The Scarlet Valentine. Chapter 9 of My Bestfriend.

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Valentine’s Day isn’t something that Marcus and I are too fond of celebrating. The restaurants are packed, the menus are limited, and everything is over-priced for a Hallmark holiday. It’s a national competition to prove who loves who more and we just don’t buy into it. However, this year, we’re involved with Kati so you could say I’m actually excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day today. 
We aren’t planning too much. Grabbing a drink or two at the bar on Lakewood, then picking up some carry-out Chinese, before heading back to our place. We’ve already decided that we aren’t doing gifts for each other, so, we’ll eat some dinner and have a few drinks while we relax. We’ll most likely get into some naughty fun before we cuddle up and fall asleep together. It may not sound that great to you but it’s exactly what I could use right now.  
I get home. My plan is to start getting ready before Marcus even arrives home, so then, I can finish up while he gets ready, so we’ll be ready quicker to head and meet with Kati. I just made it home. I unlock the door and when I walk in the door; I’m greeted with red rose petals. They trail across the living room and appear to go down the hall. 
Kicking off my shoes, dropping my purse in the chair and removing my coat; I follow the petals. The trail leads me down the hall and to the bedroom door. It’s closed and there’s a note taped to it. It reads: 
Welcome home. We aren’t going out tonight. 
Kati and I are waiting for you. We want to  
make you cum.  
Happy Valentine’s Day! 
Cum play! 
💓 Marcus & Kati! 
Mmm, behind this door is Marcus and Kati, and they’ve been waiting for me? That thought makes me so wet. I love them. I love them separately; I love them together. Reaching behind my back, I unsnap my bra through my dress, and slip it out through my sleeve: the classic and magical free the titties move. I hang my bra on the doorknob as it turns and I enter the bedroom. 
The room is dimmed with a red glow from the bedside lamp that has a scarf draped over it. The bed appears to have some straps on it that were not there when I left this morning. Before I can get a better look, the closet door opens and I turn. Kati walks out. She’s wearing a red, lace teddy with a tiny, red thong. The lace hugs her tightly. Her curves glowing in the red light. She’s beautiful. 
She walks past me, running her hand down my arm as she passes. Climbing on the bed, she motions for me to come closer; for me to follow. As I approach her, she crawls to the foot of the bed. She waits, while sitting on her knees. I stand in front of her as she places a hand on my cheek. Pulling me towards her. She kisses me. Leaning into her, I begin to kiss her deeper. Her hands wandering down my sides, and over my hips; grabbing the bottom of my dress. Lifting it over my ass and up my back, Kati stops kissing me to lean back and pull my dress off over my head. Tossing it to the floor, she smiles at me and bats her devious eyes. She moves towards the head of the bed, as I crawl after her. 
Just as I make it to her, the bathroom door opens. It’s Marcus. He steps out and walks up to the bed. He’s wearing red, silk boxers and they hug his package perfectly. Looking over at him, I see him smirk as he enjoys the view. 
“Continue. I do not mind watching”, he says, “You know that.” 
Shifting my focus back to Kati, I kiss her again. Laying myself atop her, feeling her body underneath mine. Tasting her lips. With her hand on my waist, she rolls, shifting me beside her on the bed. Continuing to roll until she’s on top of me: straddling me. My hands gripping her waist. Her breasts pressed against mine as my nipples harden. Kissing me. Her tongue parting my lips as our tongues dance against each other. 
She sits. Grabbing her lacy teddy at the bottom, lifting it off and exposes her perky breasts to me. Her pink areolas tightening as her nipples become hard. She places her hand on my wrist, and moves my hand from her ass. Lifting it up, she moves my hand towards the head of the bed. That’s when it becomes clear what the straps I saw earlier are for. As it clicks together for me, I feel pressure around my wrist as Kati tightens the strap, restraining my arm. Reaching for my other arm, she lifts it to the other strap. Tightening it around my wrists: I can’t move my arms. Straddling me. I can feel the warmth of her crotch on my mound. She leans into me. She’s face to face with me; our lips almost touching as our eyes lock. 
“I’m about to make you cum,” she whispers, her lips barely touching mine as the words escape her mouth, “and you can’t do anything to stop me.” 
“Mmm,” I moan as I graze her lips with my tongue. 
As Kati begins kissing me, her hand moves from my cheek to my breast. She gently massages my erect nipple and moves her hand lower. My hips shift as her fingers slip under my panties. She uses her hand to hold my pussy as her middle finger grazing my throbbing hole. I’m so wet. I soaked. I moan as she shoves her finger in causing my juices to gush: covering her hand and soaking my panties. Her kiss becomes hungry as her finger moves faster. Pressing against my G-spot as her hand moves in and out. 
Rough hands grab my hips and begin removing my drenched panties. It’s Marcus. I was so involved with Kati that I had forgotten he was here. My legs press together as he slips my panties past my thighs, squeezing Kati’s hand tightly in my crotch. Over my knees and off around my feet, Marcus drops my panties to the floor and grabs my ankle. He pulls my leg, spreading me open. Kati rams two fingers in and begins moving them in and out; covering her hand in my fluids. 
A strap tightens around my ankle. I feel Marcus’ hand on my other thigh as he spreads me more while restraining that leg to the foot of the bed. I can’t move. I can’t stop anything. I’m restrained. Kati slides her drenched fingers out of me and she moves her dripping fingers to my clit and starts rubbing it. She rubs faster as she moves her mouth to my ear. 
“Cum for me,” She murmurs, as she adds pressure to my clit and rubs faster. 
I’m about to cum when I feel Marcus’ thumbs barely caressing my opening. He pulls with his hands, and opens me, stretching me. Teasing my slit with the tip of his tongue, barely inserting. I cum as Kati rubs hard and fast on my clit. 
“Good girl,” she whispers, as I cum again, harder. 
Marcus puts his mouth over my pussy and shoves his tongue inside of me as I begin squirting on his face. Dripping down his chin. 
“Mmm,” he moans from between my legs. 
Kati moves from beside me as I cum. Reappearing between my legs next to Marcus is Kati. He moves slightly so she can join. She sucks my clit in and swirls her tongue around. My clit swells more in her mouth; I cum, again. Marcus moves to my side and starts watching as Kati continues to eat me. He sits next to me with one hand massaging my breast and the other on his hard cock: stroking it.  
Using her hands, Kati spreads me wide and thrusts her tongue in me. Slurping and sucking. Her tongue moves back to my clit as she shoves two, three, four fingers into me. In and out; moving each finger separately yet in unison. I cum. Arching my back, throwing my head back and pulling against the restraints, I cum. Kati moans on my clit, the vibrations tickle with pleasure. Taking his hand off of his cock, Marcus opens the side table drawer and pulls out my favorite, pink, 6-inch vibe. Turning it on, he hands it to Kati as she lifts her head from my pussy, and pulls her fingers from me. Barely inserting the tip of the vibrator into me, I shiver.  
“Mmm, Kati,” I mumble as she slowly slides the toy in. 
Cramming it in all the way to the base and pulling it back out. Again. Again. Faster. She moves it in and out. My hips grinding. My back arching. The straps digging into my wrists and ankles, as I pull against them. Rubbing my clit with her hand while still thrusting the toy in and out of me; I cum. I moan loudly. Marcus tightens his grip on my breast as he strokes his hard dick. He’s biting his lower lip as he watches. He’s moaning. His hand moving up and down his cock; fast, then slow, then fast again. He moans. 
Jamming the toy in me, Kati moves from between my legs. She removes her little thong and straddles my face; her pussy just out of reach of my mouth. She leans over presenting her tight holes to me but I can’t reach. I’m restrained. I'm stuck. It’s torture. Marcus crawls between my legs as Kati leans in and licks my clit, just barely. The heat from her breath and just the tip of her tongue, let’s me know that she’s there. 
The toy is pulled from me and I feel the head of Marcus’ cock pressed against my cunt. He groans and pushes himself inside me; stretching my slit around his shaft. I cum as all 10 inches of his hard dick slides in. Kati squeezes the tip of the toy inside of me, pressing it tightly against Marcus’ package. She pushes and crams the vibrator in. I’m filled. Kati holds the toy in as Marcus begins to thrust. I’m cumming. I’m cumming hard. My pussy clinching tightly as I gush. Pressing the toy in harder as Marcus grabs my hips and starts pounding. She begins rubbing vigorously on my clit as her pussy lowers to my mouth. I begin licking her hole and sucking the juice from her wet pussy. 
She pulls the toy from me and rotates. Facing the headboard now, she keeps her slit just out of reach from my mouth. Shoving my toy inside of her pussy, she begins masturbating and moaning over my face. I hear Marcus moan as he pounds hard into me. He’s about to cum. His grip tightening on my waist. Harder. He thrusts deeper. His nails dig in. He cums; filling me up. I cum as his load shoots into me. Kati cums all over my toy and her hand; dripping onto my face. 
I start licking my lips as she moves off of me. Marcus falls on top of me; kissing me. Tasting Kati’s juice between our lips. He moans as he falls to the side of me, his arm draped across my waist. 
Kati puts the toy on the table and unbuckles the restraints. Turning the light out, she then crawls into bed with us and I am ready to sleep. With Marcus on one side and Kati on the other, I drift off to sleep. 
A very happy day to me. A Scarlet Valentine.