Meet Lexi. Chapter 8 of My Bestfriend.

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Marcus and I had just finished a delicious dinner and we were outside waiting for our Uber. We have been drinking so we were getting a little handsy. He was leaning with his back against the wall. I was pressed into him. Caressing my ass with his hands, I could feel his cock beginning to swell. Grinding against his erection, my phone vibrates. Refocusing to my phone, I see that it’s Kati calling. 
“Hey Sexy!”, I answer only to get cut off abruptly by... 
“Hi Kati!” 
“Hello, Loves”, Kati responds, “I’m at home. I’m playing with my friend, Lexi. She really likes playing with girls but asked if I knew of any guy that would want to play with us. I told her that I would do her one better and call my favorite couple. Would you guys wanna come meet Lexi and play with us?” 
“Come play with us. Please.”, a distant voice begs. 
My pussy becomes wet and Marcus’ hands dig into my ass-cheeks as he overhears Kati. 
“Mmm, we’d love to. Our Uber is pulling in now,” I eagerly state, “we’ll be there shortly.” 
I hang up as the Uber stops. We climb in and change out destination to Kati’s place. I get a text. It’s from Kati. It’s a picture of her and her very sexy friend, Lexi, with the message:  
We’re waiting. Door’s unlocked. See you soon. 
Marcus moans into my ear as he begins to kiss my neck. His hand moving up my thigh. Turning my head to kiss him, he starts rubbing my slit, over my wet panties. Slipping his fingers beneath my drenched underwear, he slides two fingers into me. Moaning into his mouth as he keeps his hand between my legs. Kissing him and cumming on his hand is how I spent the ride to Kati’s. We exit the Uber and head up to the door. Marcus begins pawing at my dress, lifting it to my ass as I open the door. I barely get the door closed before he lifts my dress off; leaving me there in nothing but a soaked, lacy, thong. 
“Kati!”, I exclaim as we walk more into her house, “We’re here.” 
“In the room. Come back here.” 
Leading the way, I head down the hall. Entering the bedroom, I see Kati sitting at the head of the bed. She’s sitting there naked with her legs spread. In between her legs is Lexi. Lying on her back with her head towards the foot of the bed. Her face expressing pleasure as her pussy is in Kati’s lap and Kati’s hands are between her legs. 
“Come play”, Kati states as she looks at me with her begging eyes. 
Crawling into the bed as Marcus walks around and climbs in on the other side. We see as Kati is spreading Lexi open and caressing her slit with her thumb. Kati’s rubbing Lexi’s clit with her other hand. Laying back causing herself to lean, pressing her pussy into Lexi’s, Kati slides her hand to her own clit. 
“Taste her”, she demands. 
Locking eyes with Marcus as we both become eager to taste. We both crawl closer. Placing my fingers on her lips, I spread Lexi open; grazing her opening. Marcus covers her swollen clit with his mouth; I hear him moan. Feeling my fingers getting wetter, I shove my face down on her slit. My mouth next to Marcus’ as he sucks on her clit. Lexi begins to grind and moan. Kati begins vigorously rubbing her clit as she lays back more, causing herself to become flat. Kati’s hand grabs my thong and rips it down over my ass and to my knees. 
Moving her hand from between her legs, Kati grabs my leg and pulls me. She pulls my leg from my panties and spreads me over her; my pussy in her face. Her hands gripping my waist as she shoves her tongue into me. I shift so I can taste her; letting Marcus enjoy Lexi as our tongues touch occasionally. Marcus lifts up, opening Lexi’s pussy for me. I begin eating her as I see him removing his clothes and walking towards Lexi’s head. With her head dangling slightly over the edge of the bed and her mouth open, he shoves his hard dick into her mouth and begins thrusting. Crawling off of Kati and laying on top of Lexi, I begin caressing her tits and licking her nipple. Kati’s now sitting with her hands between our legs, rubbing our slits; making us drip. 
“Come over here, Marcus,” she suggests as she shoves her thumb into me. 
Marcus pulls himself from Lexi’s mouth and walks around the bed to join Kati. Lexi shifts lower; her pussy gliding onto two of Kati’s fingers and her mouth pressing against mine as we start to kiss. The bed shifts as Marcus climbs up to join Kati; kneeling between our legs. She removes her fingers as the head of his cock slides across my pussy. Using her hand, Kati moves his dick up and down; from my slit to Lexi’s. The tip of him barely penetrates me and she pulls him out. Lexi presses hard into me and moans; I know he just entered her. His hand grips my waist as he shoves the thumb of his other hand into me. 
He begins thrusting. His hand holding me tightly on top of Lexi. His thumb inside me as I cum on his hand. Lexi’s mound pressed against mine as she grinds into me and moans with pleasure. She’s enjoying every stroke. Kati finds herself beside us, straddling Lexi’s hand. Her hand grabbing my ass, spreading my slit as she slips fingers in me. Grinding on Lexi’s hand while watching Marcus fuck her, she begins to moan. Pounding harder into her, Lexi is about to cum. So am I. Lexi screams as she cums all over his cock. I’m cumming. I’m dripping onto Lexi. 
Kati rips her fingers from inside me and turns quickly towards Marcus. She pushes him back causing him to pull out of Lexi. He’s sitting against the headboard with his dick covered in her juices. Kati dives down and sucks all of him into her mouth. She sucks and licks all of Lexi off of him, then turns and kisses him. As she kisses him, she brings her pussy to his hand. One, two, three. I watch as three fingers push into her. Lexi crawls to his other side and turns his head to her. His other hand between her legs. Grinding her clit on two of his fingers, she kisses him. Crawling up between his legs, I place my hand around his shaft. As I slip the tip of his erection past my lips, he looks down. Watching as I take him in my mouth. I can hear him moan as I go up and down. Looking up, I see his head thrown back. I remove him from my mouth and slither up his body. I straddle him; placing my clit on the head of his cock. Each of his hands moving between Kati and Lexi’s legs as I begin to kiss him. 
Lexi places her hand on my pussy and she opens me up. While she spreads me open, I can feel Kati’s hand guiding Marcus into me. I let out a moan as he penetrates me and I sit up to take all of him in. Realizing Kati and Lexi have turned towards me, I smile as my hair flings back and Kati places her hand on my clit. I begin grinding against her hand as I slide up and down his massive package. Placing a hand on my breast Lexi caresses my nipple. Cumming, I fling myself forward; keeping Kati’s hand on my clit and Lexi still cupping my breast. Marcus’ hands pull from them and he grabs tightly onto my waist as he pounds into me. Kati is still moving her fingers against my clit causing me to continue cumming. With a loud groan and a deep thrust, he cums in me; filling me with his hot load. 
Before I can collapse on him, Kati pulls me up and Lexi pushes me back. They each grab a leg and spread me. Diving into my opening they take turns slurping and sucking my gash; cleaning all of Marcus out of me as he watches with enjoyment and exhaustion. After they clean me up, we all kiss and pile into be for the night.  
I’m glad we met Lexi.