Daddy's On Grindr

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“Mmm. That was so fucking hot, Daddy. I love when you breed me good and deep.”

“Yeah, baby girl, that was hot; it always is. I love cumming in your hungry pussy and I love that your so damn verbal in bed”

“Daddy, whatcha doing on your phone?”

“Just checking out Grindr.”

“Seriously? I thought I emptied your balls. I thought it was great sex. I thought I satisfied you.”

“I’m not looking for me . . . I’m looking for you.”

“Oh! Daddy. My pussy is thoroughly wrecked . I couldn’t possibly take any more cock right now.”

“Oh, come on now. You know I love to watch you getting fucked with my baby makers in your twat. Besides you're a real cock hound. How about that surprise birthday party I threw you and you took one load for every year old you are?”

“I remember all too well, Daddy. I still have dreams about that night. So now you’re my pimp & my Daddy?”

“Haha . . . Hey . . . I found a dude looking for sloppy seconds. Just pinged him. He’s hung like fuck. You gotta see this HUGE fucking cock.”

“Holy SHIT. Is that thing real? It’s like the size of my arm.”

“Told you. He just responded. You want me to invite him over and have him core out your pussy while I watch?”

“Fuck YES, Daddy!”

“That’s my good, slutty pussy cum dump bitch. Now go get on the bed, pussy up; like Daddy's good lil girl."