That First Time on all Fours

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So all this starts when am 18 years old.. average looking slightly overweight teen not having much luck with the ladies after much trying. Ended up chatting with a mates girlfriend about my frustration, after a long chat going back and further she joked I should try men as they're easier and only think with their dicks.. I dismissed the idea as it's something that I had never thought about.

Few Days passed and her joke stuck in my mind playing over and over again, my curiosity got the better of me one night when I was home alone so I signed into a gay chat room to see what it was all about. Got chatting to an older guy he was 44 years old. Got chatting and I explained I just curious about going with men, we chatted back further and then randomly got a dick pic from him which I thought wow he's either took a good photo or he's lying.

So after a few hours of chatting he asked if he could round, my heart was racing but I take the plunge but told him I wasn't going to do anything. gave him my address and turned it out he literally lived across the road from me like 200 meters away! 5 minutes past.. knock knock at the door.. I nearly backed out but I forced myself to open the door.

He came in and we sat and chatting about his experiences and what he'd done, as I listened the more I got turned on.. I admitted that he'd made me slightly hard not that he could tell as I was an below average size white guy (probably didn't help me with the women) after I told him I felt his big manly hand rubbing my cock through my shorts.. I relaxed backwards into the sofa and closed my eyes and let a little moan of pleasure out, the rubbing turned into his hand in my shorts and his hand wrapped around my cock tightly.. my eyes still closed still letting them little moans out.. he slide my shorts off and got on his knees.. I felt him lift my legs in the air, I kept my eyes as he carried on wanking my cock, next thing I felt something in my ass.. I opened my eyes in shock to see his tongue in my ass rimming.. I tried to push him back but he just smiled and I just laid back and thought what the hell.. after a few minutes I was moaning like a bitch and he rimmed my arse, I was loving it!

He suddenly stopped and I opened my eyes... he then asked if I wanted to go further to which I nervously nodded... he stood up and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down.. my mouth dropped, like fucking jesus he was massive like the cock you see in porn.. I joked with him ''what do you expect me to do with that'' he just laughed.

My mind racing.. what the fuck am I meant to do with it... but then my mind took over and I slide on to my knees right in front of him, am not lying when I say it was at least 10 inch and the girth of a cucumber and my hand and wrapped it around his hard cock.. I don't why but I just felt right I was on my knees with massive cock in my hand ( I mean I was jealous as fuck mine wasn't like that ) I started wanking his cock slowly still amazed by the size of it.

After wanking his cock for a bit I felt his hand on the back of my head slowly pushing my mouth towards his cock.. HOLY FUCK AM ABOUT TO SUCK DICK! I opened my mouth as you pushed my mouth on to his cock.. am not going to lie it wasn't what I expected.. I expected to it feel harder in my mouth but it was more the texture of a flump lol. he started pushing my head harder as he cock went deeper in my mouth as I started to gag on it.. he started holding me down on his cock.. gasping for air but as I mastered it I started to enjoy as gagged on his massive cock.

The big moment then came as he bent me over the sofa.. I got really nervous and said I can't do this.. he said don't worry i'll take my time.. so there I was my tight fat teeny arse in the air ready to take its first cock.. he got behind me and rubbed his cock on my arsehole.. told me to relax as he pushed the tip in .. fuck i'd never felt pain like it I nearly jumped in the air.. buried my head in a pillow on the sofa and went through pain for about 10 to 15 mins but after the pain moans turned to pleasure... like wow pleasure i'd never experienced...we'd gone from slow to fast... his balls slapping against my arse as he fucked me hard and fast.. moaning like slut as I took all his cock in my arse while he was spanking me... fuck my moans were like a woman's moans.. as I begged for it.. thoughts going through my mind, maybe am meant to be on my knees for men!

He started grunting and I knew he must be close to finishing... without any warning he pulled out spun me around to face his cock and started wanking it.. within seconds my face was covered in his spunk without warning... in shock.. and guess what I said... THANK YOU! WTF LOL

So there it is... 18 years old on my knees in my mothers living room with my face covered in spunk saying thank you for it... the start of my slutty adventure had begun!