The Car

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And here I am. In your car. If not at your mercy, at your whim. And I have put my self here willingly. 
Except for the white fine denier stockings and the ivory six clip suspender belt.
Which I guess to you says everything about me.
I’ve driven to this quiet country park car park and there you were, parked up in your BMW X5 with the blacked out windows in the back.
I have no shame. I opened my door and showed you my stockinged legs and you’d told me to get in your car. 
Which I did.
Now I’m naked and you are sitting next to me, examining me. 
If I had to guess you are about 70, but very well preserved. You must outweigh me by 20kgs and are taller by at least five inches.
You are unnerving me, because the only words you have spoken are ‘get in the back.’
But I guess I like being unnerved, it’s part of what I am. I love being on the back foot, being the one who is being used not the user.
My clit is erect and quivering. You are making me so turned on that I am dripping a small amount of precum. I don’t want to get it on your nice leather seats so I am catching on my finger and licking it off.
You point to your crutch and indicate that you want me to undo your trousers. When I reach for the belt, you slap my hands away and point to the zip.
With trembling fingers, I pull the zip down and your manhood flips out.
I look at it. It is big, about 8-9 inches long and cut. The mushroom head hypnotises me and I lick my lips nervously, impatiently.
Your hand comes to the back of my neck and pulls me down to your exquisite cock and as I near it I open my mouth and engulf the head.
I close my mouth and lick around the base of your glans and sweep it over your urethral slit. Your hand does not go away, but pushes you further into my mouth until it hits my throat.
I begin to gag as your cock head blocks my ability to breathe. 
You hold me there and I feel your other hand rub against my bottom and then a finger push against my gurly cunt. I am glad I have lubed as I feel your middle finger enter me and I give a little moan through a mouthful of your manhood.
Finally, you pull back and let me breathe. But I want you back in my mouth, having control of me and I stretch forward to enable this.
But you pull me back and hold me by the neck.  You look at me and I see you have the most beautiful sparklingly blue eyes that hypnotise me.
You point to my door and then get out of yours, so I have no choice but to get out.
You walk to the boot and open it. The vehicle has a large boot.
You indicate that I should bend over the boot, so my upper half is inside and my thighs press against the bumper. I feel your hand in the middle of my back ensuring I understand that this is my place, how you want me.
You kick my legs apart and before I can do anything else, I feel you pressing Against my cunt, your gorgeous mushroom head forcing it’s way into my tight hole.
I squeal a little, but although it hurts, it’s not a squeal of real pain, it’s a gurly squeal to let you know that I accept your dominance.
And now you are in me and I feel you filling my tight little quim. You are steadily pushing all of you length into me and you don’t stop until I feel your manly balls bouncing against my slut bottom.
I have only ever felt this full when I have my large butt plug in me. But you are warm and vibrant and I feel the blood in you pulsing.
Then you pull back and then immediately push yourself back in me. It isn’t gentle as you quite literally take me.
And I accept it, because that is what I am here for. To be used and cast aside when you have finished. A hole or holes for your satisfaction, not mine.
You are breeding me now, your pace faster as you violate my cunt, my gurly crevice and I love you for it.
As you fuck me, I mewl a little to let you know that you are the one in control, the one I need to own me.
And then you push yourself as far into me as you can go and I feel you pumping your seed into me, giving me something of you.
I am grateful to you for inseminating me with your cum and I sigh as you slowly slide out of me. 
As you pop out, I feel you leaking out of me, trickling down my inner thigh and staining my stocking tops. I will put these away with a note giving date time and location, bringing them out when I want to relive good memories.
And now I get a slap on my botty and an indication from you that I can go, have served my purpouse and am no longer needed.
You close the boot, enter the car and drive off. As I stand there, a grey Range Rover Evoke drives in.
I wonder what the driver wants.