He'll Cum Later. Chapter 7 of My Bestfriend.

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After hanging up with Marcus, he sends a text saying that he’ll come by after work to pick me up and that I should just hang out with Kati and enjoy my day. I’m definitely not one to argue with such an excellent plan. 
Having a best friend is great and if you have one, then you know that their birthday is not just one day; it’s a weekend, a week, a month. Today is Kati’s birthday day 2. We started the day with amazing orgasms, then we dozed back off in each other’s arms for another hour or so. We woke up and hopped in the shower. It was hot and steamy; to save water, we showered together. We washed each other’s backs and front; our hands wandering all over each other. Our bodies pressing together under the water as we kiss softly, moaning softly into each other’s mouths. After our shower, we had yogurt on the couch in our robes and then decided to get dressed for the day. In Kati’s bedroom, we remove our robes and stand naked by her closet. I can’t help myself when I see her standing there; naked and perfect. I turn her to me and place a hand on her neck, just below her ear. I kiss her and pull her closer to me with my other hand around her waist. I can feel her mound against mine: her breasts against mine. I moan into her mouth as she lays a hand on my ass, slowly caressing me. Touching, massaging and kissing for a good five minutes, we finally decide to direct our focus back on getting dressed for the day, mainly because we are already late to meet some friends for brunch. Dressed in super cute sundresses, we go have brunch with a few of our girlfriends. After lunch, we all go shopping at a few different places and then we stopped for some manicures late in the afternoon. Our friends go their separate ways and Kati and I head back to her place to wait for Marcus to get off work and come grab me. 
Once we’re back at her place, we cozy up on the couch. Sitting next to Kati, she grabs my leg and lifts it over her lap causing my legs to spread. She begins sliding her hand up my thigh and under my sundress. Moaning as I shift my hips so that her fingers can enter me. Her hips shift so that she can kiss me. As our lips lock, her fingers push inside me. I moan into her mouth as I shove my middle and ring finger into her tight hole. Pressing her wet self against my hand, she moans and begins grinding onto my hand. Our tongues are rubbing together, as our lips are parted. We begin moaning more into each other as we each move our fingers in and out. She’s about to cum for me; I’m about to cum for her. 
*knock knock* 
“Fuck”, Kati mumbles, out of breath and about to cum, “who’s there?” 
“Just come in,” she says, as she turns back to kissing me. 
Emerging through the door is Marcus. He’s dressed in his work clothes which consists of a nice button up and some slacks with a pair of dress shoes. He always looks so hot in his work clothes and even better out of them. Smiling at him as I continue to move my fingers in and out of Kati. Unbuttoning his shirt and throwing it to his side, he walks towards us. Dropping to his knees in front of me and placing his hand on Kati’s thigh, he spreads my legs with his other hand and brings his mouth to my pussy. He begins sucking and licking me as I feel his hand on mine in between Kati’s legs. Rubbing her clit with his hand as I thrust my fingers in and out of her, Kati cums. Moaning into my opening, he moves his hand up my thigh and slowly adds his fingers inside me while he sucks my clit. I start to cum as he moves his fingers faster in and out of me. His mouth comes off of my clit as I see his head move to her pussy. Sliding my fingers out of her, I move them to her clit and begin rubbing as I feel his mouth against her slit. His tongue sliding inside her as his fingers curve into my g-spot. I gush all over his hand as Kati throws her head back and cums into his mouth. I can feel the vibrations of his moan as I press harder on her clit, making sure she cums hard for him.  
Stopping so he can catch his breath, Marcus stands up and starts unbuttoning and unzipping his slacks. He drops them to the floor and removes his shoes, pants and boxers. As he’s undressing, I lay back on the couch and Kati straddles me, facing away. Marcus climbs between my legs and he’s met with Kati’s hand. Guiding his hard cock, she swirls it around her clit and leans back as she slides it past her slit; inserting just enough of the tip to get it moist. Rubbing the head of his cock against my soaked hole, she slowly slides him into me. Moaning, I reach up and place my hands around her waist, resting them just above her mound. He begins thrusting into me as Kati starts kissing him. His hands reaching around and reaching down to grab my tits. Thrusting harder, Kati begins to lean back more and more until she’s laying on me. Marcus sits up and begins rubbing her clit while thrusting into me; I can hear her moaning as her head lies next to mine. Spreading us wider, he lays on both of us and starts kissing me. Thrusting even harder and deeper, he moves and starts kissing Kati as my hand has slowly moved onto her clit.  
Sitting up and pounding into me, he tells Kati to roll over. She does. Now she’s straddling me, facing me, bent on all four. His hands grabbing her ass and spreading her cheeks; exposing her drenched holes to him. Slipping his dick out of me, he shoves it into Kati. I see her eyes light up as the pleasure takes over. I pull her to me and start kissing her as I see him thrusting into her with joy across his face. Moaning uncontrollably into my mouth; I know she’s about to cum. I feel liquid drip onto my hot pussy and I know she came. He does to. Pulling out of her tight pussy, he shoves his cock back inside of me as she collapses on top of me. With a hand on my waist and one on hers, he begins thrusting deep and hard into me. Faster, harder, deeper. I can hear him grunting and moaning. I begin to scream as I feel Kati start rubbing my clit as I cum. I explode as Marcuse explodes inside me. Leaning in, he kisses me as his load fills me up. He pulls out and collapses beside me as Kati leans in and kisses me before doing the same.