The Warriors

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Author's note: this is dedicated to the edgers, the wankers, the masturbators, and the men who are in love with cock, penis, and donging the fuck out. Enjoy, studs.


Henry’s penis is throbbing.

Throbbing might actually be an understatement, because throbbing is the least term for describing the immense heat he feels in his underwear, and how unable he is right at the moment to do anything about relieving it. He’s at the gym, pumping iron, and Jared is sending him dick pics that are inarguably among the best that he’s ever received. He can’t even be sure that anyone else didn’t see them, either - but he doesn’t care. He loses count of his reps in his bicep curls, trying to avoid drooling. Because Jared's towering penis is on his phone screen, backlit with perfection.

Is he allowed to lick the screen in public?

Jared: worked out naked in the basement and was like this the whole time

Perks of being well off enough to have your own gym, Henry muses. He’s got to go to a chain place like the rest of the schlubs. He doesn’t even know if he’s friend enough to ask Jared’s permission to even use his place, but they’ve been at dick pic sharing status at all times for a while now. Not just when they’re both feeling randy. Granted, Henry is horny if he’s breathing, but Jared sent first this time, and that turns Henry the fuck on. Fuck it. He’s done enough reps that he’s got his pump going. He racks his weights, cleans the bench, and barely manages to get in the restroom to duck into a stall and grope himself. 

He’s still admiring that dick pic when Jared sends another message, a video. Stroking up, down, up, down, a jar of coconut oil visible next to him to grease his circumcised length with. Henry’s scent-memory triggers a leak of precome from his own cock, pooling inside his foreskin before he can reach in and haul his erection out. His wide, pink head is already flared out, that fucking fast - Jared knows how to punch every goddamn button with just a few moves. Not bad for him being across town and nowhere near touching him. Henry sends that photo back, trying to keep the toilet out of the shot. Just doesn’t make it classy with that in the background.

Henry saves Jared’s photo to the rest that he’s sent him, which at his point in their… acquaintance, has been quite a lot. Jared has spent a lot of time perfecting the art of the dick pic, and every single one shows. Henry loves dick pics. Specifically ones with Jared’s massive penis in them. When he had hit him up on Grindr, Henry had fully suspected being messaged to ask if he wants to fuck. Which, alright, fine. But nope, Jared had just wanted to show off, and not once has he asked Henry to bend over for him. Henry isn’t holding his breath for him to not ask, but if it doesn’t happen, it’s fine. That’s a lot of cock to take.

Jared: wet as fuck! 

Henry: well what did you expect to happen?

Jared: why don’t you bring yourself over here and we can see what else happens.

Henry nearly swallows his tongue. The times they’ve met over the last couple months, it’s been at the park to rub off in Jared’s Escalade, or a hotel room that they rent for a few hours. He’s not been to Jared’s place yet. Feels like a big deal, like the notion of more privacy has significance. Henry doesn’t know if he’s the only guy that Jared swaps with, or if he’s the only one that’s been invited over - whatever it is that Jared does for a living seems to require privacy. Not that he’s spent much time asking. So far as he knows, the only thing they’re exchanging is horny feelings and handjobs, which as nice as those things are, Henry wants to take it a little deeper. Jared hasn’t invited anything more than that, and honestly, he’s been so overwhelmed by the out and out masculinity that Jared presents, he’s forgotten to ask. 

Henry wants to experience Jared, not just jerk him off from the side. Perhaps Jared is feeling the hesitancy as well. Or he likes being masturbated like they have been. Both. Alright, fine, Henry is having a difficult time making the connections in his brain beyond that, blissed out on arousal and testosterone as he is. He stays in the stall for a few more minutes, rubbing himself, waiting on Jared’s address. He tells him he’ll be there soon and heads for the locker room.

His erection doesn’t go down as he takes a shower, and he definitely gets stared at for it. He’s not as long as Jared, but he’s beer can thick and his balls hang big and low. Henry washes his testicles thoroughly, along with his taint and crack - he doesn’t want swamp ass if he’s going to be in Jared’s bed. Neither does he bother with underwear under his clean shorts; the jock he wore to work out in is the most he ever does for anything under his pants. His precome has stained them by the time he walks out, and again, he’s definitely getting stared at - but he doesn’t care. He’s going over to Jared’s, he’s going to do his best to worship his huge penis, and then probably come so hard he won’t be able to hit leg day tomorrow. 

Fuck. Everything about the situation in his head just seems too good to be true. Except it is true. He starts his Blazer and punches Jared’s address into this GPS. He puts on some rock to pump himself up a little more, his damp curls still clinging at the back of his neck as he pulls out into the main road. He rolls the window down to dry out a bit more, and his music is soon interrupted by a phone call. It’s Chris, his roommate, his best bro and rock-steady bate buddy. The bate buddy that he shares every detail about Jared with, and a little secret that Henry keeps just for himself. 

“What’s up,” Henry asks - and bones up further upon hearing Chris’s sexy voice in his ear. Apparently his penis isn’t terribly selective about who keeps him hard right now - Jared just happened to get there first.

Chris chuckles, sounding smug. "Your boy hit me up on Grindr, and once I explained who I was, he said you were already on your way and invited me over. Wanna pick me up?" Henry can hear the anticipation, the horny edge in his voice. Fuck yeah he's going to bring Chris with him. He gets this vision of himself lying between Chris and Henry, stroking both of them at the same time.

His penis throbs again.

"Absolutely," Henry tells him. "Grab my rings on your way out, alright?" Which he was planning on using after the gym anyway. Except now it's going to be even more fun.

"Already got 'em. I'm outside when you get here."

"Be there soon."

Henry's precome floods under his hood again, and he drives to his complex with one hand between his legs. He's so much more aware of how heavy his testicles are right now, sitting loose where he's man-spread. That weight grows heavier when he pulls up and sees Chris, dressed in a tee with the sides cut out, silky gym shorts, and sneakers, with a backwards ball cap on his head - looking every bit the former frat bro he is. The wind blows, and Henry can see his hairy chest and nipples clearly as he gets into the truck.

Last night, he had milked Chris's penis while sitting behind him, teasing his nips with his right and stroking with his left. Chris had repaid him for that in the kitchen, using his stroker on him while he made breakfast. Those images float with pleasure through his mind as Chris gets in his truck, and when he sits down, Henry greets him by reaching over and squeezing his penis through his shorts. Chris is already hard - "brought your Quickshot too," Chris says. "Not that I think we're gonna need it.

"Better safe than sorry." Chris smells musky, coconut-tinged. He notices Henry inhaling, and grins. "Might have been edging before." He spreads his legs for Henry - who reaches in and goes for his balls, heavy and loose like his own. They're damp from the oil he was using, sticky too. His penis gets harder when Henry rubs and strokes for a moment, precome leaking on his fingers. "Shouldn't we save it for Jared?"

Henry takes his hand out of Chris's shorts and inhales against his musk-coated fingers; this scent, this essence is so, so much better than the poppers that he tried once. "Like you weren't going to be between my legs when I got home." And Henry would have welcomed him happily had that been the case.

"Not my fault that the afternoon took a really good turn, Henry. We better go before Jared thinks we're being bad guests." Chris takes over from where Henry was touching him, happily, unashamedly stroking his long, thick, porn-perfect circumcised penis as Henry gets back on the road. He reaches in the ditty bag between them and puts on one of Henry's silicone rings, snugging it around his shaft and testicles. Henry's attention very badly wants to be on that, on Chris's masturbation. "Mine finally broke, damn thing. Guess that's what I get for using it too much."

"And for buying cheap cock rings" Henry chides. "Fuck, you're making me horny… er." Chris looks good in his Bull Wrangler, making his glans flare out wide from the tightness of it. He reaches over and grasps his buddy's iron-stiff erection, holding him tightly.

"Eyes on the road, Henry." Chris doesn't exactly make a move to remove his hand, either. He won't, not when Henry knows how to handle him just right. Henry keeps a light stroke up on Chris's well-engorged penis as he follows the turns into one of the more upscale neighborhoods in town - and pauses at a gated drive. Shit, that's enough to put the nerves on overdrive.

Henry reaches out and presses the buzzer. Jared's voice comes through crisply on the intercom: "Henry?"

"You bet."

"Pull on through and park in the driveway, door's unlocked." The intercom clicks off, and Henry follows the direction, his heart hammering in his throat. Being on Jared's turf feels so different from the times before, as though being allowed entrance to his domain is an immense privilege. Chris's eyes widen as well, seeing the impressive house that Jared calls home.

"Think we may be a little out of our depth here, Chris." He parks next to Jared's Escalade, and shuts his truck off. "Almost a little surreal to know that he likes greasy bating just as much as we do." The thought charges Henry’s lust back up - penis bonds them, and that's all that really matters. Jared's as much of a pervy dick hound as they are, and it's important they keep that in mind.

Henry grabs his bag, Chris tucks his erection back in his shorts (which does absolutely nothing to hide the fact he's still hard as fuck) and they walk up brick steps to the front door. Chris opens it and they step into the dark, wood-paneled foyer, looking around. Henry wasn't sure what he was expecting the inside of Jared's house to look like, but this feels right. "Jared?," Henry calls - and hears footsteps.

Henry can't recall an instance in which he has beheld Jared's body fully naked - dicks out, shirts up, coat their bellies or each other's hands - so getting to see his fit form in person is nothing short of fucking mouthwatering. Jared is ripped as fuck, his body hair accenting rather than hiding, his nipples peaked and dark. His chest is flushed pink from his edging, and down Henry's line of sight plunges to the dark temptation of his pubic hair and straight-out penis, veiny as fuck in a thick metal ring and dripping precome even now as he swigs from a large water bottle, sipping heartily.

Just being in his presence makes it feel like Henry grew more hair on his chest. "Welcome, fellas - Chris-" Jared sticks out his hand, and Chris shakes it, no doubt slick with bate grease - "nice to see you in person. Henry, you should have shared, he's handsome as fuck."

Chris grins, and Henry already loves how the two of them look together. "I know - that's why I kept him a secret." Henry rubs and palms his hard-on, drawing the eyes of Jared and Chris both. "But you know why we're here," he says, heat pricking at the backs of his ears. Jared steps closer to him, and Henry opens his body language up, thinking Jared is going to cop a feel - but he surprises Henry by bending his head and drawing their mouths together. Henry’s system clocks overtime - not once has Jared showed an interest in kissing him, and that’s been fine but this adds a layer that Henry is going to need time to process.

Naturally, Jared releases him, and kisses Chris just the same - the noise of pleasure Chris lets out makes Henry’s balls tingle. Hands, he wants to put hands on these men, what he dares to call his men, in the moment. Jared lets go of Chris and gestures with his head in the direction he came from.

“Follow me, fellas.”

Henry’s feet are moving before Jared even finishes saying it.

They don’t stop in a bedroom, or living room, nothing like that. Henry watches the masculine poetry of Jared’s toned ass and rippling shoulder muscles, naked and glorious, as he follows. He doesn’t drool, not openly, but Jared seems so supremely the king of his castle that Henry can’t help but be powerfully attracted to the confidence that Jared displays in this place. Chris tugs at Henry’s wrist - “this guy, holy shit Henry, he’s…”

“Made in the image of some very horny, thoughtful gods? Yeah he fucking is.” Henry isn’t quite sure to whom he should offer praise, but he can certainly start if given guidance. Maybe he should start looking for the divine in the power of his erections - they certainly feel heavenly. And if he wants proof, then he has no need to look further than at Jared, turning and grinning as he beckons them to the room he wishes to show them.

Jared has a fucking bate den.

“Make yourself comfortable, fellas - there shouldn’t be that much come on the sofa.” Jared turns up the lights a bit, and Henry immediately feels an attraction to this place. Come stains, a greasy imprint of Jared’s egg-sized nuts in the chair across from the couch, various strokers set up on the table between the chair and sofa he indicated - and a huge television that’s paused on one of Henry’s favorite pornos - Double Double. Yeah, they’re in the right place, for sure. Jared takes his seat and watches with hunger as Chris drops his shorts and whips his shirt off - but leaves his sneakers on. “Holy fuck, Chris,” Jared says, getting up to come over and get a closer look at his friend. “Fucking big bull cock, Chris, shit.”

Watching the two of them interact is actually way, way better than any porno that they could watch, and he moves over for Jared to sit down between them. Affords an optimal view of these men, as he turns to put himself more towards the corner. He takes off his shirt and slides his pants off, his beer can-thick penis jutting proudly. “That’s what I get to see every day, Jared, Chris is a fucking proud penis bator.”

Chris sticks out his tongue and raises his left arm to flex his meaty bicep - something else that drives Henry fucking nuts with lust. “Ring up, Henry, you’re the only one not wearing one.” Chris hands him his bag, and Henry helps himself to the open jar of half-melted coconut oil sitting on the table. Chris and Jared’s eyes are glued to his crotch as he slicks himself up, top to balls, and he finds his second Bull Wrangler ring - except this one is blue. He pulls it tight, and then adds a second silicone ring around the base of his shaft. The pump and swell of his penis is immediate, reducing the movement of his foreskin so that his head stays exposed.

Jared switches his stroke to his left hand and uses his right to fondle Henry’s full testicles - “fucking huge as always,” he says, desire roughening his voice. Henry leans back, throwing his left arm behind his head to show his dark pit hair, and turning his head in to sniff his musk. “How do you keep him in the apartment,” he asks Chris. “Cause I don’t think I’d let this fucking stud out.”

Henry laughs - “No need for him to keep me there; I’m happiest edging my penis with my bro, and I don’t see much point in not doing that as much as I can.” Jared groans, hitting a sweet spot on his cock. “Too honest?”

“Perfect answer,” Chris tells him, and he shares a look with Henry. “You got a live-in bro, Jared?”

“Nah - I haven’t really clicked with anyone except Henry, and I’m starting to feel sorry for making him jack off in the car instead of just letting him in here.” Jared eases his pace, rubbing his fingertips up and down the underside of his shaft - and Chris mimics him nearly perfectly. “Guess now that we’ve all had a taste of each other, that barrier’s down, right?”

“Feel free to break a few more,” Henry tells him, licking his lips. “But thank you for letting us into your bate cave, bro, really - think Chris and I need to step up our game.” Does his own bedroom count as such? Maybe he and Chris can chew that one over later.

“My space is your space, guys, the more penis in here, the better.” Jared leans forward and stands, turning to rest one knee on the couch to get a better view of both of them. He cups his palm over his slit and rubs, slow, making circles, his chin dipping to his chest in a rush of pleasure. His nuts hang low, full, begging to be touched - so Henry does. He reaches and holds them in his palm, rolling them between his fingers, rubbing with his thumb as Jared keeps stroking. Chris, not wanting to be left out, slides forward and takes over stroking Jared’s penis.

Henry catches Jared’s lust-darkened eyes - “sit down, bro, let us handle this one. We got this.” He and Chris have done this plenty of times since they met, and often switch roles in the midst of pleasuring the guy that they’re both interested in milking - Jared’s about to get his fucking mind blown. That’s something Henry is willing to guarantee without condition. 

Henry kneels between Jared's legs and uses the fingers of both hand to milk and rub his heavy, hairy testicles as Chris strokes up and down his shaft. Jared groans from the chest with pleasure, tilting his head backwards - "you two ought to be charging for this kind of treatment." Not the first time they've heard that, either. Henry watches with hunger as Chris leans over and connects his mouth with Jared's in a fucking hungry kiss, tongues sucked, lips bitten - Henry's penis and leaks twitches untouched between his legs. 

The milking, the edging, Henry and Chris keep it up for a long stretch, intensifying, relaxing, anything that can be done to keep Jared right on the edge. Jared, when he’s deep in his penis like this, makes these magnificent sounds, primal, masculine, his eyes rolling back in his head when Chris palms his head or Henry gives his balls a good tug. They make Jared pull his legs back to show his taint and hole - and Henry wastes no time in rubbing and stimulating him there either. Oil drips steadily down Jared’s shaft and over his hairy taint, making a stain on the already well-used sofa that they’re gathered on. Henry wants to bury his face in the cushions and huff - but not with Jared’s throbbing dick mere inches from his face.

Chris flattens his hand on his lower stomach when Jared’s hips buck - “gonna fucking shoot, fuck, Chris, fuck you gotta let me fucking come, fuck -” but Chris keeps his steady pace up, slow, slow, slow, as Henry presses in on his prostate. Fuck it’s hot to listen to him beg like that, and Henry is definitely going to be playing that on repeat in his head when he masturbates later. Perhaps if there’s a next time, Jared will let him record. Right now though? He’s focused on getting Jared his orgasm, beautiful in the moments before it happens. Sweat covers his body, his hair sticks to his forehead, his penis and all its veins throb with magnificence. He sees the second that Jared’s body gives in for him; his glans swells another size, his slit dilates - and he rockets come out, thick, white ropes that shower down all over his stomach, Chris’s hands, Henry’s fingers. Chris strokes him through it, listening to the raw-scraped sounds of pleasure that Jared bellows out. 

Henry could blow just from watching, and only his concentration on Jared keeps that from happening. Jared finally has to back out of their grip, his hairy, sweat-covered chest heaving. He looks up at them with sweat-hooded eyes, smiling. “You two gonna finish or let me be the only one?”

Chris uses the come on his fingers to re-slick his own precome-drooling cock; “kinda want to come on your tits, Jared. Think Henry might want that, too.” They share a look - fuck yes Henry does. Jared stretches out and puts his arms above his head, chest presented along with his thick, dark-haired, sweaty pits. “I’ll take that as a yes. Just a warning, Jay - I’m a shooter.”

That doesn’t seem to deter Jared in the least. “Just watch the eyes,” he says. “Shit burns.”

Henry and Chris kneel on either side of him, refreshing the slick of oil on their erections. Henry’s thighs tremble with anticipation, every stroke of his hand over his cock feeling like it’s going to bring his end. Maybe it will, between looking at Jared’s still plumped cock, Chris’s big fucking look-at-me hard-on, and the scent of masculine exertion clinging to the air. Fuck, he’s only a man, his body can’t help it - and he creams the right side of Jared’s chest and pit, marking him in that intimate place, spurt after spurt of thick come. He hears Chris let out a growly holy shit and he comes so hard that the ejaculation of his come is audible, spurting, nailing Jared’s cheek, chest - and Henry’s stomach. He shakes, moans - Chris always gives himself over so completely to his pleasure. 

And that pleasure, always, always results in a huge fucking mess. The number and volume of come splatters that decorate their apartment, yeah - Henry thinks about those a whole fucking lot too. Jared licks come from his cheek, happy as can be - “where the fuck did all that come from?”

“Dunno. Tends to happen when I’m around hot guys.” He looks at Henry too, positive that they’ll be jerking over this together later. “I’ll grab a towel - Jared, uh… where are they?”

“Down the hall, second door on the left. Just take what you need.” Chris departs, and Henry is left alone with his now very, very good friend.

“So - how often are you two available for this sort of thing?” Jared gives himself a luxurious stroke before sitting up and fondling Henry’s sagging balls. “Because that’s the best orgasm I’ve had in fucking years.”

Henry chuckles. “For you, Jared? Any time you want.”

And he means it, too.