felt my dick stiffen as I stood there. I was still half naked in boxers and I felt myself hardening as thoughts raced through my mind. I don’t even think I processed what I was doing as I separated her panties from her shorts.

There they were, her purple silk panties in my hand, as I stared at them. At that age, I was always horny. I remember wanking myself off, every opportunity I got. In the shower, on the couch, in my bed, watching porn or looking at a dirty magazine. Yet, this was something different. I now held something that was intimate and feminine. Fabric that been pressed against a pussy that probably smelled amazing.

I knew I was pre-cumming, I could feel the wetness pressing against my boxer briefs as my dick strained to be free. I left the laundry room, with the panties crumpled in my hand, like a dirty secret and retreated to the guest room. I even remember closing the door and locking it, even though I was home alone.

I stripped out of my boxers and laid on the bed naked. Even though the curtains were closed, sunlight easily lit the room, casting a warm glow across the room. I laid there naked, with the panties gently resting on my chest. My heart was racing, in fact my chest was pounding and I was scared.

My hand went to my cock and using my precum, I began stroking myself. I closed my eyes as I moaned from self-enjoyment. The sensation as I stroked my thick cock was amazing. I could feel the soft fabric laying on my chest as I continued to please myself.

I slowed my strokes and opened my eyes. I was still hesitant to explore the borrowed panties, but I knew I wanted to savor them. I had heard guys talk in the locker room of their girlfriends, thongs, and lingerie. I figured it was all guy talk and boasting. I was pretty confident most guys my age had barely been to first base, much less seen or tasted a girls pussy.

Yet here I had something special. I had a pair of freshly worn panties all to myself. Sure they were my cousins, but at that moment, they were mine. I wondered how many times her fiancé had enjoyed her pussy. Enjoying the scent, taste and texture of it. I gave myself a few more strokes before I made the decision, that I wanted to enjoy her scent and taste them as well.

I removed my hand from my dick and picked up the crumpled fabric that still sat on my chest. I was nervous as hell as I brought them to my nose. I held them a few inches away from me as I gently sniffed at the fabric. I didn’t smell anything.

I pulled them back, still staring at them. Then I realized I needed to truly smell them, the correct way. Just sniffing at the fabric wasn’t going to give me any real experience. I took the panties and turned them inside out and brought the crotch area closer to my nose and took a small whiff.

The aroma I inhaled was simply addicting. It was sweet, it was musky, it was all feminine. I brought the panties closer to my nose and held them against my skin as I took another deep inhale. It was intoxicating, but it was intoxicating in a good way.

I couldn’t pull them away if I had wanted. Her smell was perfect. Her pussy was my first scent of a female and I wanted to relish every second of it. Holding the panties against my nose, I went back to stroking myself, as I imagined several females naked.

Did her smell intoxicate her fiancé as well? Did he love licking and tasting her pussy as much as I was enjoying her panties? So many thoughts ran through my mind. I thought back to that one time he and I watched porn together. I knew we were both hard and she never knew we had bonded like that. Now I felt like I was having another special moment as I appreciated her flavorful scent.

I pulled the panties from my face as my other hand continued stroking my cock vigorously below. My breathing was fast and hurried as my chest rose and fell quickly. My smooth chest was covered in small droplets of sweat. I swear my cock was rock hard and the thickest it had ever been.

I wondered, what did she taste like? There was only one way to find out. I brought the worn panties to my mouth and the tip of my tongue darted out. I thought my heart was going to explode. I barely touched the fabric and a bang of adrenaline rushed through my body. My jerking increased as my eyes rolled back and I moaned out loudly into the empty room.

It was sweet, tangy, and everything I had imagined it would be. I could only hope for the real thing one day. Until then, this would have to suffice. I had to taste more of this pussy and I did. I rubbed the crotch of her panties all over my exposed tongue, re-wetting the area her pussy had pressed against, and the flavor enveloped my mouth.

I gripped my cock holding off a pre-ejaculation as I savored her. I brought the fabric back to my nose and inhaled. Her scent mixed with my spit was now more prominent. Between the deep whiffs of her pussy and the strong taste on my tongue, it would be a matter of minutes before I blew my load all over my chest.

I rubbed the wet fabric on my nose, hoping her scent would linger and it did. It was subtle, but it was pussy and I loved every moment of it. I took one last lick before I wrapped the purple silk fabric around my cock. I imagined pulling those panties to the side as my cock slid in and out of any tight pussy.

With the fabric wrapped around my straining muscle, I began the final mission of my climax and used her panties to stroke myself to completion. Her scent, the taste and the feeling of the soft material around my cock was too much. Between my heavy breathing, loud grunting, I began to cum.

It was the hardest I had ever climaxed before. I watched as several streams of white cum erupted from my cock head, shooting upwards before it landed on my abs. My body jerked as I squeezed every last drop of cum I had to give. My eyes remained closed and I just laid there, contemplating what I had just done.

I unwrapped her panties from my cock and used them to wipe the cum off my body. It was satisfying seeing my cum mixed onto the purple fabric. It was equally satisfying, knowing that she might even wear them again sometime soon. I needed to wash them and I hoped she wouldn’t know that I had easy access to them.

I went back to the laundry room with my dirty secret in hand. I took one last sniff and smiled. Her scent was now mixed with the heavy scent of my young cum. I tossed them into the washer and closed the lid. I now had a new fetish that summer and I also had access to several of her worn panties daily. I still wonder to this day if she ever knew. I think she did, but we’ll share that story another time.