It's Her Birthday. Chapter 5 of My Bestfriend.

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It’s Kati’s birthday! Yay! Time to celebrate. We’re all going out for dinner, then hitting a bar for a few drinks before heading to Kati’s house for more private fun. Marcus and I are gonna get ready and uber to the restaurant. We’ll all walk to the bar after dinner, then catch an Uber to Kati’s place. 
Dinner was fantastic and the drinks at the bar were strong. We’re all a little tipsy, and handsy. We’re all in the Uber, heading to Kati’s. Kati is sitting in the middle, and I begin to slip my hand up and under her skirt.  
“Scarlet!”, she exclaims in a whisper, “behave”. 
“Shh”, I whisper as I kiss her, “it’s okay”. 
I turn her head towards Marcus, where he’s waiting and begins kissing her. I hear Kati moan into his mouth. I slowly slip my fingers under her wet panties, she moans again. Kati spreads her legs a bit, letting my fingers slip in a little further. I lean over, closer to Kati, watching her and Marcus kiss. I put my hand on the side of her face, she notices. She looks at me and grabs my face, she starts kissing me hard, I finger her faster. Marcus’ hand makes his way to mine, he begins rubbing her clit, she’s going to cum... 
“We’re here”, announces the Uber driver. 
Fuck, we were in our own world. We snap back to the real world and get out of the car. We have arrived at Kati’s. We get up to her door, she’s digging her keys out of her purse. She unlocks the door, and we all go inside. She flicks on her lights and locks the door behind us.
I press her against the wall as soon as she turns around and I lean completely on her, kissing her. She pushes against me, causing me to start to walk backwards. Marcus is there, she presses me against him. He kisses my neck and begins caressing us. His hands slip around my waist, he reaches down and lifts my dress. I pull away from Kati, just enough for him to remove my dress. I’m pressed against Kati wearing nothing but my underwear. Marcus reaches his fingers into Kati’s skirt, presses down, dropping it to the floor. I reach down and lift her up and off, exposing her breasts. Marcus drops to his knees and removes our underwear, leaving us standing naked, pressed together and kissing each other like it’s been years. 
Marcus stands behind me, he moves my hair from my neck and begins to kiss me. Stop kissing Kati and press her face towards his, having them kiss over my shoulder. I slip out from between them and drop to my knees, leaving them to kiss. I unbutton and unzip Marcus’ jeans, grabbing them by the waist, along with his boxers. I pull them to his ankles. I run my hand up his thigh and grab his throbbing member. I slide his hard cock in my mouth, humming as he hits the back of my throat, I hear him moan into Kati’s mouth. 
I slide his dick out of my mouth and stand back up. I pull Kati’s face from Marcus’ and kiss her. 
“Go get comfy”, I whisper as I pull my lips from hers. 
“Mmm kay”, she mumbles as she walks to her couch. 
She lays on her couch; her head on the armrest, one leg hanging off and her other bent at the knee, exposing her soaked pussy to Marcus and me. 
We walk over to her. Mike climbs onto the couch, sitting in between her legs; he places a hand on her super upper thigh, spreading her slightly. I kneel beside her; I slide my hand down her stomach and place my entire hand on her pussy. I slide two fingers in and begin stroking: in and out, in and out. She begins grinding against my hand, arching her back. Marcus leans over, cups her breast with his hand, squeezing slightly. He places his tongue slowly on her nipple. He swirls his tongue around her nipple and then licks up her chest, to her neck. He slowly starts kissing her as I feel his hard cock press against my hand. I grab his shaft and stroke him, the tip of his dick sliding gently against Kati’s slit. She begins to arch, and I pull his cock, causing the tip to slip completely in. Kati moans and her hand falls to the side.  
Marcus begins thrusting, he sits up a bit and thrusts more. Kati’s hand is between the couch and my crotch, I’m grinding into her fingers. I lean over and start kissing her as she moans in my mouth. Marcus starts pounding into her. She’s kissing me deeply and I’m about to cum on her hand. Marcus leans over and joins us in the kiss. One of his hands around my back, the other up and around Kati’s shoulder. He’s thrusting deep, Kati’s moaning. She cums, she throws her head back and begins cumming hard. Marcus kisses me deeply as he cums in Kati. I cum all over Kati’s hand as he fills her sweet pussy. 
Happy Birthday Kati.