The filthy adventures of Clark & Jon Kent.

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Chapter 1: Don't you know how to knock?

Jonathan was alone in the house, his mother was not there because of his work and his dad was supposed to arrive in an hour, but an hour had passed, and he had not arrived, superman things thought the boy. So with the house to himself, he was a bit bored, but instead of watching a tv show or a movie he preferred to look for a porn video to jerk off. When he found it, he took off his shirt and lowered his boxers, slowly beginning to touch his cock, in the video there was an older, big and muscular man who was brutally fucking a younger, slime boy and making him moan really loud, Jon was getting hard little by little while he watched the video.

After a few moments he closed his eyes and let himself be carried away while his hand kept going up and down his great length, moaning while he fantasized about that man, wanting to be fucked in that brutal way by the man of his fantasy. However, he was caught off guard when he heard the door open and Jonathan only managed to cover his big erect 10 inch cock with his shirt. — What the hell, don’t you know how to knock? — He asked turning to see the other, forgetting that the video was still playing.

Clark had meant to be home an hour ago. No, more than an hour ago, but his brain felt so fuzzy and overloaded with unwarranted desires that he couldn’t focus on the time, at all. How a simple flight across the sea to stop a plane from crashing ended with him in such a state, he didn’t know. One minute he had been dealing with the crowd rushing to thank him, hugged hard by a woman wearing a fancy pink gem necklace that seemed to glow in his presence, and the next moment he felt so incredibly hard in his trunks that he had to brace his tree trunk thighs and zip off into the sky before anyone noticed.

By the time he made it home, Clark felt so cramped in his super-suit that he was stripping it off as he stalked through the house. His cape dropped and then his belt next so he could strip out of his top and kick his boots away. His exposed skin was unusually flushed and covered in a sheen of sweet that dripped down off his massive chest and soaked into the bulging tent of his red briefs. He was on the verge of stumbling to his own bedroom without announcing his presence, when a smell so sharp and sweet caught his nose, right at Jon’s bedroom door. And Clark would know that scent anywhere, arousal.

Without much thought, the full-blooded Kryptonian pushed open the door and immediately blinked in surprise at the state of his son. Which was when he should have turned around and left—excused himself and left his boy to his business. But then he spotted the stiff, hard dick being barely covered by Jon’s shirt and suddenly his whole mind went blank with want. “Is this what you do when I’m off saving the world, son…?” Clark asked, stepping into the room and closing the door behind him. “Play with yourself to pornography with older men in it… when I’m right here…? he seethed, in irrational jealousy and desire.

His hand dropped to rub at the confined curved of his own hefty erection. “You ever fuck someone with that while daddy’s away, Jonathan…?” Jon honestly did not know what was happening, although it is not like he was complaining either, he had always found his father really sexy, that muscular body, his huge pecs which he could see in their splendor in those moments and not to mention that huge round ass, maybe it was wrong to think of his father that way, but come on, anyone would agree that Clark had a wonderful ass. — I … Uhm … Dad … No, I just … — The boy saw how his father closed the door and raised his eyebrows when he heard that, making his cock throb.

— What do you mean by that, dad? — He said smiling, the boy already had an idea of ​​what the man was referring to, but he wanted to hear his father’s explanation. Jon couldn’t help but bring his own hand to his massive cock, lazily jerking off in front of his father, dropping the shirt to be completely naked and exposed to Clark. His cock throbbed again and dripped precum upon hearing that. — No … Not really, a boy tried to suck me once, but he didn’t know how to handle it, he said it was too big …— He said looking at his own cock and then at his father with a big smile. —… Why do you ask, dad? Would you like to know if you can handle your own son’s huge cock in your mouth? — Jon was getting closer to his father. — Do you want me to fuck you, daddy? — Jonathan smiled at his father. 

Clark had never thought of his son in a sexual way before—before whatever this was. He had only ever noticed his son growing into a handsome young man in the passing and proud way he imagined that most fathers did. And for a moment, Clark wanted to write off the arousal clearly being caused by Jon’s presence as a moment of delirium. It was just the suddenly overwhelming wave of lust in him and the fact that Jon’s eyes looked so much like his mother’s that made him practically drool after his son. 

And yet, it was the younger Kent’s thick, hard cock that he simply couldn’t take his eyes off of. His bottom lip roughly gnawed on as he watched the way his boy’s hand worked over his stiff, leaking erection. The mere sight of it enough to make him groan in lustful hunger and take a few steps closer. It wasn’t until Jon also started to walk closer that Clark finally broke and eagerly nodded his head. “I feel… daddy feels so hot and bothered, and empty, baby boy… So empty, that I just need— need your big hard dick inside me,” he huffed out his admission. His fingers tucking into the waistband of his trunks and leggings to shove them off and get completely naked, before he finally kneeled at his son’s feet. "Feed it to me, Jonathan? Feed me your huge cock and then fuck daddy with it, please…” the older man pleaded while peering up at his son through long, fluttering lashes. 

Jon could feel his father’s lustful gaze, watching as he bit his lower lip and the boy only jerked his cock even more to tease his father even more. — If you want it, come and take it, dad — Said the boy, his cock throbbed at that moan coming from his father. When they were finally close to each other, Jon listened carefully to his father, damn it, hearing his own father tell him all those kinds of things had only made the young Kent even more horny. — Fuck … Daddy … Of course I’m going to fill you, I’m going to fill you with my huge cock and paint your insides with my cum — Jon raised his eyebrows when his father took off his underwear and now was completely naked in front of him, he observed his father’s huge cock, no wonder why Jon had also been gifted with a cock almost as big as his father’s.

Jon brought his hand to his dad’s head and squeezed his fingers through his hair. — Daddy … Fuck, you sound like such a needy whore… I love it — Jon smiled as he rubbed his huge cock all over his father’s face, giving him a couple of slaps in the face, smearing him with his precum. Finally, he put the tip of his cock on the man’s lips. — Do it, daddy. Show me how good you are at sucking me off. Make your baby boy feel good — His blue eyes darkened with lust looking at his father, waiting for him to follow the order he had given him. Every nerve ending of Clark’s naked, bulky figure felt as if it was on fire and in need of someone else’s touch to cool down and the older Kent didn’t know why or what had caused it, but he knew he simply had to comply with these new feral urges in him to find relief.

The pout of his full, pink lips parted with a hearty, approving moan when he finally felt the heavy weight of his own son’s cock rest against his face. The slip and slide of that thick shaft over his chiseled cheeks so refreshing and exhilarating that it was like being exposed to a bright yellow sun after days of being locked away. “Oh, oh, Jonathan… that feels so good, daddy loves you, baby, you and your big hard cock…” Clark huffed out when his boy started to slap that dick across his face, his nostrils being deeply invaded with the heavy scent of precum smeared over his face. And although Clark was tempted to scoop up the mess with his fingers and lick it clean, he went straight for the source instead.

His lips quickly parted to suck over the flared tip of Jon’s cock and tease the piss slit with his tongue, moaning around the weight of bloated glans when Jon’s taste settled heavy over his tongue. So absorbed in the taste of his son and the hot weight of dick in his mouth, Clark happily slobbered over the girthy length of Jon’s shaft as he fed more and more into his mouth. His throat distended wide around the cockhead that pushed into it until his nose was finally buried in his boy’s coarse pubes. Only then did the older Kent finally reach down to touch himself and fist his own throbbing dick with both hands as he eagerly deepthroated the younger man.

His full Kryptonian physiology allowing him to go with air for so long that he worked his throat around his boy until every fat inch was covered in his saliva, which dripped down his chin. That moan, that soft, simple moan his father let out, made Jon’s cock throb against his father’s face, he loved how his huge cock looked against his face, how the drops of precum stained him and the boy smiled as he listened to his father. — Fuck, yeah! You love that, rigth daddy? Fuck, I love you too…  — The young Kent smiled as he slapped his father’s chiseled face with his thick length, this seemed like a dream, a fantasy come true and Jon was loving every second of it. 

The blond let out a big moan as he finally felt his father’s warm lips begin to suck on his bulbous head and felt his wet tongue collect the drops of precum from his slit, every moan the man let out, made Jonathan’s cock throb. — Oh fuck! … That’s it, dad, if you like the way my precum tastes, wait till you taste the real thing — He said smiling as the boy moaned happily, watching his father slowly devour his huge cock hungrily, watching every inch disappear inside his lips and sucking it like it was the only thing that mattered in the world, until it reached his father’s throat and Jon let out another loud moan as he squeezed his father’s hair.

Holy fuck, dad! I think that’s the first time anyone has ever accomplished that — Jon had gotten a couple of blowjobs before, but none as good as the one his father was giving, and it was amazing to feel his cock buried in his throat, his gaze fixed on his father and with his hand pushing in just another bit, letting him smell his musky scent from his pubic hair. — Fuck, keep going, dad. Don’t stop, you’re making your baby boy feel so good! — Jonathan moaned loudly and tightened his fingers in his father’s hair as the man gave him his first deep throat, the boy felt in heaven as he watched his father touch himself while sucking him off only made it all hotter, his cock was throbbing and dripping precum like crazy.

— Moan like the slut you are, dad. Let me hear how much you enjoy my huge cock —
Jon ordered as he felt his father’s saliva dripping down his heavy balls. Not a day ago and Clark would have chided his son if he ever heard him speak with such foul language, but now Jon’s filthy words only served to fuel the burning need for his boy. The beefy breadth of his chest swelling with a sense of pride and smugness when the younger Kent praised him for being the first to ever deepthroat the thick girth of his cock. And if Clark’s twistedly lustful mind had a say in it, he’d be the only one to ever do it–the only one Jon would ever need on their knees to service him fully. 

Clark’s hands were still idly fisted over the slick length of his own throbbing dick as he took to bobbing his head and licking all over the silky skin of Jon’s shaft. His deep blue eyes steady on his son’s face to watch every pleasured expression that crossed it. Just the taste of precum and the promise for more enough to send Clark in a deeper frenzy. His lips tightly sealed around the fat, bloated tip of Jon’s cock as he moaned like he was told to do, making sure every inch of Jon could feel the vibrations while he worked his lips back down to the base. The minute his lips met the hilt of his son’s cock, once again, Clark breathed in deeply through the nose buried in Jon’s dark pubes.

His head left swimming with the smell and taste of his son which only made him greedy for more. The tip of his tongue pushed past his bottom lip to lick the heavy-hanging scrotum that rested against his chin, silently begging his son to pump his seed down his throat. Cheeks hollowed and moans replaced with choking sputters of spits when he started to fuck his throat down onto the full length of his boy. Jonathan didn’t know if paradise existed, but in those moments he felt as if he had found it, and he had found it in his father’s mouth, the desperate way he was sucking the hell out of his cock was impressive, if his father kept this up, it would cause Jon to cum in no time.

Jon’s face reflected pleasure, the purest, most lustful pleasure reflected on his face as he kept his gaze fixed on his father’s. — Holy shit! Dad! — Jonathan cried out in pleasure as he watched his father increase his pace even more desperately, watching his huge cock move in his father’s throat and hearing his father moan in such a … Dirty way, feeling the vibrations in his thick shaft and watching the man touch himself, everything the man was doing, was driving him crazy. — Fuck, dad. I’m so close — And as soon as the man started licking his scrotum while deep throating him, that was it. Jonathan couldn’t take it anymore, he grabbed his father’s head tightly with both hands to keep him still and started to cum with a loud scream of pleasure. 

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Dad! — Jonathan shouted really loud with a big smile as his cum dripped all down the man’s throat, it was the best orgasm he had ever had in his life, however, before he finished, he quickly pulled out his huge cock and shot his last streams of thick cum all over his father’s face. He bathed his chiseled face with his white cum, staining his cheeks, his forehead, even his hair, making quite a mess of his face. — Fuck… That was… Unbelievable — Jonathan had a huge smile on his face as he breathed heavily, his chest rising and falling non-stop, even though he knew his father still wanted to be fucked and Jon would be more than happy to do that.

— Do you like the taste of my cum, Dad? — He smeared some cum on his lips with the tip of his cock. — Eat your son’s cum… I can’t wait to taste your big ass, dad. Why don’t you get down on all fours like a good bitch and show me? — Jon ordered as he watched his father. Clark hadn’t once ever performed oral on another person in such a vigorous and greedy manner, not even on the woman who had bared his children. But there was something about the mere taste of Jon and all his moans of pleasure that made Clark want to devour his son’s every load, and for a moment, he thought that finally getting to do so would calm the overwhelming ache in him to be used and filled like never before.

But one single taste of Jon’s cum down his throat–one single instance of feeling his son cum heavy and hard across his face, and it only increased his need for the boy. His own cock aching at the idea of being showered in his own son’s seed. However, Clark didn’t want to cum himself until he was fully seated on the fat girth of Jon’s cock, so he let go of himself and focused on cleaning up the delicious mess offered to him. His tongue lapping up the cum drooling from Jon’s piss slit before he used his fingers to scoop it off his face and eat that up too. “Hmm, so good, baby boy, so thick and hot— daddy wants all your cum,” he moaned out around the digits he was busy licking clean. 

He would’ve happily stayed like that, too. Working his boy over until he drained those half-kryptonian balls dry, but then Jon urged him on to move things along and Clark simply couldn’t deny him. So with a face still half-painted with his boy’s semen, the older Kent stood up just to climb onto Jon’s bed on all fours. The broad line of his back sinfully arched to hike his wide, thickly muscled ass up at Jon, with the rotund swell of his ass cheeks parted enough to reveal the tight, pink hole between them. “You like that, Jonathan…? You like the sight of daddy on all fours like a big slut for you?” Clark huffed and puffed, body sweaty and flushed as he effortlessly spoke dirty in ways that were foreign to his own ears.

But every word out of him was still earnest and utterly needy. His hot and bothered face pressed into the sheets to further push his ass out towards his son. “C’mon, Jon, baby boy… Show daddy how much you want it, please— spank my ass, eat my hole— breed daddy full…” Jon smiled as he watched his father clean his cock and eat his cum with his fingers. — If you’re going to suck me like that, you’re more than welcome to suck me every day and as often as you want, and I’ll feed you my cum, dad — At least the boy would no longer have to attend glory holes to get half sucked, when he could simply ask his father to get down on his knees and suck him whenever he wanted.

When his cock was clean, he watched as his father got up and watched him get into that position on his bed, thanks to being half Kryptonian he had more stamina than a normal boy, so seeing his muscular father show him his ass like that, kept his cock semi erect even though he had already cum. — Fuck, dad. Your ass really is huge and round — And seeing his tight pink hole, made his cock throb, so the blond went over to the bed and knelt in front of those huge round mountains of meat.  — I love it, you’re my big whore from this moment on, right dad? Say you are only mine — Jonathan took impulse with his hand and released a hard spank to see how his ass bounced, Jon rubbed his face against his father’s ass, kissing and biting his thick cheeks, he could taste his father’s sweat and that only turned him on even more.

I’m going to do all of that, dad. I promise, I’m going to worship your huge freaking ass like you deserve — Jon let out another couple of hard spanks with his hands, he spat on his father’s hole and gave that wrinkled hole a big lick, a long slow lick, moaning at the taste of his father, of his sweat, of that hole, it’s something that would be etched in his memory for the rest of his life. He squeezed and kneaded that ass as he plunged his face between the huge cheeks, beginning to hungrily devour his father’s asshole, moaning as he moved his tongue in various directions around his hole. — Who owns your ass, dad? — He spanked him hard as the tip of his tongue began to work its way inside the man’s hole.

The minute Clark felt Jon’s breath ghost over his plump, round ass cheeks he shivered in utter delight. The raging fire of want in him somewhat calmed by the prospect of having his son taste and fuck his most vulnerable area, and that’s how Clark knew–knew that he would have to go all the way with this depravity to cure himself of the irrational lust that coursed through every possible fiber of his being. And if he came out on the other end being his son’s designated lifelong whore, then so be it. Better him than some unworthy human Jon could hurt or possible catch a disease from. His lips parted with a breathy and needy moan when he felt a hand slap over his rotund ass and make it bounce.

Clark being driven back into a lustful daze by the kissing and biting that followed, until he was all but shaking and wiggling the thick muscled weight of his ass in his son’s face. “Oh, Jon— Jonathan, baby boy, daddy’s all yours… Daddy belongs to you, only you…” Any further words of affirmation were quickly cut off by the next hard spanks Jon landed on his ass, each slap done with enough force that Clark actually could feel the sting vibrate on down to every muscle of his body. His neglected cock left so hard and throbbing between his thighs that the tip became a desperate ruddy red color as it leaked a mess into Jon’s sheets; no way would the boy ever get the smell of his dad out of his bed after this.

However, nothing that came before compared to finally having Jon’s tongue greedily fuck his hole open. Just the first slip of that wide, agile tongue in him was enough to have Clark mewling in pleasure and bucking back against his son’s face. His hands tucked under him to squeeze and grope at his own hefty pecs in order to fight off just how tight and hot his skin felt with the impending and most intense orgasm Clark had ever felt. “Jon, Jon,” he repeated his son’s name like a prayer, “You, my big boy, you own daddy’s slut ass… and if you keep eating it like that, you’re gonna make daddy cum…” Clark warned even as he worked his hips in order make it bounce and ride his hole on Jon’s tongue. 

Every moan, every dirty word that came out of his father’s mouth, the taste of his ass and the way the man moved his ass against his face, all of it was helping his own cock slowly get hard again. And he felt his dick throbbing as he heard those words, hearing his father say he belonged to him only motivated the boy to devour that ass even more, his tongue flicking in and out hard as he gave his ass another couple of hard spanks, wanting to leave his hand red marked on those thick cheeks, loving how his father rubbed his huge ass against his face. Jonathan moaned just the same as he tongue fucked his father harder and harder and more vigorously.

The room was filled with moans from both of them, his cock was already more than hard again thanks to his father’s moans and constantly hearing his name in that dirty and really sinful way. The boy pulled away for only a few seconds, so he could breathe, his face completely wet and saliva dripping down his chin. — That’s right, your ass belongs to me from now on, dad. Don’t forget it, you’re my fucking cock whore, and I’ll fuck you when I want and where I want. Got it? Now, cum for me — He ordered, Jonathan had brought out his more dominant side as he pushed his tongue deep again and tongue fucked him even faster and harder, wanting his father to orgasm with just his tongue inside his ass

Jonathan was going to make his father cum more than once that night, and he wasn’t going to stop until his balls were empty, and his father filled and overflowing with his cum. If Clark had thought for a second that this would be a one-off occurrence, something awkward that happened between father and son and was never spoken of again, then that idea was quickly dashed away as his beloved boy grew to be more and more dominating. So firm and demanding with his words and touch that it made Clark trembled and whimper like no one else had ever done before. His off the rails train of thought filled with some many ideas of what they could do together in the future as Jon’s tongue drilled wave after wave of pleasure into him and up his spine.

The moment his son told him to cum, he did. There was no refusing the request when Jonathan had worked him up so good that all he could do was pant and cry out his boy’s name. “Oh, Jon, Jon, my baby boy… Daddy’s cumming,” he mewled in delight as a white hot wave of pleasure like never before washed over Clark’s sweaty body and caused his dick to lurch between his thighs as he shot rope after rope of thick, hot cum across the sheets. Even managing to drench his own naked chest and thighs in it. And yet, the post-orgasmic glow of riding out his orgasm lessened the tight, desperate need in the pit of his stomach for just a mere second. “So good, so good, baby boy… but I need more, daddy needs it all… Daddy needs you to fuck him— fuck your dad like a filthy whore, Jon…” Clark begged without an ounce of shame or hesitation.

His face pressed firmly into the messy bed as he reached back to grab both his reddened ass cheeks and spread them open wide for his boy. The slick, pink rim nestled between them on full display and practically quivering with the need to be filled. “Daddy can take it, I promise… Daddy can take it all for you like no one else can, baby…” Hearing his father moan like that, screaming his name in that sinful way, no matter who came to hear, was such a turn-on, it took a lot of willpower not to cum right there. The boy simply continued to devour his father’s ass with fervor as he listened to the man cum, loving the smell of sweat and sex that flooded the room at that moment. 

When Clark’s orgasm was over, Jon pulled out of his father’s ass, his face completely wet and saliva dripping all over his chin. — Fuck… I love listening you beg, Dad. Begging your own son to fuck you, what a nasty slut — Jonathan said, smiling as he watched his father push his ass towards him and open those huge mountains of meat for Jon to see the man’s delicious hole, ready and lubricated by his saliva. The boy stood up and whipped his huge cock a couple of times in his father’s ass. — Are you going to take my big fat cock every time I tell you to from now on, dad? Are you going to be good for me? — Jon was being a little bratty and teasing the man even more, but the blond couldn’t take it anymore either.

So he settled his mushroom head and began to penetrate the man, just a couple of inches were necessary to feel how tight his father’s ass was. — Holy shit, dad! You’re so tight! — Jon said with a loud moan of pleasure, now that he had tasted that ass and knew how it felt against his cock, Jon was sure he would look for any excuse to fuck his father every day and as many times as possible. He kept pushing his thick cock, taking his time and enjoying watching every fat inch disappear inside the man’s ass, after a few moments he managed to be balls deep inside his dad. — How does that feel, dad? Do you love how your son’s fat cock feels inside your ass? — Jon gave him a couple of hard spanks, to see his cheeks bounce. 

He gripped his father’s hips with both hands and began to ramming with great force, enjoying of fucking his father. The fact that Clark didn’t even think about the prospect of someone overhearing them or interrupting them, given that they were only in the privacy of Jon’s room on the frequently visited Kent farm, was a sure sign that he was utterly lost to the irrational need coursing through his mind and body. Unknowingly coming into contact with an undiscovered pink kryptonite heightening his carnal desires and libido to the point that he held no qualms about his own son pushing a bloated, fat cockhead into his spit-slick, puffy hole. In fact, the only reaction Clark could muster was a low and blissful moan as inch after thick inch stretched his rim open around the girth and plunged in deep. 

“Oh, Jon… Oh, hell, baby boy… daddy feel so full, so good, with you inside him,” he immediately praised when he felt his boy finally come to a stop with two heavy balls rested against his ass. The tight rim of his hole left spasming around the base of Jon’s cock as the younger man slapped his dad’s ass a few more times. The heat and sting of that palm against his round cheeks quickly becoming a favorite of his and something he knew he’d been teasing Jon into doing for years after this. How it came to be that the father wanted to be rigorously spanked by the son, he wasn’t sure and he wasn’t going to question it either.

Not that he had time to question anything before Jon took a grip of his hips and started to fuck him with force. Each hard, demanding thrust was enough to rock Clark’s brawny figure into the mattress and finally begin to sate the burning, senseless need in him to be dominated. “Oh my, oh god… Jon, Jon—Jonathan, my big boy, that’s it… right there— fuck daddy, fuck daddy good and deep… Pound my hole full of your cum, baby boy, please…” Clark heard himself begging but between the obscene slap of skin against skin and the blood rushing in his ears, it sounded like someone else–sounded like a man he didn’t recognize. One who was begging his own beloved son to breed him full.

Jon smiled as he moaned as he felt his father’s hole stretch and spasming around his big fat cock, milking him and feeling in fucking heaven. The boy had only fucked a couple of times with other bitches, but his father was another level, and he definitely didn’t want anyone else anymore, he just needed the man and that huge ass. — Fuck and your ass… It’s perfect, it fits like a glove on my huge cock… I love it! — He exclaimed between moans. Jon supposed that was the good thing about being home alone with his dad and living on a farm, they could make as much noise as they wanted.

Jonathan had started slow, but that pace didn’t last long, as the young Kent started ramming harder and rougher, to the point where Jon used some of his own super strength that caused the headboard of the bed to start hitting the wall and watching his father’s muscular body sink into his bed, every scream and the sinful way his father was moaning his name, was driving Jonathan crazy with pleasure. — You don’t know how much I had fantasized and wished for this, dad. To have you like this, on all fours… Fucking you and making you scream like a fucking whore… I promise I’ll fill you so good with my cum — Jon didn’t know if the bed was going to resist the brutal way father and son were fucking, but he didn’t care, in those moments he only cared about the pleasure he was feeling, how the room was filling with moans, screams, and the sounds of their bodies pounding.

Clark had faced a lot of adversaries in his life and had taken on plenty of fights that had even left the Man of Steel feeling exhausted and helpless. However, none of those instances compared to just how exposed and vulnerable he felt beneath the pounding smack of Jon’s hips against his big, round muscular ass. The broad and bulky stature of his body all but melting into the mattress until he’s moaning out and slobbering into the sheets at the harsh pace his son now fucked him with. It took all of the remaining willpower he had just for Clark to untwist his tongue and find his words, in order to encourage Jon on. “Don’t– don’t stop, Jon, don’t stop… fuck daddy, fuck me hard and deep… want you to breed me so good…” he panted out with his hands fisted into the sheets.

His spine arching and chest heaving out against the rocking bed whenever Jon’s thrust plunged in just right to pound his prostate. And although Clark had already climaxed, the constant stimulation was enough to have his own cock still rock hard and angry red where it swung heavily between his thighs.  Determined to feel his son lose himself inside the tight vise of his ass before he had a second orgasm, Clark used all the strength of composure he had left and pushed himself up onto all fours. The creaking and swaying of the bed only increasing in volume when he began to meet Jon thrust for thrust and bare down on that girthy dick with his own super strength.

Their hips and ass meeting with such force that the smack of skin against skin could be heard throughout the entire farm. “C’mon, c’mon, baby boy… daddy wants your cum so bad,” Clark whined in encouragement as his ass bounced with every backwards shove onto Jon’s cock. Jonathan was fucking his father so hard, at first he was holding back, but the way his father was begging him not to stop and go even harder and deeper, is when Jonathan let himself go completely, using all his super strength, the headboard of his bed was hitting the wall so hard, it was creating a hole with cracks all around. — Fuck… Dad… Yeah, take my fucking huge cock, dad. You’re my fucking slut… MINE! — He said, smiling.

Jon was moving his hips so hard and fast, you could only see a blur with each thrust, his whole body was bathed in sweat from all the force he was using. Jonathan was shocked when his father got down on all fours and started using his own super strength and ramming himself onto his big fat cock, causing Jon’s pleasure to increase, and he was sure the noise and sounds father and son were making as they fucked could be heard beyond those four walls. Jon was relentless, the hole in the wall was growing and creating more cracks all around, Jonathan was on the edge and hearing his own father beg for his cum was the icing on the cake.

Jon fucked his father like a wild beast, and it only took a couple more brutal thrusts to feel his balls tighten, and he heard a loud noise, listening to the wooden legs of the bed break completely. — OH FUCK! DAD! I’M CUMMING! FUCKING TAKE MY CUM, NASTY WHORE! — Jonathan screamed so loudly as he cummed, he was sure it would have been heard all over Kent Farm. Several thick spurts of white cum began to flood deep into his father’s ass, Jon moaned feeling in fucking heaven with a huge smile on his face, the spurts of cum kept coming out and filling the man’s insides despite it being his second orgasm, Jonathan dropped his sweaty body onto his father’s body, not taking his huge cock out of that wonderful ass, finishing cumming as the boy gasped heavily and breathing heavily, not saying a word, his mind was blank.

The bedframe was rocking hard enough into the wall to leave craters and cracks as the wood frame slowly splintered apart under the force of their combined movement, and yet, Clark wasn’t able to feel any concern about it. Not now, and certainly not later. Not when he was finally able to experience the intoxicating thrill and waves of warm pleasure that wash over him when his son pounded into his fat ass to chase after his orgasm. The older Kent more than happy to be used and defiled, being mounted and fucked like his son was a feral beast in heat, just like how he felt. His chest heaving with cries of pleasure and the bed collapsing under him as he felt the first few thick, hot shots of his son’s cum began to fill him up. 

Just the mere act of being bred and flooded with Jon’s release as his beloved boy still thrusted into him was enough to have Clark cum again, as well. His cock dribbling another messy release into the ruined sheets as they both rode out their intense orgasms and then collapsed onto the bed. Clark’s throat worked with a hearty, happy hum when his son blanketed himself over his broader figure with that big, hard dick staying lodged deep inside his cum slick hole, which he eagerly clutched around the girth of Jon as they basked in the afterglow. 

“Hmm, Jonathan, big boy… filled daddy up so much, I’m stuffed with your cum, baby…” Clark moaned out after a minute of both of them just breathing in the blissful afterglow. And although he had just greatly enjoyed some of the best sex in his life, he already felt the scorching itch to be touched and fucked more and more already returning to his skin. The beefy, broad stature of his sweaty body carefully flipped around to keep Jon from slipping out of him, before he settled onto his back and brought his son in closer with the steel hard clutch of his thick thighs. “Daddy loves you, Jon, so much… so happy we get to show each other that love,” he grinned and leaned up to kiss his son.

Jonathan slowly caught his breath, swallowing saliva and panting as he felt sweat dripping all over his forehead and small drops falling on the man’s muscular back. Jon, after recovering, smiled at what his father said. — That was the best fucking orgasm I’ve ever had in my life, Dad, — He replied with a small laugh. The sheets were a fucking mess, and he was sure they were beyond saving, just like the broken bed and the wall full of cracks, Jon let his father arrange their bodies, with a skillful way in which Jon’s cock was still inside. As the boy settled over his father’s body and saw those huge round tits glistening with sweat, he couldn’t help but run his tongue between both huge tits, tasting his father’s sweat, He looked up as he listened to the man. — I love you too, dad… Fuck, I love you so much. I love every part of you, I love that from now on we will show our love between father and son in this way — He replied, smiling as he kissed his father, caressing his face and sticking his tongue in the man’s mouth.