His Goddess, Her Queen. Chapter 6 of My Bestfriend

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I wake up to the sound of the busy street, filled with the morning, city, traffic. Marcus and I decided to stay the night with Kati after celebrating her birthday. We had made our way to her bed and passed out naked and satisfied.  
When I wake up, Marcus isn’t in the bed. I’m lying in the middle, facing an empty spot where he was. Kati’s naked body is pressed against me; her skin feels like silk against my bare back. I can see the flashing green light from my phone that’s sitting on the nightstand, which means, I have a text. I grab my phone as Kati begins to rustle. 
My Goddess and her Queen. I had to get to the office early today to do paperwork and didn’t want to disturb you ladies. Have a wonderful day, Love. 
Call me when you wake up. 
XOXO 😘  
“Mmm, good-morning, Sexy”, Kati says as she leans into me while kissing me on the back of my neck. 
“Good-morning, My Queen”, I reply as I roll onto my back, “I was just about to call Marcus.” 
“Oooh,” Kati states with slight joy in her voice. 
Grabbing my phone while she rolls to straddle me and I place my hands on her hips. As I’m admiring the perfect body sitting on me, she bends slightly, and places one hand on my breast while she’s pressing buttons on my phone with the other.  
“Hello, Beautiful!”, I can hear Marcus say. 
“Hey, Marcus”, Kati says with amusement in her voice as the video call starts. 
“Oh, Kati. Hi, I was expecting Scarlet,” he says, surprised, “and I was not expecting a video call.” 
“Just thought we’d start your morning a little steamy, since you’re stuck doing paperwork all morning.”, she’s telling him as she’s placing the phone on the table, showing both her and me in the video calling screen, ”Just sit back and enjoy...” 
Kati bends completely to me and begins to kiss me gently. I glance at the phone and see that Marcus has set the phone up on his desk. He's slid his chair back just a touch to where I can see that he’s unbuttoned his pants and he’s ready to enjoy, like Kati suggested. I begin kissing her; focusing on her. My hands sliding from her hips down and over her amazing ass. I begin massaging her butt as she moans into my mouth. 
Climbing off of me, and taking a seat next to me, she pulls at my legs. I scooch, and move until my legs are spread towards the phone and Kati is sitting right beside my legs with her hand on my inner thigh; caressing my inner thigh. Resting on my elbows, I lean up and look at the phone. My husband has pulled his pants off and pulled his perfect member out. He’s slowly stroking himself as Kati’s hand moves higher and higher up my thigh. Her finger tips just grazing my slit as she bends and kisses me. Moaning into my mouth, she slides two fingers into me. Moaning back into her mouth, I grind my mound against her hand.  
Kissing me deeper, she begins moving her fingers faster. Arching my back, and falling from my elbows to the bed. Kati locks eyes with me, then, she slowly licks my hard nipple that’s erect right in front of her pouty lips. Sucking my nipple into her hot mouth, she slides her fingers out and begins rubbing my clit. Rubbing faster and faster, up and down, around, around. Pressing slightly, back and forth, back and forth. She pulls off of my nipple. 
“Cum for him,” she demands, “cum for Marcus.” 
Loudly moaning, I feel my pussy tighten. I feel a gush of fluid come from me; I’m cumming. Slipping her fingers into, my now drenched, slit, she covers her fingers in my fluids. Bringing her hand to my mouth, she coats my lips in my juice. While placing her hand back in between my legs, she kisses me. Grazing her tongue along my lips, kissing me, and moaning into my mouth. 
“Hop up, real quick,” she commands. 
I roll over and sit up on my knees. She lays down with her head towards the phone and night stand. Sliding up slightly, to where her head is tilted just slightly off the edge of the bed. 
“Bring me that pussy.” 
I crawl over and straddle her face. Her mouth and my pussy fill the screen for Marcus while he’s stroking faster. Putting her lips on my opening, she moans, blowing hot air. Reaching with her hands, she spreads me open and lifts the hood to my clit. Using just the tip of her tongue, she flicks my clit. Barely touching me, yet, setting my body on fire. I moan. She flicks her tongue again, this time with more pressure and slightly faster. Sucking my clit into her mouth, she slides the tip of her thumb just inside me. Sucking on my clit, faster and faster, I start to cum. She moans on my clit while pulling off of it. Moving her thumb to my clit and her mouth to my opening, she starts sucking my pussy. I’m cumming into her mouth; my pussy gushing. I can hear Marcus moaning. 
Pulling up slightly from her mouth, I rotate my leg around, straddling her still. Now, with my ass and pussy towards the phone and my face towards her lovely pussy; I can taste her now. I lean over and lick her clit, I lick it again, and again. I can feel her moaning into my pussy while spreading my ass-cheeks for my husband; he loves this view. Spreading her legs wider, I can see her tight pussy glistening with moisture. She’s soaked. Diving into her sweet spot, I spread her lips with my tongue. Her pussy begins gushing as I suck on her slit. Tightening around my tongue, I can feel her cumming. Digging her nails into my ass, she cums again. Sucking her juices. Slipping my tongue in and out of her tight, sweet, pussy. Moaning into her. She’s moaning while sucking on my clit. We both cum. She pulls her mouth from my pussy and shoves two fingers inside me. Arching my back, I begin devouring her slit; sucking and licking and slurping and eating. Her fingers start moving faster and faster, while she’s curving her fingers into my g-spot. Her back arches underneath me and her mouth opens as she cums into my mouth. I cum. Squirting all over her hand and onto her opened mouth, I cum hard. We both came hard. 
“Fuck!”, Marcus says, elated. 
I rotate and place my head on Kati’s stomach, looking at Marcus. He’s cleaning himself up with a tissue so it appears he came too. 
“Morning, Babe. Have a great day at the office,” I mumble while blowing him a kiss. 
“I will now”, he states, as he pulls up his slacks, “love you.” 
“Love you” 
“Bye”, Kati says as she swings her arm and disconnects the call.