Lock and Chain

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This is one of my longer stories, written differently than my others. I put a lot of heart into this piece and I think it might grow to something BIG. Please give me constructive criticism if you have any to share. Enjoy.


Michael has had his way with many women but none have been like Missy. 
She’s younger than him by 10 years. She’s brunette, short, and has an ass that stops traffic. With her thick legs, a tiny waist, and small perky tits. She’s experienced, she’s naïve: she’s perfection to him. 
Michael’s reputation precedes him. He’s tall and fit, with hazel eyes. His arms are strong and his hands are firm. His body is impeccable, while his package is a perfect 10, inches that is. His amazing equipment has left many women wanting more of him. There’s a following of ladies that would give anything to have a night with him, whether for the first time or again. They want him and he can have them all if he wished to but his eyes are on Missy and have been since that party... 
Missy catches Michael’s attention as he arrives at a house party. His friend knows the girl throwing the bash and he came in the hopes of getting his dick into some hot, young thing. 
Michael hears Missy yell this. Watching her as she pulls her arm back and POP, she smacks another girl right across the ass. 
“Don’t spill again,” she says to the girl, almost comically, as she kisses her on the cheek and wanders off. 
Walking towards the kitchen, he gets a full look at her. She’s wearing little black kitten heels, that just make her legs look absolutely amazing. Her legs lead up to this micro jean skirt; it’s short but just long enough. The skirt hugs her hips, the gap between her thighs can be seen but it still leaves her sweet spot to the imagination. Just a glimpse of her amazing ass shows as she sways her hips as she struts. Her shirt is a bright pink, one shoulder, skin-tight tank top and she is not wearing a bra. 
Following her, just a few strides behind; he very much enjoys watching her walk. He appears in the kitchen just as she’s trying to reach the vodka on the top of the freezer. Her body stretched out, every curve showing. Her shirt rose just a few inches, exposing her perfect stomach. 
That’s her, Michael thinks to himself, that’s the one I’ll have tonight. 
“Need some help?”, he asks as he steps behind her, reaching over her, and grabbing the bottle. 
Missy giggles, “aha, yes, please”, she says as she grabs the bottle from him, her hand grazing his, “thanks”. 
“Want some?”, she asks, as she pours the vodka over ice. 
“Uh, vodka? No, I’m good, I drink Crown”, he replies, matter-of-factly, “but I do want you to come smoke my weed with me in the garage.” 
“Come smoke your weed?”, Missy questions. 
“Yes”, Michael places his hand on her face, just on her jawline, “just come smoke with me.” 
His thumb grazes across her lips as he turns and leaves the kitchen. Missy finishes mixing her drink and makes her way towards the garage. She’s curious, she’s intrigued, she’s gonna go smoke his weed. 
Making her way through the crowd of people, and out the side door of the house. Dim light glows from the detached garage, where he must be waiting for her. Strolling into the garage, Missy sees him. Sitting on the hood of whatever car is in the garage. His drink in one hand, the red glow of a cherried blunt in the other. 
“There you are”, their eyes meet, “you came to smoke my weed”, he says, as he extends his hand towards her, insinuating it’s her hit.  
“I did”, she states, as she takes the blunt from his hand. 
She takes a long drag and inhales. 
Exhaling a cloud of smoke, “I wanted to see what you had.” 
“And?”, he inquires. 
“And? It’s really good weed. I’m impressed.” 
“I’m quite impressive”, he affirms, as he hops off the hood of the car.  
Moving closer to Missy, he stands in front of her and hands the blunt to her again. This time, his hand grazing hers. She puffs and hands it back. He takes a big drag, puts his hands on the sides of her face. He pulls her close to him and places his lips on hers; parting them slightly. Gently blowing, he blows the smoke into her mouth. She slowly inhales her breath from his. Their lips slowly close, barely kissing as he pulls his face from hers. Her eyes opened lazily, regaining focus as if she was in another world. They lock eyes as she exhales. He’s tall, so much taller than her. She feels so small next to him, so tiny, yet instantly safe and powerful. 
“That was nice”, she manages to mutter. 
With their eyes still locked, Michael leans in, places one hand on her waist and the other on her face. His hand slides around the back of her head, entangling his fingers in her thick brown hair. He pulls her to him and kisses her. Her hands slip to his sides, right along his ribs, she squeezes his shirt. He moans into her mouth and leans against her. She presses back, trying to resist. His mouth feels amazing against hers. His tongue slips between her lips and she can’t resist. She kisses him deeply, falling back onto the hood of the car. His weight falling on her, their lips staying locked. 
His hand moving lower, running along her waist. He stops kissing her and stands slightly, lifting himself enough to grab the bottom of her shirt. He begins lifting her shirt, exposing her stomach, her perfectly fit stomach. She sits up, letting him remove her shirt from over her head. 
“Mmm”, he mumbles as he watches her nipples harden against the air. 
Cupping a breast in his hand, he begins kissing her again. His hand gently massaging her breast. Her legs spread as he lays against her. His hard member throbbing against her crotch. Layers of clothing between them but they can feel the heat rising in their loins. Michael releases her breast and stops kissing Missy. He slides lower, swirling his tongue against her erect nipple as he moves lower. He licks her stomach and nibbles on her waist as he slides a hand under her skirt. 
“No.”, her legs snap closed and she places her hands on the sides of his face, “We are not having sex tonight”. 
Sliding off the hood and finding her shirt, “If I let you continue doing this, I’m going to have sex with you. I’m not ready for that. This was fun, this was really fun but if you want to fuck me, you’ll have to take me to another party.” 
“Another party? I can do that. When and where?” 
Reaching her hand into his front jeans pocket, she kisses him as she pulls his phone from his pants. She types her number on the screen and hands him his phone. 
“I’m Missy. Call me.” 
“I’m Michael and I will.”, he says as she leaves out the same door she appeared in. 
He saves her number, adjusted himself, grabs his drink, and heads back into the house to join the party. She was gone. No matter which room he was in or where he was, he didn’t see her again that night. 
After 4 days of no contact, Michael’s friend, Tony, calls. 
“Hey, Mikey. Party tonight, you in?” 
“Fuck yeah!”, Michael replies, knowing he can call Missy now. 
“Aight, I’ll swing by around 9.” 
After hanging up with Tony, Michael needs to make sure Missy is going to join him tonight. He decides it would be better to just call her; showing her that he’s really interested in her. 
“Hey, Missy? It’s Michael.” 
“Oh, Hey Michael!”, Missy exclaims, excited that he called, “What’s up?” 
“Going to a party tonight, you in?” 
Trying to stay cool, she nonchalantly answers, “Yeah, sure, that sounds cool. I’m in, but I’ll need a ride. Will that be an issue?” 
“Nah”, he assures her, “not an issue at all. My boy and I will swoop you up shortly after 9. Just shoot me a text with your address.” 
“Cool. Awesome. I’ll text you. See you tonight!” 
“Yup. Yup. Bye.” 
Michael continues about his day; showering and shaving, getting ready to go out. He puts on a pair of bootcut black jeans and a tightly fitting grey tee. He puts on a black button-up over the tee, leaving it unbuttoned and rolling the sleeves to the elbows. He finishes his look with a pair of black Lugz boots and a silver chain necklace. A spritz of his signature cologne and he’s ready to party. 
Just before 9, he hears a honk. It’s Tony. He locks up his place and disappears out the front door. Once in the car, he texts Missy. 
- headed Ur way now 
Super! See you shortly. - 
They make it to Missy’s place. Michael gets out to go get her. She walks out of her front door before he could make it to her porch. She looks so sexy! Her deep brown hair, parted to the left, laying across her shoulders, bouncing as she moves. Her make-up is bold. She’s wearing the same black heels from last time. This time, with a black jean skirt that has grey plaid ruffles at the bottom and a tight, black, one-shoulder top with silver hoops on the strap. She locks eyes with him and smiles. 
“Hi! I was watching for you guys!”, she states, “I hate making people wait for me, and to be honest, I was excited you had called.” 
“I’d have no issues waiting for you,” he declares to her, “but I am glad that you’re excited. Let’s go!” 
When they get to the car, Michael opens the backseat door for her. Missy climbs in and looks up at him with her big brown eyes. 
“I’m going to sit in the back with you if you’re cool with that?”, he asks; his head peeking into the backseat. 
“Absolutely.”, she expresses with a smile on her face as she scoots over. 
He climbs in next to Missy and closes the door. They’re on their way to the party. 
Sitting close to her, he puts his hand on her thigh. Her soft skin feels silky against his rough hands. She scooches a little closer to him, spreading her legs slightly. Moving his hand higher, she begins to breathe deeply; her chest rising. Leaning into her ear, his hand moving higher. As if their bodies are picking up exactly where they left off in that garage, their temperatures rise as their bodies get closer. 
“I want you”, he whispers. 
She whimpers, spreading her legs more. 
“I want to be inside you”, he mumbles as e slides two fingers under her moist panties. 
She moans and grinds against his fingers; slipping them inside her tight slit. 
“Mmm”, he groans, as he begins kissing her neck. 
He kisses her collarbone and back up her neck. Missy turns her face towards his. He kisses her lips softly. He kisses her again, this time, moving his fingers quickly in and out of her pussy. His fingers begin pressing against her g-spot as he rubs her clit gently with his thumb. 
“Cum for me, Baby”, he commands. 
Like magic, Missy presses herself into his hand, throws her head back, and lets out a moan. She’s cumming. 
“Good girl”, he says as he moves his juice-covered fingers quicker inside her. 
She doesn’t know if it was what he was saying or how his fingers were moving but she came again. Her mouth open, her moan silent, she cums again: drenching her hand. 
Michael bites her neck. She moans. Slowly, he pulls his soaked fingers from her cunt. Locking eyes with her; her chest is rising and falling fast, she’s panting. He slips his wet fingers between his lips, smiling as he tastes her sweet pussy juice. Her eyes widen as he sucks every last drop of her from his fingers. Looking into her eyes, he can tell, they’re begging for it; she wants more of him. He wants more of her. 
“Come here”, he suggests as he pats his lap. 
Climbing across his lap, she lowers herself on his hard cock, pressing against his jeans. Pressing on his package, she can tell he’s quite endowed. Reaching between them, he unzips his jeans, pulling his member from his boxers and exposing it to her. A gorgeous cock. A hard, 10 inch, perfectly symmetrical dick. Lifting herself, placing her crotch just above his erect cock; putting her breasts in his face. He moves her dripping panties to the side and begins inserting himself into her. 
“Mmm”, he moans as all 10 inches slip in. 
Missy cums. She cums upon penetration. That’s never happened to her. What a magical dick. Thrusting into her; holding her in place so she can’t move. Thrusting deeper. 
“Fuck Michael’, she screams as she cums again. 
“Again. Cum again. Cum with me, Babygirl’, Michael demands. 
He thrusts harder. His hand moves up from her waist to her neck. Placing his strong hand around her throat, he begins lightly squeezing, gently taking her breath away. Her eyes begin rolling back in pleaser as her pussy tightens around his cock. Missy begins cumming. A cascade of liquid gushes from her. She’s squirting all over Michael’s lap. He releases her neck, allowing her to breathe again. She kisses him as she cums again. Moaning into her mouth as he pounds into her. Pounding faster, he kisses her deeply. He explodes inside her. As his load fills her up, she cums with him. Collapsing into him as he busts. They’re panting. They’re trying to catch their breath. They have arrived at their destination and not a moment too early. 
The party was an outdoor, BFE party, which meant there was a bonfire, a lot of alcohol, and acres of land to roam. Michael and Missy grab some drinks and start mingling. They both went their own ways; chatting, flirting, and socializing with the multitude of other party-goers. Yet, no matter who they were around, they kept finding each other. Like an uncontrollable magnetism, every time they were within touching distance of each other, they would. They couldn’t keep their hands to themselves. Touching, groping, kissing. Moaning into each other: craving each other. 
As the party continues, Michael finds Missy standing by the fire; the red glow illuminating her every curve. She’s standing with another girl just chatting and laughing. He approaches her. Leaning in while laying his hand on her lower back, he kisses her neck. He kisses her ear. 
“I want you, again”, he whispers, his voice rumbling in her ear, “I need you. Come with me.” 
“Mmm,” she moans as she turns into him. 
Kissing her deeply, she presses into him as his hands pull her tightly into him. His tongue slipping into her mouth, caressing hers. He pulls his lips from hers and grabs her hand. They walk towards the house with Michael leading the way. 
The house is cute and simple. It’s a country home with a closed-in front porch. There’s a couch, some dim lighting, and a touch of privacy: perfect. He closes the screen door to the closed porch behind them as Missy takes a seat on the couch. He removes his button-up shirt and drops to his knees in front of her. He slips his hands up the outside of her thighs; squeezing his hands between her skirt and grabbing her panties. He slides them down, over her knees, to her ankles, and off. Placing her panties in his pocket and locking eyes with her; he spreads her legs. Her skirt flips up and bears her perfect, tight pussy to him. 
Sliding his hands up the inside of her thighs, he uses his thumbs to spread her lips; opening her for him. Breathing lightly on her opening, his mouth so close to her, yet, not touching. She moans. Her hips shifting on the couch. Her pussy calling for him, begging for him. Using just the very tip of his tongue, he grazes it barely across her clit. She moans again, this time trying to press her slit into his mouth. He moans as he opens his mouth, laying his tongue flat across her opening. Moving his tongue side to side making her juices flow. He shoves his tongue inside her. Moaning, she presses herself hard into his face. He moans between her legs as her pussy tightening around his tongue. She’s cumming. Juices streaming into his mouth. Moaning as he closes his mouth over her clit while delicately sucking. Shoving two fingers into her dripping silt, sucking harder on her clit, she cums: drenching his hand and grabbing him by his hair. Pulling on his hair, he looks up at her from between her legs; his lips glistening with her fluids. While shifting to lay across the couch, she removes her shirt and displays her perfect breasts. 
“Mmm, you are so sexy”, he says as he cups her breast with his hand. 
Smiling at him, she raises her hips and removes her skirt. She’s completely naked, with her arms above her head. Her body needed him inside her. He stands, unbuttons his jeans, and lets them fall. He kicks his boots off and slides his boxers down. Stepping out of his jeans and boxers, he climbs between her legs. Grabbing him by the bottom of his shirt, she lifts his shirt off and drops it above her head. 
Holding her wrists above her head, Michael kisses her; her hips lifting. The head of his member rubbed against her cunt. The tip of his hard cock pressed into her. Pushing into her, his dick inches in. Inch after inch, slowly cramming himself into her. Her pussy tightens and she cums. Again, she came upon penetration. Moving his hands to her waist, he stops kissing her and sits up slightly as he starts pounding into her. She arches her back and begins grinding with his thrusts; cumming over and over again. 
“I... can’t stop... cumming..”, she manages to muster in between orgasms. 
“Good,” he growls as he pounds deeper, “cum again.” 
Reaching around and gripping his back; digging her nails into his shoulders. Dragging her fingers down his back, leaving scratch marks along the way; she arches deep and cums. Still digging her nails in at his waist while he continues thrusting hard. His breath getting heavier next to her ear. He’s going to cum. 
“Fill me up,” she begs, “please.” 
With a grunt, a deep thrust, and his hands squeezing tightly onto her hips: he cums. He explodes inside her as she cums with him. Their bodies shaking while their hands still pawing at each other. Michael collapses on top of Missy as she shifts just a touch so that he’s lying on the couch next to her, with her. He pulls a throw blanket from the back of the couch and drapes it across them. She nuzzles herself into him and kisses him softly before tucking her head into his chest. 
“Goodnight”, he whispers as he kisses the top of her head. 
“Mmm, good-night", she says back as his head rests softly on hers. 
They fall asleep there; naked and with his dick still in her. 
This was just over 10 years ago, and today Michael will collar Missy. They’ve gotten married and they’ve made years of memories but today there will be a power exchange. Today he becomes her strength and she becomes his weakness.