He's The Boss. Chapter 4 of My Bestfriend.

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Marcus and I have been working like crazy for the last few weeks. We really need to have a night of orgasms, not that we haven’t been having sex. We just need a night of drinking, fucking, and cumming. Tonight, is that night.  
I was able to get out of the office early and made it home a few hours before Marcus is due home, I have a little surprise for him.  
Kati is coming over, I love Kati, Marcus loves Kati, we LOVE Kati. Usually, when Kati joins our fun, the ladies run the show but tonight; tonight, we let Marcus take the lead. I hope he’s ready. 
Kati arrives 30 minutes before Marcus is supposed to get here, he texted that he just left work so it shouldn’t be much more than 30 minutes. I answer the door to Kati, I catch a glimpse of what she’s wearing, fishnet thigh highs and an over-sized tee. She looks fucking gorgeous! Her make-up bold and dark, while her hair is thrown into a sexy messy bun that just screams “ravage me”. I grab a handful of her shirt and pull her into me, kissing her while we move into the house. She kicks the door closed behind her, I press her against the door; my hand sliding under her shirt and around her back, moaning into her mouth. 
“Mmm, damn, you are sexy Babe”, I say when I finally stop kissing her. 
She moans, places her hand behind my neck, pulls me in and kisses me... running her tongue gently across my lips, “Don’t sell yourself short, it takes a babe to see one and WE are hot as fuck. How much time do we have before your hubs gets here?”, Kati asks. 
“Ooooh, just about 30 minutes, so, not long. Why don’t you head on into the bedroom and I’ll grab some drinks”, I state. 
Kati heads down the hall and disappears behind my bedroom door. I grab 3 shot glasses and bottle of whiskey from the freezer. I pour a shot a place it on the counter, right next to where Marcus will put his keys when he gets home. I leave a note “take a shot and catch up, waiting in bedroom”. 
With the bottle and 2 shot glasses in tow, I glide down the hall to my bedroom where I know my gorgeous Kati is awaiting. I walk into the room, there she is, out of that over-sized tee. She’s sitting at the foot of my bed, black thigh highs stretched across her porcelain legs, the tiniest little red leather thong, and this top that’s barely more than some leather straps with tiny little diamond cutouts covering her nipples.  
“Goddamn, Kati, you are stunning,” I say as I pour us each a shot. 
I leave the bottle on the dresser as I walk a shot over to Kati. 
“Shot time!”, I shout as I stand in front of Kati and hand her the shot.  
We both shoot the shot of whiskey and before I could even get my head back to normal, Kati has her hands around my waist and is pulling me onto her lap. I let her and gravity do what they much; I'm sitting on Kati’s lap as she’s running her hands under my robe, up my back, pulling me into her, kissing me. She moans into my mouth as she slips her tongue between my lips; our tongues rubbing gently as our mouths part more.  
“Mmm”, Kati moans, as she stops kissing me and reaching for the sash of my robe, “Whatcha got under here?” 
She unties my robe and slips it off my shoulders, dropping it to the floor, exposing my lingerie; a black lace thong that ties on the sides and a lacy bralette that ties in the front. 
Kati moans again, pulling me into her again as we begin kissing more, this time falling back. I begin kissing her hard as her hands graze across my ass and along my slit, I'm grinding into her. We’re both moaning as we want to cum. I sit up, straddling Kati, while her hands are placed softly on my ass.  
“We have to get ready for Marcus, he should be home soon”, I say, catching my breath from the make-out sess. 
I crawl over the top of Kati, towards the head of the bed. She moans as my crotch goes just above her mouth. Kati joins me at the head of the bed, we’re sitting beside each other with our legs spread towards the door. When Marcus comes in, he won’t be able to miss us.  
Kati slides her hand up my thigh, spreading my legs a little more. She grazes my slit through my lacy panties, I moan. I grab her face and turn her towards me to kiss her. We begin kissing, my hand slipping down to her breast, sliding my hand under the tiny diamond covering her nipple. Her nipple gets hard in my hand, I pinch her nipple slightly between my thumb and finger, she moans. Her hand moves from my thigh to my hip, she unties my panties, pulls them over and places her pointer finger and ring finger right on the outside of my clit, she spreads me open and places her middle finger right on my clit; rubbing gently.  
I begin grinding against her hand, she’s turned slightly and begins to grind against my thigh, I can feel her heat on me. I take my hand from inside her top, I reach under the pillow and pull out a toy. While still kissing her, I move it around in my hand until I find the button. It begins to vibrate; I reach down with the toy, and she opens her legs for me.  
We stop kissing so we can see to play. We’re sitting beside each other at the head of my bed, legs spread, my underwear half off. Kati is using her hand to expose my wet pussy, while gently rubbing my clit. I have my toy on low and I’m just running it so softly up and down her slit, she begins to grind against the toy as we hear keys in the other room. 
“He’s here”, I whisper to Kati as I place the toy on her clit. 
We hear the shot glass hit the counter and footsteps coming towards us. We continue to sit, spread legged while we rub each other’s clit.  
Marcus walks through the door, having just removed his tie and is unbuttoning his shirt. His eyes down, as he turns into the room. He looks up and sees us. 
“Fuck me. Hello sexies”, Marcus says as he finishes removing his shirt and dropping it to the floor, “What are you ladies up to?” 
“Whatever you want, Sexy. You’re the boss tonight,” I slyly state, with a smirk, “tell us what to do”. 
“Mmmm”, he moans, as he removes his slacks and climbs into the bed wearing nothing but his boxers and a smile. 
He grabs our middle legs and pulls, causing us both to slide down, laying us flat on our backs. Marcus unties the other side of my panties, fully exposing my pussy. He slides his hand up Kati’s stomach, grabbing her strappy top, pulling her into a sitting position. 
“Grab those ties for me”, Marcus demands of me. 
I reach up and untie Kati’s top. Marcus pulls it as I’m untying, removing it as soon as it’s loosened, exposing Kati’s hard nipples and perfect breasts. He slides his hands around her chest and up around the back of her neck. 
“Taste her. Slowly.”, he demands as he presses her towards my crotch. 
Kati gets up on all four, beside me with Marcus watching closely. She climbs in between my legs, I spread them so Marcus can see ALL of me. Kati shoves her face into my pussy, I gush. I’ve needed to cum since she walked in the door. Marcus moans as he sees cum dripping down Kati’s face. Kati moans and begins sucking my clit.  
I feel Marcus’ hand on my thigh, he’s spreading me further, he’s climbing closer. He’s right beside Kati, he begins licking my slit while Kati sucks my clit. Marcus grabs Kati’s face and brings her to him. He begins kissing her while they both eat my pussy. I’m cumming and moaning.  
“Go kiss my wife.” 
Kati climbs up me, straddling me, while Marcus continues to eat my pussy. Her pussy right on mine. Marcus pulls her panties to the side and begins to eat both of us. Kati is kissing me; I’m tasting my juices all over her. Marcus spreads us both so wide, he lays his tongue flat on my slit, slides slowly up to my clit. He begins flicking his tongue, hard, between our clits; causing us to grind against each other, squirting into his mouth together.  
“Mmm”, Marcus moans, pulling his head up from between our legs. 
Marcus rubs the head of his hard cock against my soaked opening. He slaps Kati’s ass, causing her to moan into my mouth. She sits up, her back pressed against Marcus’ chest. He slowly enters me as he pushes Kati upwards. Kati climbs towards the head of the bed, straddling my face. I begin to eat her sweet pussy, her juices running down my face. She’s grinding into my mouth as Marcus is slowly sliding in and out of me; I can feel every rib of his dick. Kati leans forward as she starts to cum, Marcus leans in and kisses me as we eat her pussy while she cums. 
Marcus flings Kati from me, causing her to land on her back beside me.  
“Roll over”, Marcus demands. 
I roll on top of Kati. Marcus grabs my hand, puts it between her legs and shoves two of my fingers into her, she cums in my hand.  
“Keep making her cum”, he whispers in my ear as he slowly enters me again. 
He begins to pound into me, causing my hands to pound into Kati. Kati starts grinding against my hand, Marcus is thrusting deep into me. I begin kissing Kati as we’re grinding together. I’m cumming so much, I can’t stop cumming. Kati begins digging her nails into me; she’s cumming hard. Marcus thrusts harder, harder, harder... he cums, I cum with him. Kati was still cumming on my hand.  
We collapse into a pile; Marcus kisses the back of my neck and I kiss Kati.  
This is good night.