The End of Summer

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Micah half smiled as he heard the employee clock stamping his time card. It was the last week of summer and the pool would be closing in a few days. Every summer, Micah enjoyed being a lifeguard at the Green Oaks Estates pool and fitness center.

It was a Monday, the first week of August, and he didn’t expect many pool attendees for the morning shift. He liked when his shifts were slow, casual and people-free.

Micah stood in the locker room staring at his muscular physique in the mirror. He was only 17, but his gym routine had really paid off. His biceps were outlined with nice definition, his chest was tight and hard, and his tanned body showed off his progress well. His height had grown to a nice 5’10” and he was a solid 170 of lean muscles.

He placed his life guard whistle around his neck, slid into his sandals and headed for the outdoor pool area. He planned on enjoying the last week of the pool season and he looked forward to the suns rays to darken his tan.

He had barely climbed his lifeguard chair when he saw a mature woman enter through the side gate. His stare was hidden by his sunglasses as he watched her cross across the pool area. He was impressed with her stunning body for a woman he assumed to be in her late forties.

Micah was familiar with all the pool regulars, yet he had never seen this lady before. She was wearing a dark blue bikini with cream colored wedges and a large brimmed summer hat. He assumed she did yoga or some fancy workout routine, because her body was tight and well kept.

She gave him a sweet smile and a small wave as she found an empty pool side chair and laid out her belongings. He watched as she opened her tote and removed her towel, tanning oil and a small speaker.

He was really enjoying the view, as her full ripe breasts were the star attraction. Micah felt his cock harden and he had to adjust himself in his chair. His fixating eyes followed his new visitor.

He watched as she propped a leg on the chair, gently spritzing tanning oil on her legs and thighs. It was the perfect position to get a view of her stunning ass. He fantasized about his tongue tracing her ass and licking her from behind. He discreetly adjusted his rock hard cock through his red swimming trunks.

Micah was happy that he’d worn his sunglasses, it allowed him to stare without being noticed. A naughty thought crossed his mind, which made him smile, she was definitely a MILF. He was rewarded again when she crawled onto her pool chair, offering him a new view of her breasts and flat stomach. She teased him further by keeping her legs parted slightly, allowing him a small peak between her inner thighs.

He couldn’t take it anymore, he had to look away. He turned his attention to the crystal blue pool water. The calming sound of the water distracted him as his hard-on began to soften. Micah was deep in thought when her voice interrupted him from his daydream.

“Hi, I am Mrs. Brettner and I am new to the community. I was wondering if you could help me.” 

Micah stared dumbfounded, she was even more beautiful up close. She was a mature lady who was now standing below his lifeguard chair. As Micah looked down, he got a good view of her tanned cleavage.

“Umm, sure mam. Let me climb down and I’ll be right over.” He watched as she walked away, again admiring her sexy ass and taunting strut.

Micah casually walked over, stretching and flexing his muscles as he approached her. As he neared, he noticed a small smile appear on her face, which confirmed she had been admiring him as well.

“How can I assist you mam? Is everything ok?” Micah removed his sunglasses, waiting for a reply.

“Oh everything is fine, I just need some help with my tanning spray. I want to roll over and tan on my back, but I can’t exactly reach my back area. And I don’t want to burn, safety first.” She smiled as she handed her spray bottle to him.

Micah pondered the request for a moment. He knew it was unprofessional to touch the guests, but she was stunning and no one was around. He smiled and took the spray bottle. “Sure, I don’t mind.”

He watched as she turned over, now giving him a perfect view of her shapely rear end. Her dark bikini hugged her ass beautifully. Again, he felt his cock stiffen. He gave the bottle a shake and then started spritzing it all over her back. He hands were strong and masculine, but his touch was gentle and comforting. He heard her sigh as he massaged in the oil.

“I don’t want to ruin your bikini with the oil.” He said, as he avoided getting it on the strap as he continued massaging it onto her skin.

“You can untie me. I don’t really want tan lines anyway.” She softly replied.

Micah reached over and carefully undid her bikini top and watched as the strings fell to her side. He sprayed her back with more oil and started massaging her with an affectionate passion.

“Oh that feels nice, make sure you rub my sides too.” This time her voice was heavy as her breathing had increased.

Micah lowered his hands as he rubbed more tanning oil onto her silky skin. His cock stiffened as his hands gently caressed her sides, casually brushing against the sides of her breasts. He heard her moan as his hands explored all over her.

Micah jumped when he felt her hand touch the front of his swimming trunks. He looked down and saw her manicured nails as she rubbed the outline of his stiff cock through the red fabric.

“I see you’re enjoying this as much as I am.” She playfully responded, as she continued feeling him up.

Micah smiled as he shook his head yes, “Would you like me to spray and rub your legs too?”

“Mmhmm,” she purred.

Micah scooted further down and stared at her toned tanned legs. He watched as she opened them further, allowing him a better view of her ass. He sprayed tanning oil and quickly had his hands rubbing her calfs and outer thighs, until he was just below her amazing ass.

“Don’t be shy now handsome, go ahead and massage me all over.” Her breath was short as she begged him to go further.

Micah’s hands were slick with tanning oil and he didn’t need encouraging to go further. He let his hands slide between her thighs and he could feel the heat radiating between her legs. He casually let a finger touch her covered mound as he continued massaging oil onto her skin.

He smiled when she opened her legs further, allowing him more access. He gently let his hands slide under her bikini bottom as his strong hands grabbed at her ass cheeks. He heard her moan, so he continued. He pulled her bikini bottom to the side and admired her beautiful puckered hole. His eyes quickly scanned the pool area, and he saw they were still alone.

He leant down and flicked his tongue on her ass hole. He felt her arch up, as she pressed her ass deeper into his tongue. Her moans were getting louder as his tongue teased her begging hole, flicking around her tight entrance.

With her bikini still pulled to the side, Micah slid his finger down and pressed it against her slit, as his tongue continued lapping at her ass. He pressed in and felt her velvet pussy welcome his fingers. She was warm and moist and he easily pressed in further.

He felt her body start to jerk and he knew she was cumming. He pushed his fingers deeper inside her and massaged her pussy from the inside as he felt her gush with warm wetness.

Micah pulled his face back and watched as she lowered herself back onto her pool chair. He smiled as he noticed her hands were now griping the chairs sides, and her body heaved from deep breathing.

He pulled his fingers from her pussy and brought them to his lips as he tasted her sweet wetness. He moaned as he sucked the last flavor and removed his digits from his mouth.

He touched her back and caressed her as her breathing went back to a gentle sigh. He retied her bikini top and stood up.

Mrs. Brettner turned her head and looked up at the cute lifeguard who had just gave her a much needed orgasm. She smiled and blushed, “How can I ever repay you for your services?”

Micah smiled, gave a wink and replied, “This was on the house mam, but maybe I’ll see you in the fitness center or steam room sometime.”

He casually put on his sunglasses and went back to his lifeguard chair. As he sat a top his chair, he watched a few more pool goers enter from the side gate. He smiled at the thought of other women who might need his affection.

Even though summer was coming to an end, Micah was looking forward to all the girls wearing sweats to the gym. He was also looking forward to his new gig as a gym instructor. He couldn’t wait for autumn.