Daddy's Orders

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"Such a good gurl.", the deep voice praised him from behind the screen of his phone before he had brought himself in position and showed his hairless pussy on the road Daddy had ordered him to do. "Maybe you're good for something? Not too dumb to follow simple orders, huh? Right, you dumb cum dump bitch?"

Jacob bit his tongue. He hated the fact that this voice always emphasized his effeminate sexuality. It made him more aware of how fucked he was and how stupid he was when it came to getting big dick. But what the hell was he supposed to do? He couldn't let these pictures and video that HE took get published; but at the same time he realized that with every task he fulfilled for the MAN the amount of pictures that could destroy his life grew incredibly. "Show your cage, Bitchboi!", the voice demanded.

With suppressed anger in his face he reached down with his hands and unbuttoned his pants. He pulled them down and took his eyes from his phone in shame when he revealed his caged, yet straining clitty.

The voice from his phone laughed. "How can you even live with yourself, huh? You just do whatever I say no matter what it is or how embarrassing it is. You stupid bitch!"

"Shut up! You can't talk to me like that, I'm taking this shit anymore from you! Who the fuck do you even think you are", Jacob shouted and immediately closed his eyes in regret.

There was a short pause until the voice spoke again. Calmer this time. "Bitch, if you ever talk to me like that again - just one more time, I fucking dare you - I assure you not even your friends will want to have anything to do with you ever again."

He nodded in silently. Tears began to run down his cheeks.

"That's better," the voice said. "now listen carefully, boi. You'll strip completely naked. You'll then start your car and drive to the address you'll find on your phone as soon as this conversation ends. A man will then get into your car and you will drive him to the address he'll tell you. As long as he's with you you'll do whatever he says, boi, and you'll let him do with you whatever he wants. Listen, Bitch, whatever he wants. Did you understand what I said."

Jacob's eyes were bright red and filled with tears. He nodded slowly in utter defeat, knowing far too well what that meant. He was officially a whore now and there was nothing he could do. He was fucked. He had no idea what that man he was supposed to meet would do to him, but even the thought of that made him happy.

"Be a good boi Jacob. If you do as we say, you might get rewarded.", the voice said before the connection broke off.