Top Urges | Chapter 4 : "Roommates’ Spat"

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The picture on my phone screen right now had my full attention. And how could it not? Even if only half of David’s face could be seen, his flirty smile was more than obvious. He was wearing glasses, which was a surprise since he didn’t use them when we hung out together. But the most prominent part of it was the delicious, elegant, naughty curve of his body. He was bent over a bed, face down, ass up, showing off his round, plump behind as the main focal point of the picture. The sun shone down his body, making me hard and painfully aware of the light fuzz all over his legs and arms. The caption on white letters, right above his body read “Wish you were here right now. I’m so horny”

This was not just a nude. It was a damn work of art. And it got me popping a raging boner first thing in the morning. 

After our first hook-up, David and I started to spend time together. Both with and without Jeremy. My roommate seemed relieved that we were more comfortable and amicable with each other. I doubt he knew that I basically had turned his friend into my personal cumdump, or how much we were enjoying this new relationship of sorts. Before saying goodbye we usually ended up making out, getting horny, and fucking. Multiple times. It was rare that we left each other without at least cumming twice each. And I was also starting to appreciate him more in other ways: his overall playfulness, his take-risks attitude, and how knowledgable he seemed to be about gay life around campus. To my surprise, though, no matter how many times I slept with him, I still felt the same butterflies in my stomach whenever I saw Jeremy. I didn’t have a clue on what kind of spell did my roommate had on me that made me smile like an idiot whenever he was around. And my wet dreams were starting to fill up with the image of both David and Jeremy sharing my dick and demanding all of my cum. 

So, when it turned out that they both would be out of town for the weekend, which was our usual hang-out time, I was left without anything or anyone to do on a Friday night. And, while very kind and sexy, the Saturday morning nude that David had sent me only got me more worked up. I zoomed onto the pic as I stroked my erection over my boxers. Yes, I wish I was there with him, so he could take care of my morning wood. A second ping on my phone, this one from Jeremy, and saying “Missing you a lot, man!” distracted me. I opened the message to find a pic of them both smiling, wearing some purple t-shirt with the logo of whatever workshop they were at. And while David had chosen a more loose fit, allowing me to peek into the soft fur on his chest, Jeremy had gotten a very small size, tight to his body, basically showing off every curve on his frame. “Fuck…” I groaned. I couldn’t believe how horny this basic photo was making me. 

A third message came up, from David this time. He winked an eye at me and captioned it with “Don’t worry, I’ll keep your crush safe. Promise ;)”. I snorted and returned to his nude, as I tugged down my underwear, finally letting my cock free. Yeah, maybe I could play his game too. I flexed my thighs so they looked a bit more defined while I took a picture of my naked lower body, and sent it to him. “How about you promise to suck my dick instead?” I wrote with a snicker. After ten seconds I got a reply. “Fuck, I really miss that cock ^¬^ . Yeah, I promise!”. This marked the beginning of a very heated sexting session between us. 

“Shouldn’t you be paying attention to that workshop thing?”

“I can’t think about anything that is not you right now. I’ll ask Jeremy for his notes later”

“You really miss this cock, don’t you?”

“So fucking much, Kai. We are fucking like what, once a week?”

“I’d say is more like once every three days since I started picking you up from your Stats class”

“See? I haven’t had you inside me for three whole days now. This is torture x_x”

“Hey, you started it. You knew how hard those pics of you would make me”

“Yes, I knew ;) Wish you could tell me all the things you’d do with me if you were here”

“Oh, wouldn’t you like to know??”


“Fine. I would bend you over the stage and rim you nice and deep in front of everyone. Making that hot hole of yours wet and sloppy with my spit.”

“Fuck, that’s so hot. Please, tell me more *¬*”

“Well, I would keep tonguing your hole until you are moaning and begging to be fucked. Then, I would finally give you my dick, as all your classmates start jerking off”

“Fuck, Kai… you are so dirty. Am I allowed to suck them off while you fuck me?”

“Of course, you can. You need all that cum, don’t you? Want to get stuffed from both sides at the same time? Maybe get bukkaked while I breed you deep?”

“Yes, please, please. Fuck, I’m going to my room now. I need to jerk off. Can you facetime in like 10 mins?”

I didn’t get to reply to that one. It was already hard to text using only one hand, but the harsh knock on my door startled me and made me drop my phone on the bed. 

“Kai, can you come to the kitchen? I need to talk to you” Amir called from the hallway. He didn’t even bother to hear my answer, and just stomped away. Why was he so bossy? I groaned as I stood up, watching my boner. Yeah, I was not stuffing that back on my boxers. I picked up some gym shorts and decided to skip the underwear for now. Surely whatever Amir had in mind wouldn’t last more than 5 minutes, right? 

I went to the common area just to find a disaster. It looked as if our kitchen had been used to make a feast for the whole city and had left the dirty dishes behind. All of them. My roommate stood in the middle of the disaster, arms crossed and frowning at me. “Care to explain?”

“I… I have no idea what you are talking about…” I said, shrugging. Sure, I cooked a lot of my meals, but last night I had ordered take-out. “I had Mc Donald’s yesterday… and I haven’t had breakfast yet…”

“Well, why are your pots out then?” he said, pointing to a pile of dishes on a corner. I raised my eyebrows and remembered

“Oh! Yuanjun wanted to cook something for a group project or something? I don’t recall exactly, but he asked me if he could use some of my stuff. I said it was okay if he washed them. Guess he didn’t…”

“Of course!” my roommate groaned in exasperation. “Look, I have no problem with you all experimenting with cooking whenever you want, but can you keep the kitchen clean?”

“Amir, I didn’t cook last night. How is any of this my fault?” I said, raising my eyebrows and crossing my arms. He was not going to pin this particular disaster on me. 

“Well, I need to use the kitchen, and is your dirty dishes the ones in my way, so…” he said, giving me a condescending look. He had managed to make me do stuff before just for the sake of peace and harmony, after all. “Are you cleaning them up, or what?”

“You know what? Fuck off. I don’t care about it. I didn’t do anything so I’m not going to clean it up” I said, walking in front of him. This seemed to make him remember he was a couple of inches shorter than me, now that he had to look up to my face. “I told you who did this. So either take it up with him or clean it up yourself. I have a life of my own, you know?”

“Wow, someone needs to get laid. What’s with that attitude?” he asked with a nasty look on his face. “What happened? Can’t find a strong man that shows you a good time?” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. 

I did listen to Amir most of the time and did what he wanted if only to keep my peace of mind and not hear him whine all day. But right now? I was very pissed off. Maybe it was time to stand up to him and show him what happened when he tried to force me to do something I didn’t want to do. Also, I was horny. Much more than usual. That was something he probably had not taken into account. 

“You know what? Yeah, I actually need sex. Like, right now” I said at my roommate, as I grabbed his shoulders. 

“Wait, what?” he asked, raising his eyebrows in a completely shocked expression. He was definitely not expecting this turn of events. 

“Yeah. But not in the way you think. You know, I met a cute bottom boy a few weeks ago and I have been fucking him basically every day. But now he is away on a trip and I really need to bust a nut. So how about you help me out… roomie?”

Before Amir could say anything, I pulled down my gym shorts and revealed my hard cock to him. He looked down and gulped, his face acquiring a slight, almost golden, blush. 

“Kai this… this isn’t funny… cut it out,” he said, stuttering. I smirked and grabbed his cheek, forcing him to look into my eyes

“You know, I would believe you if you were able to look anywhere else that is not my cock.”

He fumbled with words and I smiled. Finally, I had found a way to get him to shut up. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him into the living room, throwing him into the couch. 

“Kai, I’m serious! This is not okay!” he said with a scowl, but his face quickly turned into a hungry look when I presented my erection to him. He was sitting at the perfect height to give me some good head. 

“Let’s make a deal. I’ll clean up those dishes that are making you mad right now if you make me cum. How does that sound?”

“Like hell I’m agreeing to that!” he tried to argue, but he seemed completely hypnotized by my body. I stroked slowly in front of him and he moaned softly, licking his lips needily. His hands were gripping on his knees as if he was trying to restrain himself. 

“Is this why you are on my case all the time? Do you like to boss me around? Does it get you off when I listen to you and do stuff for you?”

“I…” he stuttered again, biting his lower lip again. I knew he wanted it too.  

“Well, we are going to have some changes here, okay?” I said with a smirk. “Open up, Amir…”

Even though he seemed that he wanted to keep protesting, the second he opened his mouth, I shoved my cock inside it. He groaned at first in surprise but, soon enough, he started to suck me. I could tell he had some experience with it, especially with how he used his tongue to flick my cockhead and toy with the slit. But he also seemed to struggle a bit with my size. 

“Fuck, I never had someone… like you…” he sighed when he pulled out, looking up at me. Any trace of the bossy, annoying roommate I knew was gone. Now, he looked at me with new eyes. Eyes filled with lust and need. 

“You mean as big?” I joked and watched him blush again. “We’ll get there. We have time to practice” I reassured him, as I caressed his hair. “Come on… I know you want it too, Amir… Suck my cock…” 

If anyone would have told me what my current situation was six months ago, I wouldn’t believe it.  Sure, I could believe that I would end up having sex with one of my roommates. But I would have probably pictured me being a hole for them. It was somewhat surreal to think I was ramming my cock deep inside someone’s throat, making him moan in pleasure. Amir closed his eyes and ran his hands all over my thighs, squeezing them softly as I thrusted into him. Little by little, he was able to take all of me, until I was able to push my whole cock inside his eager mouth, my balls slapping on his chin. 

“Fuck yeah… so good… so good, Amir… That’s how you should use your mouth…” 

“Fuck off…” he said as he pulled out, stroking me. I could tell he was amused by the joke, but I decided not to tease him too much. At least not yet. “Just because I like your cock doesn’t mean…”

“Shut up…” I groaned, pushing myself inside him once more. That seemed to work because, after one or two seconds of muffled whining, Amir got back into swallowing me whole. Now that he had finally managed to take me fully, he seemed to be getting more into it, palming himself with one hand as the other played with my balls. 

After a few minutes, I felt my orgasm building up. I started to run my hands through the other’s hair. It was so soft and silky. I would probably need to ask him for his hair care routine after this. But all thoughts left me as I reached the point of no return. He looked up at me with needy eyes and that was all that it took. 

“Fuck… fuck, Amir… fuck yeah, I’m cumming!” I shouted. 

The force of my orgasm seemed to surprise him, because he immediately pulled out, gagging. As he coughed, a few more ropes of my cum landed on his face and hair. I might have preferred to cum inside his mouth and have him swallow me, but he looked incredibly hot with his eyes slightly moist and strands of my thick, warm cream all over his face. When I could focus my eyes again, he seemed to have a pained expression, which made me worry for an instant before I noticed the wet spot on his yellow sweatpants. One that he was desperately tugging at. 

“Did you… just came from sucking me off?” I asked, smiling as I realized what had happened. 

“... so what if I did? You idiot…” Amir said, dodging my stare. I brought him up and gave him a kiss. That made his expression soften and I could feel him relaxing under my touch. “I… I should clean up so I can…”

“Do you have to?” I asked, my hands lowering to his ass. “There’s a lot we can do to get dirty before we actually need to clean up” I squeezed the cheeks over his clothing and smiled at him playfully. He stuttered and chuckled. After a few seconds of silence, he nodded. 

“Fuck… fine, fine… But be gentle?” he said, biting his lower lip “It’s… it’s been a while since I…”

“Okay… I will. I promise” I reassured him. Then, I nodded towards the couch “Bend over. I wanna rim you” I said, sliding his pants down. Amir wore a very tight, white thong that left almost nothing to the imagination. It took almost no time for me to get rid of it and have my first look at his delicious ass. 

“What, here?” he asked, his voice ringing with surprise. “But… but… on the couch? What if… ?”

“Shut up and do it…” I demanded as I tugged him in for a kiss. He melted again and, once we stopped making out, he laid down on the couch, lifting his ass up so I had easy access to it. Amir had a very nice behind. He was a bit more on the leaner side of things, but he was still shapely and well-formed. And the way his hole winked at me just turned me on to a whole new level. I leaned forward and blew softly on it, feeling his body tremble. “Easy there… just relax… Surely I’m not the first one in giving you a rim job, right?”

“N… No… but… Oh, fuck! Kai!” Amir groaned. I would have killed to see his expression as he realized how experienced I had gotten with my tongue work. I had David to thank for that, as he had taught me exactly how to make a man weak on the knees when eating him out. And now Amir was getting the royal treatment I had learned to give to willing guys. “So… oh wow… how are you… nnnggg… yes, eat my ass, Kai! Fuck, it feels so good!”

I can’t tell how long I spent rimming him. If there was a moment where I pulled out, Amir whined and begged for me to return to tongue fuck him some more. And I happily obliged, feeling the pure lust and desperation in his voice. It seemed that it had been a while since he had someone treating his hole good. Maybe he had joked that I needed sex because he also needed it? In any case, I was more than happy to keep playing with him, alternating my tongue with one or two fingers, making him cry for more. Soon enough, I had him begging for more. 

“Yes… Kai… fuck, so good… it feels so good… I fucking love your tongue, man… nnngg… yes… yes… f… fuck me… fuck me, Kai…”

“What did you say?” I asked, pulling apart and raising an eyebrow, grinning. He turned his head around and frowned. 

“You… you heard me… I’m not going to ask for it twice…” he started. But then, I spread his cheeks and began to rub my cock right in the middle, so I could tease his hole with my hard cock. He mewled and began to back his ass to me, the friction making me sigh in pleasure. 

“I’m not going to do it unless you ask for it nicely…” I said, hands rubbing his sides. Amir looked at me and whispered. “Nicely and audibly” I added

“F… fine… I… I need you to fuck me, Kai”

“What? Just once more, please”

“Kai, I need you to fuck me! Fuck me, please!”

“That’s the spirit,” I said with a grin. Looking around, I found that Yuanjun had left a bottle of liquid coconut oil out in the middle of the kitchen. I quietly snickered as I slathered both my cock and Amir’s hole with it. Once I made sure we were both well lubed up, I started pushing my length inside him. He gritted his teeth and hissed. “How are you feeling?”

“Keep going… I can take it… just… slow…” he encouraged me. While I kind of wanted to pound him to oblivion in payback for all the times he had been an asshole to me, I also wanted him to enjoy it. So, slowly, almost like sweet torture for both of us, I slid inside his tight hole. I thought David was tight, but Amir felt like he wanted to jank off my cock right off my body. 

“You are so fucking tight… You need to relax a little” I said, massaging his back slowly. He nodded, as I noticed the light layer of sweat that was starting to form on his body. I leaned forward and kissed the back of his neck slowly. That seemed to do the trick as his breathing started to slow down and I could feel his tension dissolving. After a few more kisses, he got used to me enough that he started to move softly against me. “Yeah, that’s right… it feels good, doesn't it?”

“So… so fucking good… yeah… such a fucking nice cock, Kai,” He said with a nod, finally smiling. I started to move, slowly at first but it seemed that he was already used to me, so I quickly began to pick up a rhythm. Amir moaned and also backed against my hips, eager to show me how good he was feeling. “Fuck yeah… fuck me, Kai… Fuck me good, please…”

“Oh, I will…” I said with a grin and grabbed him from the shoulders to have more leverage to go deeper and harder inside him. He moaned, his voice getting louder and louder by the second. The sight of his back muscles and messy hair turned me on more. Amir was such a handsome and sexy guy. It was nice to see that now, as we connected in a better way after living together for so long. And if that wasn’t enough, the image of my cock stretching his hole was definitely going to give me enough material for multiple jerk-off sessions in the future. 

After a few more minutes, I pulled out and made Amir lay on his back so I could see his face as I fucked him. He looked at me for a second and then avoided my face, blushing once more. 

“Is something wrong?” I asked as I buried myself inside him once more, grabbing his cock and stroking it at the same rhythm I started to pound him. 

“No… I’m just… I’m…” he stuttered, closing his eyes and panting more loudly “... I’m close already… stop… stop stroking me… or I won’t last…”

I obliged and let my hands travel between holding his shoulders for more quick, forceful thrusts or massaging his chest when I slowed down to go deeper inside him. I couldn’t tell which one he liked more, but his cock leaked so much precum over his abs that they looked shiny and sticky. 

“Mmm… close… fuck… I’m going to cum, Kai!” Amir finally yelled as I gave him a particularly deep thrust that made his eyes roll back. His cock erupted and ribbons of his thick wad painted his chest and abs. I could feel his hole tightening harder around me, milking me for all it was worth. I couldn’t hold back after such a hot display. 

“Amir… fuck… fuck, fuck, fuck!” I groaned, burying myself to the hilt as I leaned on top of him, completely pressed against his body as I bred him deeply. I could feel my cock throbbing and expelling my seed inside him as I growled in ecstasy. And I was pleasantly surprised when he tugged at my hair and kissed me, in between heated breaths and mewls of pleasure.  

After a few minutes of us holding close like that, he pushed me back gently, looking away. “That was… yeah… so… wow…”

“I think this is the first time you run out of words in front of me,” I said with a little smirk. He rolled his eyes at me, but then he actually smiled at me too. 

“It was good. More than good, actually… But now I’m running late for some stuff so…”

“So?” I asked, raising my eyebrows

“... can you help me out with cleaning the kitchen a bit? I… might have a date with someone and I kind of promised we would cook something together” he said, looking a little bit guilty. Well, that was bad timing on my part, yes.  

“Oh! You should have started with that!” I said, getting up and grabbing a paper towel to wipe the cum from my chest. “So… I can load up the dishwasher and then pick up some stuff while you swipe the floors and finish the other dishes?” 

Amir then looked at me and then, to my delight, to my semi-hard cock before biting his lower lip. “I… I could use a shower first, to be honest… we both could use one…” 

I couldn’t help but chuckle as I nodded towards the hallway. “Your bathroom or mine?” 

When I finally went back to my room, after one round of shower sex and one more round after we finished cleaning the kitchen, I found my phone with a couple of missed face time calls from David. I felt a little guilty when I read his last text to me. 

“Kai, you are such a jerk! You left me all worked up and then stopped texting me :(“

I sighed and bit my lower lip. David deserved an explanation. So I replied back. 

“You are not going to believe what just happened to me.”

You are lucky you are hot. It better be good! >:( ” he replied after a couple of minutes of nervous waiting. I chuckled as I started typing. 

“Oh, it was… remember Amir?