The Lesson

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Josh is slowly getting used to theĀ  duties that accompany being a boi of mine. By looking at him, you would think I was popping his cherry. But no, his pussy is just sore for learning a valuable lesson. Josh was my designated driver last night. He drove me out to a bar so that I could hang out with a friend of mine. He waited by the car. As my friend and I were leaving I noticed a man flirting with him. More importantly, I noticed the boi being a little snobby.

"Boi, we're ready to go home. Get the car ready," I instructed.

"Hey man, this your boi? He's a looker." the stranger said.

"He's mine, yes." I replied.

"Can I take him for a spin?" the Man asked grabbing what looked to be a sizable cock through his pants. My boi actually scoffed.

"Sure, I said. We're headed back to my place. Follow us if you're serious." I got in the passenger seat and spoke to my boi before he pulled out of the parking spot. "You were rude to a MAN. That reflects poorly on me. You're making me look bad." I said right before I slapped him. "Whether you're sexually attracted to a MAN or not means nothing. He is still a MAN. You're still MY sub boi. I trained you better than this!"

"I'm so sorry Daddy." he said realizing the error of his ways.

"Don't worry. You'll make it up to HIM."

It turns out the MAN had a cock that was about 8" and was very thick in the middle. The shape made it hurt more than usual when he was fucking my boi's pussy, which HE roughly did twice before thanking me and leaving.

My boi was on the couch trying to recover when I picked him up, so that my friend and I could start to use him ourselves. Just to drive my point home, we started by double penetrating his pussy and spent the next 2 hours cunting his pussy good. By the time we were done with him, he was just laying on the floor groaning. He knew enough to apologize and thank me for the punishment.

The next morning I woke up extra early and found him still laying on the floor where he must have fallen asleep. I grabbed his ankles, positioned his pussy against the couch and started to fuck him. I could see the pain on his face; his pussy was clearly still sore from last night.

"What happens the next time a MAN talks to you boi?" I asked while I got into my rhythm.

"I respond respectfully to any nan Daddy...ahh... I promise I'll be respectful from now on Daddy...ahh... I'm sorry I made you look bad Daddy...ahh... it won't happen again sir. I promise Daddy... ahhhhhh"

"Good. Now tighten your pussy, I shouldn't have to fuck a gaping cunt just because you needed to be taught a lesson."